[World Cup 2018] Sweden Team: 91% White, No Muslims


sweden national team 2018 Sweden’s starting eleven for a recent international game; Sweden’s full-23 pic for World Cup 2018 (final squad announced in mid-May 2018) is not available.

Sweden’s FIFA World Ranking in 2018: 24th

Sweden national football (soccer) team at World Cup 2018

Racial stock of the Sweden-2018 World Cup team:
91% European ancestry [21.0/23.0],
—– of which twenty players (87%) are fully White-European;
4.5% Middle Eastern ancestry [1.0/23.0];
4.5% Subsaharan African ancestry [1.0/23.0]

For an in-depth, player-by-player racial-ancestry analysis, see below. For an analysis of the political significance of the racial-cultural dynamics seen or implied by Sweden’s 2018 World Cup team, see here (below).

Race and Europe’s ‘National’ Teams, World Cup 2018

Introduction to Series of World Cup Posts

This year’s World Cup (June-July 2018), as a politicized sporting event, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the racial situation in Europe as it stands, as it has evolved over the past twenty years (using World Cup teams as fixed comparison points). The trajectory of changes in the racial stock of teams may point to wider racial prospects for the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.

Rarely discussed in its own terms, but on millions (perhaps billions) of minds, is the fact that Western Europe’s World Cup squads of recent years have not been very European but are largely multi-racial teams, sometimes White-minority teams, and thus symbolically in line with Europe’s shakily reigning “Multicultacracy” ideology.

The goal of these posts is to quantify this year’s Western European national teams’ racial-ancestral(-cultural) origins in some depth. Which European teams are the ‘least’ and which are the ‘most’ European?

Are there political implications to the racial balance of World Cup national teams? I would propose that there are, as follows:

Some countries, notably France, have received criticism for being top-heavy with non-European ‘mercenary’ players, men of recognized individual talent but with oftentimes less-than-solid ties to, and often being resentful of, the country they are representing. Will such racial ‘mercenary’ teams overperform in 2018, as they would presumably be expected to if team play is a summation of individual talents, or underperform, perhaps due to a relative lack of national-patriotic feeling?

Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams analyzed so far:

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims (with racial-anthropology analysis)
Denmark: 90% White/Scandinavian
England: 63% White, No Muslims
France: 33% White, Black-African Majority
Germany: 83% White, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic (featuring racial-anthropology analysis)
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial element
Russia: 84% White with the remainder from the Caucuses and Central Asian/Turkic
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy
Spain: 92% White
Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian
— Sweden: 91% White, No Muslims (This Post)

Player-by-Player Racial-Ancestral-Cultural Origins

(Method of classification: The twenty-three men on the SWEDEN World Cup 2018 squad are individually evaluated by race, national-ancestral origin, birthplace, and place raised until adolescence, where such data is available. Players of half-White mixed race receive a 0.5 ‘European;’ two half-White players are thus together counted as 1.0 Whites.)

(Any corrections or additional information is welcome in the comments.)

Sweden 2018

Player years of birth range from 1985 to 1994.

sweden national football team full 23 2018 google

[Whites at 3.0/3.0]
sweden goalkeepers world cup 2018

Robin Olsen (White; and of classic Nordic type; both parents Danish but they raised Robin in Sweden)
Karl-Johan Johnsson (White; born on west coast of Sweden in Halland; Nordid type possibly leaning towards Tronder; see picture)
Kristoffer Nordfeldt (White; born in Stockholm)

[White ancestry at 7.5/8.0] [Black ancestry at 0.5/8.0]
sweden defenders world cup 2018

Mikael Lustig (White; born in Umeå in northern Sweden; surname of uncertain origin, but Statistics Sweden counts 219 persons surnamed Lustig in Sweden in 2017; some pictures suggest minor East Baltid/Lappoid influence on his phenotype, as seen in many photos of Lustig; see here for photo of Lustig with then-girlfriend [married, 2013] and baby)
Victor Lindelöf (White; born in east-central Sweden in region around Stockholm; pictured here with his fiancee, to whom he proposed in June 2017 at age 22 ahead of moving to England to play with Manchester United)
Andreas Granqvist (White; born in Skane, southern Sweden)
Martin Olsson, who also goes by Tony Waikwa (half-Black, half-White; White-Swedish father and Kenyan mother; pictured here; born in Gävle, east-central Sweden; Martin Olsson’s full-sister is Dirk Nowitzki’s wife Jessica, on which see “The Color of Love: Dirk Nowitzki Opens up on his Interracial Marriage,” Jan. 2017, The Undefeated)
Ludwig Augustinsson (White, of classic Nordic type; from a wealthy Stockholm family)
Filip Helander (White, also of classic Nordic type; born in Malmo in 1993, as the city was on its way towards tipping towards its non-European majority status, for which it became famous in the 2000s and 2010s — Update: the day after Sweden’s first-game victory against South Korea in World Cup 2018, three people were killed in an apparent gang shooting in Malmo; it is unclear if Helander grew up in a White-majority setting in or near Malmo, or amongst mainly-Muslim immigrants; he played for Husie, a local youth club in Malmo, and then Malmo FC, Sweden’s most sucessful team from 2007)
Emil Krafth (White; born in Stockholm)
Pontus Jansson (White; married Swedish girlfriend Asa Thornell in 2017, pictured together here)

[White ancestry at 7.0/8.0] [Middle Eastern at 1.0/8.0]
sweden midfielders world cup 2018

Sebastian Larsson (White; born in Södermanland, central Sweden)
Albin Ekdal (White; father a well-known TV journalist in Sweden; Albin has apparent minor East Baltid/Lappoid influence perhaps through the unusual look of his father)
Emil Forsberg (White; from a multi-generational football family in Sweden; married fellow pro-footballer Shanga Hussain [b. 1992 in Sweden], who is of Kurdish origin, reportedly through both parents, in 2017)
Gustav Svensson (White; born in Gothenburg)
Oscar Hiljemark (White, of classic Nordic type; born in Jönköping County, south-central Sweden; pictured here with longtime girlfriend)
Viktor Claesson (White; born in Jönköping County, southern Sweden)
Marcus Rohdén (White; born in Jönköping County, southern Sweden; Rohden is apparently a Scandinavian name)
Jimmy Durmaz (Middle Eastern; is of Christian origin; family roots are as a Christian minority in the Ottoman Empire and its successor states in the Mideast for several generations; he was born in Sweden in 1989 to recent immigrant parents coming from Turkey, but Jimmy Durmaz is not a Turk nor a Muslim)

[White ancestry at 3.5/4.0] [Black ancestry at 0.5/4.0]
sweden forwards world cup 2018

Marcus Berg (White; born in western Sweden near the Norway border; despite his nickname, which is ‘Black Marcus,’ he has no trace of African or any non-European ancestry.
John Guidetti (White; his ancestral origin is apparently one-quarter Italian [paternal grandfather], one-eighth Brazilian, and five-eighths Swedish; his Brazilian ancestry must have had little, likely no, non-White admixture, as Guidetti looks like a typical Nordic Swede) (=1.0 White)
Ola Toivonen (White; father from Finland and mother presumably Swedish; born in Örebro County, central Sweden)
Isaac Kiese Thelin (half-Black, half-White; father from the Congo, mother White-Swedish; born in Örebro County, central Sweden; like several of Denmark’s part-Black mixed-race players, there is no trace of Subsaharan-African origin in his name alone, as the name Thelin is Swedish in origin; depending on the photograph, White influence on Mr. Thelin’s appearance looks less than the 50% it is reported to be)

Comparison with past SWEDEN squads


Sweden did not qualify in 2014.


Sweden did not qualify in 2010.


Sweden-2006 players were born between 1971 and 1984.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Team appears to hav been 95%+ White; two players of mixed origin: Henrik Larsson, half-Black (on whom more below in the Analysis section), and Rami Shaaban, half Egyptian.

Sweden Record in 2006 World Cup
4: Games (finished at 14th place)
3: Goals For
4: Goals Against
-0.25: Goal Differential per Game Played


Sweden-2002 players were born between 1969 and 1981.

Racial-Ancestral Stock:

Sweden Record in 2002 World Cup
4: Games (finished at 13th place)
5: Goals For
5: Goals Against
+0: Goal Differential per Game Played



Sweden’s race problem as of the 2010s is well known and needs no further comment here. As with other countries with growing Muslim underclasses across Western Europe, at the ‘elite’ level, there is either no presence of such people, or there is not but a token, ‘white-washed’ presence.

Sweden’s national team has not a single Muslim, and only one Middle Easterner (Durmaz), who is a Christian. The only trace of the substantial Muslim resident population in today’s Sweden is the Kurdish-origin wife of one player, Forsberg — see his entry above — and even she (a Shanga Hussain) is on the European-looking end of the Kurdish spectrum in many pictures online. Their children will presumably be able to generally pass for full-European in most regions of the continent, even if a little Armenoid or perhaps Dinaric looking.

Steve Sailer often writes on the under-representation of Hispanics in U.S. elite culture despite their strong demographic position of now near 20% nationally. For Swedes in political class and the peripheries around it, the Muslim issue and the wider race issue in Sweden is likewise not real, in an important sense, as they do not see it. For someone who does not ‘follow’ Sweden closely and read tehe right news in the righr way, it is very easy to imagine — and glancing at the World Cup roster would seem to confirm — that there is no Muslim issue in the country.

Yet there is a Muslim (and wider racial) issue in once-quaint Sweden, reportedly the most serious in all Europe: Sweden could well cross over to one-third Muslim in the 2040s (this according to Pew Research), with a youth share presumably yet higher still — and recall also that this does not count non-Muslim non-Europeans.

As is natural, racial-nationalist opponents of this Grand Replacement have emerged in Swedish politics, with the moderate (but certainly implicitly-)racial-nationalist Sweden Democrats (SD) political party now in a commanding position in opinion polls [Update: A poll released June 20 finds the SD with a highest-ever 28.5%; the election in a few months may return a 35-35-30 Left-Right-SD result, so divided because the ‘Right’ has said it “rules out” working with the SD]. A new party, Alternative for Sweden (AfS), a more overt racial-nationalist party, has also emerged, and will presumably put pressure on SD to stay true to its ethnonationalist program.

To the extent that the new AfS fails to attract support, and to the extent there has been no reaction so far, it is arguably again because Swedes just do not “see” the problem, that is, the problem is structurally hidden; Sweden’s zero-percent Muslim World Cup roster in 2018 is a kind of metaphor for this.

(Note that one of Sweden’s all-time best players, Zlatan Ibrahimović [born 1981 in Malmo; member of Sweden national team, 2001-2016] was born to a Bosnian-Muslim father and a Croat-Catholic mother, who emigrated to Sweden in 1977, but Zlatan has never specifically identified as a Muslim, except for the cachet of being “half-Muslim”; he has identified as a Catholic in recent years.)

Another note, on mixed-race players with Black ancestry: Just as in Denmark, the two half-Black players (Isaac Thelin and Marcus Olsson) give no hint of their racial origins through their names (rather, the names their mothers insisted they use); make of that what you will. This is actually nothing new, as ‘Swedish’ national-team star Henrik Larsson (b.1971; member of Sweden National Team, 1993-2009) also has the same story as the younger players born twenty years later; note also that mixed-race Henrik Larsson’s Black-African father also disappeared when he was a boy (see also many such stories in player profiles for England players, among others; people have short memories, but the same stories seem to get played out again and again in history…)

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17 Responses to [World Cup 2018] Sweden Team: 91% White, No Muslims

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  11. Anonymous says:

    As a white person but born and living in Africa you are absolutely clueless! Btw the best player in your team is married to a very talented footballer but sadly for you zenophobes she happens to be Muslim. Grow up and get a life and by the way welcome to the 21st century

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  13. William Walker says:

    Well said Anonymous, these racist bigots should be ashamed.

  14. Hail says:

    During Sweden’s World Cup run (6/18 to 7/7), featuring Sweden’s largely-mercenary-less, all-[White-]Swedish team, nearly polling for the implicitly racialist Sweden Democrats party has been good, averaging 24% in four polls (highest result 29%, with history of polls underestimating its support).

    The ethnomasochist-Left coalition has a combined 37% in the same set of polls, and the ineffectual-Right coalition has 36% in the same set of polls. (Both could drop a few points if one of any of the coalitions’ minor parties does not make the 4%-threshold.)

    Both the ethnomasochist-Left and ineffectual-Right regularly polled 40%+ in the recent past, which suggests the rise of the Sweden Democrats is taking political energy from both sides. (Sept. 2014 election actual result: ethnomasochist-Left: 43.5%; ineffectual-Right: 39.5%)

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