B.H.Obama Has 29 Servants

The Census Bureau confirms The White House is much blacker. (The White House has its own census tract, I learn from a link from Steve Sailer.)

But of more interest is that the Census counts 33 people living in the White House in 2010. Why so many? They only counted 19 for Clinton in 2000. 33 people, minus the B.H.Obama family, leaves 29 others. All domestic servants? Unless someone can provide a better explanation, I am led to conclude that the Obama family is slavishly dependent upon servants.

President Clinton: 17 servants
B.H.Obama & co.: 29 servants!

Who needs that many servants?

— — —
Also of note, the racial distribution of B.H.Obama’s servants , according to the Census:

Of Obama’s 29 Servants
–21 are Blacks
— 7 are Whites
— 1 is ‘Other’

This “Highly Diverse” group should make us all swell with pride in Diversity!

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Svigor comments:

Funny, I watched Diary of the Dead recently and there was a WASPy-douche-who-can’t-handle-harsh-reality stereotype front and center. He had a manor and referred to “the staff.” Who has that kind of “the staff” any more?

B.H.Obama does.

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9 Responses to B.H.Obama Has 29 Servants

  1. Hail says:

    Confirmation that there is “live-in staff” at the White House:

    Obama told Steve Kroft of CBS’ “60 Minutes” in an interview that aired Sunday that he finds certain aspects of domesticity relaxing. And while he’ll have a live-in staff to take care of chores at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., he plans to take over the White House dish-washing once in a while. […] NBC

  2. What I can’t figure out is Obama’s Cabinet: where are the brothas? He can’t find a single black general or senior FSO/CIA to promote so he can mull over things like Libya? I’d actually feel better.

    • Hail says:

      Eric Holder counts as Black. Not exactly as Black as he’d like to be, but his Black Nationalist sympathies make up for his lack of pigmentation.

    • Hail says:

      BTW, on the tangent of Holder: His most noteworthy act has been to pardon (in effect) the members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation, a federal offense. [They had stood vigil in 2008 outside polling stations, in uniform and with weapons, shouting racial abuse at whites trying to vote].

      According to former Justice Dept employees, three people saw to it the case was dropped, despite many witnesses, including prominent media liberals who were stunned at this display of Postracial Vibrancy.

      The three were:
      — 1.) Attorney General Eric Holder (Black Enough),
      — 2.) Assistant Attorney General Loretta King (Black),
      — 3.) A high-ranking DOJer named Steven Rosenbaum (appointed by Bush Jr).

      This trio together pulled enough strings to put all the NBPPers in the clear, for a crime that would’ve been a media sensation across the planet, if the perpetrators were white.

  3. Obama’s Cabinet appointments are interesting.

    He sends frumpy, unqualified women to State, DHS and SCOTUS, lets a troika of them talk him into war with Libya over the advice of white guy Gates, head of the DoD, a department which apparently elicited so little interest in Obama he didn’t bother making his own appointment.

    AG, he appoints another sharp, high yella to crack the whip on civil rights but other than that, no prominent black men unless you count the UN trade rep (and I don’t).

    What is it with this guy? Sure he secures one important position for the brothas–divvying out the Title VII and Voting Rights Act loot–but other than that, he surrounds himself with white women and Jews. The Holder appointment is significant but by the metric of presenting himself as an authentically black President he’s really pathetic.

    Come to think of it, how comfortable is Obama really, around black men? Or black women for that matter?

    Speaking of which–what’s with that match with Michelle? She’s at least a standard deviation IQ lower, she’s “black as tar”as Old Mister would say. He had the cream (literally) of the Ivy League to pick from.

    On a lot of levels, I don’t envy the guy.

    • Hail says:

      AG wrote:How comfortable is Obama really, around black men?

      A good portion of the output of Steve Sailer over the past four years has been pointing out that Obama is not comfortable around Blacks, and that his entire post-adolescent life has been a struggle to prove that he is Black Enough. (A phrase Sailer lifted from Tom Wolfe, who first described the phenomenon in the 1960s).

  4. Pathetic if he does indeed have this many servants. How lazy can a human being get?

    • Hail says:

      Opulence more than laziness. No heads of state do their own chores (I’d suppose), they are simply too busy. But few, if any, respectable world leaders, I imagine, have so many full-time personal servants.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Barry Soetoro is violating affirmative action. We all know he hates Americans and 98% of white folks – but he should still have to follow Federal laws on employment.. He’s a racist and will always be a racist..

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