Mitt Romney and the Hispanics, Or, the Ghosts of 1912

In the recent post about Mitt Romney’s ancestry, I wrote this:

Mitt Romney’s own father was expelled from his very birthplace, as a youth, by angry-Mexicans(!)

George Romney was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico, in 1907. His parents had moved there at the end of the 1800s. George, and the rest of his family, left Mexico in 1912, never to return. A commenter named Martin writes this:

In speaking of Mitt Romney’s father, George Romney, you have a particular sentence in italics. It states: “In other words, Mitt Romney’s own father was expelled from his very birthplace, as a youth, by angry-Mexicans(!).” This is not actually true, or at least, you make it sound unnatural because you give no context.

In reality, the Mexican Revolution was raging in Chihuahua during the 1910-1915 era, and the Mormon Colonies were constantly harassed by the revolutionary forces of Salazar and others to give them all their weapons and ammunition. Yet they were strongly encouraged at the same time by the US Government to not take sides in the revolution. With so many lawless bands roaming the countryside, and with extreme jealousy of the American Mormons for the superiority of their crops, of their fruit and of their lifestyle in general, without arms the Mormons feared for their lives. On July 28, 1912 it was decided by the Mormon leader for the area, young Junius Romney, great uncle of Mitt, that the women and children must be immediately evacuated to El Paso for their safety. Additional factors also weighed heavily into the decision. The men stayed behind to try to protect their property and possessions in Mexico, but these men also left Mexico on horseback a couple weeks later.

That sounds, to me, like the Mormons were effectively expelled. The commenter says it is wrong to characterize Romney as having been ‘expelled’ from Mexico. Okay, maybe that is a strong word. I suggest, in a reply comment, that a better term would be “chased out”, which another commenter also criticizes.

George Romney - Lenore - and son - 1947.
Pictured, in 1947 (35 years after the exodus from Mexico), from left:
— George W. Romney
— Baby Mitt Romney
— Lenore LaFount Romney

How amicably did the Romneys leave Mexico? One clue comes from Steve Sailer, who writes recently:

Mitt Romney’s father and grandfather received in 1938 a little under $10,000 from the Mexican government in settlement of their longstanding lawsuit over the loss of their property in Mexico in 1912.

Their loss of property. Note, too, that their $10,000 settlement amounts to $163,400 in 2012 dollars, according to this tool.

The Legacy of 1912 — in Mitt Romney’s Mind in 2012

It seems safe to say that the Romneys of 1912 left Mexico neither “voluntarily” (strictly), nor amicably. Their story reminds me of what happened to Germans east of Oder-Neisse in 1945.

No one hesitates to say they were ‘expelled’, despite not being escorted out by authorities (as there were none). Anyway, whatever your verb of choice for the event: Romney knows his roots, and he evidently especially admires his father. He will know that Anti-White Rage impelled angry Hispanics to harass his father’s boyhood community, ultimately forcing his father away from his birthplace for the rest of his life. We can understand, from this, that Romney is much less likely to be arm-flailingly pro-Hispanic at heart, as so many other Big Republicans are today. Remember self-deportation?

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7 Responses to Mitt Romney and the Hispanics, Or, the Ghosts of 1912

  1. Red says:

    1912……so Romney’s father was swept up in the same Mexican anti-White wave as Pancho Villa’s raiders, few years later!

  2. One of Mitt's Many Cousins says:

    The LDS Church has been actively proselytizing in Mexico since the late 1870s. Two of the ancestors Mitt and I share were Presidents of the LDS Mexican Mission in the 1880s.

    Morons don’t and can’t afford to hate on a group from which they want to welcome coverts to their church.

    And in the spirit of inclusiveness look at the families of John McCain and Jeb Bush and of another cousin of Mitt, Jon Huntsman.

  3. Hail says:

    Hispanics voted nearly 3-to-1 for Obama.

    Some big Republicans are saying that Romney was not pro-Hispanic enough. I just don’t think he had it in him to be as wildly-pro-Hispanic as John McCain (who only got 31% of the Hispanic vote himself). In both cases, 2008 and 2012, we saw Hispanics ethnic-bloc-voting for the Nonwhite candidate, tipping several states into the Obama column.

  4. Lani Lila says:

    The book, Letters of Catharine Cottam Romney, 2nd wife of Miles Park Romney, give the best view of the Exodus from Mexico back to Utah that I’ve read. My 2 x gr. grandmother, Emily Eyring Snow Romney, sister-wife to Catharine, & plural wife of Miles Park Romney (Mitt’s great grandfather), is mentioned in Catharine’s letters, written over many decades to her family. Reality speaks from those letters, and I’ve appreciated gleaning a bit more about the life and times of my ancestors in Mexico. Catharine’s account of their removal is especially telling.

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