Diversity Job Fair

What is a “Diversity Job Fair”?

Flyer for "Diversity Job Fair", 2011.

A foreigner, who has learned only “textbook-English”, would be utterly confused about what this concept of “diversity” could have to do with the concept of a “job fair”.

Those of us with first-hand experience with the the Multicultacracy, though, understand (usually only instinctually). In simple terms: the Multicultural Leviathan uses code-words to enforce its agenda. “Diversity” is one of its favorites: “Diversity” is, in general usage American-English in the 2010s, a code-word for “non-white” (or, “fewer whites”, as the case might be).

This is a job fair to which only Nonwhites are being invited. You’re not “Diverse” enough? Then you’re not welcome. Various other small clues in the text of the flyer reinforce this (again, to the acclimated ear).

Understanding the code-words used to enforce our Multicultacracy can be liberating for those stuck within it. See also: “Beware of the White Crime Wave” for a visual analysis of a related phenomenon.

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  1. Rollory says:

    OT – I happened to have a long talk with my grandmother this weekend; she has been putting together a genealogy and family tree and digging through documents for it all. In between other stories about her parents and grandparents, she commented (entirely unprompted by me) that it was the revocation of the “droit d’ainesse” – the right of the oldest son to inherit – that triggered a progressive breakup of family-owned holdings and drove more than a few into poverty, because it encouraged family members to compete with each other to each get their own piece, even if it meant the result was that each one had less, and that the total was not necessarily run cooperatively. That seems to generally fit with my earlier speculations here.

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