Western Civilizational Pride, 1986-1992

A theory of mine, for some time now, has been that a swelling of ‘civilizational pride’ among Westerners began sometime in the late-1980s — as it became clear victory in the Cold War was at hand — and lasted through some point in the early 1990s. It created levels of optimism unseen for at twenty to thirty years prior to that, and some of the cultural-political effects of this swelling of pride are still with us today.

I was reminded of this hypothesis by a Mangan post, which pointed to a recent study of women’s vs. men’s happiness in the USA and EU over the past four decades.

Here is the USA’s graph (Dark lines are for men’s happiness, gray lines for women’s):
American men’s happiness was indeed clearly highest in the late 1980s. American Women’s happiness trends are erratic, all over the place really, with no distinct peak but rather a general downward trend. (They also had a “happiness bounce” in the late ’80s, though).

Some might point out that American happiness was declining by 1990, already, which does not fit with the hypothesis. To that I would say that ‘happiness’ and what I called above ‘civilizational pride’, though surely related, are not identical. Remember that the USA had a recession in the early 1990s, which would affect superficial self-reported happiness (as measured above), but perhaps not ‘civilizational pride’ as much.

The same data for the EU show the same trend more dramatically:

A distinct wave of happiness befell Western-Europeans, with its beginnings in 1985 or 1986, peaking in about 1989 (with the Fall of the Soviet-client communist regimes), and lasting through about 1992. The only time EU-men’s happiness was above the ‘0’-line, from the early-1970s to the late-1990s, was during the years straddling 1989.

The evidence for the social effects of this phenomenon is all over the place, for those willing to look at it. A decrease in crime, Continue reading

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Mormon Fertility in the 21st Century and America’s Destiny

A recent post by Steve Sailer speculates on the future of Mormonism in the USA.

Ever since roughly 1890, Mormons have been trying to compensate for the weirdness of their founding era by closely emulating mainstream middle class white American culture (which hasn’t been that hard for them since they tended to start out as mainstream Northwest Europeans). [...] Now, a representative (indeed, exemplary) Mormon [see here on Romney's ancestry --Hail] is trying [...] to lead his people to the ultimate symbolic level of acceptance, the Presidency.

A question of high importance when analyzing the Mormon future — and more importantly, the future of White-America in general — is not whether Mormons can elect one of their own to the presidency, but the question of fertility, and trends therein, and specifically what the Mormon TFR (Total Fertility Rate) is. At the risk of stating the obvious: If Mormons have far more children than non-Mormons, then logically, Mormons will form a larger and larger share of the U.S. population, and if we recklessly extrapolate into the 22nd century, could mean that what is left of White-America could be Mormon.

Mormon Fertility History
1850s to 1890s: ~8.0 children per woman
1970s: 4.4 children per woman [Mormons in Utah only]
1980s: 3.3 children per woman
1990s: 3.0 children per woman

Keep in mind that this has always been way above the general White-American fertility rate, which since the 1970s has been below 2.0.

Mormon Fertility Today
What is Mormon fertility in the 2010s? I cannot locate any information on current Mormon-specific fertility. If anyone has it, please leave a comment. I think a reasonable guess can be made, though: We know that Utah’s state TFR was 2.6 children per woman in the late 2000s. Utah is now only 62% Mormon (down from ~70%, which it had been from the 1890s through the 1980s). Assuming non-Mormon Utahns have a typical-national 2.0 TFR today (a reasonable supposition from the literature on Utah fertility history), that would mean Mormon-Utahns have a ~3.0 TFR in the late 2000s, as well.

If this is representative of all Mormons, we can say that Mormon fertility has settled into being a stable at ~3.0, with no signs of moving.

Mormon Ascent Amid White Decline
If White-Mormon fertility remains a consistent 3.0, each successive Mormon generation will be 143% the size of its parent generation (given a 2.1 replacement TFR), making for steady growth. Meanwhile, as general White-American fertility continues to languish in the Continue reading

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Family Type and Fertility

Steve Sailer posts the following map:

It is explained thusly by New York Times blogger Frank Jacobs:

* The “absolute nuclear” family type is both liberal and unequal. Children are totally emancipated, forming independent families of their own. The inheritance usually goes to one child, often a son.

* The “egalitarian nuclear” family type is both liberal and equal. Children are as emancipated and independent as in the previous type, but equal division of the inheritance encourages stronger parent-children relations before the passing of the parents.

* The “stem” family type is both authoritarian and unequal. Several generations live under one roof, with one child marrying to continue the line. The other children remain unmarried at home, or leave to get married.

* The “incomplete stem” family is as above, but with slightly more equal inheritance rules — an intermediate with the last family type.

* The “communitarian” family is both authoritarian and equal. All sons can marry and bring their wives into the ancestral home. The family inheritance is divided equitably among all children.

Is there a connection between family-inheritance type and fertility in today’s Europe? Have a look:

[Map from Eurostat]

How does “family type” affect fertility?
I have a hard time seeing seeing any strong correlation. More precise data would help. Certainly other factors seem more important, political, cultural, economic. German fertility is low across the board, across two family-type zones. Nevertheless, other ‘Stem Family’ regions have more robust fertility. Germans are clearly still very nationally — perhaps better-to-say ‘civilizationally’ — pessimistic, a legacy of defeat decades ago and demonization ever since.

A more suitable question would be, “all else equal, how does ‘family-type’ affect fertility?” Inheritance is a major part of this ‘family-type’ concept, and the question of inheritance and fertility was first brought to my attention by the commenter Rollory in a post about France’s low-fertility 1800s.

A casual analysis: Continue reading

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Opchanacanough and Anders Breivik: How Do We Handle the Hate?

Chief Opchanacanough

Opchanacanough 1622
Anders B. Breivik 2011

How Do We Handle the Hate?
The following was adapted from its original author, Sagverksarbetaren, at Skadi

With the terrible terrorist attack in Norway last year in recent memory, it is important to remember that Anders Behring Breivik is not only a super-racist, vicious Neo-Nazi devil who crawled up out of Hell’s bowels, but that he also represents a HATE against “The Other” — immigrants in general and Muslims in particular — that is found in society. If we are to manage and combat this HATE it may be useful to learn from other peoples in other times, and how they have handled right-wing extremism:

The ideas contained in Breivik’s manifesto (“A European Declaration of Independence”) are eerily similar to racist ideas that prevailed among some American-Indians (Native Americans) during the 1500s and 1600s, and even through to the late 1800s in certain places.

The Powhatan xenophobe and racist Opchanacanough, for example, carried out a hate-inspired massacre in his horrific terrorist attack on Jamestown, Virginia, 1622 (in which 347 people died).

That incident ignited an important debate among medicine men all over the North American continent. The talking point became “How To Deal With Domestic Right-Wing Extremism”, that is, extremism that produced hatred and enemy images in which Europeans in general, and English-Protestants in particular, were targeted, in which they were hatefully described as “occupiers” and “colonists”, etc.

I’ve been looking around in archives and museums in the United States, and have found an authentic, written recording, dating back to 1622, of a conversation between a wise medicine man and a young right-wing extremist Native American (who shared worldviews with the psychopathic terrorist Opchanacanough). I think we can draw inspiration from it, if we want to fight and combat right-wing extremism today, in Scandinavia and in Europe generally.

Here is the transcript of that conversation:

– — — — — — — –
Powhatan Confederacy
Summer 1622

– Chief Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views, I would like to discuss a matter that deeply concerns me.

– What’s weighing on your heart, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly?

– I am of the opinion that there is an ongoing European colonization of our North American continent. I am deeply concerned about the impact this may have for us in the Powhatan tribe and other Native-American tribes, and I think we should do something about the situation before it’s too late.

…… [shocked]! You are aware, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly, that you share in this opinion with Opchanacanough, who only a short while ago murdered 347 English refugees?

– Yeah, but I do not suppor…

– You use the word “colonization” and therefore apply a hate-filled rhetoric that creates enemy images. When Opchanacanough murdered all those innocent people, he was driven by a hatred, a hatred whipped up by people like you. Words are dangerous, do you not see that, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly?

– Well, okay, but what do you want me to do, then, Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views? It is still ongoing, the colonization of… Continue reading

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The Ancestry of Ron Paul: “The German Candidate”

Previously profiled: Mitt Romney’s Ancestry, and Newt Gingrich’s Ancestry.

Ron Paul is both the oldest (b.1935) and the most-German (87.5%) of the Republican presidential candidates in 2012. Perhaps it ought to be unsurprising, then, that he is also seen to be the strictest on fiscal policy.

Ethnic Ancestry
Ron Paul himself is 87.5% German (50% Hessian, 37.5% of indeterminate region in Germany) and 12.5% Irish by ancestry.

Time of Ancestors’ Arrival in the USA
Earlier, is was speculated that Ron Paul sympathizes with immigration-restrictionism — He was already 32 and about to turn 33 when immigration policy in the USA was radically altered. Effective July 1968, racial limitations to immigration into the USA were abolished. Ron Paul himself remembers the earlier USA better than any other candidate. (See Ron Paul Remembers). Santorum was only 10 when immigration laws opened up in Summer ’68; Romney was 21.

At the same time, Ron Paul himself lacks deep American ancestry. He also lacks “Ellis-Island ancestry”. His ancestors all seem to have arrived after the Civil War but before the Ellis Island wave of ~1883-1913. It is unlikely, then, that he has any of that ‘Ellis Island Nostalgia’, common among many Northeastern Whites today, including Santorum.

Religious Affiliation
Paul’s paternal great-grandparents were probably all Lutherans, the dominant form of Christianity in the Hessia of their day. Still today, Protestantism predominates in Hessia. Ron Paul himself was raised a Lutheran, though is now a Baptist. Two of his brothers became ordained Lutheran pastors. Less is known about his maternal side, but as Ron Paul’s mother married into a pious Lutheran family, it’s likely that Ron Paul’s three maternal German great-grandparents were also Protestants.

Ron Paul as a young man

Deep European Ancestral Stock [Physical Anthropology]
If Ron Paul were not famous and walked the streets of any Central-German town, he would not raise an eyebrow. He has a face common in much of Germany.

Anthropologically, the consensus is that Paul displays two tendencies:
(1) Bruenn. An important population element in most of Europe, ‘Bruenn’ is a CroMagnid type, and is thus descended from the people who conquered Europe from the Neanderthals before the last Ice Age.

(2) North-Atlantid. Of partial ‘Nordish’ and partial Mesolithic or Neolithic origin. In the West-European context, ‘Neolithic’ refers to people of Mediterranean appearance who migrated to Europe around the time agriculture was spreading, and who form a minor part of the racial stock of modern Western-Europeans. North-Atlantid is a minor racial element in most of Europe, with the exception of certain areas of the British Isles, where it is more common.

Others suggest a minor (3) Alpinid influence, but this may be due to his advanced age. In the young photo posted above, Ron Paul displays no discernible Alpine influence in head shape, though he may slightly in nose shape.

– — –
Following is a synopsis of known information about Ron Paul’s grandparents and their own ancestral stories.

Ron Paul’s Grandparents [Source]
(1) Casper Paul. [100% German]. He was born August 1866 in Hohenzell, Hessia, Prussia, which became the German-Empire when Casper was four. Caspar and his family emigrated to the USA in 1880 when Casper was 14 years of age. The family settled in western Pennsylvania, a region which many of Richard Nixon’s ancestors helped settle in the early days — though the Nixons had since moved west to Ohio by the time the Pauls arrived. Casper Paul became a dairy dealer, a job he held until retirement. In 1899, he married a Pennsylvania-born woman named Sophia. Sophia’s own ancestors were from Germany, too. In fact, they were from the same rural region of Hessia in Germany as was Casper himself.

Ron Paul’s Grandparents Visit a Hyperinflationary Germany
In the early 1920s, Casper and wife Sophia visited relatives in Hessia. This was the wild, hyperinflationary Germany, culminating in the pathetic but poetic scenes of wheelbarrows-full-of-notes to buy a load of groceries. It is possible that the impression the elder Pauls got from seeing Germany’s economic chaos percolated down to a young Ron Paul, who was born in 1935, and thereby helped to shape his own views on economics. It was, after all, ‘state intervention’ that crippled the German economy, in the form of the need to inflate to pay war-reparations. A tight, more-typically-German fiscal policy would never have allowed for hyperinflation. Something that suggests that this may be true is Ron Paul’s relatively regular references to 1920s-Germany’s hyperinflation in speeches. Ron Paul himself related the story of his grandparents’ visit to 1920s-Germany to reporters in 2011. This lends credence to the idea that it does animate his politics. Continue reading

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Ron Paul Remembers

Ron Paul remembers the old America.

Which is to say the pre-1968 America.

The above is one possible half-answer to the question that people have been asking: “Is Ron Paul an implicit-nationalist?” Many seem to think so, perhaps vaguely associating his age and unorthodox politics with the norms of an America of long ago, which saw itself as an ancestrally-NW-European entity and not a “proposition nation”.

Consider the following snapshot of events:

  • Summer and Fall 1965
  • Aug 11th, 1965: ‘Watts Riots’ begin in LA, lasting several days.
  • Aug 15th, 1965: Beatles perform at Shea Stadium, NYC.
  • Aug 17th, 1965: 5,500 U.S. Marines begin first major U.S. offensive against Vietcong.
  • Aug 20th, 1965: Ron Paul turns 30 years old. (This year he makes the transfer from the USAF to the the Air National Guard, working as a flight surgeon in both organizations).
  • September, 1965: The U.S. Congress is in the final stages of deliberation before the vote on the ‘Hart-Cellar Act’, to abolish ethnic-based immigration restrictions.
  • Sept 22nd, 1965: The Senate passes ‘Hart-Cellar’, 76-18.
  • Oct 2nd, 1965: LBJ signs ‘Hart-Cellar’ into law, to take effect in 1968.
  • Nov 11th, 1965: Republic of Rhodesia declared, with Ian Smith as leader. The British immediately impose sanctions, demand Black Rule.
  • Dec 9th, 1965: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” premieres.
  • [Ron Paul with son, circa 1965. Thanks to Blinders Removed.]
  • .
  • Flash Forward to Summer and Fall 1968
  • June 5th, 1968: Robert Kennedy shot dead.
  • June 30th, 1968: Passed in September of ’65, “Hart-Cellar” takes effect. De-facto-race-based restrictions on immigration are abolished.
  • Aug 8th, 1968: Republicans nominate Richard Nixon for president
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia and quickly overthrow the pro-Western liberal government of Alexander Dubcek.
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Ron Paul turns 33 years old.
  • Nov 5th, 1968: Election Day in the USA. Nixon gets 31.8 million votes (43.4%), Democrat Humphrey gets 31.3 million (42.7%), segregationist George Wallace gets 9.9 million (13.5%). Nixon wins.
  • .
  • After 42 Years of Open Immigration Policy
  • 2010: The latest census finds that 166 million people live in the USA’s 50-largest metropolitan areas. ‘White Non-Hispanics’ in total form 54% of the residents of these areas. (See USA Metropolitanization by Race). As there is significant variation in the ‘White’ stock itself, it is safe to say that Whites of Northwest-European ancestry (the basic racial-stock from which the ‘American’ was historically drawn) no longer constitute a majority of their nation’s primary population zones.
  • Jan. 2009 till ? — A president who represents the post-1968 spirit enters office:
  • Continue reading

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    How Many U.S. Whites Live Around Blacks? (Or, Why Obama Won in ’08)

    This post will answer the question “What share of the USA’s Whites live ‘around’ significant numbers of Blacks?”, with ‘around’ being defined very broadly as “in the same metropolitan area”. Following will be a short discussion of what this data meant in the 2008 election, and for our society as a whole into the 2010s.

    In a previous post (The Blackest Metro Areas), we see that only a small number of metropolitan areas have significant Black populations. (Specifically, of the 366 metro areas identified by Census 2010, only 22 are at least one-third Black, and 63 are over-20% Black. Only in Sumter, SC and Albany, GA do Blacks outnumber Whites, metro-wide).

    First, let’s look again at the ‘Whites’ table from the post Metropolitanization By Race:

    Whites . . .
    Size of Metro
    # of Metros # of Whites
    % of Race’s Total Pop.
    In This Size Metro
    5-million+ 9 33.4 million 17.0%
    2-million+ 29 70.0 million 35.6%
    1-million+ 51 90.0 million 45.7%
    500,000+ 102 112.7 million 57.3%
    250,000+ 184 132.4 million 67.3%
    50,000+ 366 152.4 million 77.4%
    Rural (<50k) 44.4 million 22.6%
    All 196.8 million 100%

    152.4 million Whites live in a metropolitan area of 50,000+.
    Now, using the same Census 2010 data used to produce the lists “Blackest Metros” and “Whitest Metros”, we can find the following:

    – 4.33 million Whites live in metros which are over 33.3% Black
    — 120.9 million Whites live in metros which are less than 20% Black
    — 69.2 million Whites live in metros which are less than 10% Black
    — 31.4 million Whites live in metros which are less than 5% Black
    — 20.0 million Whites live in metros which are less than 3% Black
    A further 44.4 million Whites live outside a metropolitan area, with the majority of those probably in nearly-all-white communities. (Lacking data, I will estimate that 95% of these 44.4 million non-metro Whites live in communities less than 10% Black, =42.2 million non-metro Whites live apart from Blacks).

    ..42.2 million Non-Metropolitan Whites
    +69.2 million Metropolitan Whites
    =111.4 million Total Whites Living in a Regions Under-10% Black (56.6% of the USA White Population).

    Looking at places (metros and rural) with under-5% Black populations, we find that ~37% of the USA’s Whites live in one.

    Few Whites Live Near Blacks
    Alas, then, most American Whites do not live anywhere near any appreciable numbers of Blacks, even at the very wide scale of the metropolitan-area. Of those who do live “near” Blacks (within an hour’s traffic-free driving distance, say), they are, of course, generally segregated, with certain parts of a typical metro area heavily-Black while others are all-but-devoid of Blacks. Of those who do share a metropolitan areas with Blacks, relatively few are particularly “integrated”, to use a word by now rather quaint-sounding. Racehist cites a study which suggests that only ~4% of Whites have any Black close friends.

    White Support for Obama in 2008 Continue reading

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    Blackest Metro Areas (USA)

    Below you will see a list of the USA’s 366 metropolitan areas of 50,000 or more residents, ranked by share of the metro population that is Black. [This is a follow-up to The Whitest Metro Areas in the USA and USA Metropolitanization by Race].

    Looking at the USA’s 366 metro areas with over 50,000 residents, we see that:
    — 1 is majority Black [0.3% of US metro areas]
    — 22 are at least one-third Black (all in the Deep South) [6% of US metro areas]
    — 303 are less than 20% Black [83% of US metro areas]
    — 221 are less than 10% Black [60% of metro areas]
    — 105 are less than 3% Black [29% of metro areas]

    USA’s Metro Areas (2010), by
    % of Metro Area Population that is Black

    52.1% Albany, GA
    47.8% Pine Bluff, AR
    47.7% Jackson, MS
    46.9% Sumter, SC
    45.7% Memphis, TN-MS-AR
    44.7% Rocky Mount, NC
    43.5% Macon, GA
    42.5% Montgomery, AL
    41.4% Florence, SC
    40.4% Columbus, GA-AL
    39.1% Hinesville-Fort Stewart, GA
    38.9% Shreveport-Bossier City, LA
    36.3% Fayetteville, NC
    35.6% Baton Rouge, LA
    35.4% Monroe, LA
    35.3% Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC
    34.6% Mobile, AL
    34.4% Greenville, NC
    34.0% New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, LA
    34.0% Valdosta, GA
    33.9% Savannah, GA
    33.8% Tuscaloosa, AL
    33.2% Columbia, SC
    32.7% Danville, VA
    32.5% Tallahassee, FL
    32.4% Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA
    32.2% Jackson, TN
    31.4% Goldsboro, NC
    31.3% Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC
    29.8% Richmond, VA
    29.6% Alexandria, LA
    28.7% Baltimore-Towson, MD
    Continue reading

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    Whitest Metro Areas (USA)

    This is a follow-up to USA: Metropolitanization by Race

    Pittsburgh is cool now”, asserts an article discussed by Steve Sailer.

    Sailer says that Pittsburgh’s non-diversity works in its favor.

    In so doing, Sailer is making an implicit reference to the mechanics behind the widely-mocked term ‘vibrant’, which, as a code for ‘Nonwhite’, implies that Whites lack cultural ‘vibrancy’ (whatever that means, exactly). Pittsburgh shows, yet again, that this is wrong.

    The 2010 census found 51 metro areas in the USA with over one million residents. “Cool” Pittsburgh is, in fact — by a wide margin — the whitest of them all. The full list:

    List of USA’s Metro Areas by White Share of Population (2010)

    % White .
    Metropolitan Area (of over 1-million population)
    1 86.9% Pittsburgh, PA
    2 81.5% Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN
    3 78.8% Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY
    4 78.8% Providence-New Bedford-Fall River, RI-MA
    5 78.5% Louisville/Jefferson County, KY-IN
    6 78.0% Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI
    7 77.1% Rochester, NY
    8 75.6% Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA
    9 75.6% Columbus, OH
    10 74.9% St. Louis, MO-IL
    11 74.8% Salt Lake City, UT
    12 74.4% Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NH
    13 74.1% Indianapolis-Carmel, IN
    14 73.8% Kansas City, MO-KS
    15 73.5% Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, TN
    16 71.0% Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH
    17 70.0% Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT
    18 67.9% Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI
    19 67.6% Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA
    20 67.4% Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI
    21 66.2% Oklahoma City, OK
    22 66.0% Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL
    23 64.9% Jacksonville, FL
    24 64.8% Birmingham-Hoover, AL
    25 63.8% Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD
    26 63.7% Denver-Aurora- Broomfield, CO
    27 62.4% Raleigh-Cary, NC
    28 60.3% Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC
    29 59.4% Baltimore-Towson, MD
    30 59.3% Richmond, VA
    31 56.4% Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale, AZ
    32 56.1% Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC
    33 53.6% Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville, CA
    34 53.5% Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL-IN-WI
    35 53.0% New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner, LA
    36 52.4% Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX
    37 51.0% Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL
    38 49.6% Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA
    39 48.5% Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
    40 47.1% Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
    41 46.0% San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA
    42 45.9% Las Vegas-Paradise, NV
    43 45.8% Memphis, TN-MS-AR
    44 45.6% New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA
    45 40.6% San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA
    46 37.2% Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX
    47 33.2% San Antonio-New Braunfels, TX
    48 33.0% Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA
    49 32.9% San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA
    50 32.4% Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL
    51 28.7% Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA

    . Continue reading

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    Newt Gingrich’s Ancestors: Apple Falls Close to Tree Again

    A man with a disgraceful history of loose sexual morals and lack of discipline, it turns out, is descended from people with loose sexual morals and lacks of discipline.

    Newt Gingrich (Birth name Newton Leroy McPherson). Born Harrisburg PA, June 1943. (Pastor Manning asserts, tongue-in-cheek, that Newt had a part-Black father, as his birth middle-name is ‘Leroy’. It’s true that the name ‘Leroy’ has been a Black name for generations now. Baby Newt, though, was named after his mother’s [white] father, born 1890. See below.)

    Newt Gingrich’s Parents (Source).
    (1) Newton Searles McPherson. Born PA, Feb 1923 (born to ‘non-martial liaison’)
    (2) Kathleen Daugherty. Born PA, Nov 1925. [Age 16 at son's conception in Sept '42].

    Newt Gingrich’s Grandparents
    (1) Robert Nelson Kerstetter. Born PA, Aug 1888. [Married to another woman at conception of son in '22].
    (2) Louise S. McPherson. Born PA, Aug 1905. [Age 16 at conception of son in May '22]. Later married a man named Kepner: Illegitimate son did not take his name.
    (3) Jacob Leroy Daugherty. Born PA, ca.1890.
    (4) Ethel M. Hendricks. Born PA, ca.1896.

    For what it’s worth, all of Newt’s great-grandparents appear to have been born in Pennsylvania between the late 1840s and 1870s. There are many holes in the genealogy beyond that, making an ancestral summary similar to Mitt Romney‘s impossible.

    To summarize:
    (1) Newt’s mother, Kathleen Daugherty, was pregnant with him at age 16. His 19-year-old biological father, Newton Searles McPherson, was nowhere to be found after Newt was born. There was apparently a very-short-lived marriage and a quick divorce. The unwed-teen mother, with baby Newt in tow, married a man named Gingrich a few years later.

    (2) Newt’s father, Newton Searles McPherson, was himself conceived in a “non-marital liaison” between a 33-year-old man and a 16-year old girl. Continue reading

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    Mitt Romney’s Ancestry

    I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.” –Patrick Henry

    The typical White-American is aware of his own particular ancestry, to some extent or another. Most people are, consciously or otherwise, animated by such knowledge. It thus makes sense to analyze the ancestries of aspirant politicians.

    For this purpose, I profile, below, each of Republican Mitt Romney’s great-grandparents, based on the excellent genealogical research of William Reitwiesner. I previously examined Richard Nixon’s ancestry in a similar way, finding that Nixon was of 100%-Colonial-extraction, which may shed light on his politics. (Nixon’s ancestors’ stories are fascinating. Here from the earliest Colonial days, pushing the frontier right behind Daniel Boone in the late 1700s; he even had a direct ancestor die at Gettysburg in July 1863. How much more ‘Americana’ can it get?)

    • Synopsis off Mitt Romney’s Ancestry
    • Most of his ancestral stock consists of early converts to Mormonism from Britain (most from Northwest-England and Scotland) who were impelled to the USA from the 1830s to the 1850s, settling directly in Mormon communities.
    • Colonial-Yankees account for 27% of Romney’s ancestral stock.
    • 12.5% (one-eighth) of his ancestral stock comes from Northern-Germany.
    • Many of Romney’s ancestors who were then-living participated in the dramatic 1846-7 Mormon Exodus from Illinois to Utah.
    • All of Romney’s ancestral lines end up in Utah by the 1880s.
    • Some went to Mexico at the end of the 1800s, but were expelled in 1912, and went back to Utah.

    – — –

    Mitt Romney: Ethnic Ancestry Summary
    40.6% England — Mostly Northwest England, partly W.Midlands.
    18.8% Scotland
    26.6% Colonial-Yankee
    12.5% North-German
    1.5-3% French, Acadian and possible Huguenot (see entries #5 and #7 far below)

    – — –

    Mitt Romney’s Parents

    (1) George Wilcken Romney. He was born in 1907 in a Mormon colony in Chihuahua, Mexico, where his parents had married in 1895. All such colonies were raided, harassed, and forced to close by Mexican bandits-cum-revolutionaries in the early 1910s, their residents fleeing back to the USA. In other words, Mitt Romney’s own father was expelled from his very birthplace, as a youth, by angry-Mexicans(!). G.W.Romney married in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1931, and went on to great deeds in business and politics.
    (2) Lenore LaFount. She was born in 1908 in Utah.

    Pictured, in 1947, from left:
    — George W. Romney [37.5% Scottish, 25% English, 25% German, 12.5% Colonial-Yankee]
    — Baby Mitt Romney
    — Lenore LaFount Romney [56.2% English, 40.6% Colonial-Yankee, 3.1% Acadian (see entry #7), 0-3% Huguenot (see entry #5)]

    The same people in 1962, the year George Romney was elected governor of Michigan and appeared on the cover of Time:

    – — — –
    Now, most people’s animating-ancestral-awareness extends back, in my opinion, three generations — to the persons of their great-grandparents, such that when one knows of specific ancestors very far beyond that, it becomes trivia, rather than significant for one’s worldview-formation and identity-formation — which is what we are interested in here. This being the case, let us examine in some depth the eight great-grandparents of Republican candidate Willard Mitt Romney (b.1947), their ethnic origins, their personal backgrounds, and their life experiences. Photos are included where available, from here or findagrave.com unless otherwise noted.
    — — — –

    Mitt Romney’s Great-Grandparents [w/ Summary of Each Individual's Ethnic-Ancestry]

    (1) Miles Park Romney. [100% English Ancestry]. He was born in 1843 in the Mormon settlement of Nauvoo, Illinois. (Lincoln was not far away at the time, practicing law and getting his start in politics.) “Great-Grandpa Romney’s” birthplace of Nauvoo has an interesting history, which as a non-Mormon, I was not aware of: In the Summer of 1839, it was naught but a small frontierish-town on the Mississippi River, probably something like Mark Twain described in his novels. Joseph Smith and his supporters, chased out of everywhere else, purchase the town in late 1839. Smith rules it as a quasi-theocracy, and invites all Mormons in North America and further afield to come on over. Rumors of polygamy (which were true), among other things, enraged local ‘traditional Christians’. Five years of uninterrupted antagonism between the Mormons and local (then-)frontier Protestants, culminated in the vigilante killing of Joseph Smith in 1844. The Mormons then decide to abandon Nauvoo for Utah, which was well-and-truly empty. Miles Park Romney would have thus participated in the Mormon exodus of 1846-7, but would have been too young to remember much of it. He married in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1862. This is a well-documented line: Both this man’s parents were born in rural Lancaster County, Northwest England, midway between Liverpool and the Scottish border, and all his ancestors going further back are from northwest England. His family were early converts to Mormonism, if they were in Nauvoo already in 1843. Miles P. Romney went on, in later adult life, to found one of the Mormon colonies in Mexico on which his grandson George P. Romney, was born in 1907. An extended biography of Miles Park Romney is available here.

    Miles Park Romney

    (2) Hannah Hood Hill. [100% Scottish]. She was born in 1842 in Tosoronto Township, in what would become Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. This woman was born the year before the region of her birth was officially organized as a county by Canada, and therefore she might be called ‘pioneer-stock’ (although this may be a stretch), or at least settler-stock, rather than ‘immigrant stock’ (implying one who moves into an established urban area, taking advantage of what has already been set up by others). All four of her grandparents were born in Scotland, and made the move to British-Canada in the 1810s and 1820s. Her family converted to Mormonism and participated in the 1846-7 westward trek. Her mother died on the westward trail in 1847. She married in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1862.

    Hannah Hood Hill Romney

    Continue reading

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    USA Metropolitanization by Race: White Ruralism Lives On

    Recent posts and discussions by Jehu and Steve Sailer inspired me to look into the Census-2010 data on the level of “metropolitanization” by race in the USA (i.e., how rate at which each group lives in a metro area).

    What I find: In 2010, 167 million people lived in one of the 51 ‘metropolitan statistical areas’ that had over one million residents. There was a total USA population of 309 million, meaning that ‘large metropolitan area dwellers’ (1-million+) were 54% of the USA population.

    Racial Disparity
    68.5% of Nonwhite residents of the USA live in metropolitan areas with over one million inhabitants. Only 45.7% of Whites live in such large metro areas.

    Detailed tables with this information separately for Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and American-Indians follow. I extracted the data from Census 2010. (The final column shows what percentage of the given racial group’s national population lives in a metropolitan area of that size.) Analysis and commentary follows below. Comments are invited.

    Whites . . .
    Size of Metro
    # of Metros # of Whites
    % of Race’s Total Pop.
    In This Size Metro
    5-million+ 9 33.4 million 17.0%
    2-million+ 29 70.0 million 35.6%
    1-million+ 51 90.0 million 45.7%
    500,000+ 102 112.7 million 57.3%
    250,000+ 184 132.4 million 67.3%
    50,000+ 366 152.4 million 77.4%
    Rural (<50k) 44.4 million 22.6%
    All 196.8 million 100%


    Blacks . . .
    Size of Metro
    # of Metros .
    # of Blacks
    % of Race’s Total Pop.
    In This Size Metro
    5-million+ 9 13.5 million 34.6%
    2-million+ 29 19.9 million 51.0%
    1-million+ 51 25.2 million 64.8%
    500,000+ 102 29.0 million 74.4%
    250,000+ 184 32.0 million 82.3%
    50,000+ 366 34.7 million 89.1%
    Rural (<50k) 4.2 million 10.9%
    All 38.9 million 100%

    Data for Hispanics, Asians, and American-Indians follows, as does analysis and commentary Continue reading

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    Wentworth Miller and Racial Identity

    The case of the actor Wentworth Miller’s racial identity is instructive to the student of sociopolitics in the (post)modern USA.

    In a previous post discussing mixed-racial identity, commenter Uh wrote:

    — — — — — — — —

    Even very marginal cases [of mixed-race persons] choose [to identify as] black. Remember Wentworth Miller from Prison Break?

    ...Wentworth Miller is of multiracial origin: his father is of African-American, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese ancestry. He says about his ethnic identity, “My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, caught between two communities.” (wiki)

    …I saw a quote from this guy once to the effect that he has “never thought about trying to ‘pass’ ” as pure white — that vain melodrama which compels even quadroons like this to obsess over their black component.

    — — — — — — — —
    Some digging has yielded the original source of that quote: “[Wentworth Miller:] ‘To be perfectly clear, passing’ —- that is, trying to pass oneself off as white…‘is something that has never crossed my mind’…” (New Yorker magazine, Nov 10th, 2003).

    But more on that in a minute.

    As a youth, it is interesting to note, Wentworth Miller (hereafter WM) had a significantly different “look” than he does today, as these two yearbook photos plainly demonstrate:

    What does WM look like in those photos? He looks like an Arab, after his mother’s partial heritage, reinforced by his small Black ancestry (Arabs tend to have minor Black ancestry anyway).

    The Black component of WM’s ethnic-ancestry is clearly small. His father is seen below: Continue reading

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    USA: White Fertility and Intelligence (or, Dysgenics Quantified)

    Intelligence and Fertility Patterns, USA Whites. (Click to expand).

    Quantifying Dysgenics
    The previous post, “Dysgenic Fertility Trends in Generation-X” reported on the negative correlation between white fertility and educational-attainment (a proxy for intelligence) among women ending their reproductive lives in the early 2010s (i.e., those born in the late 1960s).

    I ended the post with the words “Admittedly, this is all somewhat difficult to quantify”. The above, which I compiled from a 2004 paper from Dr. Richard Lynn, represents the best effort at quantifying dysgenics I have yet found.

    As it turns out, fertility among White-Americans in the mid-20th century was slightly dysgenic. [See table above]. Among white women born in the first half of the 20th century, the less-intelligent half had most of the babies. From this, we expect to see a (genotypic) IQ decline of ~0.3 points per decade (0.75 points per generation) among Continue reading

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    Dysgenic Fertility Trends in Generation X

    Q. Is the generation of White children that has been, and is being born, to White Generation-X mothers in the USA of significantly lower quality than its parent generation? (i.e., is dysgenics occurring more sharply now than it has in previous generations?). I will try to answer that question below.

    This post builds upon the previous one, “Childlessness Among Generation-X Women“).

    To summarize that post:

    • ~20% of American White women now entering their mid-40s (born in the late 1960s, i.e. early Generation-Xers) have never had a child. They are ending their reproductive lives childless.
    • ~9% of American White women have had child(ren) to a Nonwhite father.
    • Thus, 29% of White women fail to pass on their genetic material to the next generation’s White-genepool. (In U.S. culture, mixed children are almost exclusively socialized towards cultural loyalty to their Nonwhite side).
    • There is evidence to suggest that increased childlessness is dysgenic, as the smarter the woman, the less her likelihood is to reproduce:

      Fertility and Education, U.S. women

    How Dysgenic are White Generation-Xers’ Fertility Patterns?
    — — —
    There are two groups of women removing their genes from the White-American genepool: The Childless (a), and the Outbreeders (b).

    (a) The Childless
    In the recent past, under normal conditions, ~10-15% of European women would remain childless for life. Take the UK:

    % of British Women Childless at Age 45,
    By Woman’s Year of Birth [source]
    1923: 16%
    1943: 11%
    1953: 16%
    1973: 23% [expected]

    (Note that the 1923-cohort is more-childless than could be expected, because Britain’s 300,000 WWII battle deaths would have impacted that cohort of men [born early 1920s] hardest of all. Simply put: There were not enough men.)

    Lifelong childlessness looks to be the fate of 20% of White-American women born in the late 1960s. Thus, as much as double the number of women will remain barren as ‘normally’ would (i.e., an extra 10% of the whole population). As seen above, this “extra” 10% is drawn mostly from the more-educated/smarter half of the population. Verdict: Dysgenic.

    (b) Miscegenators (‘Outbreeders’)

    About 9% of the American White-female population is now having children with a Nonwhite mate. This is based on 2005 data, and will probably be less for late-1960s-born White women, most of whom had already had children by 2005.

    What is the character of White women who mate with Nonwhites? I draw Continue reading

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