Wentworth Miller and Racial Identity

The case of the actor Wentworth Miller’s racial identity is instructive to the student of sociopolitics in the (post)modern USA.

In a previous post discussing mixed-racial identity, commenter Uh wrote:

— — — — — — — —

Even very marginal cases [of mixed-race persons] choose [to identify as] black. Remember Wentworth Miller from Prison Break?


[Quote] Wentworth Miller is of multiracial origin: his father is of African-American, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese ancestry. He says about his ethnic identity, “My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, caught between two communities.” (Wiki)

…I saw a quote from this guy once to the effect that he has “never thought about trying to ‘pass’ ” as pure white — that vain melodrama which compels even quadroons like this to obsess over their black component.

— — — — — — — —
Some digging has yielded the original source of that quote: “[Wentworth Miller:] ‘To be perfectly clear, passing’ —- that is, trying to pass oneself off as white…‘is something that has never crossed my mind’…” (New Yorker magazine, Nov 10th, 2003).

But more on that in a minute.

As a youth, it is interesting to note, Wentworth Miller (hereafter WM) had a significantly different “look” than he does today, as these two yearbook photos plainly demonstrate:


What does WM look like in those photos? He looks like an Arab, after his mother’s partial heritage, reinforced by his small Black ancestry (Arabs tend to have minor Black ancestry anyway).

The Black component of WM’s ethnic-ancestry is clearly small. His father is seen below:


From left to right: Wentworth Miller; a man identified as WM’s uncle Chris; WM’s father.

WM’s father looks much lighter than the 37%-Sub-Saharan-ancestry-possessor Henry Louis Gates. WM’s father, himself, is at very most, an octoroon (12.5% Black), making WM himself at most 6.25% Black. I suspect that the father is less than even a true octoroon.
A photo of WM with some Blacker relatives:


From left to right: Mila Jasey (WM’s aunt), Rhena Jasey (WM’s cousin), Leigh Miller (WM’s sister), Wentworth Miller and Jason Cox (WM’s cousin). Pictured at a gathering of descendants of Dr. Green Forte Pinkston of Memphis, 2007. (From the “Memphis Commercial Appeal” newspaper).

Wentworth Miller’s Racial Loyalties
This post is entitled “Wentworth Miller and Racial Identity”, but it should be called “WM and Racial Identity in the Postmodern USA”.


(1) The dominant sociocultural apparatus in the USA (and to a large extent in its cultural satellites in the West) promotes the concept of a nefariously-ubiquitous White Privilege. Anti-racist activists have tirelessly worked to raise ‘awareness’ about the need to combat White Privilege. Anti-racist theory has always postulated, at least implicitly, that everyone wants to be white, because of White Privilege. Anti-racist theory has it that white identity strangles the life out of other identities (casting them as ‘inferior’, and ‘institutionally’ keeping them down), that Institutional Racism would impel anyone to try their best to pass for white. Wentworth Miller is an ideal candidate, within the framework of anti-racist theory, for passing into the Promised Land of Whiteness. Here we have someone, in Wentworth Miller, who is mostly-Northwestern-European by ancestry (with moderate Arab and minor Black admixture) anyway, who went to Princeton, who earns millions in the entertainment industry, and who could basically pass for a (slightly exotic) typical white-American as an adult… Yet he strongly identifies as multiracial.

(2) Our everyday experience tell us that WM’s attitudes towards Race are, in fact, the norm. That is, the opposite of what anti-racist theory posits is actually true, certainly in the past generation, and to a great extent in the past two generations. Generally in 1990s- and 2000s-USA, no one wanted to be white. So far in the 2010s, few want to be white. Generally, one looks for an ‘out’, even if it be politically if they are unable latch onto some ‘other’ identity. (See also).

But let’s cut to the root of it, and return back to commenter Uh:

[Mixed-race persons] are encouraged to “not pass” and identify as whatever [partial] non-white they are, to do their part in the erasing of “whiteness”.



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220 Responses to Wentworth Miller and Racial Identity

  1. AWM says:

    Because they benefit economically, socially, or politically. The other choice, to identify as White, carries the possibility of economic, social or political penalty/stagnation. This is the “end-game” of government sponsored (plus a hostile, alien elite), “top down” societal imposition of race-based preferences, over decades. It is now at the level of attitude, almost second nature. And there is no greater evil (in a God-less society) than being a racist. I fully expect some of us to return to the cave in the couple of years before the White Race becomes extinct.

    • Hail says:

      A social penalty for being White.

      I am endlessly intrigued by the irony: there is a social penalty for being White, yet the media-state apparatus(es) of the West still bombard us with White Privilege propaganda, claiming the precise opposite of what we can observe again and again is true.

      Crying out in pain as they strike you.

    • malenkiy fric says:

      10 years later, you couldnt have been more correct, unfortunately.

      • Hail says:

        It’s worth paying attention to those who have demonstrable predictive power.

        Attitudes of 1990 vs. 2000 vs. 2010 vs. 2020.

        People saying these things ca. 2010 were still considered out on a limb. Many, many more see it by ca. 2020. The hysteria-cycles by supporters of this system seem like evidence of the opinion shift.

        • Max says:

          Well, after OWS, which occurred pretty much right when you made this blogpost, the elites really ramped up the anti-whiteness in order to distract from the crimes of the elites. And while many of us have woken up in the last decade, perhaps an equal or greater number of people are genocidally anti-white today than in 2011. It never had to be like this

  2. rjp says:

    He may want to identify as mixed race but he clearly want to appear as white as possible hence the shaving of the head that is the new standard hiarstyle among the unpure males.

    Nicole Richie would be the female version of this.

    I would also venture to say that both of them have had rhinoplasties.

    • Hail says:

      It does seem likely WM has made an effort to appear more Northern European, despite his ‘transracial’ talk.

      The comparison to Nicole Richie is apt being that she is also racially ambiguous. Many don’t know this, but she was adopted by Lionel Richie. Her biological father is Hispanic. Her biological mother is described only as “an anonymous backstage assistant”, but probably a light-skinned Black.

      Nicole Richie’s Biological Father:

      Nicole Richie as a young child:

      Nicole Richie in her late 20s:

      • dbond says:

        I would like to know why did Nicole real father gave her up for adoption. And why do people think that she and Wentworth Miller had a nose job. I think that it is a lot of very unhappy people in the world if you can find time to talk about mixed people. What we all need to be doing is minding your own business and stay the hell out of other people lives. Thank you

        • HermosaNubien says:

          I completely agree.. I think they look the same and they have never claimed to be just white so where do people get off saying that they are passing for white?

        • ASKIRT2 says:


          • Anonymous says:

            he didnt have a nose job. he got his nose from his mother

          • Fred McMaster says:

            I’m an artist n i can clearly see he’s had nose job!

          • Ochi XI Zing says:

            Then you are a terrible “artist!”
            Clearly you’re NO Plastic Surgeon… nor any sort of an expert.

            Anyhow, who cares!?
            What, are you some Anti-White Racist Brainwashed L!bt@rd, or what? Pffftt!

        • beezneez says:

          “I would like to know why did Nicole real father gave her up for adoption. And why do people think that she and Wentworth Miller had a nose job.”…..”What we all need to be doing is minding your own business and stay the hell out of other people lives. Thank you”

          Yes thank you. Clearly, you should heed your own advice because one is likely to assume you are unhappy because you have the time to talk about other people’s nose.

          • Miss E says:

            He was on drugs at the time and Lionel and his wife took care of her until he get right, but they ended up adopting her.

      • t says:

        Father is hispanic and black because shelia e. Is his sister and she is hispanic and black

    • Anonymous says:

      Lionel Ritchie is not Nicole real father. Look it up. He adopted her

    • Anonymous says:

      Nicole Richie is not even black she is Hispanic ….read

      • J says:

        Which race is hispanic? There are hispanics of many races…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, Nicole has stated numerous times on her show that she is black and Hispanic. Look it up.

      • mall says:

        oh yes she is your saying cause i bet you hate black people go read the wikipedia before saying avything

      • Lynn says:

        Isn’t Hispanic part African

      • Ochi XI Zing says:

        Thank you, exactly!
        Something is seriously wrong with these Anti-White/ Anti-Latino/ Anti-Asian/ Anti-Christian/ Anti-Semitic Racists in this World! I’m so sick of this blatant racism & lies.

        All racism & lies need to STOP & be called out. Plus, all this blame game is because of the politicians, schools, colleges/ University’s, & the 99% of ALL media & fake news that brainwashes so much BS evil hate & “they” also spit & spread out the same lies on a daily basis to make sure we all stay divided. See, the “powers that be” here & around the World wouldn’t have so much power, control, & money, where they get Richer & more Powerful, if us normal citizens of all races & nationalities were to get along & figure out the truth! Took me awhile to understand & accept that. But with much research(which gets harder & harder because “they” own people like Jack who supposedly owns/runs Twitter & Zuckerburg who supposedly owns/runs FakeBook & many more who are Brainwashing & Manipulating search engines to give us ONLY the “News” aka “Gossip BS” that “THEY” want us to know as being the truth(when it is ALL exaggerated lies). All this further corrupts minds & makes hate come alive. None of the “THEY” crowd ever faces consequences either. They’re a group of Elite Greedy NWO Globalist Rich Satanic Sick people from all Races/Nationalities here in the USA & around the World. It’s a vile monopoly to spread misinformation to cause Violence/ Chaos & the worst of the worst.

        I sometimes wish I didn’t even know this now. But it is true. Just look how “they” have purposely been dividing races & nationalities all around the World? And “they” do not care how many people are harmed in this process, as long as it isn’t them. Which “they” are Rich enough to have armed bodyguards 24/7 & live in safe areas. But “they” want to strip citizens of THEIR gun rights to protect themselves all the while The Obama Administrations Eric Holder spread illegal guns around in his Fast & Furious scam/scandal, which is so typical cause he was/is a DemocRAT & of course as per usual he got away with it! People are STILL dying & getting murdered by his illegal guns he ran here in the USA & Mexico & more… Dems & Rinos are pure evil & they get away with Bloody Murder! Disgusting! Citizens should always be able to protect themselves, especially in THEIR OWN HOMES!

        FYI- These People Are Sick!

        We have to ALL wake up!
        I had to #WalkAway from the DemocRAT Party! They are going so far Left that our Country, just like many European Countries because of their Far Left Loony Lying Politicians, will & is getting turned into a violent/ dangerous 3rd World Sheeett-Holes! Just look at every DemonRAT run big city’ in the USA? There’s poo, needles, gangs, shootings almost everyday with criminals with illegal guns, & out of control homeless everywhere. It is way worse than I have time to write about right now.

        Peace… Lets hope “THEIR” lies & hate will STOP SOON!


    • He was an actor on Prision Break at the time. Shaved head was part of his role. Plus…blacks shave their heads too. No person is pure black unless they come straight from Africa. And even then they might be 100%. We have straight hair, loose curly hair, tight curly hair.
      I’m probably responding to an old post, but whatever…lol.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m very lite hazel eyes freckles red hair black. Hi yellow my daughter is half Russian she looks white. She is passing. Not my problem .

    • Anonymous says:

      Unpure? What a cock you are

  3. Anonymous says:

    That you find it acceptable to pour over and dissect a Man’s personal life and family, with such a basic grasp of the issues you raise, is strange.

    • Hail says:

      I am sure he is an OK person. I have nothing against Wentworth Miller. His racial attitudes are almost archetypal for the Zeitgeist of his generation, which is what interests me.

      I welcome any corrections on any point I have raised, if you believe that I truly do not have a sufficient “grasp” of the Race issue in the USA.

      • Anonymous says:

        Huge anthropological assumptions, not supported by fact.

        Quasi-scientific genetic data.

        Opinion led bias, that lends itself to emotivism rather than debate.

        Having read previous posts, this is simply a self-justifying monologue.

        There-in lies the absence of grasp and the strangeness.

      • Hail says:

        Anon: Making vague insinuations, without any specifics at all, is easy. You’ve got to do better than that. What specifically have I written that is “not supported by fact”?, and so on.

        As for opinion-led bias, as human beings we all have that. Ironically, even those who loudly go on the attack against others for “opinion-led bias” are often even-more driven by their politics. Take the case of S.J.Gould’s “Mismeasure of Man”, which was a long attack on race-scientists of previous generations. It argued for blank-slate-ism. Recent research has conclusively debunked all of Gould’s claims and vindicated the race-scientists’ research. It turns out that Gould himself was a practitioner of “political-science”, the very thing he claimed to want to discredit.

        Arguing that I have falsified any information in any post here: that is something I am proud to say I have have never done and never will. Unlike S.J.Gould.

        • thetruth says:

          You use the term “octoroon” to start. You have an odd, extemely antiquated obsession with the racial purity and the identity of others. You, white guy, have absolutely no idea what it means to walk in the shoes of a person of color. Hail, you should really just get a life.

        • J Patrick says:

          It’s the ignorance of others that stunts the growth of the world we live in. you can not simply look at a picture of a person and determine their ancestry looks are deceiving and extremely bias. When it comes to race it will always require an intricate level of understanding which is clear by these posts and indeed this article that that level of understanding is not comprehended.

          when uneducated people comment on issues or a subject matter that they lack even an elementary standard of knowledge about, it creates mass stupidity which is very much the case here.

          It’s a shame that others are ruled by bias and judgment however those who discriminate against others do so in fear and as a consequence of their own inadequatcies

      • Anonymous says:

        “Anon: Making vague insinuations, without any specifics at all, is easy. ” Hail

        1. Your anthropological assumptions Hail, remain just that. Still, no facts to support.
        2. Your genetic data is absent of figures to support quoted percentages. They are approximations based on your unsupported anthropological assumptions.
        3. Opinions yes. Bias is a psychological defense mechanism, employed to maintain an intellectual status quo (in my opinion :)). There appears little room for discussion, simply Hail is ‘right’ and all else is heresy.

        These are not vagaries they are specific points that have not been addressed.

        “Arguing that I have falsified any information in any post here: that is something I am proud to say I have have never done and never will.” Hail

        The question of falsification has never been risen by me. You Hail, are the first writer to raise this point.

        My initial post refers not to the credence of your science (as that is self evident), but the honour of your practice. Taking a persons’ private family photographs and using them in this way deserves questioning.

        Yes, these photographs are in the public domain, however it is clear from their content that they are personal material.

        It would be a waste of both our times for me to argue with you about your beliefs. They are yours, you feel happy with them and I am happy with mine.

        However, I feel that you have crossed a line of acceptable behaviour when you have taken images not from public life, but from more intimate, personal occasions and used them to illustrate your very emotive cause.

        You do so with no contact with the subjects you speak of and you put their family members at risk through such a cavalier dissection of their heritage.

        This I felt and still feel is indecent.

        NB: I don’t see the relevance of S.J.Gould in this discussion.

      • Hail says:

        Your accusations remain empty, moralistic, and tiring.

        Fact: WM is clearly predominantly ‘White’ by phenotype (as an adult).
        Fact: WM is majority European by ancestry.
        Fact: WM is partly Arab by ancestry.
        Fact: WM has minor Black admixture, probably no more than many ‘normal’ Arabs, all tolled. (See OP).

        Supposition based on available evidence: WM’s father is, at most, an Octoroon (1/8th Black) in the former terminology, and may be a bit less than that. If you can prefer, we can use percentages.

        As to using “private” photos, they were published in a Memphis, Tennessee, USA newspaper called the “Commercial Appeal”, which I cited in the OP. If you have a problem with photos from WM’s family reunion being published, take it up with them, and save me your bombastic moralism.

        • JK says:

          I think that since this isn’t a fluff article or about promotion ; Inclusion of personal images is complimentary visual to the point he is trying drive home. I, thank you WM, I learned a few things and good for you on sharing your heritage & enlightening us w/ some facts.
          My family is also a li’ll of this and a li’ll of that. French, German Croation, Italian…But we are proud to be Americans, first. It is also great having duel citezenship. As for the Puritans (I dated a guy ,w/ blue blood), …well, nice family, yet cold..I think they forgot they came to Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock did not land on these folks.
          In closing ,I will print and mail this with a kind note to my cousins daughter who’s in her first year of high school, and all that it comes with.. I can always tell she’s had identity issuses. She’s
          part white, part black, austrailian, bosnian & and I don’t about her fathers side. Her mom is white and choose to live the Ghetto/Street life and her daughter is fair skin, yet thus far the mother denies her being part white. (I know it’s sic & twisted) but what little time she gets to spend with her “honky” cousins, aunts and uncles, she embrasses. I’m color blind and try to instill some fondation when I’m with her..lieing is bad, try to do well in school, ,thought her to ride a bike. however,this may give some bit of security and food for thought or it might anger her mom,

      • outofthefran says:

        suppose “anonymous” is really WM, lol that would be fun and funny. I enjoyed the article. Altho you went way to hard on down playing his Black side.. lol I was amazed that he is half Black but not to surprised when I saw it. He has that something something Black men have. That’s the only reason I looked him up.. that swagga lol

    • Anonymous says:

      I tend to agree that posting family pictures is too much. WM seems to be proud of his multiracial background. Maybe he wouldn’t be so darn cute without Russian bloods:))

    • ASKIRT2 says:


      • jneen says:

        …”Blacks went to Europe to get away from pretenders and racists”… hahahahahahahaha

        • Anton says:

          Its a fact. It began in 19th century. The actor Ira Aldridge couldnt develop in united states so he went over to britian and the rest of Europe. He became one of the most popular actors in all shakespeare roles. There are monuments about him in Warsawa and Russia. His daughter an opera singer, luranah Aldridge half africanamerican/half swedish was good friends with Cosima Wagner.
          The notorious ultra nationalist Cosima.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry, why the racial issue is so important to discuss again and again?

  5. This is a good post. I just want to say this is not only happening in the States. In China we have that too. People with one drip of minority blood in your grand-grandpa could claim to be the minority instead of Han, for the sake of those minority benefits. And nowadays even the gov’t is encouraging the ethnic identity of those minorities, deliberately suppressing the Han identity. Either way, People like WM is probably whiter than 60% of the people who claim to be white in Brazil. And he said he will never pass as a white… hooray for the black culture, whatever it is…

    • Hail says:

      When you say “minority benefits”, it sounds like you mean scholarships and job preferences. I don’t know much about China, but if the preceding sentence is true, then one could say this is a temporary annoyance for the Chinese, to pass if one takes away the benefits. In the words of old Mr. Chiang-Kai-Shek, it is “a disease of the skin”.

      In WM’s case, I don’t know if he was ever an “affirmative action” recipient, as was B.H.Obama. He certainly isn’t now. Rather, WM’s case reflects a drastic shift of popular values — “a disease of the heart” to carry on General Chiang’s analogy**. Born in 1972, WM absorbed the ‘It Is Noble and Proper to Struggle Forever Against White Privilege’ values, which had become standard on the Social-Left by the 1980s in the West.

      Those values, of course, by the 2000s had become mainstream even among ostensible conservatives, to the extent that one heard supposed representatives of the “hard Right” in the 2000s saying that “Jesus died on the Cross for interracial marriage”! [Sean Hannity]. This collapse in the acceptability of voelkisch values among those of European-ancestry in the USA, and the turn towards anti-voelkisch values — even among the supposed political-Right, follows the same trajectory as MLK-idolization: Quite a few Congressmen actually voted against the MLK federal holiday 25 years ago, something utterly unthinkable for even one of them to do today. Except maybe Ron Paul, on grounds that it wastes federal dollars. But even he would pay homage to MLK, the USA’s secular saint.

      ** — General Chiang quipped in the 1930s that the Japanese were a “disease of the skin” whereas the Communists were a much-more-worrying “disease of the heart”.

      • Max says:

        Yeah I was little when they made MLK’s birthday into a federal holiday. As an adult I was surprised to learn anyone voted no. Then I learned more about MLK and I’m disgusted that anyone voted yes.

        Marg bar amrika

    • dorisjean23 says:

      LOL! Black culture is a lot of things. By the way I have Chinese ancestry in my Black Culture by way of the Chinese in Mississippi.

    • Anonymous says:

      “People with one drip of minority blood in your grand-grandpa could claim to be the minority instead of Han, for the sake of those minority benefits”

      I’d sure love to see what “minority benefits’ the Uighurs, Kazakhs, and Tibetans are getting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but i do not agree, it is very clear that Wentworth Miller is proud of his multiracial heritage and does not want to look ”white” he is mainly white but he clearly has love for every strand of dna that he possesses so please leave these bigoted uneducated comments to rest.

    • Hail says:

      Anonymous, If you read the original post closely, you will notice that “Wentworth Miller is proud of his multiracial heritage” is precisely the point.

      By genotype, he is overwhlmingly White. By phenotype, he appears even more White in many photos, to the extent that his other partial ancestries are all-but invisible. Yet he vociferously identifies as “mixed”. This is a clear case example of a refutation of the White Privilege Myth,

      • JK says:

        Hail, I hope I can use this post in a future paper @ some point w/ your permission..on leave,due to ssplint on hand.; However I live in NYC..I wonder if that’s a blessing or a curse. Why, you may ask I grew up myself protesting and having been exposed to so much with many changes in my back yard, and seeing so many things come into fruition, it’s wonderful! I traveled to Europe where many places they don’t have censorship nor the patriot act,..of course there are are provincial, old fashioned, folks everywhere. Here in the United States, someone who is supposedly educated, like your follower Anonymous, Im bit disappointed he’s being a little manulitive, and heartless. I do like a good debate as much as the next person. Really..maybe he’s just jealous.
        Sadly, there are much worse problems, usually in one’s backyard.

      • Good point indeed! I feel you.

    • Nay says:

      Don’t forget the fact that he is not black either. He is mixed. Nobody gets to claim him or everybody does. What a useless post. I can’t believe the OP is calling him out as a liar. Maybe he is content to be mixed. He seems to be. Also, a vast majority of white people have other races mixed in from generations ago. So white is really only a xolor

    • Steve King says:

      You are all wrong!!! You cannot be proud of being black or white or other. You are proud of an accomplishment… something you have achieved. Black or white or other is what you are… there is nothing in it to be proud of. That’s like saying I’m proud of being 5’8″ tall. It’s what I am … I did not achieve this….. Pride is for achievements, not states of being (race, height, ethnicity, etc.).

  7. me says:

    Wentworth’s father is mulatto, not Octoroon, as stated in the text. Wentworth is quadroon like Jessica Szohr, he is not only “6.25% Black”

    • Hail says:

      What text is that? “Mulatto” is generally used very loosely today, when it is used at all, to mean any person of mixed Black and White racial-stock.

      I’m afraid it is not as easy as saying: “Wentworth Miller’s father is 50% Black”.

      Wentworth Miller’s great-grandfather, Dr. Greene F. Pinkston, a member of the mulatto elite in post-Civil-War West Tennessee:

      Clearly, Dr. Pinkston, WM’s ancestor, is more White than Black.

      A little conjecture: We can reasonably guess, from our knowledge of social history, that Dr.Pinkston’s wife was as light or lighter than he was, while still being a mulatto. (Black preference for lighter spouses is well-established, and one of the first Black doctors in the state would have had a free hand to choose, though not from the white mating-pool, as that was illegal in those days). Wentworth Miller’s father’s mother was, thus, probably a very-light Mulatto similar in racial-stock to the man pictured. Best guess: WM’s father’s mother would have been ~15-30% Black. It is most reasonable to assume that the father’s father would have been of similar racial-ancestry, a Mulatto-Elite in 1930s Tennessee. (Note: The actor Wentworth Miller is technically WM III, his father pictured in the OP is WM II, the patrilineal grandfather is WM the First).

      WM the actor is no more than 15% Black, and I suspect a less than 10%. (By phenotype he is certainly less).

      • me says:

        I know several gentlemen just like the father of Wentworth and they seem mulattos ( biracial or triracial), check out this video of Wentworth, when his hair is big, he seems to not less than 30% black.

      • Anonymous says:

        How are you defining “black”? It appears you’re making the racial assumption based on skin color. As you know, most Americans who descend from the early American slave experience are mixed-race people. Some are lighter than others, but most are mixed-race. Blackness, in my understanding, is the cultural/ethnic identity that links people to the struggles, customs and legacy of early west African ancestors. How can one say someone is 15% Black or 75% Black? We’re all black. Maybe it’s smarter to say someone is 15% West African

      • lolwut says:

        Gosh, this post (much like the rest of the psuedo-science malarky that is this article) is hilarious.

        Where are you getting your data from that WM’s father is an…lol…”octaroon?” It seems that you’re going by the man’s complexion. And considering that WM’s father is darker than me and both of my parents are (fair-skinned) Blacks, that deduction was, by all accounts, retarded.

        Thanks for the laugh, and cry more about the elimination of the White race please. My glass is in need of a refill for Wailing Tears of Butthurt, lol.

      • mall says:

        it because it from his mother side

    • Me, Myself and I says:


  8. me says:

    If I saw him in the street,I could recognize easily as quadroon, especially when he’s with big hair

    • Really? says:

      You can’t judge race by someone’s hair! Have you ever heard someone mention a “Dago ‘fro”? I have, as people have always referred to my hair as such. Also, plenty of Jewish (also part of my heritage) and Arabic people have super tight curly hair. I’ve seen Scotch-Irish people with some of the bushiest curls I have ever encountered! The fact is that Wentworth Miller has such a vast ethnic background, it makes it impossible to identify which trait is inherited from each individual ethnicity.

      • JK says:

        to REALLY?, ..U2, HUH 🙂

      • Exactly. I have a friend who is Northern Italian. He was very blonde when he was a teenager, but a little darker hair now in his 40s. He has light eyes (green or blue). But, my point is that his hair is and has always been an “afro” – it is curlier than a lot of black men’s hair.

      • G says:

        I completely agree. He looks much more arab than anything else, feature wise. Especially for the people who really know what that group looks like. Some arabs are very fair with lebanese and syrians being the lightest. Also there is a great variety among them. Some are red headed, some blonde, some with ‘fros. My husband’s cousin has hair soo curly it is like a brillo pad and probably repels water. They are lebanese/ palestinian origin. Also if you research typical dna ratios for different ethnic groups lebanese are on average 10% sub saharan african yet are supposed to id as white/caucasian on the census. Yet the public doesn’t consider them white. Yet if you were to meet a lebanese or syrian on the street (not right off the boat so no accent, lebanese have been in the US as long as many italians since late 1800s) you would automatically think white. Arabs are the invisible non-minority. All the discrimination, noone thinks of them as white or caucasian, and not allowed to id as a separate group or gain any minority benefits. (Even though hispanic are viewed differently because of the moorish history of spain) It should be noted that in other countries like Canada they do have minority status. While it is great that WM celebrates his multi-ethnic heritage and that he knows a great deal about it, (even more than lots of immigrant groups) the fact that he still ids as black is very telling. I often see the one drop rule described as a way to keep black people oppressed. So my question is when will black people allow themselves to no longer be oppressed? It seems like they perpetuate the one drop rule more than anyone else. Itmakes no sense to me to try and erase the rest of what you are.

  9. Seriously. Cut the bull. says:

    @Hail. WRONG!! Nicole Richie’s mother is a DARKSKINNED black woman and her father (brother of Sheila E) is HALF mexican and half African American. Thank you!!

    @topic: Wentworth is mostly white and should identify as such.

    • Seriously. Cut the bull. says:

      And before you run your mouth about how Nicole’s mother could not be darker in complexion (i have seen the pik, not sure where tho but i did) take a look at Rihanna.

      Being caribbean myself i can say there is not one type of mix under the sun that the average caribbean person has not seen. Black and asian, white and lebanese, chinese and east indian; etc. So Rihanna being from the caribbean is no exception. Her father who is mixed is VERY “high yellow” in complexion and her mother medium/dark (altho i have good reason to believe she bleaches her skin). Yet she took on her father’s complexion and looks.

      Rihanna’s mother:

      Rihanna’s father:


      (do i see blonde hair?!!)

      (REAL green eyes)

      The black race is VERY diverse so much so that even two dark ppl can have a light child so imagine a dark lady and a biracial man (in the case of Nicole and Rihanna) having light skinned children with green eyes.

      I’ve even seen a VERY dark black woman in PERSON with twin bi-racial daughters who have LONG flowing honey curly hair and blue eyes.

    • Doctoris says:

      Wentworth is quadroon stupid ,he loves to pass for white, not everyone believes him, his nose has clear negroid influences

      • dorisjean23 says:

        If Wentworth loves to pass for white, why is he showing pictures of his family who obviously are sporting the lovely black genetic codes? His nose look more Arabic by the way.

  10. Seriously. Cut the bull. says:

    i wish Nicole Richie’s daughter WOULD come out in the future talking about she is black lol.
    I am black and this is why i say biracial triracial or what ever should not have to choose. Nicole is mixed but her child is NOT black. Neither is Halle Berry’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you to decide that though?!? Halle Berry’s daughter certainly doesn’t look white! What happened to being black and white? (sigh) I’m a PROUD bi-racial woman. I’m black and proud…and guess what? I’m also half white and proud of that! So when I have children with my black spouse, they will learn about their Irish heritage, even though they will only be 1/8th Irish. How can I deny my Grandmother who was a poor, first generation Irish American and shared her traditions with me? My kids will grow up to know and proudly claim ALL of their grandparents’ ancestry! Whether they “look Irish, Black, or whatever enough to judgmental people like some of the folks posting here.

      • JK says:

        Amen to that, I logged on recently. Hail has done her research,that was the point. My apologizies if I offended in this open forom.

    • dorisjean23 says:

      They black. Too cute, too.

  11. shrek says:

    what is the obsession with what people of color are mixed with? What does it matter how much different ancestry wentworth miller has? To me he looks like a bi-racial person, so what.. He is a member of the human race and that’s all that matters. I feel that is why there are so many racial problems in the US, they are so caught up skin tone, hair texture, who looks white, who looks mixed and on, and on and on. Leave people and heritage alone, and live and let live.

    • sunshine says:

      I agree…. Who cares what color you are? Isn’t this precisely what people have strived to get past for years upon years?

    • lolwut says:


      I got so sick of the incessant “are you mixed” questions growing up, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Eventually, I just got to the point where I was like: “This is America. We’re ALL mixed. Now shut the hell up.” -_-

      That’s the attitude we all should have.

    • UpdateNow says:

      I agree with you but it’s shoved in our faces everywhere in America. If you fill out any application, be it work or health they want to know what race and ethnicity you are. For some health reasons I understand but just about everywhere in America, you fill out a form and they ask you to identify yourself by choosing a race. This is an American cultural obsession, so race it seem will always be an issue.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i’m half black and half korean and since i was little i feel like everyone’s been forcing me to pick one but as soon as i do someone jumps down my throat about it. i straighten my hair and people accuse me of being ashamed of my black heritage. I prefer jamaican food from my heritage way more than korean food so they accuse me of not wanting to be asian. i can never win. so if wentworth miller wants to save himself the trouble of being constantly pulled in two directions then so be it. he’s lucky he can, because i don’t particularly look like either race that i am so i can’t really get by pretending to only be one.

    • dorisjean23 says:

      I hear you. I didn’t have a problem growing up multi racial : African American, Chinese, Russian, German, Choctaw, Cherokee and Cree! I had fun with it, I like identifying as African American, though – that’s where my strength comes from!

      • Anonymous says:

        In Brazil you would clearly be 100% white, with the minor traces of other origins ignored, because they are minor. And yet, here you choose to more strongly identify as black. You clearly have swallowed the pill of anti-white bigotry that the liberal media sells. Putting that together with your other comments I must say: You should really work on your anti-white racism.

        • dorisjean23 says:

          There’s nothing to work on, Anon, I’ve polished it up quite well…and I am NOT in Brazil, my ancestors worked this neck of the woods and I don’t swallow nothing I haven’t made myself.

          • westinabox says:

            What do you mean: my black side is “where my strength comes from?”

            Can I say my European heritage is where my strength comes from? Or is that, according to Orwellian, highly-emotive nonsensical newsspeak, a racist comment to you?

          • westinabox says:

            In the real world, you are a racist. In the fantasy world of double standards, you aren’t racist because you weren’t White when you made that comment.

            Anti-racism isn’t anti-racist at all. It is the epitome of RACISM.

          • dorisjean23 says:

            Of course you can say that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your post highlights how pointless debating Wentworth Millers background is. You look neither korean or Black but you ARE BOTH. If Wentworth Millers skin tone was darker like say his cousin for example we would not be asking him to identify as white but they most likely have the same or at least very similar ancestry. If a person is Mixed race they are mixed and that is that. Americans can only categorise people as either BLACK OR WHITE yet can not seem to define either.

  13. Summer says:

    You are who you are end of!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Interesting post but I do have to say that if you are judging percentages on appearance that is near impossible. Even in your picture of WM’s uncle and dad there is a vast difference. I am 100% black (if you can say that) the colour difference between me and my sister is huge though. My skin is very dark but I have light brown eyes and my sister has much lighter skin with darker eyes. We have the same parents, the same ancestry. My cousin who has a black mum and a white dad has the complexion of WM with big brownish-blonde curly hair and green eyes but her brother and sister have darker skin and brown eyes. Now I know those details are not the major point of your article but I felt I needed to say it as you have commented on it so much. Growing up in a predominately white country, my mum has tried to bring us up as a-cultural. Not sure how possible that is but she just always wanted us to feel like we didn’t have to choose, we can like anything and behave anyhow we want as simply people. She did not want to lose her culture, she taught us about it but imposed nothing on us. I feel like being black says nothing about me but saying Ghanaian means a lot more, as does British. It is simpler for someone who is from and brought up in the same country, it is also simpler for me than someone who is half and half. Now when you are from so many different backgrounds surely multi-racial is just a simpler thing to say to people. I’ve seen in an interview with WM and he says very simply that he is American. I see nothing that shows him clinging to one thing or another but know from experience and other people I know that it can be difficult to know where you completely fit and often that it will never quite be anywhere. Someone will have a problem with it. I tell an English person I’m Ghanaian and they say no I’m English and if I said I was English to a Ghanaian they would no I’m Ghanaian. It is not about losing an identity but holding on to the identities you have which obviously the more they increase the more complicated it becomes. The whole issue, points you make, questions you ask, is so much more personal over social than either you seem to realise or make out here.

  15. janice says:

    Why shouldn’t he annouce his heritage be proud of what u are.I am welsh, dutch,and english(mixed origin)the other half is syrin.I am mostly proud of being syrin becaused that’s how I was raised.Speaking the lanuage eating the foods and following cultural beleaf.Even though I look white. I. Indentify myself as syrin.My sister and most of my family are very dark.Why wouldn’t u b proud of who u r that’s what makes you the person u are.

  16. like or dislike idfc says:

    Wtf. This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Leave that poor man alone. Get a life.

  17. Pauline says:

    Why this obsession with skintones and ancestry (and even hair…what’s that about?) in the US? I personally thought WM was white, he sure looks white to me, but he turns out to have some black and arab heritage and he chooses to not deny that fact. He’s just proud of who is is, including all the parts of his ancestry, big or small. Good for him. I can’t imagine what would happen if he chose the opposite path, and denied the black/arab part of his ancestry to present himself as purely white. What reaction would that give? Would he be considered a racist? Probably. I’m sure his darker skinned family members wouldn’t be too happy about it either. He chooses to aknowledge both sides of his genepool, and why deny a part of who you are?

    Anyway, just leave it alone, most people on this planet, and especially in the US, are of mixed ancestry to some degree. Who cares? We’re all human.

  18. lakristah says:

    Wentworth miller looks like nice person an u should judge people by their heart an not by their looks

    • Anonymous says:

      Stupidity!! That’s what this is all about. WM is busy living his life & here you are fighting over racial bullshit. Go get a grip on life first & stop embarrassing yourselves. 6% Black or 94%white, dt obviously won’t change the fact that he is mixed. Period!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Very true. He Is still a person mixed Or not and people should just learn To except people for what they are. And not what they look like..

  19. Laurie Bosse says:

    it doesn’t matter what color we are or if we are mixed.. we are all people period..
    who cares what the percentage is .. that’s what’s wrong with the world..

  20. Anonymous says:

    Because a lot of people in the world can’t except “mixed” Or biracial people. I’m toops mixed race. I decent form African American Native American, French, Irish, and Chinese. I also get told what I should look like how I shoud talk what I should put down as dominant race etc. I just put down what I feeland what I mainly feel comfortable with. Everyone has a bit Of different races In them just don’t know yet. 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    All I can truly say is that he is the most handsomest creature I have ever seen!!!Don’t give a damn if he’s black,white,orange or red etc! HE’S SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      My thoughts exactly. Too bad he doesn’t have a child yet. Such good genes, it’s a shame to be wasted.

      • dorisjean23 says:

        I hear that. Should give him a call. Oh he probably gets lots of calls.

      • @anon – There was a time when good genes was measured by one’s IQ, strong immune system, ability to see the world without shards of glass over his or her eyes, ability to stay healthy, lack of a disposition towards substance abuse and addiction, and so on. I imagine that, regardless of the culture, this was so. It is logical.

        But for you and too many others, “good genes” is just some visual fetishization of the globalist-produced archetype, promoted by Hollywood, which takes “tall and dark = handsome” to the next level. In what way, shape or form do these traits produce a better, healthier society? It’s pure racism.

        At least when men fetishize about what makes for a good wife, it isn’t about color, it’s about a genetic predisposition in regards to what will produce the next generation: wide hips, large breasts, soft and therefore child-caring etc. Even if it is partly based in myth (hips expand during pregnancy) and anchored by Hollywood archetypes, at least there is a sense of logic behind it. The only logic behind your predispositions is the social engineering you’ve taken part in thanks to the man behind the curtain.

        • Anonymous says:

          While what you are saying may be true, I think your response is wasted here. This is just a light hearted comment. A aside from what has proven to be a totally flawed piece of ‘research’.

        • Seriously?!? says:

          I’ll go out on a limb and guess you’re a little sore because you don’t meet traditional standards of beauty. But that’s no reason to turn your back on principles of evolution. Your appearance is the first clue that lets a potential mate know if you’ve got a superior genome. Traits such as facial symmetry and proportion indicate “good genes.” Reaching sexual maturity indicates you have a sufficient immune system to survive childhood. Health skin and weight demonstrate the much lauded “ability to stay healthy gene.” So, I’m not sure how logical it is to deride a stranger for using a common colloquialism to indicate a person is attractive and would like have attractive offspring.

          Also, thanks for keeping it unbelievably predictable by serving a heaping helping off good old fashioned sexism. I was growing concerned there was only thinly veiled racism here completely devoid of mysogony. We all know men are so much more logical than women. Nailed it. Do you realize the “dark” in “tall, dark and handsome” is not literal? It refers to a person’s demeanor, implying they’re mysterious or maybe misunderstood. Way to have a chip on your shoulder…

        • lolwut says:

          Wow. You must be fun at parties.

  22. Anonymous says:

    A bunch of idiots! Does any of this matter? The size of the nose, the the of hair, 50 percent thins 9 percent that….. What matters is that we are all human beings

  23. t says:

    They forgot to mention that his father is also jamacian aswell as

  24. Ali says:

    Hail…all areas of study will have a tendency, in the interest of self-preservation, to legitimize themselves. Bottom line is the bottom-line. Getting paid, getting research grants, getting funding is what they do. It is one thing when that is used to have a foundation of the common roots and ancestory of mankind. Legitimizing this level of scrutiny of race and those that claim it, in its current forms, is another thing entirely. If this is all that your field of so-called “science” has left to waste its prescious energy on, then maybe its time has come and gone. I am very much in support of any ethnicity wanting to understand and claim its identity, and mitichondrial DNA studies have really made it possible for African-Americans to get that heritage back. A heritage they were robbed of in America by an archaic and morally bankrupt practice. I am in favor of doing anything we can as a collective to study the impact and to ovecome the issues raised by race. If, however, you are the current face of racial studies, it would be well advised that you sit down and shut-up! You are doing nothing to further any good.

    First of all, it is exactly the nit-picking of characteristics and which characteristics represent the phenotype of a race that is essentially at the heart of racism. When those lines are blurry or non-existent, people and societies can move away from such distinctions. Acceptance can be broader as stereo-types and assumptions are broken down in those inclined to make them. Some people, unfortunately, will always make the distinction of black and white, but when we as a whole start seeing the world as a myriad of beautiful shades on a spectrum, the racism issue lessens. What you have done is disgusting. What Wentworth has done is make a claim to his heritage, that just might get someone, who assumed him white, to think twice before judging, or better yet think before even making those distinctions.

    This is a, frankly, gorgeuos man who appeals to most women and I’m sure even a few men…lol. He claimed his heitage openly, which is the hope of a society where race is not an issue. One where he can proudly say, this is who I am. He didn’t do it to prove he overcame racism. He did it because it is who he is, his identity. Whether he “looks” black enough to claim it should never be relevant. Further, this is the face of the future. Acceptance of families that sit down at a table and represent a myriad of colors needs to be where society is headed, because the numbers of that reality are growing steadily and may soon be the norm. Writing a blog or article about such a picture in an attempts to justify or determine how “black” you think he is or has the right to claim is disgusting.

    • dorisjean23 says:

      It’s more interesting than disgusting. Inoffensive, scholarly.

    • No, what’s disgusting is your diatribe about what we are working towards when we clearly are not working towards that at all; years ago, I recognize all the stops in your roadmap of a rant because, some years ago, they are points I would have hit on.

      He’s beautiful the way he is.
      It is good he accepts who he is.
      We want a society where race is not an issue.
      This is the future.
      To not agree with any of the above 4 points is disgusting.

      What is disgusting is how our society is declining and how stupid we are becoming, incapable of even understanding a basic argument. Hail’s point, I believe, is his last remark in the post. And I believe it is important: whereas in the past everybody wanted to be white, now nobody does.


      You completely missed the point.

      • Karelina says:

        Here’s your reply, brought to you years later:

        In the past, “everyone wanted to be white” (=denied/hid their mixed ancestry) because…. people were pretty fucking racist in the past, and perceived whiteness meant safety. Duh. Also, mixed marriages were illegal until 1967 so that gives you some thought to what it meant to be of mixed race “in the past”. Nowadays in America, it is safer for people of mixed heritage to say they are of mixed heritage. So they are truthful about their origins, like Wentworth here. He’s the son of a white woman and an afro-Jamaican/african american man. Why should he claim to be one or another? He’s merely being truthful. Claiming the truth as a “white-hater” agenda because his looks are more caucasian is just stupid.

  25. Anonymous says:

    (sigh) This (discussion over whether this man is “black enough” to claim his ancestry) is SO silly! My father is black and my mother is white…I’ve never had any plastic surgery, yet when I look back at pictures of me during my childhood my nose appeared wider and other features changed over time. People have thought I was Egyptian, Puerto Rican, bi-racial (various combinations including half black/half Mexican, half black/half asian, half black/half white) during different periods of my life (depending on the hairstyle I was wearing at the time, sun exposure, etc.). While I’m the lightest of my sisters, we have all experienced this “confusion” over our ethnic make-up. In my experience as a multi-ethnic person in America, I can tell you that “you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t”! If Wentworth Miller HAD denied his African ancestry, then he’d be accused of denying his black heritage/relatives. Since he does openly discuss his ethnic background, people accuse him of “not being black enough.” His father looks black to me, and I can totally see how it would be difficult for him to pass as “pure white” (yes…some people still care about how “pure” you are these days!). If it’s okay for the descendants of George Washington to be proud about that distant lineage, than it should be okay for Wentworth Miller to openly acknowledge his black heritage without people who seem to be insecure about their own heritage accusing him of weird ulterior motives.

  26. Anonymous says:

    @Ali…I’d also like to say that I LOVE your post! Cheers 🙂

  27. Mieke Jacobs says:

    Cultural preferences and identities makes much more sense to me than ‘racial’ identities. The Europeans have had colonies all over the world and many have chosen their colonial cultures instead of their birth or race cultures. Not all cultures are equal with some still trying to purge barbarism….but people are equal, races are just nice varieties.

  28. It doesnt matter what race he is he is one of the sexiest men i have ever seen.

  29. Ward Kendall says:

    One of the major characters in my novel Hold Back This Day is racially-mixed like this Wentworth creature. It would have been a better world had such abominations as him been aborted, for they bring misery both upon themselves and upon everyone they encounter.

    Here’s a link to the CALIFORNIA Secession Vote:
    Sign Sovereign WN State Petition
    Hold Back This Day
    The Towers of Eden

    • Jake says:

      If he challenged you to one-on-one individual combat to the death, would you accept?

    • Foolish says:

      Your just jealous because your ugly an old and look like an offspring of Freddy Krueger. Your an idiot we all originated in Africa.

      • dorisjean23 says:

        You’re right! Looks like he could have used some diverse genes there. Pretty him up a bit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yet another anti-white racist comment.

        • westinabox says:

          Ah, i see. So diverse genes are prettier than ones from culturally-isolated regions.

          There was a time when the opposite was true. Once upon a time there was the one-drop theory. Then, we fought racism. But now we have pro-diversity, black-is-cool elitism. And to say that we don’t have this, today’s real bigotry, is considered racism.

          Welcome to the parallel universe.

      • @Foolish

        you mean the above poster looks like the offspring of Freddy Krueger because he’s a pasty white?

        Don’t you see YOUR own racism? And by the way, why can’t you use YOUR language properly which, I assume, you have been using since grade school? Such a sign of the times…I do not approve of this new age

  30. Foolish says:

    Ok first off weren’t we talking about Wentworth Miller ,not about everyone’s genetic make up. If Wentworth Miller doesn’t prefer to identify as black or white than why Is that any of your business , don’t choose his race for him.Smh

  31. mullet kidd says:

    I think everyone is missing the most important thing of all. Wentworth Miller was voted “Most Romantic” in his class. Think about what really matters here, people!

  32. Ka**** [Redacted] says:

    [Removed upon request of author]

    • your ideas are not post-racialist. they are hyper-racialist.

      renaming something does not change what it is.

      of course you take black/white issues seriously. do you think that makes you different from every other person out there who learns a bunch of emotions, really, and uses them to evaluate the world based on a code of contradiction?

      here’s the thing: either we all get to choose race identification, or we don’t; or we can throw this whole lie in the trash where it belongs. what “needs to be done” to achieve equality? are you proposing that whites get jobs and university acceptance because of quotas based on race? are you proposing that whites get a chance to celebrate their culture too without being called racist? are you referring to also recognizing slurs against white people as racist? are you referring to investigating black-on-white crimes for possible racial motivation, as we do with white-on-black crimes? oh, you were weren’t? you were actually referring to achieving “more equality” for non-whites…ah, then enlighten me: what needs to be done?

      i wonder: when your friend says he identifies with being german, does he mean he identifies with the holocaust and feels sorry for something he never did? does he think his entire culture – dance, song, etc. is stupid? if so, this is the culture of today’s germans, this is what they are brought up to think. their culture is the “lessons of 20th century”, this is what, as a whole, the people of the European cultures, for example, Euro-Christian culture, get.

      You talk with excitement about collecting superflavors with multi-ethnic experimentation and you bear the mark of the spirit of the age. what is actually so thrilling about somebody who has darker features and, just like everyone else, eats, sleeps, shits and breathes? that is post-racialism, my friend.


  33. [Redacted] says:

    [Contents removed, as requested by author]

  34. Ka**** [Redacted] says:

    [Removed upon request of commenter]

  35. happytobenappy says:

    Well I’ll say this judging from most of these comments…let’s just piss on the whole “black” race period and boil everyone’s “black” identity down to the least of inth degrees because obviously who really wants to be black anyway right…being black is never cool, we’ve always got to throw in there that we have something else in our blood to make us, apparently, feel better about ourselves, attune ourselves to any other race and be somewhat accepted by other races. Isn’t that what we really want to say here…the world would be so much nicer and prettier if black didn’t exist at all?? Let’s quantify people by quadroons, octoroons, shoot how about macaroons I’ll take those.

    This is sad and ridiculous and does nothing to allow black people (those that live in the U.S. and those that live in other countries) to have a solid, fluid communal identity, it is always being handed to us, shoved at us and now taken from us to where we can’t even explain away to co-workers was Alicia Keys was at the Essence awards or Black Girls Rock conference since “she’s not really black you know, ’cause her mom’s white” or riding behind a car with a bumper sticker that reads “I hate Obama, and I’m not a racist cause I hate his white half too!” So are black people able to hold on to nothing…land, social standing, money…now identity without it being stripped and handed out piece by piece until we’re down to “you’re only 1.2555% black”? I guess so (sigh). I mean when do you see people writing about Gwenth Paltrow only being this percent of whatever and that percent of whatever so she’s really only so much percent white? The new “racim” today is the “I see no color, let me break your heritage down” issue and it’s just as ugly because we are here, this color is what we see everyday in the mirror and unless you do some digging or are told that the same color you see walking down the street toward you too. We are different and unique just like everyone else.

  36. MJMedia09 says:

    This video, on Michael Jackson’s BIOLOGICAL children (YES his bio children), is eye opening on this racial identity topic. In our society, as a result of SLAVERY and White Supremacy ideology, it requires one’s race identified as “White” or “Black” based on stereotypical features of the races. Straight hair, light complexion, and thin nose mean you are “white.” Kinky hair, wide nose, and dark complexion mean you are black. But the conflict arises when a Black person (defined by the one-drop rule) has mostly white features. This group hits a nerve with both races who want to view and identify their own race with ease.
    Watch this video on Michael Jackson’s biological kids and the ignorance of SKIN COLOR

    Watch this video on Michael Jackson’s biological kids FEATURES

  37. MJMedia09 says:

    Sorry posted the video on skin color twice. This is the video on Michael Jackson’s BIOLOGICAL kids FEATURES

  38. Xavier says:

    I am very confused by your use of the term “Black”. FYI, Black is the racial/ethnic definition given to anyone with west African ancestry. A person can not be “mixed with Black” or “part Black” or even “clearly less than 8% Black, etc”. If you’re an American and have a west African ancestry, you could be considered Black. Most of the people who are considered Black are also mixed-race people. Again, their mixture is a result of west African ancestry, European ancestry and, at times, Native American ancestry. When we talk about a person’s black quotient what we really mean is the evidence (and percentage) of west African ancestry in their physical appearance.

    • Emma says:

      Black is very general term and can vary depending on where you are. Here in New Zealand people of Maori descent often referred to as black while they are not of any kind of African descent (usually)

  39. jazz says:

    As a racially mixed person I find this breakdown of his race and personal identity offensive. First of all, race is a socially constructed concept and you can find people all over the world from different “races” who have similar features and skin tones. I am half black and half white like Wentworth Miller and I am racially ambiguous. I am not as light as him, but people are always surprised to learn I am half black and most think I am middle eastern, hispanic, native american ect. What people don’t know is all of the outside questioning of my identity and ignorance I have dealt with because people can’t fit me into a a box and categorize me into something they feel comfortable with. In his younger photos with long hair Wentworth Miller looks more racially ambiguous and I’m sure we have shared similar experiences. Mixed people should not have to explain their existence to others, just to make them comfortable. And also, you have no idea how many times people have made racist comments about minorities in front of me because they don’t know that I am half black and I then have to let them know that half of my family is black and I share in that heritage, no matter how my inherited features might seem to you. What you fail to understand in your ill conceived racial breakdown is that no matter how “white” a person might look, any features from their minority heritage will become the dominate identifier. I have more european heritage, but my minority features are the defining factor. No one cares if you are half white, but they surely want to know what you are mixed with.

    • I feel your point of view completely! I also am assumed to be “white” – except by other multi-racial people who will often spot me, or when in countries like multi-racial Brazil, where I am assumed to be a native. My father is mostly Irish American with some of the typical Scots, German, and British in the ancestry. My mother’s side is more complicated. She is from Jamaica, which makes most people assume that she must be “black” but she isn’t. Nor is she white. She didn’t know her father but has worked out that he was of Cuban/Hispanic background. Her mother looked very much like Lena Horne (the light-skinned African-American singer/actress) with her 4 sisters have varying darker shades of skin. My mother looks exactly like the original native people of Jamaica, the Arawak Indians, who were supposedly wiped out in the 17th Century. My theory is that while they were “wiped out” as a discrete and contained race, they were not exterminated, and the European invaders didn’t bring a supply of women with them to the islands. So it stands to reason that the genetic heritage of the Arawak has been dispersed and mingled with the other races, in certain cases, like my mother, blending with other characteristics in a way that upholds the original Arawak “look”. I have been told, by some black people that I should identify as black as the idea seems to be that if you are at all black then it is somehow your duty to call yourself black. I find this to be dumb. Other black people, feel the exact opposite – that I am “white” because that is how most people see me. MLK Jr must be turning in his grave!

      I have been subjected to weird racist hostility from black people in cities like New Orleans (almost always other women incidentally) who assume that I am “white” and see them as “black” and so grossly misinterpret my actions and words so as to fit into their racist opinion that all white-looking people are looking down on all darker folks. I think the whole race discussion in the USA is completely overblown and muffles and obscures other issues that are far more pertinent and far more unifying to the oppressed, whatever their racial background may be. Socio-economic disparity and gender-inequity are way more pressing and real issues today. This is not the 1960s and in today’s America, despite the great societal advances made, accusations of racism are frequent. More often than not I find that the accusation is false and designed to distract attention from some other issue. It’s like the argument of last resort: if you know you’re losing, all you gotta do is turn around and accuse your opponent of being racist (doesn’t matter whether or not it has anything to do with the topic, just bringing it up is enough).

  40. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!! I’m amazed at how such a big deal is made of what race “he” is. Whites want him to say “I identify myself as white or mostly white” which he doesnt. Why? Probably growing up he would be with whites that once in a while would say “ummm like, uhh, why do you look uhh different?” or “uh like uh why is your hair like that?” Even if he wanted to identify as white, he probably wasnt allowed to.

    And for those who keep pointing out the fact that he probably has very little African ancestry, “i mean look at his father, sister etc” “look at his mulatto ancestor, even he looks white”. Those that say those comments do not understand the history of this nation and that one drop of African blood was concidered to knock you out of the white race. So before anyone blames him, they must understand the context in history as well as peoples preception today, which is different yet still is ruled by prejudices. Most of this is irrelavent. Imagine if he looked more black then what? Ohh now you have a right to say that you dont identify as white. So essencially you are using your eyes to label people. We humans are quite silly.

  41. Jim says:


    I am a biracial man, who, over time, has grown to strongly identify with the black side of my nature. I have grown to be culturally black over many years, and am thinking about possible transracial surgery to flare out my nose more, and make my full lips fuller.I already have curly hair. I feel more comfortable in the black world, but also feel comfortable in the white world. I am extremely pleased to see interracial marriage on the rise. Hopefully someday, racism can be eradicated and we will live in a world with one brown race.

    Best and peace, man


  42. edna says:

    My mother is black like Chris Rock, and my father is white like snow. I have, unfortunately, NO lips to speak of, and a narrow pointy nose and a flat backside. My skin is light, as in; NO ONE knows that I have any black in me. I do not look Arab, Hispanic, or Mediterranean. I look more like Gabrielle Reece https://www.google.ca/search?q=gabrielle+reece&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#client=firefox-a&hs=dPZ&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial&sclient=psy-ab&q=gabrielle+reece+black&oq=gabrielle+reece+black&gs_l=serp.3..0l10.176695.179068.1.179188.…0.0…1c.1.17.serp.VBOtGLfhtqk&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.48293060,d.aWM&fp=1c08c86110c2abd8&biw=1208&bih=642 (volleyball), Mariah Carey (although I do not have a nose like her), Carol Channing, or Carly Simon (again, I do not have lips like her)….So I look white, but I proudly identify as Black, and contrary to type, I have never, ever been ‘rejected’ by the Black community. However, once white people find out that I am Black, they say things like, “oh, I knew it.” or they start to describe me differently. For example, they will say I have full lips, of wavy hair, or they will say things like, “s’up girl?” Or they will occasionally say I mispronounce words like ‘ask’, all of a sudden, they say, “Oh, you just said “ax me?”” Ultimately, what happens is, they project their stereotypes onto me.

  43. edna says:

    My mother is black like Chris Rock, and my father is white like snow. I have, unfortunately, NO lips to speak of, and a narrow pointy nose and a flat backside. My skin is light, as in; NO ONE knows that I have any black in me. I do not look Arab, Hispanic, or Mediterranean. I look more like Gabrielle Reece https://www.google.ca/search?q=gabrielle+reece&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#client=firefox-a&hs=dPZ&rls=org.mozilla:en-US%3Aofficial&sclient=psy-ab&q=gabrielle+reece+black&oq=gabrielle+reece+black&gs_l=serp.3 (volleyball), Mariah Carey (although I do not have a nose like her), Carol Channing, or Carly Simon (again, I do not have lips like her)….So I look white, but I proudly identify as Black, and contrary to type, I have never, ever been ‘rejected’ by the Black community. However, once white people find out that I am Black, they say things like, “oh, I knew it.” or they start to describe me differently. For example, they will say I have full lips, of wavy hair, or they will say things like, “s’up girl?” Or they will occasionally say I mispronounce words like ‘ask’, all of a sudden, they say, “Oh, you just said “ax me?”” Ultimately, what happens is, they project their stereotypes onto me.

    • Shiloh Payne says:

      Oh please You are not black, your mixed. In Brazil you’d be categorised as a Pardo and yet you display characteristic of uncertainty over your heritage, making careful details of how not “black” your features are. Your only reinforcing Sterotypes about yourself and how you talk or act does not associate with the african american community. m’kay?

  44. Shiloh Payne says:

    This kind of inane discussions really frustrates me . Being part black/African does not qualify an individual as being black by default.This is the type of deep seeded sidesweep stemmed from the “one drop” system that was aimed to stigmatised people of mixed identity which in turn internalised hatred within African american communities. If we take this idea seriously- however negligible our “black” mixture is, then by default we should also categorise the human race as “black” given that we all have a common African ancestor some 2000 generations ago.

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Marissa Agom says:

    My mother is white and my father is black. As a child I never identified with one or the other but as I got older other races called me black so that’s what I began to identify with. I can’t speak for everyone, but that seems to be what most mixed people experience. I would love to be seen as both, but the reality is when other races see me they see me as a light skinned black woman…not a black and white woman. I love who I am and wouldn’t change it if I could, but I do wish people were more tolerant towards one another. Btw just because a person with black in them doesn’t identify as white it doesn’t mean their anti white. It’s hard to identify as white when most white’s don’t see you that way. I would also like to say that saying Nicole Richie and Wentworth Miller are “trying to be white” is an ignorant statement. They aren’t trying to be white THEY ARE WHITE. It’s that type of attitude that makes mixed people feel like they can’t identify as just white. Hope that helps you understand mixed people a little better. 🙂

  47. Marissa Agom says:

    I will say I put other on forms when asked for race if the option Is there. People need to get with the times and have biracial as an option.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Every time I see articles like this, I laugh and assume, the discussion is being conducted by NON-Americans or people who have never been in a black community. Wentworth looks no different than my mother’s paternal family. They are “light” Creoles, while my mom’s maternal family is mostly “darker” Creoles. My “all” black friends are having blue-eyed children with white men, as well as with black men. This is the legacy of the slave trade! The one drop rule came into play, so slave owners could sustain their property ownership and remain “superior.” Back in those days, when a slave owner raped a female slave and she gave birth to his child, the slaves husband would be “daddy”, not the slave owner. So black people usually are more accepting, no matter how small amount of black blood you have. As for wentworth and Nicole Richie, they have always stated to the public that they were black. The white public, looked at them, and said how could that be?

  49. Anonymous says:

    This article does exactly what Miller fought against during high school and college: because he LOOKS white, why must be anything else other than white?

    Miller CHOOSES to not fall to that trap of passability. And I, for one, commend him for it. He passes for white, or for exotic-white — so what?

    His father, despite looks, is mostly Black — BY HIS OWN ADMISSION. Why should Miller say he’s anything other than, at least, biracial?

    Because he looks white?

    And biracials who look Black should . . . what? Ignore their white parents and just say they’re Black?

    Come on.

    • I have a very hard time believing you Edna. First of all, “s’up girl” is not a phrase exclusive to the black community, it’s everywhere; secondly I find it completely not credible at all that your white friends, upon learning you aint as white as ya look, suddenly start hallucinating that you said “axe” and not “ask”. Either your white friends are total morons, in which case they are not representative of the “white” community, only of the moron community, or you definitely said “axe” and are deluding yourself about your diction. This is a racist article and most of the comments on here are racist but not the usual assumption that racism is something that can only be done by whites “against blacks”; no, this article is racist towards mixed-race people. Dictating the way someone’s racial identity is to be perceived by that person is really fucked up. Content of character is what matters and not colour of skin. Do any of you even REMEMBER Martin Luther King Jr???

  50. OJC says:

    Interesting, but does it all matter in the end? I come from a mixed family, the Creoles from New Orleans, but at the end of the day, we (my family) are not preoccupied with Octoroon, Quadroon, darker, lighter bs. Knowing what’s in your family lineage is cool to know, but it does not ‘make you who you are’ as a person nor does it dictate your standing in life or ability to achieve. Back in the day, it probably did (“pasa blanc” as it was known), but today, I don’t think it holds much weight. Yes, racism is still alive, but trying to prove how much ‘white’ you have in you is not the answer to ridding the world of racism. That just feeds into it by insinuating ‘white is right’. I’ve been around blacks who are quick to want to jump and say “I’m mixed with..(fill in the blank)”. What I always point out to them is that (if it was back in the day) most likely, it was the result of a rape (not love) and that the man WAS NOT A BRAD PITT (or whatever ideal you have of a handsome white man) look alike but more like some red-neck hillbilly (think banjo boy on the porch from “Deliverance”) and nothing to be ‘proud’ of. Also too, one thing I’ve noticed in my own family is that the ‘fairer skinned men and women’ have all been attracted to/married darker skinned men/women. That kind of speaks on the reverse of the spectrum. How come no one does an article on that dynamic? Why? Because the focus on everyone’s brain who writes about this particular subject matter is focusing on leaning towards the ‘white’ blood and the ‘black’ blood just happens to be there. Understand what I mean? I wish you would go find someone who LOOKS like Whoopie Goldberg who is the product of interracial mixing of black/white, yet they themselves DO NOT LOOK LIKE THEY WOULD BE, and I bet you the interest is gone. I think people focus on a person like Wentworth’s and Nicole’s ‘attractiveness’ and this lure of exoticism and get caught up in that (which to me screams ‘oh you’re part black, but you’re cool/acceptable.’) Not all mixed children are ‘exotic’ looking or beautiful. Some are down right ugly and homely (light or dark skinned), JUST LIKE ANY pure-ish white, black, Asian, Latin child can be. And lastly………JEWISH is NOT A RACE so no one can EVER be half jewish. It’s a religion. That would be like me saying “I’m half Catholic and half Batpist.”

    • lolwut says:

      Whoa, no. Jewish is indeed an ethnicity. Judaism is the religion practiced by the Jewish people. You are confused.

  51. klownboy says:

    Good article! Didn’t know WM was half-black. Gabby Reese is too, though she looks white…

  52. Anonymous says:

    Omg,so shallow,does it matter,his a human being,same for everybody else whose mix race,all Gods creations,why does it always have to become a major issue,WM never claimed to be white…full stop.

    • dorisjean23 says:

      I think the major issue is for American sociologists keeping track of the demographics of how the races are interacting through our history. At one time we couldn’t have this discussion or acknowledge it. Times have changed and now we are keeping accurate track.

      • Eraserhead says:

        Sociologists, Cultural Marxists that is, are part of this problem. Why should we even try and keep track of how “races” interact? I think we are better off keeping track of how human beings interact.

        Biologists,neuroscientists and geneticists have not even fully defined race scientifically..
        Skin color is not race (ethnic markers) per se. Even though Cultural Marxists will try and reinforce this idea.

  53. Chris says:

    I am sure the logic of this post wasn’t given by wentworth himself , but by some miseducated troll. Let’s forget about the miseducation of arabs and institutionalized systems via names used to justify race !. One being sub sahara since that divide term didn’t exist 500 years ago. Wentworth himself proclaims his father as black and mother as white.

    The original arabs were cushite/ shemitic you can still find these people in southern arabia and yemen etc. The white skinned arabs come from recorded eurasian invasiions , they are mostly arabized turks calling themselves semites.

    Anyways whoever posted this misinfirmation on modern geneology which if tested goes back only 0.01% anyhow !!!. All humans today stem from africans who migrated out of africa stemed halpogroup L0 /L3. Africa is the start of humanity and civilization.

  54. Chris says:

    This made up race social contruct bs is getting old seriously !!!. I feel like certain people countinue to down play black people for whatever reason. Maybe it hate , envy , jealousy etc …But enough is enough with the miseducation of african peoples and civilization. has to stop.

  55. In the words of Jack Kerouac: “It is not what you write, it is how you write it.” Well, you do
    it extremely well!I just can’t decide if I want to share this website with my pals or keep it
    as my own private secret…

  56. Anonymous says:

    In another 50-100 years most likely the majority of people with be mixed. So…get over it.

  57. Anonymous says:

    mixed race, cultures etc. Hence the term “melting pot”

  58. earl says:

    He looks the same as childhood photo except hair style. I guess the black-and-white photogragh makes the difference.

  59. We're all mixed says:

    Try being fair skinned in the racist south but something about you isn’t all white. See if you are treated with the same respect as the “more pure” white person standing next to you. Our DNA isn’t just about our looks but also our personality. I have some people in my family that identify more with being white and some who identify more with their other ancestry. I also have some people who are racist and didn’t know they had black ancestors. At first glance, I look white. Then when I get my makeup done, my eyes aren’t “typical white girl eyes…the shape” My cheekbones are high. I’m asked from time to time what is my background.

    If he identifies more with his black ancestry, it’s not because he’s trying to milk some “minority” benefit. There are none. If you are mixed, you get racist idiotic statements thrown at you much like the author of this blog. It’s not about your looks. It’s about you on the inside. If that pisses you off about mixed people then it’s your problem. Chances are you’re just one of these people that want to fit everyone into a neat category so you can insta-judge and when you can’t then it pisses you off.

  60. Anonymous says:


    There is little doubt that we are moving toward a brown society. As a mulatto male myself, I can strongly identify with the beautiful heart and soul of the black race. Down the line, I became more black as I got older. I think, in four generations, after much more occurrence of interracial marriage, we will have brown America and much less racial hatred. It looks like a good thing.



  61. janita says:

    Firstly they’re in the public eye and most people in the public eye ‘whiten’ themselves in some sense (even if their skin is white as there are obviously white people who have curly hair and wide noses/big lips who would not be considered ‘beautiful enough’ and ‘beauty’ to them means ‘white’) – nose jobs, skin lightening, straightening of hair etc. although these days with Lupita Nyongo, natural is coming back but I feel it’s a kind of tokenism. Before you shoot me in the knee, I know that there are black people who have small features but in this society, there is a look that is considered black and a look that is considered white. Secondly, being mixed race myself (though not at all ‘white’ looking), I have experienced time and time again from both black and white people this idea that I am not really black. If you tell a child this over and over again, they are going to then identify with ‘the other side’ because we as mixed race people do not have a culture yet (which is bizarre because as one poster said – we are ALL mixed). For me blackness is not just about skin colour it is about environment, psyche and facial/bodily features. I have experienced more racial abuse about my black features than black girls I know who have button noses and who straighten their hair. This is not really an easy topic to deal with but in relation to the 2 celebrities above, I can understand the pressure to look ‘white’ although it may well be that this is more of an environmental pressure in that they are probably around more white people than black and were they to spend their time in black communities, you may find Wentworth’s hair miraculously returns and Nicole goes easy on the relaxer.

  62. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how google led me to this blog, but I was just trying to surf for hot pics of Wentworth Miller. This conversation here is so disgusting and obviously racist. I think if Wentworth came upon this page and read the tone used to dissect his family members it wouldn’t be received with a bit of outrage. You guys should be ashamed of yourself for the hate of your words.

    • SK says:

      I fully agree both about happening upon this website upon searching for biographical info on Mr. Miller as I often do when watching a show. I’m currently watching Prison Break and have enjoyed his performance. So I started researching information on the cast and came upon this! Frightening! I thought was reading something form a 19th Century science book! Me. Miller would probably not be pleased at the dissection of his extended family.

  63. SK says:

    This is a rather unfortunate article that places the blame for confused racial identity on the identifier. Mr. Miller is a product of American and European racist societies that force people to identify racially in a very limited scope of identity, these categories mostly created for the convenience of the oppressive racists to justify their oppression of darker people. Whether it is a wentworth Miller or Nicile Richie or Eartha Kitt or any of the multitudes if the apparently mixed races, they are victims of oppressive European colonialism that created very narrow definitions if “race” for their convenience, forced people to identify racially within those very narrow confines, instilled the idea that the white race is superior, subjugated so called colored races, enforced the idea that one percent African blood made one impure and thus, “black.” Now given all this you waste time to hold a discussion such as this to perpetrate this fraud and place the responsibility of racial identity on an individual who is a victim of racist racial identification. Even the language you use to describe makeup is outdated and racist! “Octaroon?!!” You’ve gotta be kidding me! For era do you spring author? Lastly, I will add, neither Mr. Miller nor anyone else is beholden to anyone for his racial identity nor does he have to choose one! We are so brainwashed and inculcated with this racist nonsense that we find it almost impossible to extricate ourselves and therefore seek to impose same on others. Time for an update!

  64. SK says:

    My final word: I’m sickened to my stomach that this very racist and ignorant conversation has taken place in the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY!! Post racial huh?

  65. I think it is RIDICULOUS that you are deciding what race WM father is because of a picture – one picture. This is the most ridiculous racist propaganda piece I have ever read. Why in the WORLD would you assume his racial composition? I am brown as a nut and my brother is so light people think hes white. We have the EXACT same biological parents so is he LESS black than I am because he LOOKS white? After I read that I could not take anything else written in this piece seriously. If there were not “pure” black people (coming from two black parents) who were not light enough fair enough pale enough to pass they wouldn’t call it PASSING. It’s DENYING your blackness or “otherness” and proclaiming your WHITENESS only and WM is saying that he would not do that. This is a ridiculous piece.

  66. He’s also of Jamaican ancestry, not just black american. Honestly It doesn’t matter anyway. Why would you compare people based upon their complexions? No one in america who has been here since or before (yes before) slavery has only Saharan African blood.. Also did you know the queen (and her ancestors) have Ethiopian ancestry?? This is the problem with the world, we try to categorize people based upon how they look.. Its sad..

  67. butterflygem says:

    Why does any of this matter….????? I need to know that!

  68. Eraserhead says:

    The paradox of postmodern leftist liberal America is color obsession. With this news speak they have gone so far as actually making “white” and “black” Americans believe in their absurd ideas of racism and race. Hence segregation, crimes, race riots, subcultural groups based on skin color, Even black and white languages, night clubs, music, art, etc. Smoke screens that actually (re)produces racism. Marxists want sheep to hurdle.

    The leftists, Cultural Marxists, call this: politics of identity. In the end there are more factors such a theory shares with national socialism and fascism than with pluralism and the democratic ideals of individualism, enlightenment and humanism. But again, they will never miss an opportunity to blame colonialism and “whites” for their own ideas of social control, conformism and conflict. Actually the left encourages segregation and race by celebrating ridiculous things such as “black” art etc. What is “black” art? Where exactly in this piece of art I am looking at is the “racial” factor located? Has the hand of the African American magically instilled his/her ‘racialness’ upon the piece? As I said, they share a lot with national socialism: Aryan culture as opposed to Jewish culture.

    The one drop policy has been adopted, not by white supremacists, but by leftist “intellectuals”. Leftists will analyze, deconstruct and dissect “race” (skin color) like there is no tomorrow. But while they are focusing on such a trivial thing as the color of ones skin, they often ignore more important biological factors such as genes and brain structure – the gender discussion anyone? Believe me when I say that black women and white women share more in common than the average white female does with with a white male. So here we have interesting theories of genetics and neuroscience that actually defies traditional racial theory and reveals authentic [ethnic] groups often with no or little correlation to skin color.

    Just like Hitler’s Germany leftists gladly host college courses in race, often called “African American”-studies and the alike. The postmodern/New Left has adopted the scientific and cultural relativism of the pre-WWII extreme right.

  69. J Patrick says:

    It’s the ignorance of others that stunts the growth of the world we live in. you can not simply look at a picture of a person and determine their ancestry looks are deceiving and extremely bias. When it comes to race it will always require an intricate level of understanding which is clear by these posts and indeed this article that that level of understanding is not comprehended.

    when uneducated people comment on issues or a subject matter that they lack even an elementary standard of knowledge about, it creates mass stupidity which is very much the case here.

    It’s a shame that others are ruled by bias and judgment however those who discriminate against others do so in fear and as a consequence of their own inadequatcies

  70. richdark says:

    Oh where would white people’s ego and self worth be without black people on this earth? Oh what a pity!!!

  71. palaces199 says:

    I can bet my *** **** **** that if Wentworth Miller lived 100 years ago, or during slavery times he would have SWORN he was 100% white. Nowadays its cool to be mixed race. That’s why he’s touting his multiracialism. If this was 1930 when all non whites had to go to the back of the bus WM would put his hand on the bible and SWEAR he was 100% WHITE.

    • Karelina says:

      You really think that it’s plausible in any way that Wentworth in 1930 would’ve been publicly mixed race, when interracial marriage was illegal until 1967? You realize that Wentworth’s existence in 1930 would have been illegal? It’s not “cool” now, it’s fucking legal, so people can say who they are more freely (even though it means that idiots like you make posts about it). Should he really claim his heritage to be all-white-o, and then go sit at home with his jamaican/african american father? Why are you blaiming Wentworth, a person of mixed race, for the systemic racism of America’s past? You are just unbelievable.

  72. SMH says:

    Wentworth Miller said his father is BLACK and his mother is WHITE, END OF STORY. The entire post with the 6% this and that is useless and pointless.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if he is black, white, Martin: He is HOT!

  74. Molly says:

    I mean, plain and simple, you just sound like a total racist. To devote so much time dissecting a celebrity’s ancestry (someone who you have never met) is not only pathetic but creepy. Sounds like you have an unhealthy obsession with race and are probably struggling with your own identity.

  75. Nubian Queen says:

    I really can’t believe that we are still on this topic. Wentworth MIller along with a heap of others including my baby girls are children of the world. If you were to take a look at my daughters who’s skin colour iare different shades of brown you would say that they are full black, but this is not the case they have many different ethnicities running through their veins which you can see when you look at some of their feature. I have told them when they were little that they are children of the world because of this mixing. I have taught them to love and embrace all parts of their heritage as it makes them unique and who they are. I taught them to see past skin colour to the person within and to value each person on their on merits. And yes they may identify more with their African and Caribbean heritage but that is only because the majority of their immediate family comes from. To me colour doesn’t matter my foster son is as white as snow and absolutely beautiful I wouldn’t change him for all the tea in China and I think he wouldn’t change me either love is colour blind after all. So it really doesn’t matter what a persons skin tone is what matters is how we treat each other.

  76. agniss says:

    Reblogged this on Sem.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Wow everyone debating about the ethnicity of and individual is, that all you found today that’s really important that don’t even mean anything to God,”He” made the colors, he the creator Knew what he was doing, when you look at each other and realize we are each others mirror reflection, No matter what color, God loves you all, He knew what he was doing when he created the human race, there are more important things in this world than what color someone is, People are dying, children are hungry, being rapped and kidnapped, old people being abused in rest homes, people dying with aids, but the biggest thing people can discuss and argue about is what color someone skin color is. WOW, I am fourteen trying to survive in a crazy mixed up world and right now all i want to do is get through high school, but this is what i got to look forward to when i get grown is someone worried about what color my dad is, what color my mother was, am i black are white, all my parents taught me was respect others love yourself because i have the best of both worlds the black side and the white side because both colors have equal part in this world and we learn from each other. I am just saying.

  78. Rebekah says:

    I think this whole article is hilarious. I am mixed and I have never considered myself black or white. I say I am mixed because that is what I am. There is a struggle with mixed people though. If I said no im not white im mixed people or the same with black, each side would question me as to why I dont “claim” that side. yes it happens. often. race, ethnicity, nationality, none of it matters unless you are describing how someone looks. It doesnt matter that i am mixes but if someone asks then that is what i say. mixes raced people can look all different shades so some may be darker and some lighter. I am on the lighter side but still obviously mixed. my sister is darker than me and my mixed cousin is darker than her. i dont think anyone tries to look a certain race, you are just born looking how you look and if you change something then you may look different like how he cut his hair but i dont think he was trying to look more white. If i straightened my hair people would probably think i was white. I dont even know why i am taking time out of my day to respond to this but the article just seemed like it was targeting mixed people ao i threw my two cents in.

  79. Pingback: Did You Know? 13 Facts About Wentworth Miller - Digin' Life

  80. Jalil says:

    Why do you want this man to be white so bad?who cares what he is! Get a life. And it’s obvious u are a racist. Who would use the te words ” more blacker family ” I myself never seen a black person only brown.

  81. #wypipo says:

    Why do white people feel they can have an opinion on race? Why are you so mad that this man is looking into his heritage? First of all, white people do it all the time, they identify as a variety of different European identities.

    Also, being white-passing doesn’t eliminate the experience you have as a person of colour, and white people aren’t being oppressed due to their race. White people talk about racial violence like it’s in the past. Let me give you an idea of how ignorant that is: my grandparents and parents were both forced into residential schools, where they were raped, beaten, psychologically abused, stripped of their language and culture, and left to watch their siblings, cousins and friends be murdered. Privilege doesn’t exist for people of colour when it comes to their racial identity, we don’t get free things, or tax breaks. White people literally stole my ancestors land and told me to get over it because it’s in the past. BUT! it’s not, we were murdered, abused, forced into reservations, nd forced to speak your languages and live by your laws. White people did this all and had the audacity to call us the savages. Then, you go out of your way, benefiting and exploiting the resources of my land, and try to tell me it was in the past?

    We were tricked, or forced into signing treaties that were broken anyway, and you cover your ears and tell us it doesn’t matter. You feel entitled to a land that was never yours, refusing to let refugees and immigrants in. You call brown and black people terrorists, when you’re literally occupying and controlling the land and people who are indigenous to it. You feel so entitled that you think you get to say who is white and who isn’t and who isn’t acting as a good little person of colour. You’re mad that some man is “trying to be white”. Even if he was, that would be to protect himself because the bullshit white people have pulled in the past. You find a native, and tell them they feel entitled when you literallly benefit off of the genocide and theft of their land and people. You find a black man, and look at him with distrust, accusing him of theft when your people are the ones that actually stole black people in the first place. Every race but white people have been made lesser on a structural and institutional level because of white people.

    Fuck this article. Fuck undermining racism. Fuck white people.

  82. Aziz says:

    Why ? Because of your own goddamn one drop rule !

  83. Jasmine says:

    Because he is just claiming exactly what he is. Mixed race. I am biracial. I had DNA tes, I am 58% European, 40% African and 2% mix of the others. Their father is white. So they are 20% black. Mind you genes are a funny thing, so even though I’m 40%, it IS possible for them to be more than 20%, such as 25% for sure. Anyways, why would they identity as white just because they look white. My sister is passable and 1/2 black. Like my children came from a half black woman, why would they deny that part of them. I do NOT identified as just black, because I am not. I am (I used to say equally) both, so I claim both. Should I claim I’m white even though I’m very obviously black just because I’m majority or what? Mixed people have always had this battle of both races telling us what and what not to identify as.

  84. caat says:

    He is beautiful no matter what race.

  85. This article is by many points incorrect, and it sees when you begin to say “arabs have black roots”. Arabs are not a race or a unified something, they are unified by a tongue which is not used the same way in all the arabic countries.
    So with what is left, we can see lot of arabs are caucasian, others are mixed. see genetics and antropologic studies about it.
    Caucasian is not also a standardized type, there are many different groups, and there are not less or more caucasian, there are caucasians point, with different features.

    So if you want to look like serious as you meant to be talking at the beginning about sociology, please dig your subject and don’t feed us with clichees

  86. Karelina says:

    It’s 2018 and after googling for information about Wentworth Miller this was in the first results, so let’s dig in.

    Your “study” is both false and offensive.

    The way you think about race seems to be on face-value only. You define Wentworth’s (and his extended family’s) race and “percentage of perceived blackness” by holding a ruler and a color-chart to their faces. Which is inherently racist.

    “Even very marginal cases of mixed-race people choose to identify as black.”

    Now, you purpose that Wentworth is 1) a “marginal case of mixed-race” and 2) that he “chooses to identify as black”, both of which are false statements.

    1) The proof of how his father, who is half afro-Jamaican and half African-American, is actually “only a little” black is in you holding a color-chart to his face.

    Since I’m interested in family history, I did a little digging into Wentworth, and this is what I found from his father’s side: Wentworth’s grandfather’s parents were Jamaican immigrants (U.S. Census listing the whole family as “black”), and his grandmother’s parent’s were African-American (U.S. Census listing the whole family as “black”). His grandmother’s father was the grandson of freed slaves in Tennessee.

    Now from his mother’s side, his grandfather is Caucasian and his grandmother Rusyn. His grandfather’s father is Caucasian and his grandfather’s mother is of Lebanese/Syrian ancestry.

    Your own analysis of his race, using the ruler and color chart, is that he is “exotic-white” and “more Arab than black” and you insinuate that he’s being precious and anti-white in owning all of his heritage and not just the bits he looks like. You think that since, in your opinion, he looks Caucasian with some Arab thrown in, that’s what he should identify as. Funnily enough, he has stronger lines to his Afro-Jamaican and African-American heritage than to his Lebanese/Syrian ancestry. Also, who is to say how “pure” his grandmother’s mother’s Lebanese/Syrian ancestry is, since that seems to be the entire point of this write-up… the “pureness” of the black in the black people. Well, who is to say that his grandmother’s mother’s Lebanese/Syrian ancestry isn’t mixed in some way. Who is to say that his Caucasian ancestry isn’t mixed in some way.

    First in history it was all “even one drop makes you black” and then now people claim anti-white when you say that you’re of mixed heritage.

    2) Literally the quotes you posted from Wentworth are him talking about his mixed heritage, feeling like he is between two communities, and saying that he doesn’t want to pass as white. Never in the write-up does he describe himself as “black”. He is mixed and talking about the experience of being mixed. Get over it.

    Lastly, to answer your question: Why do mixed people identify like they do? Well, because that’s who they are. Why should they not own their heritage? And why should they only exclusively own the white parts of their heritage? Interracial marriage is legal since 1967. There’s less segregation and less racism as a whole as opposed to 100 years ago. That means that mixed people are more comfortable, and safe with being public about who they are. Why should he hide his Afro-Jamaican and African-American roots? Probably to make people like you more comfortable, sure and steady in your knowledge of how to perceive race with a ruler and a color-chart.

  87. Elan says:

    Im a quadroon, and its not even us that TRIES to identify as our black component. It’s our cultural upbringing. Not only do you feel like an outcasted on your white side for being mixed but you feel outcasted with your black family for being the lightest in the room sometimes, and having people in social settings (of all races) interrogating you asking what your background is. I HARDLY THINK ABOUT IT BUT SOCIETY FORCES ME TO CONSTANTLY FEEL LIKE I NEED TO BE LABELED OR PICK A “SIDE.”

  88. Velinda Cruz says:

    I in
    Love to Prison Break
    Much id loved WM
    Indeed spare to watch season 5 & above plsVe

  89. Sarah -Jane says:

    This post is silly because you are predicting his dads percentage of blackness based on his skin complexion. There are black people that are even 86% of sub Saharan ancestry with fair skin

    • SAM says:

      Exactly, this is how ridiculous it is. You can not break down genetic markers based on the skin from a group that comes in a multitude of colors from the palest to the darkest. Africa is one of the most extremely diverse continents on the planet. Africans come in many colors.

    • Hail says:

      “There are black people that are even 86% of sub Saharan ancestry with fair skin”

      There are?

  90. Anonymous says:

    So we are using old school slave terminology to define the percentage of” black” ……..shameful

  91. santana nyla says:

    It’s racist, because African American blacks include all of those ethnicities and we consider ourselves black regardless of European and Middle Eastern/Jewish contributions to our gene pool.

  92. SAM says:

    Okay, African-American in the room. You guys are less than intelligent. They identify as mixed or black because you guys ancestors created the one-drop rule. Back then his little bit of African ancestor would have been reminded to his face from his white peers and he would not have been view as a white in the ’50s. His father is African-American you can’t just take his DNA based on what he looks like and make him full you. He’s proud to be mixed as he should and unlike you guys he has a very diverse genetic pool. Don’t hate it.

  93. tracy says:

    You are going by skin tone lightness or darkness to determine African black admixture percentage and thats not accurate because there are light skinned blacks and black Africans. Just because Wenwoeth Miller has very light skin does not mean he has little black African dna. He may be close to half African 40 percent. Rashida Jones Quincy Jones daughter has a light white look like Wentworth and she is around 36 percent subsaharan black.

  94. Farfromoversea says:

    I find it somewhat strange to question the authorization of people who call themselves People of Color, i.e. colored, and to discuss them based on the visible skin color and / or known lineages. Likewise, I consider the observation or even discussion of whether a light-skinned person with relatives of different colors is trying to cover up this in any way as inappropriate as it is superfluous. To accuse these people of wanting to wipe out the “white” race, I consider incredibly offensive, anti-social and unworldly.
    The societies of the 21st century, no matter in which country on this earth, should be aware that the mixing of skin colors is simply unstoppable. Because of migratory movements there has always been a mix of ethnic groups. And there is no way to see that this will change.
    The earlier a social consensus arises and the effect shows that skin color, no matter what shade, plays absolutely no role in determining a person’s ability or value, the sooner it no longer plays a role in the individual lives of those affected and saves all those involved enormous suffering .
    Every person has to go through an identity-finding process in the course of their childhood, adolescence and sometimes even as a young adult. This should not be dominated by differences in skin color, whether inside or outside a family.
    From my own observation, I can only imagine the energy that dealing with internal conflicts demands in people with a mixed race origin, and the effects on the lives of those affected – I have experienced failure, i.e. drug abuse, dropping out of Education and / or suicide.
    In my opinion, these energies could be used for much more meaningful purposes, such as thoughts and activities that contribute to the development or survival of mankind are used.
    It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to create the conditions to make these conflicts disappear.

  95. Sister says:

    Your article has an anti black undertone. Your last question is easy to answer if you look. Why? Because children with one drop of black were considered black by WHITE people. During slave days if you had one drop that made you a slave. Of course mixed people would identify more with their black side. Same goes to all non whites. Don’t blame black people for this vicious categorization. We didn’t start it.

  96. Sylvia says:

    Wow, “Hail” to your ideology of white supremacy. This guy identifies with being black because he was raised in black culture with a strong connection to his black relatives including his father and his father’s family. Duh. Your contention that he is complicit in erasing whiteness like the rest of us mixed- race peoples is preposterous and can only be believed if you have the preconceived notion that whiteness is under attack. Another vehicle for adopting white supremacy. Well, given current attitudes, I can’t say I’m surprised.
    “But let’s cut to the root of it,” those of us who are partially our mostly white have lived with the knowledge of the erasure of our other ancestral cultures/ races and understand the importance of preserving and continuing them ourselves. There are many more people who are disconnected from their minority indentities because their predecessors passed as white when the stakes were much higher and the danger was more imminent for their survival. Perhaps you could be one of those individuals. What would you do if you found out you had black and/or native ancestry? Would you deny it to preserve your whiteness? Would you seek to connect with those peoples and cultures to better understand yourself?

    • Hail says:

      I don’t think anything you’re saying, Sylvia, is necessarily wrong. This post and discussion should NOT be interpreted as an attack on mixed-race people as such.

      The Wentworth Miller case is one example, among many, that puts “White Privilege” theory to the test, seeing what happens when the principles of White Privilege theory come into contact with reality. The theory fails.

      The reverse is more true — there is cultural cachet and prestige, cultural-political bonus points, to Nonwhite-identity. Those in the commanding heights of cultural and political power still insist there is something called White Privilege, but I don’t think so many people “buy” it anymore as did in the 2000s and into the 2010s. Many more today, in the 2020s, see it as an ideological weapon deployed against us full-Europeans. In a hypothetical brazilianized future, is few or no full-Whites are available to attack anymore, the same kind of talk will still probably be deployed against near-full-Whites, those who look White and have large-majority European ancestry. We already see this in Latin America.

      The evidence for “White Privilege does not exist” is easily found with people like Wentworth Miller. The evidence for “White Privilege exists” is basically all in the realm of magical thinking.

      This already held true by the 1980s or 1990s; absolutely definitely so by the 2000s.

  97. Ontrea DiNapoli says:

    This decade-old post comes up when looking up ancestries and it’s good for a belly laugh.
    Lol please show the source that correlates white privilege with “everyone wants to be white”.
    Good god, maybe google the definition before cobbling a bunch of garbage into this mess. Being multi-racial and also looking similar to Went myself, I can tell you that your sentiments aren’t some revelation. They’re old, crusty, self-congratulatory comments that get made by white dudes who have absolutely no idea of what they speak.
    You cannot “pass” even if you wanted to because nothing is secret in this day and age.
    In addition, most people don’t _want_ to pass, they just want white people to stop automatically looking at people of color as somewhat “less than” so all playing fields are leveled. Try as you might to say that isn’t true all the while knowing it is.

    White people wanting desperately to be perceived as “oppressed” are just so tiring.

  98. Bay Charles says:

    The white tears in this comment section are hilarious…

  99. Paul Kruger says:

    I suspect that Miller is more black than 1/16, based on his father and his uncle (who looks more black than his father), I’d put Wentworth Miller around ~20% black. His father doesn’t really look any whiter than Derek Jeter (who is about 40% black genetically)

  100. Charlotte Cassenta says:

    If I’m an 1/2 Italian ranging from northern and southern Italy can i be aimed mixed race or white? I would live to be able to say I’m mixed

  101. Anton says:

    Same could be said about the white race from a nigerian or ghanaian nationalistic standpoint.
    Ghanaian Nationalist: the white race is very diverse. Some brown white parents may get dark white children. They are so diverse.

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