Liberty Caucus Fared Mostly Well in 2012 Elections

A previous post profiled the 11 members of Liberty Caucus, a group of representatives of traditional “Norman-Rockwell” America, whose membership has displayed strong pro-Western and pro-American tendencies, and even racialist sympathies.

How did they fare in 2012?
Despite the triumph of Barack Hussein Obama’s anti-White coalition in the presidential election, the nationalistic-oriented White-core of the Republican Party generally did quite well, as it did in 2010.

Eleven men began the year as active members of Liberty Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Seven were reelected in the 2012 General Election and will serve through 2014. Four will no longer be in the House.

Of the four departing members:
–One ran for U.S. Senate and won [Flake, AZ]
–One ran for U.S. Senate and lost [Rehberg, MT]
–One ‘lost’ (see below) his House race [Bartlett, MD]
–One is retiring [Ron Paul].

Of the replacements for these four departing Representatives, three are political newcomers who seem to be very similar to those they replaced. I have also briefly profiled them below.

Relatedly, the pro-traditional-America lobby group NumbersUSA has listed 40 hardline immigration-restrictionists who won seats in the next Congress. All but two who ran for reelection won (and those two are both in the recount process now); six are entering for the first time, a net increase of four to six seats for the “immigration restriction bloc”. These 40 to 42 Congressmen now constitute 17-18% of the new Republican majority in the House. Many of the names on the linked-to list are also members of Liberty Caucus.

Liberty Caucus — Election 2012 Results

Roscoe Bartlett: Loses House seat [MD-6] — Redistricted out of office.

38% Bartlett
59% Delaney
[Full Maryland results]

Why would this ten-term Congressman suddenly lose his seat by such a steep margin? Answer: Maryland, at state-level, is controlled by Democrats. Western Maryland (Bartlett’s core region) is solidly part of ‘Greater Appalachia‘, though, and strongly Republican. After the 2010 Census, all states “redistricted” to balance out and account for population shifts, the new districts being contested as of the 2012 elections. The Maryland-Democrats decided to try to knock out Bartlett — and thus the new 6th district includes a significant share from the left-wing Washington-DC suburbs. ‘Appalachian Maryland’ is left without Congressional representation.

Bartlett, Delaney Face Off In Maryland’s Redistricted 6th District [Source]
Maryland’s controversial congressional redistricting scheme… has been derided by critics as overly partisan…

Bartlett’s 6th Congressional District, which included western Maryland and north-central sections of the state west of Baltimore, was redrawn to include more Democratic-leaning portions of Montgomery County [part of Washington DC metro area].

Jimmy Duncan: Retains House seat [TN-2]

75% Duncan
21% Goodale
[Full Tennessee results]

Jeff Flake: Ran for U.S. Senate in Arizona: Wins

For U.S. Senate [AZ]
50% Flake
46% Carmona
[Full Arizona results]

In Flake’s old House district: [AZ-6]
62% Schweikert (Republican)
33% Jette (Democrat)

Flake’s replacement, David Schweikert, is considered a hardliner on Immigration Restriction (“True Reformer”) by NumbersUSA, which celebrated his victory.

Trent Franks: Retains House seat [AZ-8]

64% Franks
35% Scharer

[Full Arizona results]

Scott Garrett: Retains House seat [NJ-5]

56% Garrett
42% Gussen
[Full New Jersey results]

Walter B. Jones: Retains House seat [NC-3]

63% Jones
37% Anderson
[Full North Carolina results]

Despite a campaign of villification against Jones due to his appearance on The Political Cesspool with James Edwards, Keith Alexander, and Eddie Miller, he enjoyed a comfortable victory. His constituents are largely rural-Whites (his district is 78% White and 47% rural), who seem unbothered by accusations from the extreme-Left.

Jack Kingston: Retains House seat [GA-1]

63% Kingston
37% Messinger
[Full Georgia results]

Jeff Miller: Retains House seat [FL-1]

70% Miller
27% Bryan
[Full Florida results]

Ron Paul: Retiring from Congress

In Ron Paul’s old district [TX-12]:
54% Weber (Republican)
45% Lampson (Democrat)
[Full Texas results]

The irreplaceable Ron Paul is thus replaced by Randy Weber, who is brand-new to Congress. What kind of man is he? Weber is 59, seems to have deep roots in Texas, and was endorsed by Ron Paul. Weber has also boasted of having been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. (Note that Arpaio was himself reelected).

Bill Posey: Retains House seat [FL-8]

59% Posey
38% Roberts
[Full Florida results]

Denny Rehberg: Ran for U.S. Senate: Loses

For U.S. Senate [Montana]
49% Tester
45% Rehberg
[Full Montana results]

Notice that Democrat Tester won with without a majority of the vote — a Libertarian candidate won the rest of the vote — most of which would have gone to Rehberg, Republicans say. Alas, the U.S. electoral system is bizarre in this way; third parties are generally nothing but “spoilers”. Perot gave us Clinton; Nader gave us Bush Jr.

In Rehberg’s old House district: [MT-At-Large]
53% Daines (Republican)
43% Gillan (Democrat)

What sort of man is Rehberg’s House replacement? A newcomer to political office with a business background and a freemarket orientation, Steve Daines is a man who is in-touch with his ancestral roots. The first thing he wrote on his “Meet Steve” page concerns his pride in his Norwegian ancestor who was one of the earliest White settlers in Montana.

The loss of Rehberg is the most-serious defeat for Liberty Caucus. What is next for him? He is considerably wealthy, so he can remain in politics if he wants to.

With Ron Paul retiring, what’s next for Liberty Caucus?

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