Other Sites of Interest

A list of websites of interest

  • Steve Sailer — The prolific journalist and commentator on social and race issues.
  • Chariots of Reaction — Philosophical and practical musings that I have found consistently insightful, by Jehu. In 2012, Jehu has been “on fire”, with great posts several times a week.
  • Race/Hist — Excellent racial-anthropological and genetic information.
  • The Cold Equations — This is one of my favorites. Non-PC insights on sociopolitical issues. [Blog discontinued].
  • Bloody Shovel — Insightful HBD blog.
  • Majority Rights — Very smart racialists have congregated here for years. Essays and discussions are often of superb quality. Sometimes the site is “too high-brow” and it also attracts certain blowhards/buffoons. Ignore these, and the site is terrific.
  • Occidental Dissent — The brilliant but erratic Hunter Wallace: there is no substitute. When he’s “on”, he’s great.
  • Age of Treason — Ethnopolitical discussions from the sharp-witted blogger Tanstaafl.
  • The Truth Shall Set You Free — The title of a website or book, if done right, can tell you a lot. The author of this site, Justin, focuses broadly on what some at MajorityRights popularized as “The National Question”, though leans towards a religious outlook, as seen from the site’s titular quote from Jesus.
  • Jayman’s
  • Those Who Can See
  • Inductivist — “Drive-by” statistical investigations of sociopolitical issues.
  • Foseti — Interesting right-wing perspectives from an unlikely place: a federal employee in Washington DC.
  • Bartcop — An oddly-serene mix of humor and politics from an Oklahoma Democrat.
  • James Edwards — America’s best Radio host
  • .

  • Money: The 12th and Final Religion — Economics and world-politics. The writer is brilliant, but as with most such people sometimes comes off as eccentric. Still, an enjoyable place to peruse. The insights-per-sentence ratio here is high (as is the “…Huh?!”-per-sentence ratio!). I recommend the book of the same name as the blog — one of those “underground” classics.
  • Mangan
  • Occidental Observer
  • HBD Chick — A fun, if sometimes shallow, site. It can be described as a site devoted to ironic humor, with laced with Steve-Sailer politics. Amidst some of the “heavier” sites on this list, a fun place to visit.
  • Vanishing American — Americana nostalgia, mixed with Racialist-politics.
  • CODOH — The timid need not click here.
  • Gates of Vienna — Somewhat tiresome “anti-Islamic” site, more cranky than anything, still useful to peruse once in a while. Has seen better days. Archived essays by Fjordman and El-Ingles are of interest.
  • Armed With Knowledge — Commentary on politics and racial issues in Germany
  • Thom Hartmann — A left-wing U.S. radio host, may annoy you by cheerleading his side in pointless U.S.-party-politics, but I have found he many interesting things to say all the same. [Unfortunately he now charges for archives].
  • Skadi Web Forum — Giant archive of discussions on anthropology, race, politics, the past and future of European-Mankind. One of the primary still-going sites responsible for the revival of racial-anthropology since circa year 2000.
  • The Apricity — A discussion forum where racialists congregate. Similar to Skadi but on the less-serious side.
  • SNPA — Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology. A reference tool and easy introduction for the layman and useful for even the most advanced students. Its extensive glossary of racial-anthropology terms is among the best to be found.
  • Erectus Walks Amongst Us — Scholarly-caliber, non-PC-constrained work demolishing the Out-of-Africa theory; far ahead of its time. (Published 2008). Mainstream science is already slowly adopting its theses. Text is fully online and readable (not jargony); I recommend buying the book and reading it in earnest.

2 Responses to Other Sites of Interest

  1. How many people know that “tricky” Nixon had a plan for 1. Energy three by 83; 2. guaranteed annual income program including national health care: 3.converting the S&Ls into banks to exterminate the monopoly of the federal reserve? Read the book: THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. PS The BIZWOG is the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

  2. OOPS! Nixon had a plan for energy FREE not three by 83. Plan stopped cold by telephone call to White House from Texas Rail Road Commision. Yes! Forget OPEC. Texas RR Commision still sets the price of petroleum. Believe it or not. Thanks Rduane willing

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