USA: White Fertility and Intelligence (or, Dysgenics Quantified)


Intelligence and Fertility, U.S. Whites. (Click to Expand)

Quantifying Dysgenics
The previous post, “Dysgenic Fertility Trends in Generation-X” reported on the negative correlation between white fertility and educational-attainment (a proxy for intelligence) among women ending their reproductive lives in the early 2010s (i.e., those born in the late 1960s).

I ended the post with the words “Admittedly, this is all somewhat difficult to quantify”. The above, which I compiled from a 2004 paper from Dr. Richard Lynn, represents the best effort at quantifying dysgenics I have yet found.

As it turns out, fertility among White-Americans in the mid-20th century was slightly dysgenic. [See table above]. Among white women born in the first half of the 20th century, the less-intelligent half had most of the babies. From this, we expect to see a (genotypic) IQ decline of ~0.3 points per decade (0.75 points per generation) among US-whites, according to Dr. Lynn.

This data comes from a social survey conducted over the past several decades, which has given participants 10-word vocabulary tests as a proxy for general-intelligence. These 10-word vocabulary tests have since been found to correlate very well with full IQ tests. Lots of other information was also collected, including total number of lifetime babies.

New Factors
The new factor in the equation, emerging the past generation, is the impact of outbreeding. (This is discussed at greater length (here).

The USA has seen a rise in the share of births of mixed-race babies, such that ~10% of the babies borne to white-American women in the 2000s were fathered by non-white men. Considering that (1) mixed-race children are lost to the white genepool for cultural reasons, and (2) white mothers of mixed-race children are shown to be of lower-intelligence, overall (See table here), it may be that the native-dysgenics delineated in the table above are now offset.

On the other hand, among late Baby-Boomers, Generation-Xers, and Milennials, it could be that the white native-dysgenics are increasing. The impact of dysgenic fertility in more recent times is still something of an open question.

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46 Responses to USA: White Fertility and Intelligence (or, Dysgenics Quantified)

  1. j says:

    “mixed-race children are lost to the white genepool”

    May be where you are living.

    • Hail says:

      Are you saying that you have met persons of mixed-parentage (white and some kind of nonwhite), who strongly identified as white? This is preposterous to even imagine, to me.

      Experience has taught me that a minority of mixed persons use various empty-phrases like “biracial”, “multiracial”, or “transracial” (groan), but that a majority of mixed people simply identify with their Nonwhite side, oftentimes more-strongly than the typical Nonwhite would. There was a Steve Sailer post about this phenomenon a while ago:

      [Grammy-winning singer Alicia] Keys, 27, said she’s read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck “to symbolize strength, power and killing ’em dead,” …. Keys’ AK-47 jewelry came as a surprise to her [white] mother, who is quoted as telling Blender: “She wears what? That doesn’t sound like Alicia.”

      The examples are endless. Remember the black-nationalist speech Ms. Halle Berry (white mother) delivered a few years ago? Remember that Bob Marley (white father) sang quintessentially Afro-Carribean Reggae music, constantly called for African Unity and African Pride. And to say nothing of ol’ B.H.Obama, whose “exceptional” story of race and inheritance is actually quite mundane. Which is the say — normal, for mixed persons in the USA in the past two generations or more.

  2. Justin says:

    The question of what happens to the mixed race children is an interesting one to attempt to quantify. Half-black, obviously, tend to enter the black gene pool, but I’m not so certain for half-Hispanic or half-Asian. Of course, females who breed with blacks would be quite distinct from those who breed with Asians. That would be some obscure and rare data to find, though, I suppose.

    As a larger issue, what about the contribution of the fathers? Are we postulating that it just “cancels out on average”? Or is there a eugenic/dysgenic trend to be found there as well? Or is the data just non-existent?

    • Hail says:

      I agree that finding firm and reliable data on the race of partner with whom mixed-race people ultimately procreate would be difficult.

      If such data did exist, it would immediately be called into question because of a gaping problem in methodology, namely: one has to rely on self-identification by race in any survey I’ve ever seen. We know that many mixed-persons will simply self-ID as their Nonwhite side, as B.H.Obama did on Census 2010. (Obama calls self ‘Black’ on Census, not ‘Biracial’). This would obfuscate things considerably.

    • Hail says:

      This table deals with white women, as you can see. I can create such tables for white men, black men, black women, from the same dataset. (i.e., Scores on intelligence test and number of children, i.e. “quantifying dysgenics”).

      If anyone is interested, I will put it on my to-do list.

      • uh says:

        Do it.

        I’m amazed that mulattoes identifying as black amazes anyone. Even very marginal cases choose black. Remember Wentworth Miller from Prison Break?

        “Born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, Miller is the son of American parents Joy Marie (née Palm), a special education teacher, and Wentworth Earl Miller II, a lawyer and teacher.[1][2] Miller’s father, a Rhodes Scholar, was studying at Oxford at the time of Miller’s birth. Miller is of multiracial origin: his father is of African-American, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese ancestry.[3][4][5] He says about his ethnic identity, “My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, caught between two communities.”[6] ”

        We can probably nix at least the Jewish and Cherokee as family cachet myths. That leaves African, English, German on the father’s side. I saw a quote from this guy once to the effect that he has “never thought about trying to ‘pass’ ” as pure white — that vain melodrama which compels even quadroons like this to obsess over their black component. A Scottish friend of mine has a teen daughter, sired by a Jamaican, who is suddenly carrying on with a full-blood skinny from Somalia over Facebook, as mom discovered to her terror.

        Happens every time. Moreover, it is a necessary reflex of the narrative. They are encouraged to “not pass” and identify as whatever non-white they are to do their part in the erasing of “whiteness”. In the old days of course the mulattoes were encouraged, and found their advantages, precisely in passing, as any good creole novel illustrates.

      • Hail says:

        Uh wrote:

        Even very marginal cases choose black. Remember Wentworth Miller from Prison Break?

        Thank you for bringing this intriguing person to my attention.

        I was so intrigued that I’ve made a post on him: Wentworth Miller and Racial Identity

    • Warren Dew says:

      As a Eurasian – in my case, white father, Chinese mother – I don’t identify fully with either race. I’ve got 23 chromosomes from each. Those are the facts.

      From a gene pool standpoint, I married a white woman. I suspect that was mostly because there are a lot more white women available than Chinese women.

      I’ve always checked or filled in “other” for race on forms when I could. When forced to pick only one race, I’ve sometimes checked white on the basis that I’m male and my father was white, and sometimes Asian on the basis that my Asian X chromosome is larger than my white Y chromosome.

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  4. uh says:

    “Miscegenation deprives future generations of children of a concrete identity; as a result, the offspring of miscegenistic relationships will try to undermine the identities and traditions of people with concrete identities, from which they are themselves deprived. Since there are few miscegenistic offspring of similar backgrounds, most products of miscegenation will choose to breed with people of concrete racial identities, thus continuing the trend of miscegenation for many generations.”

  5. Fenris says:

    In my experience in a 90 percent white region, white asian and hispanic white mixes don’t have strong ethnic identities and tend to marry white and have children who assimilate fully into white culture. For blacks this obviously isn’t the case. I think IQ is also a big factor in assimilation, the hispanics I know who are assimilating in to the white community are college educated and intelligent their not the same demographic as farm workers. I think the lack of strong popular culture associated with hispanic and asian identities is also an important factor. If your black you get to claim hip hip, street credit, Lebron James, and terrell owens. Hispanic and asian identities don’t have the cultural omnipresence unless you live in areas with large groups of them.

    • Hail says:

      No doubt about it, the question of European-Oriental mixes is more difficult to assess.

      There is some evidence — historical and contemporary — to suggest that European-Oriental mixes eventually form their own quasi-endogamous racial subgroup. From all I hear, it is already happening out in Hawaii. It happened in Indonesia (“Indos“).

      • uh says:

        Now that’s an instructive link.

        You’ll have noted that nearly all of them place “white” after the non-white component. I’m sure this has been discussed elsewhere. Bottom line is that “white” is the recessive component, either genetically or dialectically.

        The only non-white racial component that comes after white is alleged Native American heritage, likely because it’s mythical bullshit and even among these morons can’t be claimed with confidence.

        Check out page 5, three rows down, end of row: “Eurasian face of the future.”

        I would like to draw a parallel from ancient history: the absorption of the “Tocharian” Indo-European population by the Uighurs. These, and the altaic/mongolic component of Russians, are the Continent’s original “hapa”. So we see that:

        -Russian Indo-Europeans were able to absorb Asiatic genes without loss of their own identity; the Altaics were marginal forest-steppe zone h-gs lacking a strong tribal identity, while the Mongols were nomadic intruders who could not make a lasting cultural imprint
        -whereas the Tocharians were located quite close to the heartland of the Altaic race, which allowed the Uighurs to absorb their already exhausted identity (they had by then become Buddhists and long forgotten their origins to the west)

        But these quarterlings are armed with a strong pre-formed identity centering on their non-white component(s). This order of narrative can only have emanated from one source, the most successful minority in the West able to enforce its codes upon the majority.

        Out-breeding is our final undoing. There is no solution to it. They cannot be “repatriated”, and they all enjoy some degree of propinquity with pure whites who will, of course, extend to them our world-famous transracial solicitude. Everyone you meet will have a brother who married x, a neighbor or friend with a y baby (“but it’s so cute, you have to see her”), an alleged z dangling somewhere up on the family tree, a flatemate or ex-lover who is this this & that, etc. etc.

        Silver has emphasized this often in the past at MR and elsewhere.

      • Hail says:

        Also on Page 5, next-to-last is captioned thusly:

        [I am] 1/2 Japanese & 1/2 – Polish, Czech, Austrian (European) or what I Tell people is 1/2 Japanese 1/2 White Stuff … I Love being Different … But it DOES often make people feel the need to randomly come up to me and ask … “What are you?” They always seem to Assume I’m Spanish/Mexican/Latin … or they say … Your’re at least 1/2! … and … Some people Guess Asian … But If they do … They always Guess … Philippino … I Often Get … Hawaiian & Indian also … To Me … We are all unique in our own way

        Notice: Half ‘White Stuff’, not half ‘Yellow Stuff’.

      • Warren Dew says:

        Interesting link, but it doesn’t appear to constitute a true community. I think the what is happening in Hawaii and what happened in Indonesia is a geographical effect: the early stages of complete geographical racial mixing.

    • Hail says:

      Moving Forward and Forging A New Identity (

      As the incidence of interracial marriage and by implication, numbers of multiracial Asian Americans continues to increase, multiracial Asian Americans have the opportunity to both assert their own unique experiences and characteristics while also participating in the larger Asian American community and mainstream American society in general. In the process of doing so, multiracial Asian Americans are likely to play a central role in the demographic, political, and cultural evolution of a diversifying American society.

      The call to form a more-serious White-Oriental identity grows ever louder.

    • Hail says:


      60% of foreign born Japanese women interracially marry in comparison to only 25% of their US-born counterparts (Jacobs and Labov 2002). …[This] suggests that there is something about a United States environment that lessens the chance of people of Asian heritage to interracially marry.

      An Analysis of the Racial Experiences of People of Asian/White Heritage (University of Southern California, 2007)

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  7. j says:

    You seen to never have heard of “passing”. Every generation there are thousands of lighter skinned people who assimilate into the great mass of White Americans. Obama is a very dark skinned mulatto, even if he wanted it, he would never had a chance to pass as White.

    • Hail says:

      This is an often-repeated canard. It is wrong on two fronts:

      (1) Genetic data for White-Americans does not support large-scale “passing”. Certainly not “thousands per year” for decades and decades. That is just absurd. If this was the case, most White-Americans would be part Black today. Very few self-identified Whites in the USA have any detectable Black ancestry (see link).

      (2) “Passing” is predicated on the concept of White Privilege, which is a myth today. The case of actor Wentworth Miller is a good case-in-point. To the extent that “passing” ever happened, it is now long gone, an anachronism. WM could pass, but chooses a ‘multiracial’ identity.

  8. Megan says:

    What happens to the offspring is easy. I don’t know about biracial men but as a biracial (half black) girl most European men seek and mate with Asian and Latina women if they ever mate outside of their race. How many European men do you see seeking brown-skinned women (think the skin colour of actress Sanaa Lathan)? Not much. Biracials like me are left out of the mating scene and who looks at us? Those African men. I think it’s genetic and most half-Asian and half-Latino biracials end up with European mates because European men like them. About 80 to 90% of the interracial mates of European men tend to be Asians and Latinas. I mean sure I love my white mother and would love to prolong the white genes too just I’d love to prolong my black genes but it’s difficult because most European men don’t like brown-skinned women. They just don’t. Biracial men can prolong their white genes easier and assimilate into European lineage but biracial women tend to have a humungous problem and we drop out of the rat race altogether.

    • Hail says:

      most European men don’t like brown-skinned women.

      It’s interesting that you say that.

      As the earliest several posts here examined, the young in Western-Europe have dramatically softer ‘voelkisch’ sentiments than their parents or grandparents, overall. (See, e.g., Germany, Poland, Norway, USA). Meaning the modern West-European is more likely to be a universalist, a racial-egalitarian, someone who says “race doesn’t matter”.

      Despite these inculcated-values, European men still tend to reject darker women, at least anecdotally, according to Megan’s experience (and others’). What does this say about the biological underpinnings of attraction? MajorityRights has some long discussions about the nature of attractiveness, one of which is here.

      • Melissa Tdog says:

        YHVH forbids race mixing! His #1 Law is KIND AFTER KIND! God made the different races for a reason and mixing them is FORBIDDEN under pain of death! It is Written!

    • Willy says:

      Hi Megan,
      White Dutch guy here. Have always been interested in dark skinned girls in my early days and I am now happily married for 13 years with my very dark wife and we have 3 beautiful kids who are well excepted and loved by friends and family. Be proud of who you are!

    • A. De. Scott says:

      I believe your problem is in your psychological perception of whited males. Obviously, from your statements, you suppose white males to completely loathe the “darker” females. This is a fallacious argument based upon your theoretical understanding of archetypal characteristics and habit of the opposite sex. They find you attractive girl. I find people of your skin colour attractive, only, I wish to have more diverse children, so of course I want to coincide with a member not from my genetic heritage. I wish people would stop pulling statistics out of thin air, and just live in a way that is in line with natural law. I dislike this comment, not because I dislike you, or your intentions, I just think that you are completely misguided, and can only see principally what is in front of your face. You must see beyond in order to actually see.

  9. Dan says:

    This might interest you:

    “Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages and Relationships”

  10. j says:

    We are making appreciations without a solid genetical basis. On a statistical basis, old-stock Americans carry significant proportions of American Indian and African genes. Many European travellers of the 18th century noticed that Americans tend to have dark hair much more frequently than Europeans. Even today blue eyes are less frquent in American Whites than in say the UK. For the Nazis, Americans (and French) were a negrified race. About the question if this intrusion of non-European genes in the nominally White population continues, I have no data but the answer seems obvious. The end result will be a society like Brasil, which is not so bad. Brasil has today the fifth largest economy of the world.

    • Hail says:

      You are trolling, J. See here, again, if you really believe very many White-Americans carry “Black genes”.

    • Silver says:

      Moreover, an Israeli Jew. But that doesn’t stop him from policing what whites the world over think about race. It is profoundly obvious to anyone who has observed his behavior he is obsessed with mixing white Americans out of existence. Nothing agitates him so much as the possibility the white Americans may come to their senses in time and escape the fate J so anxiously awaits.

      It’s a mystery to me why so few of the readers of these blogs — who are, after all, hardly likely to be cowed by PC — refrain from telling J to go to hell. Can anyone really imagine Israeli readers on an Israeli blog tolerating outsiders’ suggestions that they should just give up the struggle and hand over the country to the Palestinians (since it’s all so “inevitable”)?

      By the way, J, you mendacious Jewish asshole, per capita GDP is what matters. But keep trying!

  11. celine luggage grey says:

    I was looking at some of your content on this site and I conceive this web site is very instructive! Keep posting.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Sara Sadiong says:

    Can’t believe still nowadays to read about a serious link between ethnicity and intelligence. Horrifying way to maintain a nao way of thinking. I don’t deny humans have many different features but to link them to intelligence or a kind of ability is out of any sense.

    • Sara Sadiong says:

      Correct version:
      Can’t believe still nowadays to read about a serious link between ethnicity and intelligence. Horrifying way to maintain a nazi way of thinking. I don’t deny humans have many different features but to link them to intelligence or a kind of ability is out of any sense.

      • Warren Dew says:

        The article isn’t on a link between ethnicity and intelligence, though. It’s about how fertility patterns within a single ethnicity should be expected to produce a decline in intelligence.

  14. Rosie says:

    All races think they are the best, including mixed ones.

    Conversations about race only get so far.

    There is a part of the population that considers the vast majority of all of us to be inferior and this is not based on race.

    What do you think the Illuminati is?

    A person’s potential and ability to use their own personal power successfully in life is more significant than whether you are white, black, or mixed with both, etc.

    In other words, survival of the fittest has more to do with an individuals will to survive, their balls, and their word and stripped down to the base, ppl can’t necessarily use race to predict who is the fittest.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Even if he has 1 percent of African American, he is black!

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