“A Shabby End to a Mega-Project”: USA’s 2014 Race Riots and the B.H. Obama Legacy

Amid the USA’s race riots of November 2014, we can’t help but think about the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama.

"CNN Shows Depressed Obama and Looters Side by Side" (an observation from Steve Sailer, Nov. 25th, 2014)

“CNN Shows Depressed Obama and Looters Side by Side” (an observation by Steve Sailer, Nov. 25th, 2014)

If there’s any justice, the split screen of the ineffectual Obama and Missouri burning will be the icon of his presidency.
–Percy Gryce, as a comment at Steve Sailer’s.

Just like all the previous anti-White race hoaxes of recent memory, certain powerful people jumped at the chance to prop up the lies around this case, to remind us (again) that “perfidious White malevolence stalks the land in the U.S. of KKK”. They need to feed the beast, you see, a beast I like to call the “Multicultacracy”.

One faithful servant of the Multicultacracy is the disgraced Attorney General Eric “I am a Black Man” Holder. His sympathies are with “his people” (as he once famously phrased it): “[It is] important for local [White] law enforcement authorities to respect the rights of [Black] demonstrators and deescalate tensions by avoiding excessive displays—and uses—of force.”Eric Holder, Nov. 24th, 2014 (Day 1 of the Ferguson rioting).

There are also rumors that Obama and Holder actually ordered the (“racist”?) National Guard to stand down before the rioting. The U.S. Attorney General used to be the foremost lawman of the land. Upholding law and order is a distant second behind Holder’s ethnic activism.

It is in this context that we get this exchange between two Sailer commenters:

Josh wrote:
History books will contain lines like “Despite the achievement of electing the first black president, the 2010s were a time of widespread danger for young black men from Florida to Missouri to California…”

Cagey Beast wrote:
But that is assuming the current political culture will continue into the future rather than fall apart. I’m convinced now that we’re at the end of this era. Have a look at the CNN video and you see the shabby end of a 50yr project and a 50yr old theory on how to solve the American Negro Question (the name of the project obviously had to be changed several times as it went on). The guy on the left side of the screen was supposed to solve the problem on the right side of the screen just by being the colour he is, with the exotic name he has, while in that job. Transformative magic was supposed to happen and it hasn’t. Magic was supposed to happen in international affairs too but the Mocha One has failed there as well.

They were certain it was the stale, pale and goy males who were ruining everything and their removal would bring something wondrous. They thought we’d be hitting new heights once we had a few generations of university grads liberated from eurocentric patriarchy but all we have is universities and cultural institutions full of surly girls and gays going on their mobile devices to witch-hunt. Like someone said in a recent podcast “the 68ers cannot reproduce culturally”, ie. their “culture of critique” can only leave alienation, staleness, stupidity and surliness behind them. The dumpy girls with pink hair, tattoos and nose rings won’t be writing any history books about this time, some white guy will be doing that whether she angrily tweets about it or not.

The fact that CNN chose to run his press conference with the split screen coverage of the riots says something. It also says something that they chose to put this clip on their site. Even CNN producers are done with him. Obama’s presidency will be remembered as the shabby end of a mega-project.

The Sailer “commentariat” is generally very good and maintains a discourse that is at once high-level and refreshing in its freedom from politically-correct pretenses. Another commenter with the ironic handle MLK writes:

I am most curious about the decision to put this President on live TV at this moment in the Ferguson saga? That is much less explicable than CNN’s juxtaposition. […] [This decision by] the White House political team, to put him on TV live, associating him with these images, at first blush it seemed an amateurish misstep. Odd for a President six years in. […] The obvious alternative was that he waited until this morning. Previous Presidents would have waited at least that long. However, this first black president is intimately associated with Ferguson, and more than a little hubristic.


  • Alex Jones’ alternative-media network, not normally a ‘racialist’ outfit, has declared: “Ferguson Riots, Immigration Reform Framing Coming Civil War Around Race”.
  • Paul Kersey reacts to Obama calling the riots “an understandable action”: “It’s hard to put into words the shock of seeing the President of the United States publicly side with the black riots/looting/arsonists in Ferguson.”
  • Brett Stevens: “‘Violence is not the answer,’ say the talking heads. But nothing ever changes. The design itself is broken. Diversity does not work. It produces alienated people who periodically destroy each other. The elites stay in power and everyone else suffers.”
  • Colin Lidell: “[Actually,] mass chimping out has its good points. It is not as entirely contemptible as some imagine. It is after all a collective act that is relatively void of selfish motives […] Then there is the aesthetic appeal of a tiny bit of American ‘consumerama’ going up in flames. But, best of all, mass chimping out is an act of racial solidarity – no, don’t laugh – and may even have a spiritual dimension. […] [T]his ape-like anger over a shooting of one of their number shows more healthy group solidarity than Whites have had for a long time.”

Rioter runs beside a torched police car, Ferguson

Rioter runs beside a torched police car, Ferguson

Race rioters in Fergsuon

Race rioters in Fergsuon

“Race Looters” in Ferguson

Many thousands more “protestors” across the country are carrying signs saying things like “Stop Killing Us”, “Hands Up; Don’t Shoot”, “Black Lives Matter”, “End Racism”, and “End Racist Police Terror” (the more smoothly-worded of these are usually provided by the Marxist ‘ANSWER Coalition’, a group at the forefront of anti-White politics). The god of the Multicultacracy smiles down upon this display of force. Woe be unto he who uses logical argumentation to (easily) counter the (silly) premises behind each of the protestors’ assertions.

If the commenter writing under the handle “Cagey” is right, though (see above), then actually woe be unto those who are not getting off this sinking ship now, while the getting’s good. There are still lifeboats aplenty.

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