[World Cup 2018] Switzerland Team: 70% White but Only 44% White-Christian


swiss national team at world cup 2018

Switzerland national football (soccer) team at World Cup 2018

Switzerland’s FIFA World Ranking in 2018: 6th

Racial stock of the Switzerland-2018 World Cup team:
— 70% European ancestry [16.0/23.0],
—– of which fifteen players (65%) are fully White-European,
——– of which five [22%] are of Balkan-Muslim ancestry [5.0/23.0],
——– of which ten [44%] are full-White-Christians [10.0/23.0].
— 28% Subsaharan African ancestry [6.5/23.0]
— 2% Amerindian ancestry [0.5/23.0]

For an in-depth, player-by-player racial-ancestry analysis, see below. For commentary on the racial-cultural-political factors at play here, including the substantial Islamic presence on the Swiss national team this year, see the Analysis section below.

Race and Europe’s ‘National’ Teams, World Cup 2018

Introduction to Series of World Cup Posts

This year’s World Cup (June-July 2018), as a politicized sporting event, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the racial situation in Europe as it stands, as it has evolved over the past twenty years (using World Cup teams as fixed comparison points). The trajectory of changes in the racial stock of teams may point to wider racial prospects for the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.

Rarely discussed in its own terms, but on millions (perhaps billions) of minds, is the fact that Western Europe’s World Cup squads of recent years have not been very European but are largely multi-racial teams, sometimes White-minority teams, and thus symbolically in line with Europe’s shakily reigning “Multicultacracy” ideology.

The goal of these posts is to quantify this year’s Western European national teams’ racial-ancestral(-cultural) origins in some depth. Which European teams are the ‘least’ and which are the ‘most’ European?

Are there political implications to the racial balance of World Cup national teams? I would propose that there are, as follows:

Some countries, notably France, have received criticism for being top-heavy with non-European ‘mercenary’ players, men of recognized individual talent but with oftentimes less-than-solid ties to, and often being resentful of, the country they are representing. Will such racial ‘mercenary’ teams overperform in 2018, as they would presumably be expected to if team play is a summation of individual talents, or underperform, perhaps due to a relative lack of national-patriotic feeling?

Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams analyzed so far:

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims (with racial-anthropology analysis)
Denmark: 90% White/Scandinavian
England: 63% White, No Muslims
France: 33% White, Black-African Majority
Germany: 83% White, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic (featuring racial-anthropology analysis)
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial element
Russia: 84% White with the remainder from the Caucuses and Central Asian/Turkic
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy[?]
Spain: 92% White
— Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian (This Post)
Sweden: 91% White, No Muslims

Player-by-Player Racial-Ancestral-Cultural Origins

(Method of classification: The twenty-three men on the SWITZERLAND World Cup 2018 squad are individually evaluated by race, national-ancestral origin, birthplace, and place raised until adolescence, where such data is available. Players of half-White mixed race receive a 0.5 ‘European;’ two half-White players are thus together counted as 1.0 Whites.)

(Any corrections or additional information is welcome in the comments.)

Switzerland 2018

Player years of birth range from 1984 to 1997.

switzerland national football team full 23 2018 google

GOALKEEPERS [Whites at 2.0/3.0] [Blacks at 1.0/3.0]
Yann Sommer (White; born near Lake Geneva in French-speaking west; French given name and German surname suggests both ancestries).
Yvon Mvogo (Black; born in Cameroon in 1994 and emigrated to Geneva with mother circa 2000)
Roman Bürki (White; of German origin from Bern, a Swiss-German-Protestant region; both parents of apparent Swiss-German heritage [father pictured here])

DEFENDERS [Whites at 5.0/8.0] [Blacks at 2.5/8.0]
Stephan Lichtsteiner (White, Swiss-German origin; born in the Swiss-German-Protestant heartland area of Lucerne)
François Moubandje (Black; born in Cameroon in 1990 and emigrated to Geneva circa 1998; Christian; dual citizen with Cameroon and Switzerland)
Nico Elvedi (White; born in Zürich but with family origins in the southeast; despite looking German, surname suggests a possible Romansch connection; he looks remarkably like a young Richard Spencer; Spencer also has maternal German ancestry)
Manuel Akanji (half Black via a Nigerian father and half-White by a Swiss mother; born in Canton of Zürich)
Michael Lang (White, looks very German; native to village of Egnach on Lake Constance, Canton of Thorgau; despite bordering Bavaria, this was historically a three-to-one Swiss-German-Protestant stronghold)
Ricardo Rodríguez (Mestizo; born in Zürich to a Spanish father and a mesitza-Amerindian mother from Chile; his mother [1968-2015] displays a high degree of Amerindian ancestry, probably over the average Amerindian share in the Chilean population [which is 40-48%, wiki]) (for simplicity, will count this player as 0.5 Amerindian, 0.5 White)
Johan Djourou (Black; born in Ivory Coast in 1987 to an extramarital affair his Black father was having with a Black Ivory Coast woman, while married to his White-Swiss first wife; baby Johan was brought to Switzerland in 1988 after being adopted by the White wife, pictured here with her Johan, her full-Black adoptive son; other pictures exist of Johan growing up but there is never a father present)
Fabian Schär (White; native to canton of St. Gallen)

MIDFIELDERS [Whites at 6.0/8.0, of which 4.0 are Albanians] [Blacks at 2.0/8.0]
Remo Freuler (White; from the Swiss-German Canton of Glarus, historically three-to-one Protestant)
Granit Xhaka (White; born in 1992 in Basel to Albanian parents who had then-recently arrived [1990] in Switzerland from a town on the Serb-Kosovo border; in 2017 married an Albanian woman)
Valon Behrami (White; born in 1985 in Kosovo, Yugoslavia; emigrated to Switzerland in 1990 with parents; in 2006 married an Italian woman and divorced in 2018)
Steven Zuber (White, born in Zürich)
Blerim Džemaili (White, born in 1986 in Yuoslav Macedonia to Albanian parents and emigrated to Switzerland in 1990 or ’91; married an Albanian model in 2015)
Gelson Fernandes (Black; born in Cape Verde in 1986 and arrived in Switzerland in 1991; father works as a groundskeeper for a Swiss local football club)
Denis Zakaria (Black; born in Geneva to African parents [South Sudan, Zaire])
Xherdan Shaqiri (White; born to Albanian parents in Kosovo in 1991 and emigrated to Switzerland in 1992; is a tri-national of Switzerland, Albania, and Kosovo; Muslim)

STRIKERS [Whites at 3.0/4.0, of which all are of ex-Yugoslav origin] [Blacks at 1.0/4.0]
Breel Embolo (Black; born in Cameroon in 1997 and emigrated to Switzerland circa 2003; was made a Swiss citizen in Dec. 2014, just before eighteenth birthday)
Haris Seferović (White; born in Lucerne in 1992 to a family of Bosnian Muslim origin who had arrived in Switzerland in the late 1980s)
Mario Gavranović (White; born in southern Switzerland in 1989 to Catholic Bosnian-Croat parents who had arrived in Switzerland in 1988).
Josip Drmić (White born in Canton Schwyz, a Catholic canton, to Croatian parents; a dual citizen of Switzerland and Croatia)

Comparison with past SWITZERLAND squads


swiss world cup team 2014
Switzerland-2014 players were born between 1983 and 1992.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: There appear to be three non-European-origin including two Black players and Ricardo Rodriguez (number-13) with his substantial Amerindian ancestry. There were a further six players (!) of Balkan-Muslim ancestry and one or two more of ex-Yugoslav Christian origin. The European Muslim players are: Number-9 (Haris Seferović) of Bosnian-Muslim origin, but very European in appearance, able to pass in any Northern European country. Number-10 (Granit Xhaka) of Albanian origin. Number-11 (Valon Behrami) isalso of Albanian origin. Number-15 (Blerim Džemaili) also of Albanian origin. Number-18 (Admir Mehmedi) also of Albanian origin. Number-23 (Xherdan Shaqiri) of Kosovar-Albanian origin.

Assuming all these Albanian players are at least nominal Muslims, the number of (fully-)White-Christian-origin on Switzerland-2014 was: 61%.

Switzerland Record in 2014 World Cup
4: Games (finished at 11th place)
7: Goals For
7: Goals Against
0: Goal Differential per Game Played


swiss world cup team 2010_a
switzerland 2010b
Switzerland-2010 players were born between 1975 and 1991.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Five non-European players, of which two Blacks and three of Turkish origin — numbers 8, 15, and 19; as numbers 15 and 19 especially are almost European-looking, we may count these collectively two as 2.5 Non-European and 0.5 European), making for a total of 80% White racial stock for the team. There was also one European-Muslim (number 11, Valon Behrami, an Albanian-Muslim), meaning White-Christian ancestry was 76%.

Switzerland Record in 2010 World Cup
3: Games (finished at 19th place)
1: Goals For
1: Goals Against
0: Goal Differential per Game Played


[I find no full-23 picture of the 2006 team]. Switzerland-2006 players were born between 1971 and 1987.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Two Muslim players (one Albanian, one Turk) and one Black player. Counting the Albanian as White-European, this made for 91% White Switzerland squad in 2006, or 87% White-Christian.

Switzerland Record in 2006 World Cup
4: Games (finished at tenth place)
4: Goals For
0: Goals Against
+1.0: Goal Differential per Game Played


Switzerland did not qualify for the World Cup in 2002.



The Switzerland-2018 squad is remarkable for having so many players of Balkan origin, especially European Muslims. This is probably in line with the Eurocrat-Multiculturalist vision for Europe, and also probably delights not just Balkan-Muslims but all Muslims, many of whom believe they will inevitably inherit Europe once the White-Christians are demographically displaced by mid-late century.

Counting White-Christian players, ‘Swiss’ teams at the World Cup have evolved as follows:
— 2002: Did Not Qualify
— 2006: 87% White-Christian
— 2010: 76% White-Christian
— 2014: 61% White-Christian
— 2018: 44% White-Christian

Just twelve years ago, the Swiss team represented Switzerland fairly well, but it no longer does; the vast shift towards Balkan and especially Albanian-origin players especially from 2014 reflects the vast numbers of Albanian migrants that came into Switzerland circa 1990, the stories of some of these being profiled above in the player-by-player section; 2014 was the first year substantial numbers of these “aged in.” The lesson here is that Current Migration Patterns Matter, i.e. they will affect the future. Out future is made today. A simple lesson that many of us in the West forget.

Will a Swiss ‘national’ with a White-Christian minority still attract broad-based support from the actual Swiss people?

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  1. Hail To You = Republics/Democratias of Firearms ©® says:

    Was senden sie mir Fußball scheiße?

    Gesendet von meinem Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 (5.5)

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  12. Hail says:

    Two of the Kosovo-Muslim “Swiss” players have made the news…

    World Cup 2018: Fifa investigates Switzerland duo over goal celebrations / June 23, 2018

    Football’s world governing body has opened an investigation into Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri’s goal celebrations during Switzerland’s World Cup victory over Serbia.

    Both players are ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, where a Serbian crackdown on the Albanian population only ended with Nato military intervention in 1999.

    After scoring, they made an eagle gesture in a symbol of the two-headed eagle on the Albanian flag. Both were booed by Serbia fans.

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