Ron Paul Remembers

Ron Paul remembers the old America.

Which is to say the pre-1968 America.

The above is one possible half-answer to the question that people have been asking: “Is Ron Paul an implicit-nationalist?” Many seem to think so, perhaps vaguely associating his age and unorthodox politics with the norms of an America of long ago, which saw itself as an ancestrally-NW-European entity and not a “proposition nation”.

Consider the following snapshot of events:

  • Summer and Fall 1965
  • Aug 11th, 1965: ‘Watts Riots’ begin in LA, lasting several days.
  • Aug 15th, 1965: Beatles perform at Shea Stadium, NYC.
  • Aug 17th, 1965: 5,500 U.S. Marines begin first major U.S. offensive against Vietcong.
  • Aug 20th, 1965: Ron Paul turns 30 years old. (This year he makes the transfer from the USAF to the the Air National Guard, working as a flight surgeon in both organizations).
  • September, 1965: The U.S. Congress is in the final stages of deliberation before the vote on the ‘Hart-Cellar Act’, to abolish ethnic-based immigration restrictions.
  • Sept 22nd, 1965: The Senate passes ‘Hart-Cellar’, 76-18.
  • Oct 2nd, 1965: LBJ signs ‘Hart-Cellar’ into law, to take effect in 1968.
  • Nov 11th, 1965: Republic of Rhodesia declared, with Ian Smith as leader. The British immediately impose sanctions, demand Black Rule.
  • Dec 9th, 1965: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” premieres.
  • [Ron Paul with son, circa 1965. Thanks to Blinders Removed.]
  • .
  • Flash Forward to Summer and Fall 1968
  • June 5th, 1968: Robert Kennedy shot dead.
  • June 30th, 1968: Passed in September of ’65, “Hart-Cellar” takes effect. De-facto-race-based restrictions on immigration are abolished.
  • Aug 8th, 1968: Republicans nominate Richard Nixon for president
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Soviet troops invade Czechoslovakia and quickly overthrow the pro-Western liberal government of Alexander Dubcek.
  • Aug 20th, 1968: Ron Paul turns 33 years old.
  • Nov 5th, 1968: Election Day in the USA. Nixon gets 31.8 million votes (43.4%), Democrat Humphrey gets 31.3 million (42.7%), segregationist George Wallace gets 9.9 million (13.5%). Nixon wins.
  • .
  • After 42 Years of Open Immigration Policy
  • 2010: The latest census finds that 166 million people live in the USA’s 50-largest metropolitan areas. ‘White Non-Hispanics’ in total form 54% of the residents of these areas. (See USA Metropolitanization by Race). As there is significant variation in the ‘White’ stock itself, it is safe to say that Whites of Northwest-European ancestry (the basic racial-stock from which the ‘American’ was historically drawn) no longer constitute a majority of their nation’s primary population zones.
  • Jan. 2009 till ? — A president who represents the post-1968 spirit enters office:
  • Ron Paul remembers the time before this turn began. His boyhood, adolescence, and young-manhood all occurred before the turn.

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    4 Responses to Ron Paul Remembers

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    3. Hail says:

      Commenter Bill, in the post Ron Paul’s Ancestry, writes

      On the immigration point, there is also the contrast between the very small Hispanic population of [Ron Paul’s] native Pittsburgh and the rather larger such population in Texas.

      This is an excellent point. Greater Pittsburgh area is, today, the whitest large metropolitan area in the USA. (#1/51).

      As an adult, RP made the move to a white area of the Houston region. Houston Metro as a whole is, as of 2010, ranked #46/51 in whiteness, or is the sixth-least-white metro area in the USA.

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