Ron Paul Remembers


Ron Paul remembers the old America. That is to say, he remembers the pre-1968 America.

The above two lines are a possible half-answer to a question people have been asking:

Is Ron Paul an implicit-nationalist?”

Many seem to think so, associating his age and unorthodox politics with the norms of an America of long ago. An America that saw itself as an obviously and unashamedly (ancestrally-)NW-European entity, not a “proposition nation”.

Consider the following snapshots of events:

Summer and Fall 1965

  • Aug 11th, 1965: “Watts Riots” begin in Los Angeles, lasting several days.
  • Aug 15th, 1965: Beatles perform at Shea Stadium, NYC.
  • Aug 17th, 1965: 5,500 U.S. Marines begin first major U.S. offensive against Vietcong.
  • Aug 20th, 1965: Ron Paul turns thirty years old. (This year he makes the transfer from the USAF to the the Air National Guard, working as a flight surgeon in both organizations).
  • September 1965: The U.S. Congress is in the final stages of deliberation before the vote on the ‘Hart-Cellar Act’, to abolish ethnic-based immigration restrictions.
  • Sept 22nd, 1965: The Senate passes ‘Hart-Cellar’, 76-18.
  • Oct 2nd, 1965: LBJ signs ‘Hart-Cellar’ into law, to take effect in 1968.
  • Nov 11th, 1965: Republic of Rhodesia declared, with Ian Smith as leader. The British immediately impose sanctions, demand Black Rule.
  • Dec 9th, 1965: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” premieres.

Here is Ron Paul with his son, circa 1965:

Ron Paul circa 1965 on bicycle while in USAF[Ron Paul with son, circa 1965. Thanks to Blinders Removed.]

Flash forward to Summer and Fall 1968

  • June 5th, 1968: Robert Kennedy shot dead.
  • June 30th, 1968: Passed in September of 1965, the now-notorious “Hart-Cellar Act” takes effect. Defacto race-based restrictions on immigration are abolished.
  • Aug 8th, 1968: Republicans nominate Richard Nixon for president
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia and quickly overthrow the pro-Western liberal government of Alexander Dubcek.
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Ron Paul turns thirty-three years old.
  • Nov 5th, 1968: Election Day in the USA. Nixon gets 32 million votes (43.4%), Democrat Humphrey gets 31 million (42.7%), segregationist George Wallace gets 10 million (13.5%). Nixon wins.

Jump ahead 42 years, all of loose immigration policy…

  • 2010: The latest census finds that 166 million people live in the USA’s fifty-largest metropolitan areas. ‘White Non-Hispanics’ in total form 54% of the residents of these areas. (See USA Metropolitanization by Race). As there is significant variation in the “White” stock itself, it is safe to say that Whites of Northwest-European ancestry (the basic ancestral-cultural ‘stock’ which made the USA, from which the ‘American’ was drawn) no longer constitute a majority in the primary population zones.  By the late 20th century we were well-and-truly a dispossessed majority, but now the “majority” part itself increasingly doesn’t fit.
  • Jan. 2009 until ?: A president who best represents this post-1968 immigrationist spirit sits in office:

Obama says i found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mothers race

Yes. Ron Paul remembers the time before this “turn” began. His boyhood, adolescence, and young-manhood all occurred before the “turn.”


(Updated in June 2022 because some links, images, and formatting had decayed. Restored the images and formatting.)
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5 Responses to Ron Paul Remembers

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  3. Hail says:

    Commenter Bill, in the post Ron Paul’s Ancestry, writes

    On the immigration point, there is also the contrast between the very small Hispanic population of [Ron Paul’s] native Pittsburgh and the rather larger such population in Texas.

    This is an excellent point. Greater Pittsburgh area is, today, the whitest large metropolitan area in the USA. (#1/51).

    As an adult, RP made the move to a white area of the Houston region. Houston Metro as a whole is, as of 2010, ranked #46/51 in whiteness, or is the sixth-least-white metro area in the USA.

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