Opchanacanough and Anders Breivik: How Do We Handle the Hate?

Chief Opchanacanough

Opchanacanough 1622
Anders B. Breivik 2011

How Do We Handle the Hate?
The following was adapted from its original author, Sagverksarbetaren, at Skadi

With the terrible terrorist attack in Norway last year in recent memory, it is important to remember that Anders Behring Breivik is not only a super-racist, vicious Neo-Nazi devil who crawled up out of Hell’s bowels, but that he also represents a HATE against “The Other” — immigrants in general and Muslims in particular — that is found in society. If we are to manage and combat this HATE it may be useful to learn from other peoples in other times, and how they have handled right-wing extremism:

The ideas contained in Breivik’s manifesto (“A European Declaration of Independence”) are eerily similar to racist ideas that prevailed among some American-Indians (Native Americans) during the 1500s and 1600s, and even through to the late 1800s in certain places.

The Powhatan xenophobe and racist Opchanacanough, for example, carried out a hate-inspired massacre in his horrific terrorist attack on Jamestown, Virginia, 1622 (in which 347 people died).

That incident ignited an important debate among medicine men all over the North American continent. The talking point became “How To Deal With Domestic Right-Wing Extremism”, that is, extremism that produced hatred and enemy images in which Europeans in general, and English-Protestants in particular, were targeted, in which they were hatefully described as “occupiers” and “colonists”, etc.

I’ve been looking around in archives and museums in the United States, and have found an authentic, written recording, dating back to 1622, of a conversation between a wise medicine man and a young right-wing extremist Native American (who shared worldviews with the psychopathic terrorist Opchanacanough). I think we can draw inspiration from it, if we want to fight and combat right-wing extremism today, in Scandinavia and in Europe generally.

Here is the transcript of that conversation:

— — — — — — — —
Powhatan Confederacy
Summer 1622

— Chief Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views, I would like to discuss a matter that deeply concerns me.

— What’s weighing on your heart, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly?

— I am of the opinion that there is an ongoing European colonization of our North American continent. I am deeply concerned about the impact this may have for us in the Powhatan tribe and other Native-American tribes, and I think we should do something about the situation before it’s too late.

…… [shocked]! You are aware, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly, that you share in this opinion with Opchanacanough, who only a short while ago murdered 347 English refugees?

— Yeah, but I do not suppor…

— You use the word “colonization” and therefore apply a hate-filled rhetoric that creates enemy images. When Opchanacanough murdered all those innocent people, he was driven by a hatred, a hatred whipped up by people like you. Words are dangerous, do you not see that, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly?

— Well, okay, but what do you want me to do, then, Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views? It is still ongoing, the colonization of…

— Ah, ah, ah! Now you do it again. You must not use hateful rhetoric.

— “Hateful rhetoric”? I just describe what we are facing. Have you studied the sceintific study of medicine man Hawk-Who-Talks-Too-Much? It proves that we will be a minority on our own continent within a few generations, if this immigration of Europeans continues. Not only we Powhatans will meet this fate, the Sioux, Cherokee, and Comanche tribes, and all the rest, will suffer the same fate. Do you want that?

— Hawk-Who-Talks-Too-Much is a racist Europhobe, who has been excluded from the medicine men’s council. We cannot tolerate his intolerance.

— …… [Silence]

— Any more questions?

— … But, do you not see that within a few centuries, perhaps we will live on reservations. We are going to be an oppressed minority in our own land, the Europeans will take ove…

— ♪ ♭ ♪ Ly-o-lay-ale Loya, that be racist, Ly-o-lay-ale Loya, that be racist, Ly-o-lay-ale Loya ♪ ♭ ♪

— … Uhh, what are you doing?

— I try to drive out the spirit of intolerance out of your body. If you continue to spread hatred, I am afraid I will have to contact the Powhatan Security Police (PST) so that they can keep tabs on you, so you don’t turn into a new Opchanacanough, I mean.

— …You do not present any factual arguments to refute what I say, Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views. You are just trying to scare me into silence through guilt by association.

ENOUGH! I am so tired of your HATE. The year is 1622! I thought that these kinds of views are things of the past. “We will live on reservations in a few centuries” — What conspiratorial, insane, and HATEFUL bulls**t. The year is 1622, as I said, and we do not need inbred RTs (red trash) like you around…

— But …

— ♪ ♭ ♪ Ly-o-lay-ale Loya, racist, Ly-o-lay-ale Loya, racist, Ly-o-lay-ale Loya ♪ ♭ ♪ ….

— — — — — — — —

I note, relieved, that the Norwegians (God bless them) handle Norwegian right-wing extremism in the same way as Chief Eagle-With-the-Correct-Views handled Powhatanian right-wing extremism. If you come in contact with a person who shares Breivik’s conspiratorial worldview of “a Nonwhite Colonization of Europe”, you should inform the security authorities about his or her existence, so that the individual in question can be identified and forbidden to speak out, forbidden from spreading HATE. In exactly the same way as the young racist in the above conversation, who shared Opchanacanough’s conspiratorial worldview of “a European colonization” was treated, that is.

This is how we should deal with right-wing extremism and HATE. Learn from the Native Americans.

— — — —
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4 Responses to Opchanacanough and Anders Breivik: How Do We Handle the Hate?

  1. Jax says:


  2. M.G. says:

    But, do you not see that within a few centuries, perhaps we will live on reservations.

    Very nice piece. The above is what interests me the most, Raven-Who-Thinks-Wrongly’s crystal-balling. If we could peer a hundred years into the future, how would we see our descendents living?

    Many Americans think the U.S. will resemble Brazil or Mexico, but I’m most curious about Britain. Does the ethnic potpourri that country’s become have any modern precedent? The racial replacement coupled with this mindset–‘If you continue to spread hatred, I am afraid I will have to contact the Powhatan Security Police (PST) so that they can keep tabs on you–makes me wonder if Britain will be the first European country to ‘abolish itself.’ (Evidence.)

    • Hail says:

      If we could peer a hundred years into the future, how would we see our descendents living?

      A possible/likely snapshot of the European future: Sarajevo, circa 1994.

      That is: For Europe in the present century, one imagine little civil wars, Balkan-style ethno-religious-political militias slugging it out, while the outside world wags its proverbial finger, with increasingly-irrelevant multicultural-liberal-democrat state entities occasionally delivering some good old-fashioned humanitarian bombing on one side or another. And/or insurgencies of various sorts.

      Sadly, history shows this to be inevitable in cases like this.

      What happens after that — and thus the world of, say, 2400 AD — hinges on what happens during the turbulent period.

    • Hail says:

      the world of, say, 2400 AD

      Incidentally, and to more directly address your question, M.G.:

      If current fertility rates were to hold indefinitely, Europe(ans) would certainly be a vanishing people in 2400 AD:

      At a sustained 1.5 TFR, Europe’s population would start to severely contract, and would hit 10 million perhaps sometime in the latter half of the 2300s AD. […] At 1.0 TFR, Europe in 2400 would have just a few tens of thousands of souls, probably less than the population of the continent during the Stone Age.

      In reality, of course, a population contracting so severely will simply be replaced by more vigorous outsiders, so see weakness and pounce. This would happen long before a population can contract from 750 million to 75,000. This replacement would probably happen long before 2400 AD, if fertility remains as it is now.

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