How Many U.S. Whites Live Around Blacks? (Or, Why Obama Won in ’08)

This post will answer the question “What share of the USA’s Whites live ‘around’ significant numbers of Blacks?”, with ‘around’ being defined very broadly as “in the same metropolitan area”. Following will be a short discussion of what this data meant in the 2008 election, and for our society as a whole into the 2010s.

In a previous post (The Blackest Metro Areas), we see that only a small number of metropolitan areas have significant Black populations. (Specifically, of the 366 metro areas identified by Census 2010, only 22 are at least one-third Black, and 63 are over-20% Black. Only in Sumter, SC and Albany, GA do Blacks outnumber Whites, metro-wide).

First, let’s look again at the ‘Whites’ table from the post Metropolitanization By Race:

Whites . . .
Size of Metro
# of Metros # of Whites
% of Race’s Total Pop.
In This Size Metro
5-million+ 9 33.4 million 17.0%
2-million+ 29 70.0 million 35.6%
1-million+ 51 90.0 million 45.7%
500,000+ 102 112.7 million 57.3%
250,000+ 184 132.4 million 67.3%
50,000+ 366 152.4 million 77.4%
Rural (<50k) 44.4 million 22.6%
All 196.8 million 100%

152.4 million Whites live in a metropolitan area of 50,000+.
Now, using the same Census 2010 data used to produce the lists “Blackest Metros” and “Whitest Metros”, we can find the following:

— 4.33 million Whites live in metros which are over 33.3% Black
— 120.9 million Whites live in metros which are less than 20% Black
— 69.2 million Whites live in metros which are less than 10% Black
— 31.4 million Whites live in metros which are less than 5% Black
— 20.0 million Whites live in metros which are less than 3% Black
A further 44.4 million Whites live outside a metropolitan area, with the majority of those probably in nearly-all-white communities. (Lacking data, I will estimate that 95% of these 44.4 million non-metro Whites live in communities less than 10% Black, =42.2 million non-metro Whites live apart from Blacks).

..42.2 million Non-Metropolitan Whites
+69.2 million Metropolitan Whites
=111.4 million Total Whites Living in a Regions Under-10% Black (56.6% of the USA White Population).

Looking at places (metros and rural) with under-5% Black populations, we find that ~37% of the USA’s Whites live in one.

Few Whites Live Near Blacks
Alas, then, most American Whites do not live anywhere near any appreciable numbers of Blacks, even at the very wide scale of the metropolitan-area. Of those who do live “near” Blacks (within an hour’s traffic-free driving distance, say), they are, of course, generally segregated, with certain parts of a typical metro area heavily-Black while others are all-but-devoid of Blacks. Of those who do share a metropolitan areas with Blacks, relatively few are particularly “integrated”, to use a word by now rather quaint-sounding. Racehist cites a study which suggests that only ~4% of Whites have any Black close friends.

White Support for Obama in 2008
The above discussion can explain a lot about the workings of our Multicultacracy, and almost-certainly explains the election of Barack H. Obama.

Americans remember what a surreal time the 2008 Democratic primary season was. One commentator, David Sirota, implicitly divided the Democratic Primary electorate into three camps:
(1) Blacks
(2) Whites who live around Blacks
(3) Whites who do not live around Blacks

Group (1), of course, went overwhelmingly for B.H.Obama.
Group (2) went heavily against Obama.
Group (3) went marginally for Obama.

Thus, Obama won two types of states,
a.) Heavily-Black (Southern) states in which Blacks were often the majority of voters in the Democratic primary (as in South Carolina, where 12 Blacks voted for every 10 Whites who voted), and
b.) States with next-to-no Blacks, e.g. Idaho, Vermont, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Utah.

Obama lost almost every single state in between; that is, in which Blacks were a significant share of population but in which Whites were still a strong-enough majority that the Black Vote couldn’t simply steamroll Obama to victory. This will make more sense in visual form. I take the visual from the place I originally found it,

The Race Chasm, 2008 Democratic Primary. By David Sirota.

In other words, the election of Obama, that supreme triumph for Blacks worldwide (as it was played at the time), depended on Whites. On Whites who were totally naive about Blacks; Whites who had never dealt with Blacks; Whites who did not live near Blacks; whites whose image of Blacks was shaped a lot more from the TV and so on than personal interaction.

Thus, we see something rather…odd. Namely: The integrity, dynamism, and viability of our Multicultacracy itself is dependent upon, heavily dependent upon, enough of the native population not experiencing it. All sorts of things are only possible in that way. The poetic capstone to this phenomenon was Obama’s election in 2008: Voting patterns bear out that he only won the votes of Whites who live far, far away from Blacks.

In the simplest terms:
The American Multicultacracy needs enough Whites to not experience it to survive.

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25 Responses to How Many U.S. Whites Live Around Blacks? (Or, Why Obama Won in ’08)

  1. vanishingamerican says:

    Interesting. I think a lot of people have intuited that this was the case.but this verifies it.

    If it’s true that Whites have to be insulated from ‘diversity’ in order for the Multicultacracy to continue, then maybe all this diversity-sowing in states like Maine and the Dakotas will actually hurt the Multicult agenda, rather than help it as the powers-that-be seem to hope.

  2. Red says:

    Only in Sumter, SC and Albany, GA do Blacks outnumber Whites, metro-wide

    Sumter’s Wiki: “Sumter Statistical Metropolitan Area ranks as having the 5th highest overall crime rate out of 338 statistical metropolitan areas in the United States of America.[11][12]”

    Just too easy.

  3. premiseblog says:

    Sweet Statistics!
    Nice job pulling this together, this would explain why so many Whites have not been “enriched” by diversity. I’ve been enriched, and consider myself to understand the Black man fairly well, and even how the Black racecar can be helped to run more properly.
    Your research helps support my supposition that Whites should not be trying to run the lives of Blacks, because they really don’t understand them. It is like a pit stop team from a totally different model car caring for the Blackmobile, putting all of the brakes in wrong, and the wrong kind of fuel.
    If we want America to run well, we need all of our races running at full speed. All the white liberals ever due is make the already inefficient running of the Blackmobile even worse.
    One always can remember the old sooth,

    “A liberal policy will have the opposite result of its intent.”

    I think that is going to happen.

  4. rjp says:

    I can understand the liberal who is insulated from them being liberal, but I can not understand those who have experienced diversity being liberal, which is why I can’t understand why cities don’t have a naturally reversing course towards conservativism, and why people with no contact remain more conservative as they should be the ones most easily brainwashed by media propaganda.

    • Hail says:

      Your instinct is correct. The 2008 Democratic primary bears this out. The Whites with least contact with Blacks did indeed vote heavily for Obama. Whites in diverse regions voted for Clinton.

      See the section of the entry above called “White Support for Obama in 2008”, especially the ‘Race Chasm’ graph.

      As for why metropolitan-White pro-Multicultacracy advocates are the way they are, I’d point you to Dan Kurt’s reasoned response

    • That group of whites who live around large numbers of blacks and remain liberal are a special niche I have found. I live outside of Atlanta now, but used to live in the city. Much of the city is literally off limits to you as a white person. The bureaucracy of the city is dominated by blacks as are many of the businesses and represent first and foremost the black citizens of Atlanta. Many of the the blacks in the city are openly hostile to white people, or I should say to white men.

      I knew many white guys that chose to live there and still do, who were outwardly super liberal, would say derogatory things about white people all the time, were extremely fag friendly etc. and yet they were openly discriminated against by blacks, experienced black theft and violent crime first hand and often. Yet they would never say a single bad thing about Atlanta or the black inhabitants and would crow on about voting for Obama and other liberal status whoring acts of race betrayal. However, their liberal cliques in the city were 90% white. Their social circles were not very integrated. They were like little white liberal bubbles floating about in a majority black city, having the correct outward explicit anti-white attitudes you would expect from big city liberals.

      I concluded that they were literally that cadre of 100% brainwashed whites who regardless of the reality staring them in the face, would never waver from their core liberal beliefs. Their liberalism was like a faith that had to be believed regardless of what transpires. Black violence was like the devil tempting them to renounce their faith in equality and universalism etc. However, this core group remains strong in their beliefs. They are consumed with a racial self-loathing that trumps all else. They are truly lost and are like a self-flagellating band of monks who allow themselves to be abused by their environment as penitence for the original sin of being born white.

      One guy in particular I know, was beaten viciously in a mugging by two black teens in front of his own house in a neighborhood that was 75% black. He and his wife were determined not to move afterwards and the police refused to prosecute the teens because nobody was killed and they said it would ruin the lives of the teens if they were prosecuted for the crime. They knew who did it based on the prints found on his car which was stolen during the mugging. This is exactly what the detective told them afterwards. The fact that someone could live in a neighborhood like that, where the threat of black violence is very real and very easy anticipate and always lurking, would continue living in their liberal bubble, where they believe everyone thinks like they do and that race doesn’t exist and that they would never be a target for crime just because of their skin color, shows the level of self delusion of this niche of liberal whites that live around large numbers of blacks.

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  6. Dan Kurt says:

    re: ” I can not understand those who have experienced diversity being liberal.” rip

    I grew up in a big Eastern City with plenty of Blacks and spent nearly nine years at an Ivy surrounded by Blacks. The view from the ground was that Liberals did not practice what they preached. This what I saw:

    1) Bright Liberals insulated themselves from Blacks.

    2) Bright Liberals did their utmost to send their children to private schools yet did also their utmost to force the proles to integrate with Blacks.

    3) Whites who encountered Blacks coming to their neighborhood moved if they could. Case in point: A couple who my wife and I had been fast friends with for years split in friendship because of a ride in a taxi together. The husband and I had been post docs together. He and I carpooled for the better part of a year. We after finishing went on trips together, three that I can remember. We were Catholic and they were Jewish but religion never came up. The friendship ended at a time the four of us needed to take a cab from an Airport after returning from a trip. The cabby was ( He said he was half Jewish at one point. ) a real talker, never shutting up. As the ride took us through previous White neighborhoods that had turned Black the cabby remarked that the Jews in these neighborhoods that had changed demographically had sold out to the first Blacks to enter. As more incoming Blacks arrived houses and apartments deteriorated. Crime increased, whites fled, Blacks took advantage of decreasing real estate values to buy more and more property. This change of the neighborhood’s nature had forced those Whites that could to move. The cabby kept insisting that the Jews were the real reason as they were the entering wedge’s enablers. My friend’s wife went livid and said that the Jews were not the cause and that the Blacks were NOT the problem but poverty and discrimination was the cause of the squalor and crime and general deterioration. Her husband, a lax Jew, agreed with the cabby ( Boy did he catch hell. ) and my wife, of course, chimed in on the Cabby’s side. She is of half Irish descent, a red head from NYC and laid out her view of Jews breaking neighborhoods by selling to Blacks and Puerto Ricans. The cabby waxed on and on and the wife of my friend became so enraged she broke our friendship after that ride. I tried writing to my friend after that but never got a response from him. He was not liberal but his wife sure was. BTW, they ended up living in a lilly white Northern suburb of Philadelphia near her parents not in an inner city near Blacks. Substitute Liberal for Jew and the same holds as non Liberal Jews are in my experience were rather rare when this occurred.

    4) Dumb whites and average whites generally do their most to get away from Blacks if they can.

    5) Liberals remain Democrats because they can avoid much contact with Blacks if bright. Dumb and average whites remain Democrats even when they are “integrated” with Blacks because they like the ( perceived ) largess given to them by Democrats.

    6) Liberals, for some reason, can live with cognitive dissonance.

    Dan Kurt

    • Tim says:

      Jews aren’t White.

    • Peter Akuleyev says:

      I went to an Ivy with Blacks as well. My impression is that liberal whites were perfectly happy to be friends with Blacks as long as the Blacks adopted hipster lefty attitudes. Very few of the black kids were into that though – the black kids tended to be mostly jocks or intercity scholarship kids. The scholarship kids seemed pretty content to avoid liberal whites, or any whites at all for that matter. The most friendly and normal black-white interaction was definitely between the black and white jocks, and the white jocks tended to be pretty conservative as a rule (at least by Ivy standards). There were a few black kids who were super preppy, intelligent and “white” acting. They tended to be friends with the white upper class conservative kids, and viewed with scorn by liberal white kids.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Right on!

  8. TheTruth says:

    Only as many as want coal burner daughters and wigger sons both on drugs. Not worth it. Find a nice white neighborhood and raise your kids right.

  9. in many german schools poor leftwinged idiots try to teach math , german and english to negros from Nigeria and elsewhere – it`s a waste of time and money – they simply do not understand . Time to find a solution – our future is in danger if negros eat our wealth – they jam schools , subways , nice areas , – negros are 100% ignorant – zombies .

  10. Lurker says:

    Im pretty sure a similar process took place in the UK regarding votes for the BNP. White people most insulated from the multicult wouldnt vote for them at all, whites in mildly enriched areas would vote BNP somewhat. Whites in the most vibrant, enriched areas would vote BNP in quite large numbers but often it was too late – the non-white vote was too big.

    • Hail says:

      This is an electoral dilemma.

      Short of some kind of realignment of the franchise along ancestral lines, not citizenship lines (i.e., only those who can prove that at least three grandparents were born in-country can vote [which I think is a good idea, incidentally]), what you describe implies no electoral shift can occur.

      • four score says:

        Actually all you need is the founders’ original design; male property owners 21 and over. Conservatives win that group every time. Women are the problem. Sorry to say it as a woman, but it is true.

    • Faisal says:

      That is utter shite mate and you know it is. The bnp have a tiny amount of support in exclusively white council estates only. Your just sour because at their ‘peak’ the bnp only got 2% of the vote and didn’t even get anyone elected to parliament, the working class have massively rejected them. Btw I’m from west bowling which is an inner city ‘ghetto’ in sunny bradford in the uk lol, my area is like 40% black british, 20% british Pakistani, 10% gypsy Roma (lovely people if you have a decent lock on your door LOL) 25% white british n like 5% others (mostly Eastern Europeans) I don’t know any bnp supporters round here trust me wed find out haha and that person would be sorry lmao. So stfu just cos your mad that very very few people support the bnp, like way less than the tea party who have similar views get support in the USA…us is just full of racist white bastards who are too pussy to admit it.

      • Anna Koltz says:

        Bradford is not anymore English , your name is arabic (I know it recalls me Fayçal something which kidnapped a girl in France put her in a car and get caught in Germany here ), whites there in Bradford will not tell you they vote for British National Party or United Kingdom Independant Party , they are not crazy , it is not their fault if they are so many immigrants in their former lovely city and they can see cultures of those people are used even in England , they like life even in Bradford not crazy .

      • Anna Koltz says:

        I have forgotten to quote you :
        “I don’t know any bnp supporters round here trust me wed find out haha and that person would be sorry lmao. ”

        YOU SEE YOU TRY TO AFRAID PEOPLE , dont be surprised in Europe , people change their votes , they can just look to their neighbors countries and it is not citizens of papers who rule it is citizens of heart , Europe has lived wars , it can be united on that subject immigration , you can be sure , all countries want safety , work for its native citizens , work for the young , respect of the country’s culture and so on . You’ll be amazed , european election is coming , Bradford is not even the whole England . You will be sorry for your behavior .

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  12. Anna Koltz says:

    Really completely interesting . As a European , i daresay he won first because of how is your presidential election , it is not like if you take all votes of the people in the whole country and the one with the most wins directly . With how it happens , Politicians are hunters they look for the ones with the most inhabitants and morenot .
    Then , i am completely agree white states voted for B.O because they are not around blacks but from what i know i want to add those states are nowadays left wing even if at some time in the 20th Century it was not true , i do believe they would vote for a Democrate in all cases , it doesn’t matter if he was born in the U.S.A or not , White Black Yellow Orange or even Green or Blue (i am serious) , Legal or Illegal , this is sad but i am quite sure .
    They play strong Americans but all what they want is to be able to do whatever they want hence the word liberal (lax to me) so they vote for a Democrate and they are not on values , principles . Here Socialists push diversity for money but not where they live sure , once people complain , surprisingly they change their speeches , ‘you dont integrate’ and so on , if people did not say a word they would continue to say it is great , as you can see in England .

  13. backchecking says:

    The AK data point is WAY off.

    Both Alaska and Arkansas went for McCain.

    “When the myth becomes the truth, print the myth.”

    This is at the heart of Hollywood — the new Temple on a hill.

  14. backchecking says:

    ID is WAY off, too.

    Idaho also went strongly for McCain.

    I accept your premise, but someone mixed up some of the results.

    The abstract Black — as portrayed by Hollywood — is an okay, Magical Negro, kind of guy.

    The real Black American is gazillion miles away from the myth.

    Whereas American Jewry has promoted Black political interests ever since the Holocaust, the reality is that Black Americans loathe Jews more than the worst European bigots.

    Al Sharpton
    Jesse Jackson
    Rev Wright
    Rev Farrakhan

    and the (Black) NBA players — almost to a man.

    Blacks hate America because it is a living breathing example of how they can’t cut it.

    So they hyper-compensate in athletics, their only natural domain.

  15. Robert What? says:

    Yeah, one of the loveliest but most most liberal (read: left leaning) towns I know in the northeast has virtually no blacks, no Mexicans, no welfare queens, etc. It is absolute heaven. The young and charming fools who live there are all about “social justice” but I notice they’ve managed to segregate themselves quite nicely.

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