The Return of Vanishing American

It was Peter Brimelow who coined the useful phrase “the Historic American Nation” (See the late Lawrence Auster’s post on this concept here). Few, in the past decade, have been as consistent or steadfast in its defense as the blogger Vanishing American (or VA for short) from Texas.

Some time ago, she vanished entirely. I am glad to see that she has risen again. New URL:

Her return seems to have been induced by the the Community-Organizer-in-Chief’s “executive amnesty”.

On the purpose of the (revived) blog:

[W]e are still here, we of the ‘old America’, the one now declared obsolete. What are we then? […] Are we people without a country? Aliens in our own birthright country? Obsolescent and displaced people?

Reflecting on Thanksgiving:

Could these colonists [at the first Thanksgiving(s)] ever have envisioned such a state of things, and could they have imagined their progeny being surrounded by strangers, often hostile strangers, in the country they founded?

It’s a blessing that we can’t see into the future sometimes. I feel certain they might not have bothered, might not have endured the great hardships and dangers: hostile natives, diseases, starvation, climatic extremes, wild animals — just so that the whole experiment would end in failure four centuries later.

Optimism of the will:

[B]eing the stubborn optimist that I am, I hope to discuss all this and much more, if there is anyone there to read this blog.

Welcome back, VA.

Note: “Other Sites of Interest” has been updated.

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3 Responses to The Return of Vanishing American

  1. spandrell says:

    Welcome back to you too. Planning to stay long?

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