[World Cup 2018] Spain Team: 92% White


spain world cup 2018 full team pic

Spain’s FIFA World Ranking in 2018: 10th

Spain national football (soccer) team at World Cup 2018

Racial stock of the Spain-2018 World Cup team:
— 92% European ancestry [21.15/23.0]
—– of which, nineteen players [83%] are fully White-European
— 5.5% Subsaharan African ancestry [1.25/23.0]
— 2% East Asian ancestry [0.5/23.0] via David Silva
— 0.5% North African ancestry [0.1/23.0]

See below for a racial-ancestral analysis for each player. For political commentary on the racial-political dynamics at play here, see the Analysis section.

Race and Europe’s ‘National’ Teams, World Cup 2018

Introduction to Series of World Cup Posts

This year’s World Cup (June-July 2018), as a politicized sporting event, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the racial situation in Europe as it stands, as it has evolved over the past twenty years (using World Cup teams as fixed comparison points). The trajectory of changes in the racial stock of teams may point to wider racial prospects for the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.

Rarely discussed in its own terms, but on millions (perhaps billions) of minds, is the fact that Western Europe’s World Cup squads of recent years have not been very European but are largely multi-racial teams, sometimes White-minority teams, and thus symbolically in line with Europe’s shakily reigning “Multicultacracy” ideology.

The goal of these posts is to quantify this year’s Western European national teams’ racial-ancestral(-cultural) origins in some depth. Which European teams are the ‘least’ and which are the ‘most’ European?

Are there political implications to the racial balance of World Cup national teams? I would propose that there are, as follows:

Some countries, notably France, have received criticism for being top-heavy with non-European ‘mercenary’ players, men of recognized individual talent but with oftentimes less-than-solid ties to, and often being resentful of, the country they are representing. Will such racial ‘mercenary’ teams overperform in 2018, as they would presumably be expected to if team play is a summation of individual talents, or underperform, perhaps due to a relative lack of national-patriotic feeling?

Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams analyzed so far:

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims (with racial-anthropology analysis)
Denmark: 90% White, Scandinavian
England: 63% White, No Muslims
France: 33% White, African Majority
Germany: 83% White, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic (featuring racial-anthropology analysis)
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial element
Russia: 84% White with the remainder from the Caucuses and Central Asian/Turkic
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy[?]
— Spain: 92% White (This Post)
Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian
Sweden: 91% White, No Muslims

Player-by-Player Racial-Ancestral-Cultural Origins

(Method of classification: The twenty-three men on the SPAIN World Cup 2018 squad are individually evaluated by race, national-ancestral origin, birthplace, and place raised until adolescence, where such data is available. Players of half-White mixed race receive a 0.5 ‘European;’ two half-White players are thus together counted as 1.0 Whites.)

(Any corrections or additional information is welcome in the comments.)

Spain 2018

Player years of birth range from 1982 to 1996.

spain national football team full 23 2018 google

GOALKEEPERS [Whites at 3.0/3.0]
David de Gea (White; tall [193cm, 6’4″] and of Nordic appearance)
Kepa Arrizabalaga (White; Basque origin)
Pepe Reina (White; father of Andalusian origin; has five children with Spanish wife Yolanda Ruiz born between the late 2000s and 2010s, a time when Spanish TFR was in the 1.3-1.4 range; Reina brought his blonde daughter onto the field during the victory celebration in 2010)

DEFENDERS [White ancestry at 8.0/8.0]
Dani Carvajal (White; born in Greater Madrid; here pictured with parents)
Gerard Piqué (White; born in Barcelona to a prominent Catalan family, and supporter of Catalan independence; has two children with Colombian singer Shakira who is of half-Spanish and half-Lebanese origin)
Nacho Fernandez, birth name José Ignacio Fernández Iglesias, often goes by ‘Nacho’ (White; born in Madrid; Nordic influence evident, especially thgrough mother, as evident in family photo)
Álvaro Odriozola (White; Basque origin)
César Azpilicueta (White; northern Spain [Navarre] origin)
Sergio Ramos (White; born in Andalusia; has three children with Spanish journalist wife Pilar Rubio, pictured here)
Nacho Monreal (White; origins in northern Spain [Navarre]
Jordi Alba (White; born in Catalonia; pictured here with parents)

MIDFIELDERS [White ancestry at 6.5/7.0] [Black ancestry at 0.5/7.0]
Sergio Busquets (White; origins in Barcelona)
Andrés Iniesta (White; born in central Spain; three children with his long-time partner [together from 2006, married from 2012], pictured here together with daughter)
Saúl, full name Saúl Ñíguez (White; born in Valencia)
Koke, legal name Jorge Resurrección Merodio (White; born in Madrid)
Thiago, full name Thiago Alcântara (half-Black and half-White through his mother. Subsaharan ancestry through Brazilian father, a professional player named Mazinho, pictured here with Thiago as a boy; Thiago’s mother was a White-Brazilian volleyball player [pictured here])
Marco Asensio (White; born on Palma de Mallorca island to a Dutch mother and Spanish father)
Isco, legal name Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez (White; born in Andalusia)

STRIKERS [White ancestry at 3.65/5.0] [Black ancestry at 0.75/5.0] [East Asian ancestry at 0.5/5.0]
Rodrigo, full name Rodrigo Moreno Machado (part-Black; father a Brazilian player named Adalberto [pictured here] born in Brazil in 1991; emigrated to Spain circa 2005; information on mother unavailable but based on Rodrigo’s phenotype, she was White or largely-White) (will count Rodrigo as 0.5 Black, 0.5 White)
Lucas Vázquez (White; origin in Galicia)
Iago Aspas (White; origin in Galicia)
Diego Costa (part-Black through father; both parents Brazilian; father perhaps half Black [pictured here] while Costa’s mother [pictured here] may have minimal to no Subsaharan ancestry) (Costa us here counted as 0.25 Black, 0.75 White)
David Silva (half-Japanese through his mother and half-European (Canary Islands) through his father; born on the Canary Islands; his EUropean ancestry, if all from the Canaries, will also have non-negligible North African ancestry (estimated at at “16-31%”) (=0.5 East Asian, 0.4 European, 0.1 North African)

Comparison with past SPAIN squads


spain-world-cup-squad 2014
Spain-2014 players were born between 1980 and 1992.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: The team was probably 95%+ White by ancestry, with only marginal Nonwhite partial ancestry as through David Silva’s half-Japanese ancestry and Diego Costa’s partial Subsaharan ancestry through his Brazilian father.

Spain Record in 2014 World Cup
3: Games
4: Goals For
7: Goals Against
-1.3: Goal Differential per Game Played


spain world cup 2010
Spain-2010 players were born between 1978 and 1988.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: No substantial non-White ancestry on the team except for David Silva’s half-Japanese origin and one player reportedly of at least partial Gypsy (Gitano) origin (Jesus Navas, who appeared in three matches including the Final), making the team overall around 95% White.

World Cup 2010 was Spain’s best-ever World Cup performance, though its goal differential of only +0.9/game was less impressive. The team was solid, anyway, and its White supermajority  won the acclaim of some fans on the racialist Right at the time for this reason, especially in comparison with the disgraceful display of the racial-mercenary team representing France.

Spain Record in 2010 World Cup
7: Games (Winners of the Final)
8: Goals For
2: Goals Against
+0.9: Goal Differential per Game Played


Spain-2006 players were born between 1969 and 1987.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: One black player and otherwise very minimal Nonwhite ancestry. The team was collectively probably over 95% White by ancestry.

Spain Record in 2006 World Cup
4: Games (Finished in 9th Place)
9: Goals For
4: Goals Against
+1.25: Goal Differential per Game Played


Spain-2002 players were born between 1966 and 1981.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: No Nonwhite players; team near 100% White by ancestry.

Spain Record in 2002 World Cup
5: Games (finished in 5th place)
10: Goals For
5: Goals Against
+1.0: Goal Differential per Game Played



Spain’s teams have consistently had a White-European supermajority, usually at or around 95%. This is only slightly less with the men called up for Spain-2018; Spain has a strong tradition of football and either feels no need to bring in foreign players or feels a domestic pressure to actually use local-origin players; Spain’s team, dominated by Spaniards, will gain may get the support of fans far and wide because not only of its skill but also the prestige of it using Europeans.

In racial-political terms, Spain has been at the receiving end of large numbers of migrants, for which it has, during the first week of the World Cup, reentered the news due to Italy rejecting the latest ‘migrant ship,’ which Spain’s government decided to accept. Spain’s national team, though, has almost no trace of the migrants it has received; Muslim and other non-European migrants are a ticking time bomb in Spain but so far it is, as in Sweden (see Analysis section), “out of sight, out of mind” for most.

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