The Importance of Ancestry — South Korea

[Note: This post is a follow-up to one about German attitudes.]

South-Koreans were asked “How important for citizenship — in your opinion — is having ancestors from this country?”

Korean ancestry is important for Korean citizenship - responses by age and class - 2005

Trends and Comparison with Germany:
#1: A loosening of “voelkisch” attitudes among younger Koreans. (Same among Germans).
#2: For young Koreans, “voelkisch” attitudes increase with higher social-class.
#3: For young Germans, “voelkisch” attitudes increase with lower social-class.

NOTE: South-Korea is a good country to compare with Germany here. (Not for the reasons you might think). This is not an abstract question for either country. Both have a recent history of reabsorbing persons-of-local-ancestry. (German Spaetaussiedler; Korean “Gyopos“). Both face immigration of distinct racial stocks (SE-Asians into South-Korean rural areas; Turks and others in Germany). Yet trends among their youth are diametrically opposite. Interesting.

— Why have “voelkisch” values held most firm amongst upper-class Korean youth? Why have they nosedived amongst middle- and lower-class youth?

— Why do we see the opposite trend among German youth? Does this say anything about European-vs.-Oriental differences generally?

Update: Presenting the data another way:

Among 100 German youth saying ancestry is important,
12 are Upper-class (20% overall)
32 are Middle-class (39% overall)
56 are Lower-class (41% overall)

Among 100 Korean youth saying ancestry is important,
33 are Upper-class (29% of overall population)
45 are Middle-class (45% overall)
22 are Lower-class (26% overall)

Class stratification here is stronger among Germans.

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  5. Hail says:

    Confirmation of my finding that degree of ethnic-identity among young Orientals skews upper-class:

    “Asians with higher education levels have a higher ethnic identification (Xie and Goyette 1997) and are less likely to interracially marry”.

    (From An Analysis of the Racial Experiences of People of Asian/White Heritage, University of Southern California, 2007).

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