The Importance of Ancestry — Poland

Poles were asked “How important for citizenship — in your opinion — is having ancestors from this country?

[NOTE: image lost]

#1 — “Voelkisch” attitudes among Upper- and Middle- class Polish youth are slowly softening.

#2 — “Voelkisch” attitudes among Lower-class youth are the strongest.

#3 — This [#1-#2] is the exact same trend as seen among Germans, although nowhere near as class stratified.

#4 — We are apparently seeing evidence of a “voelkisch revival” among the youth of Europe. It is primarily a lower-class phenomenon.

Putting the data another way:

Among 100 Polish Youth Answering “Yes”,
– 23 are Upper-class (25% overall)
– 28 are Middle-class (28% overall)
– 49 are Lower-class (46% overall)

Class stratification among Polish youth (born after 1975): “Yes” skews lower-class but only weakly.

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