EU Election 2014: Racialist/Nationalist Sympathizers Gain Ground

Slowly, steadily, ominously, Europe’s Race Problem marches on.

A Europe in which the typical man on the street resembles Barack Obama, in which Hip Hop culture rules, in which all of Western Civilization is derided as “racist” and the few remaining Whites are mocked and blamed for ever-growing problems, in which only Islam offers a respite from the nihilism — may be on the horizon (e.g., “White Britons to Become a Minority by 2060s” and already are a clear minority in London). France may be the first to turn majority-Nonwhite (see, e.g., here) but all the Western countries are on the way.

The European Union itself is dedicated to this project and sees it as a moral good. Ultimately is comes from the the masochistic Far-Left. The acquiescent Respectable Right does little, and ultimately has no problem with de-Europeanization. (Perhaps it’s better called the Neglectable Right, as it doesn’t actually offer anything that isn’t so watered-down that one wonders what the use is in drinking it.)

Proponents of ethnocultural continuity for European Mankind (histrionically called “the Far Right”) do exist, and have made great strides in the past decade.

The EU Parliament has just had an election, and the Neglectable Right (by which I primarily here mean the EPP bloc, below) lost ground to parties with racialist or nationalistic sympathies.

And here are the full results (as of this writing), by party bloc, for the 2014 election [with the share of the 751 seats won]:

PRO-EU Blocs [Won 70.4% of EU seats in 2014]
EPP — Center-right [28.4%]
S&D — Center-left (e.g. UK Labor, German SPD) [25.6%]
ALDE— Free-market [8.8%]
Greens — Left-wing Green [7.7%]
EUROSKEPTIC Blocs [29.6%]
GUE — Neo-Communists [5.9%]
ECR — Euroskeptic Respectable Right (led by UK Tories) [9.1%]
EFD — Moderate Nationalists/Racialists (UKIP, Lega Nord, Danish People’s Party, True Finns) [7.2%]
NI — Non-Aligned. These MEPs are mostly “Far Right” often bordering on explicit pro-White racialism (France’s Front National, Jobbik in Hungary, Geert Wilders, Vlaams Belang, Austrian Freedom Party; NI may also include miscellaneous parties like Germany’s “joke parties”, e.g. the Pirate Party, who gained a seat) [7.5%]

(Note on Euroskepticism: Of actual MEP blocs, only the EFD is actually committedly anti-EU; others are “euroskeptic” to varying degrees; most Non-Aligned parties are also anti-EU). (Note on percentages: These are the share of seats in the EU Parliament 2014-2019, including new parties apportioned by their most-likely affiliation. The numbers will vary a bit over time as individual MEPs and political parties come into and leave party-blocs.) (Note: MEPs from parties entering for the first time [including Greece’s Golden Dawn and Germany’s nationalist NPD] will declare affiliations in the coming days and weeks. They are grouped here by their most likely choices. The majority of new entrants have aligned with one of the right-wing opposition blocs, the ECR or EFD.)

How do these results compare to the results from the last EU Parliament election in 2009? There are two general trends here, (1) The rise of “Euroskeptic” parties; (2) The decline of the Respectable Right.

Support for the EU Drops in its Own Parliament

Share of Elected MEPs from Solidly pro-EU Party Blocs (EPP, S&D, ALDE, Greens)
2009: 80%
2014: 70%

“Euroskeptic” blocs will now hold three in ten seats. Most Euroskeptic MEPs have nationalist sympathies.

The neo-Communist party bloc (GUE) is divided, with the old-line Marxists being pro-EU (E.g., “Linke” in Germany, successors to the East German machine), but anti-EU far-left dissident parties from the ‘PIIGs’ have now won a much bigger share of that bloc’s seats, so it will probably turn reliably Euroskeptic.

The Decline of Moderate Conservatives

The biggest loser was the center-right pro-EU bloc, the EPP, which lost seats across the board, losing eight seats in Germany, nine in France, eighteen fewer were elected in Italy, eight fewer in Spain, down six in Poland, and so on:

EPP (Center-Right, pro-EU) Bloc’s Share of EU Parliament Seats Won
2009: 36.0% of seats
2014: 28.4% of seats (-7.4%)

Where did these voters go? Well, we see that right-wing “euoskeptic” parties gained about as many as the EPP lost. Many of the euroskeptics are racialists using opposition to the EU as a proxy issue. The right-wing euroskeptic blocs are (from softest to hardest): The ECR, the EFD, Non-Aligned (the most radical parties are Non-Aligned).

Racialist/Nationalist-Sympathizing Right (EFD+NI), Share of EU Parliament Seats Won
2009: 8.0% of seats
2014: 14.7% of seats [+6.7%]

All Right-Wing Euroskeptic Blocs (ECR+EFD+NI), Share of EU Parliament Seats Won
2009: 15.3% of seats
2014: 23.7% of seats [+8.4%]

(Note: Although the great majority of the Non-Aligned [NI] are “Far Right”, some are not, so the above figures for 2014 should be reduced by a point or two to exclude the miscellany.)

The Future

Maybe the biggest story of the election was UKIP’s victory in Britain, in which UKIP “won”, taking 23 seats to 18 each for Labour and the Conservative Party. UKIP is a moderate nationalist party. Here is what Guessedworker, a veteran of UK dissident-right and racialist politics, says about this at MajorityRights:

One bonus from the campaign against UKIP has been the massive over-use of the word “racist” and the widespread and deeply satisfying derision that has earned.  The power of moral punishment is being broken by the zealotry and sheer promiscuity of the punishers.  Those who are still using it look like (and are) wicked and/or emotionally damaged.  The mainstream politicians who still scramble for cover at the first syllable of the word are going to look very weak from now on, which is what they are anyway.


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3 Responses to EU Election 2014: Racialist/Nationalist Sympathizers Gain Ground

  1. Cecil henry says:


    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  2. Carlo Milano says:

    Nice to have you back. And a fine post, thanks for the detail.

  3. Take The Red Pill says:

    In case you didn’t know it, the left-wing Greens (like the majority of US ‘environmental’ groups) are usually known as ‘Watermelons’ — because they’re ‘green’ only on the outside; on the inside, they’re a deep ‘red’ (Marxist/communist/etc.).
    As I heard it expressed by a Sierra Club member, “After the fall of the old Soviet Union, we saw our membership being taken over by a lot of agressive radicals wearing ‘Che Guevara’ T-shirts”.

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