Against the Corona Panic, Part XIII: The “Corona-Riots.” The angry looting, rioting, arson, were caused by the Corona-Response and by the pro-Panic side’s complete victory and lack of serious/successful pushback by the anti-Panic side; is the US any longer a serious country?

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“Black people built this country — They have the right to tear it down” (pro-Riot slogan, Washington DC, May 31)

With riots, looting, and arson widespread in late May and early June, suddenly we see almost no media at all cover Corona anymore. The seamless transition of coverage is curious, if they really believed it was such a major pandemic with “100,000 dead.” What’s going on?

The best way to understand it: The Corona-Response caused the riots in the US. The riots are a direct extension of Corona.

The media, and most regular people who get their information from the media and follow its lead, all go along with the charade that the riots are about what the claimed trigger is, which any close analysis or basic critical thinking will show to be untrue.

Most of the media, academic, corporations, celebrities, and in a word the entire US regime, has spent a long time pushing the ideas here, behind the latest quasi-hoax (the claimed trigger). They always meant it to be controllable, a political-cultural wrecking ball with them at the helm, for the people they rile up to serve as their pets, as it were. What happens when the ‘wrecking ball’ goes rogue, or the ‘pet’ goes rabid?

Still, true-believers in large sections of America are easy to find.

A white female protester holds up a sign, “Being Black should NOT mean less likely to survive | #BlackLivesMatter,” Washington DC, May 31

The role of the hostile media and elite-class in inciting the riots

The media, for its part, with the lifting of the Corona-Lockdowns it agitated so hard for and with Corona looking like the failed god it always was (though it will still have partisans and believers for time to come), as if on cue began pushing the latest moral panic/malicious-hoax hard, and said not a word against protestors for breaking social distancing rules, as it had condemned the anti-Lockdown Michigan and other anti-Panic protesters before as “terrorists.” A close examination of facts of the claimed trigger is something no one in the media seemed to want, nor even cared about (which sounds to me again like Corona).

These are largely race riots and the riots are very obviously a follow-on effect of the wrong, destructive, and often-maliciously-made lockdown policies. The riots cannot be understood at all outside a Corona Lockdown context.

A concise summary of the pro-CoronaPanic stranglehold on the media and its effects, all predictable (from @JeremyDBoreing)

The pro-Panic side is guilty here, a national-scale Yelling ‘Fire!’ in a Crowded Theater situation. The writing at this website and elsewhere, fighting a rearguard action against the pro-Panic side’s arguments (imposed from above by a coup d’etat junta after a while, with mass support via religion), was worth it, and remains worth it for the historical record and as people pick up the pieces going forward.

I have several more Corona posts planned (on who formed into the pro- and anti-Panic coalitions in March and why). While they may seem irrelevant now, I believe in the medium- and long-run they are more valuable than ever.


A police line blocks an intersection, Washington DC, May 31; the crowd is largely white leftists and carries signs that say “White Silence is Violence” and similar

Why does the media not so much as bring up the Corona Lockdown as a factor in the riots/looting, much less argue (point out) that the Corona-Response (lockdown) is the direct cause of the riots? This is curious given how obvious the connection is.

For one thing, it shows just how weak the anti-Panic side was in the media and elite class, which we already knew.

The seemingly universal endorsement of the most extreme interpretation of the claimed trigger (a single ambiguous case becomes a wave of “genocide” and open murders of Blacks for sport by evil white police, a total detachment from anything like reality, comparable to the Corona-doomsday-fantasists’ hallucinations). The immediate ceding of narrative control to the radicals, black-racialists, and anarchist fantasists. These are puzzling.

“Killer Cops will not go free” poster hung up by the pro-Riot side, Washington DC, May 30 (Subtitle, “Do not live in ignorance Use your privilege for good,” targets white-liberals in terms they are familiar with, Pavlov-style)

What we got: After the artificial virus crisis was imposed from above by a massive propaganda effort, a similar artificial crisis of Blacks murdered by police for no reason is created, when none of the data supports this at all (whites are more likely to die in interactions with police per capita per interaction).

Everyone fell in line, just like they did on Corona, obedient and unquestioning.


No Coherent Grievances or Demands, Facts-Last and Emotion-First Impossible to Understand without Corona Lockdowns

That the riots align exactly with the beginning of reopening schedules immediately suggests the connection. As does the bizarre lack of any kind of articulated, specific grievance or demands. Lots of race solidarity/racial-nationalism, Yes; lots of virtue-signalling, Yes (which camp one falls into dependent on race), all pent up for three months.

The (flimsy) pretext, a single ambiguous case in Minnesota. The only thing close to a clear demand being that the mob wants “facts-last, emotion-first” lynchmob-style execution of the arresting police officer involved in the fight. This was the only clear demand I have seen articulated. One ambiguous death with an unknown person thousands of miles away triggers mass riots everywhere, seemingly out of nowhere? It makes no sense without Corona as trigger, though the structural causes in US culture, politics, and demographics are also obvious to those willing to see them.

These insane, unnecessary, unprecedented, pigheaded, groupthink-based, magical-thinking-based, endless mass-shutdowns and lockdowns kept people out of work and school for months, yet at the same time the steady and enormouse stream of Corona-propaganda riled them up. With nothing to do, often with lost jobs, an indefinite freeze on school, and no apparent immediate hopes of getting new one jobs or going back to school (shorter time horizons in school age), we of the anti-Panic side warned in general terms of unforeseen consequences. Here we are. There will be many more (unforeseen consequences that is).

A police line blocks an intersection, Washington DC, May 31; the crowd is largely white leftists and has signs that say “White Silence is Violence” and similar

The timing and the nature of these race riots points to the base cause. The base cause is the total victory of the pro-Panic side in March, the pro-Panic coup d’etat, and the pro-Panic junta(s)’ refusal to yield an inch, even when it was clear the panickers were wrong as became crystal-clear in April. The pro-Panic side bizarrely dragged it out through May, against all logic, almost as if intended specifically to harm the population, as in “a victor’s peace.” I believe it is better understood in general terms as a religious cult but the malicious, political “victor’s peace” angle is not to be ignored.

The pro-Panic side was playing with fire, metaphorically, and they should have known it. Now others have ‘played’ literally with fire after the lockdown lifted and they’d spent over two months with nothing to do, often without jobs of any kind, and no school. The economic damage is realbut the moral/prestige damage is greater.

The USA, ruled by pro-Panic mob that locked down society for no reason, put tens of million out of work for no reason, and which bizarrely engages in top-down encouragement of opportunistic looting/arsonist mobs, does not seem to be a serious country.

Pro-Riot graffiti, Lafayette Square, Washington DC near White House (May 31)


Why did they media do it this time?

Why did they push the latest mini moral panic hoax, seemingly creating it out of thin air?

Their ideological commitments. Their role as chief purveyors of shrill nonsense. They cannot help stumbling from one mini moral panic to the next.

Besides that, they are too addicted to the instant-news-cycle, and dramatic footage, and dramatic stories largely inflated/created by themselves, to yelling at each other over the same (presumably). All these things meant they would push the hoax and yet again it would get out of control, and given their Corona-Panic-pushing ongoing for over three months and the destruction they caused thereby, it was all inevitable.

A black protester is interviewed sympathetically by an Arabic TV channel just before the mob of which he was a part smashed into the AFL-CIO building, downtown Washington DC, May 31


In light of the media’s entire loss of interest in the so-called pandemic, does Corona still matter? The answer is Yes, because the riots are part of Corona. No understanding the riots without understanding Corona.

There is also obvious value in knowing the truth, and in evaluating the role of the media and the sociological phenomenon of moral panic and how it begins, and how destructive it can get.

The media’s role, yet again, in fomenting an artificial crisis, and the “facts-last, emotion-first, embrace the moral-panic” nature of it reminds me of the Corona Response in general, which also makes Corona as a specific phenomenon worth studying. The amount of magical thinking on display is high both with Corona and with its follow-on riots.

The religion-like nature of Corona (which I previously argued was the breakthrough of a literal religious cult) triggered the fanatics to move on to wilder, more aggressive religious-cults, or revived some of the 2010s, with BLM as a race-based religion for some and replete with magical thinking and facts-last, facts-don’t-matter-anyway, emotion-first, agitation-based religion. I have been on the ground observing some of these protests and riots/looting, and there is much more to say but I will have to do that another time or in another format (I have some tweets on the matter).

Protesters threaten to kill Trump, May 31, downtown Washington DC

What is the lesson of ‘Corona’ (by which I mean the victory of the pro-Panic side and its total-stranglehold on almost all governments in the West) and the follow-on “Corona-Riots”?

It seems increasingly to be that the US regime, the media-run state, has lost moral credibility. The US does not seem to be a serious country. There are serious structural problems that allowed fertile soil for the Corona-Paranoia and Corona Cult to break through.


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47 Responses to Against the Corona Panic, Part XIII: The “Corona-Riots.” The angry looting, rioting, arson, were caused by the Corona-Response and by the pro-Panic side’s complete victory and lack of serious/successful pushback by the anti-Panic side; is the US any longer a serious country?

  1. eD says:

    This is an excellent post. I will comment only briefly. The impeachment, COVID 19 hysteria, and the riots all seem to have been planned by the same people and linked in some way, but its obviously hard to figure out the exact connections, without inside information on the planning which I don’t have.

    The response to the riots are being made under the same states of emergency as the earlier lockdowns. And the riots came along just when the earlier lockdowns began to be loosened (though I happen to live in a place where there was no loosening). Also, both the health lockdowns and the riots hit the large metro areas hardest, I suspect here that being blue politically and culturally is less important than these areas being where most of the economic activity took place.

    Apparently we are in the middle of an attempt to “color revolution” the USA, but nearly the entire world locked down due to the “virus”. Collateral damage in an operation where the USA was the principal target?

    • Hail says:

      the riots came along just when the earlier lockdowns began to be loosened

      This is a key piece of the puzzle, definitely.

      Apparently we are in the middle of an attempt to “color revolution” the USA

      I would have dismissed this as an extreme view on May 30, was leaning that way by the time this post was written June 2, and by June 3, events had convinced me of it.

  2. Whether there was a full-out plan (per Ed above) or not, as Peak Stupidity discussed on Saturday, “Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop”. This especially applies to black men, from my experience. With the factors of idle hands, extra money (so no struggling too eek out a living), but that lack of Bread & Circuses, all it took was this one spark. That is not to say I think this is some random spark either.

    The Lyin’ Press, to run their narrative this time, could have picked an incident like this probably any day, or at least any week, of the year. Out-of-control police “respect mah authority” killings happen hundreds of times a year, and (as you said) to white people just as much. (We could do a per-capita calculation, but the problem arises that black people are quite often such a pain in the ass that it’s hard to do an apples-to-apples comparison.).

    The timing of this indeed seems worked out to continue the 24/7 Infotainment-fest that the media has been reveling in since February. They’ve NEVER had it so good, in my recollection. The one part that I would put money on was planned out to some degree is the antifa crowd, the white contingent.

    The blacks just want to get on a TV, and get those sneakers they’ve wanted and smash stuff. Those words they wrote on the sidewalk in your pic are proved wrong by the fact that they are so destructive, often in their own areas. When you know how much work it takes to build things, you don’t like destroying things like that.

    The white antifa people, coming from the coffee shops and other service jobs, don’t know squat about building things either. Their destruction is more geared toward completely destroying traditional American society. They’ve been gunning for that for a long time. If it wasn’t some nefarious Soros types behind it, they at least planned out some of this themselves. Their useful idiots will believe the narrative of Mr. Floyd’s death being the most egregious happening since the crucifixion.

    • Hail says:

      “We could do a per-capita calculation, but the problem arises that black people are quite often such a pain in the ass that it’s hard to do an apples-to-apples comparison”

      The pro-Protest side, which is actually the entirely of the regime (the true regime in the US reveals itself by those who have come out in favor here), all use per capita numbers. Without context, they are meaningless.

      The best studies say that per-million-police-interactions/arrests/arrest-attempts, a white suspect is slightly more likely to die than a black suspect (or, at most, statistically speaking no significant difference). The basic premise of Black Lives Matter, that white police kill Blacks for sport regularly and always with impunity, is wrong and is a kind of blood libel. Of course, just like with Corona, no one cares.

  3. Oh, and that’s another great post, Mr. Hail!

    (BTW, I’ll post your Sweden graph later on today when I get that computer cranked back up. Thanks for your comments at PS.)

  4. Robert says:

    Mr Hail, another excellent post. Thank you, and please keep them coming.

    I will just add a minor anecdote. While running some errands this afternoon (Tuesday) I was listening to NPR (know thy enemy). They had a bit on the riots AND the late unpleasantness. Apparently:

    1: The demonstrations were peaceful.
    2: Any trouble was caused by outside agitators — Nazis and White Supremacists.
    3: The demonstrations were peaceful.
    4. It is Trump’s fault for being so mean.
    5: The lack of social distancing will lead to a second wave of cases,
    5a: which will hit the already oppressed (racism, and the late unpleasantness) black community hardest.
    6. The demonstrations were peaceful.
    7. Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
    8. The demonstrators were trying to keep social distancing, but the police — the racist police!
    9. Trump is really mean.
    10. The lack of social distancing will lead to a second wave of cases,
    10a: which will hit the already oppressed (racism, and the late unpleasantness) black community hardest.
    11. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
    12: The demonstrations were peaceful.

    P.S. I REALLY hate that term ‘social distancing’. Anti-social distancing perhaps — never, ever, risk actually coming in contact with another human. They have Cooties!

    • Hail says:

      “Any trouble was caused by outside agitators — Nazis and White Supremacists”

      I thought this line was dropped no later than end of the day May 31 (Sunday)? I am surprised an outlet like NPR was still pushing that as late as June 2; someone must not have gotten the memo.

      New iterations of the same have been coming up since then, but the laughable, detached-from-reality notion that White Supremacists were the ones rioting, the most aggressively bold-faced lying possible, was dropped.

      Not surprised that NPR also still pushes social distancing. Other pro-Protest outlets have dropped the pretense, at least during the height of he protests (which appears to have now definitely subsided).

      • If they want to come up with something that at least sounds legit, the media/leftists could tell us that Social Distancing is not necessary during the warm summer months, as these viruses don’t do much damage (or don’t spread, or I dunno what) during warm weather. That kinda works out good (for them) in arranging for another long hot summer, such as, well, pick any year in the mid 1960’s and I sure ain’t talking about “Climate Change”.

        Perhaps many young leftists would like to live the life of the stories their lefty parents (think Alex Keaton’s parents in “Family Ties”) used to regale them with before they put them to sleep. Now, it’s, “Mom, Dad, guess what? OMG! We are having our own riots. Aren’t you proud of me, now? I’ve got a few questions about tear gas, different kinds of bricks, and women with tattoos …

        • peterike says:

          Nah, the media doesn’t want to say “don’t worry about the ‘Rona now” because it makes it too obvious that it was bunk all along. Besides, nobody cares about the “social distancing” anymore. The Stepford Wife governor of Michigan even cancelled her own Rona Rules to facilitate “protest.” Remember: the Left has an infinite capacity for living with completely contradictory ideas. It doesn’t faze them at all, and it causes no cognitive dissonance.

          Besides, if they said you didn’t need to distance, then there’s no excuse for keeping stores, restaurants, colleges and offices closed. And where do you think all those white protesters are coming from? Their low-level service and NGO jobs are closed for the duration, giving us an army of young whites (and Asians and white Hispanics) with nothing to do who are living on the extra-bonus-dole. What’s not to love? Aunt Samantha sends you more than you made from working, and you get to protest all day long and meet hot guys or slutty chicks. Oh to be young when the world is falling apart!

  5. Federalist says:

    The riot movement brought to mind your theory that the ConoraPanic is a religion. (However, I hadn’t made the connection that the riots were caused by the Corona Cult.) The religious aspect of this whole movement is remarkable. I am not talking only or even mostly about the riots themselves. I imagine that some of the rioters are antifa/social justice warrior true believers. The majority are blacks looking to steal things and generally act on their violent and destructive tendencies.

    What I find most remarkable are the almost society-wide reactions and beliefs regarding the whole situation. Every public figure, even those that normally appear completely apolitical, are required to make a statement regarding George Floyd, racism, etc. These statements are really public professions of faith. Obviously, there is no shortage of actors, musicians, etc. who are vocal leftists and who compete to see who can make the most outrageous and inflammatory tweet. I am really talking about people such as coaches of professional or college sports teams and moderate to conservative local and national political figures, who would normally either oppose the movement or say as little as possible about it.

    For example, I saw a report that George W. Bush “finally” issued a statement on the matter. Why would anyone care what Bush thinks? And, of course, the implication was that he took too long to make his statement. Whether it is Bush or a white football coach who never mentions politics or a Republican sheriff, the statement, at least in its moderate form, consists of recognizing that racism is a very serious problem and that “we” have to do more to address the issue. Usually, there is something about how the police disproportionately kill blacks without justification. Objectively speaking, none of this is remotely true. That’s why it’s a profession of faith.

    Floyd is a saint and martyr. If George Floyd is mentioned specifically, the disciple must express how he was emotionally affected (by the killing of a violent felon he never met). This is not a matter of arguing that even though Floyd was not a good person, the police officer’s actions were not justified. One must have the appropriate religious fervor. It must be believed and felt. Trump claimed that rioting and looting dishonor the memory of Floyd. This man robbed a pregnant woman by pointing a gun at her stomach. In no sane society would the memory of this man be honored.

    At most, one may be permitted to mildly decry the violent means of protest (rioting and looting), but one cannot question the religious message. When Republican political figures, whether at the local, state, or national level, address the issue, they are always careful to agree with all of the religion’s premises when (mildly) opposing looting and violence. To question any of the articles of faith would be heresy. They are deeply saddened by Floyd’s death. They are committed to the hard work to end the oppression of blacks. They support the protests. “Just please do it right. No violence or looting.”

    • I’m glad to have not seen too much of this George Floyd worship, as I’ve been off the infotainment for 20 years or so. You describe it very well, though, Federalist. My company, whose work has not a dang thing to do with policing, “justice”, etc, in it’s multiple emails about being careful to avoid getting caught in these “protests”*, had that same BS on the top of each one. It’s basically telling us we all are in this worship of the Floyd together. I’m not!

      Actually I take that back. On the right kind of drugs, I’m prone to worshipping the Floyd… but that’d be Pink Floyd… that whole Dark Side of the Moon album and all.

      Great comment, Mr. Federalist.

      * What would be the hazard there, getting asked to join or carry a sign? Now, were it a riot, mind you, there may be a reason to be cautious.

      • Hail says:

        I’ve noticed the same thing:

        Emails, and other sorts of announcements or the like (often via social media), both public-facing and inward-facing (i.e., to a closed community, as in internal company emails), from authorities that are within the regime, including its outer tiers, all seemed to line up to endorse Corona one after another in March. Now, to a great extent, the exact same has occurred, the same actors replacing Corona with Racism, or Militarized Policing, or whatever and ding the same moral-panic scolding, lining up, no dissent, no neutrality, emotion-first-facts-last.

        This does look like a real “Domestic Color Revolution” attempt, in some important ways moreso than anything else they’ve done in the Trump era, which is saying a lot. I came around to this view in a firm way June 3. I cannot predict what the situation will be by June 10 or June 17. Curt Doolittle, a right-wing thought leader, has asked Donald Trump to call for a Fourth of July Show of Force.

        I think Corona is the bigger story of 2020, but at least in the past week and maybe for some weeks to come the protests look bigger, but as I argued in this post, no Corona, no Protests. I don’t think that’s a hard call to make, but I’ve seen too few make it.

    • Hail says:

      Excellent comment, Federalist, and I am in agreement.

      Every public figure, even those that normally appear completely apolitical, are required to make a statement regarding George Floyd, racism, etc. These statements are really public professions of faith.

      I can add this:

      I personally observed some of the looting. I mean both live (in front of me on the first night of major looting), and in the aftermath with broken glass, debris, and looted items that didn’t quite all make it off with the looters (as in a shoebox with a single designer show on the sidewalk in front of a luxury shoe store).

      I took pictures and reviewed them later, comparing looted stores to what the same companies were saying on social media.

      The punchline will not surprise you here: Every one of them had some message endorsing the protests (here is one small example — See this tweet and two immediate replies). In later days, most places in the same general had boarded-up windows, expecting more looting attempts. Some of these boards had pro-protest messages on them, not graffiti but those that looked set up by the company! Irony. Sad.

    • Hail says:

      Federalist wrote:

      “Floyd is a saint and a martyr”

      It’s getting weird.

      Do a search for George Floyd murals. Here is an egregious one from Houston:

      Yes, angel wings and a halo. A multiple-violent-felon, drug-addict, criminal engaged in more crimes and who fought police when they intervened at the request of the victims, and who apparently died of a drug-overdose-associated heart attack. But he is a saint and a martyr.

      Corona-addled people have taken this in weird directions, of course led by the media and its policy of agitate-first-and-ask-questions-last(-or-never).

      • Federalist says:

        Whites are literally kneeling before blacks. The religious aspects and symbolism of this BLM/riot movement are now overt.

      • This is surrounded on all sides by half-truths. George Floyd’s death by cop was just one in a long series of them going back decades. By no means were all of these “ambiguous” in terms of “right and wrong”. Many were clear cases of abuse-by-cop, with some of those being racially motivated. Enough black and white thinking — no pun intended.

        • Hail says:

          I doubt there has been a single case, anywhere in the USA in my lifetime, of a white police officer hunting down and murdering a black person solely out of race hate (i.e., an unambiguous racial murder). Can you name one?

          If that has ever happened, it certainly hasn’t been in my lifetime. (Novels or movies don’t count.)

  6. Hail says:

    I’m noticing that people are readily seeing the protests as a “religion,” at least as applied to the white liberals who are enthusiastic supporters of this (highly artificial) movement.

    You don’t have to rely on selectively edited social-media content to see it. Just go to any of the protests, if you can (and in daytime the crowd is going to be unlikely to riot). The religion-like characteristics are obvious, but of course they aren’t to those “in it,” as cult members usually don’t realize they are in any kind of unusual situation anyway.

    This angle easier is easier see for some, because they are more used to this. It was harder to see Corona as a cult. That is why, as soon as I began to realize, it and see sign after sign of it, I felt compelled to write a long treatment of the subject which I finally got around to finishing and publishing May 18 (See “Corona as Cult”), long before the (ostensibly) George Floyd protests/riots/looting began.

    The Corona religion/”cult” breakthrough, and its months of pointless shutdowns/lockdown, was more novel/surprising than the re-emergence of this kind of mid-2010s movement (which also of course draws on something or other from the lived-experience memory of every American under age 85 or so now living from their formative years). Corona’s religious breakthrough set the stage for the re-breakout of mid-2010s anti-white/ethnomasochist racial-political movement/religion.

    The two are very closely related, make no mistake. A representative headline that tips the regime’s hand here is “Coronavirus Update: Experts warn that using tear gas to subdue protesters may further spread the virus.” This was a real headline circulating today.

  7. Rich says:

    Spot on observation and analysis.
    Nothing but virtue signaling over what appears to be a white cop, Black bouncer, co-worker homosexual panic killing.

    • Rich says:

      I would also add pay attention to the “absence” of something. Nationally, there’s no mention of the Social Security Trust Fund. Where did they find $6.66 trillion dollars for the assorted bank bailouts since Sept 2019? Was Morgan Stanley’s failure that significant or was it another scandal associated with rigging of the interbank loan rate? $6.66 trillion dollars could have been distributed ~$20,000 to each of approximately 330 million Americans. At least 297 million of those Americans would have goosed the economy by spending each penny of that $20,000. Where there’s no will, there is no way. (My maths could be wrong)
      Internationally, what happened to Yemen, Syria, Russia, Saudi Arabia and, perhaps most noteworthy, Israel’s absence from the news cycle?

    • Hail says:

      If someone asks, “What’s an example of Virtue Signaling?” point them to the nearest White protest over this and tell them to observe and take notes.

    • awildgoose says:

      I think the killing was a hit to protect the local counterfeiting ring because Floyd was getting sloppy trying to pass counterfeit $20s and the local police and FBI were beginning to ask questions.

      The nightclub they both worked at was a cash-based business. It’s the perfect front for laundering large quantities of counterfeit bills.

      Too bad it burned down during the riots a couple weeks ago.

      The people running the color revolution saw the footage of George’s demise as the perfect trigger for riots and the resurrection of BLM.

  8. Hail says:

    To the extent that the Corona-Panic led to this apparent (attempted, ongoing?) US Domestic Color Revolution, we ought to still pay attention to Corona.

    I still believe Sweden is the key to the puzzle. Their latest big update (Friday June 5, end of week update) came in some hours ago. Here are the updated graphs and table, showing the continued move towards the end of the epidemic, in line with what I have been writing here for two months, and proving that there was never any need for shutdowns or any particular alarmist reaction.

    Sweden will lose a trivial share of its total population, any slight uptick being about on the scale of normal year-to-year fluctuation:

    There is reason to believe that the elite began to tacitly recognize that the Corona Apocalypse was a washout in April. Exactly when, I’m not sure; for some of the early-adopters, it was as early as early April. Maybe some never really believed it all along.

    The data was firm and solid by mid-April, but as we saw the media lockstep-drumbeat drowned it out. One mechanism that blocked any
    generalized attempts to end the shutdowns was the Corona religion, and the usual “media-filtered reality” at times drifted into the alarming position of a “media-dictated reality.” The elite including its media cynically demagogued on this for almost three full months. Some of the elite and its media’s motivations for their Corona-Demagoguery are revealed by the backflip-reactions to the protests ongoing from late May.

    • awildgoose says:

      I find it sad and pathetic the media is able to keep the hysteria going with constant reporting on the, “confirmed cases,” metric, which is absolutely meaningless.

      It is also utterly bizarre, because this has never been done for any other virus. Sadly it seems more are far too asleep to notice this point.

  9. Hail says:

    Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (b.1977? in Bergen County, New Jersey), a major Corona-Panic-pusher, of Johns Hopkins Universty’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, now demands lots and lots of mass protests against systemic racism, backflipping on the demand for Lockdowns:

    • Now there’s some PhD level analysis for you. This Kung Flu is DANGEROUS, we tell you, so we need to shut down private businesses and have you stay in your homes, but .. this doesn’t apply to very important riots. It should be OK…

      Very nice reply too, Mr. Hail!

      Also, maybe you are already working on this, but we’ve all likely thought about this rioting being a great COVID contagion experiment. (Instapundit had a short blurb by someone, but for the life of me I can’t find it.) If we can get some kind of decent data from area/types of populations with the largest amount of rioting, we could find out either:

      a) The COVID-19 as a highly contagious Andromeda Strain hysteria was all bunk.


      b) These antifa and BLM instigators (that includes the Lyin’ Press) just murdered another few 10’s of thousands of people. OK, MILLIONS, if you’re Ron Unz.

      • Hail says:

        I came across a good short editorial on this:

        The George Floyd Protest Loophole by Michael Brendan Dougherty (June 5, National Review)

        It may come as no surprise that the tyrannical governor of Michigan herself, the disgraceful Gretchen Whitmer whom you have given attention since April, has herself been marching in George Floyd rallies and fully endorsing/encouraging people to rally against White Supremacy.

        She has been on video shoulder to shoulder with dozens, in the near vicinity of thousands, of George Floyd supporters and Racism opponents. Strictly speaking, I believe this makes Gretchen ‘Corona-Dikat’ Whitmer subject to arrest for violating the state of Michigan’s stay-at-home orders.

    • Oh, and last thing: It was nice of you to offer, but there is nothing that can help people like this POS Nuzzo. What do you mean, “we”, Kemosabe? Count me out of that one!

  10. Hail says:

    In response to Federalist writing above:

    Whites are literally kneeling before blacks. The religious aspects and symbolism of this BLM/riot movement are now overt.

    At the protests I’ve gone to see I’ve observed the unmistakable white-ethnomasochist element (“White Silence is Violence;” “End White Supremacy”-type signs are much more likely to be held by White protesters than Black). I’ve the sometimes-encouragement thereof by the Black participants. But to date I have not seen even one case of this “kneeling before Blacks” thing (in the literal sense), though I have seen it on social media.

    (In our time it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s at the fore because it is selectively promoted or sensationalized. But the latter largely determined the former, which is also how something like “George Floyd protests” happened anyway. “Media-filtered reality.” I am also reminded of the completely artificial moral-panic over the Convington Kentucky students and the American Indian Movement radical and “elder” Nathan Phillips last year, Jan. 2019, a big case of real-reality misaligning with media-filtered reality.)

    I have seen police kneeling, but only in ones and twos of dozens on the line, always after sustained demands from protesters, always to wild cheers and applause. These acts are deeply symbolic and symbolic of the regime being on the side of the protesters. In other words, protest is not the right word here, but I don’t have a suitable one handy.

    It’s also therefore no surprise that seemingly every mega-corporation has come out to endorse the protests and condemn “systemic racism” out of nowhere. How does one interpret this? Are they scared of boycotts for those “not with us therefore against us”? Are they endorsing a fatuous and passing moral panic, just like they all endorsed Corona? Or are they endorsing the regime itself? All possible contributing factors, but the latter makes more sense, and we wouldn’t be seeing the big boys with the mega billions in aggregate assets and revenues do this without the third, BLM endorsement as endorsement of the regime.

    Uber announced yesterday several policies to favor Blacks and fight White Supremacy (or whatever): Delivery fees for Black-owned restaurants are waived for the rest of the year and all rides that end at any Black-owned business will be discounted. Of course this is no magic wand and what it means is there will effectively be surcharges to non-Black businesses and rides, but no one is supposed to mention that…

  11. Bob says:

    One of the early conspiracy theories when this broke out a few months ago was that this was a hoax and merely a ploy by the Deep State against Trump. Trump himself seemed to hold this view by downplaying it early on. The aim of the hoax was to crash the economy and to pin some exaggerated number of deaths on Trump, and thus drive Trump from office immediately or in November. These theories posited that either the covid-19 was indeed some new mild virus engineered for the purpose, or simply just a strain of coronavirus that exists naturally in the wild and causes colds and flus every year. With sufficient media manipulation and exaggeration, and corruption in the official recording of deaths, some large scary number of deaths that would occur naturally anyway could be then used to be blamed on Trump.

    At this point, I don’t think such theories can be dismissed out of hand. These new protests and riots also have the hallmarks of a Deep State operation, usually seen overseas in various “Color Revolutions”.

    • Hail says:

      I am reminded of how, on March 26, eD remarked:

      [Corona] is one of those events when the crazy, irresponsible, tin foil hat view (“its just the flu”) is the view that is backed by actual experts in the field as opposed to TV talking heads.

      This early “tinfoil hat” position on Corona turned out to be right.

      As for whether Corona was a ‘Hoax’ and what that means. In April, I settled into seeing it as mainly Corona Cult and secondly a Corona Coup d’Etat, both forces feeding off each other, causing the destructive escalation spiral (see some of the comments in Part I and most of the other comment-sections in this series). Playing chicken-or-egg games on Corona may be useful, but both are needed to understand Corona as a general phenomenon, i.e., where the Panic came from, how it accelerated and broke through, and why the Panic became permanent and was dragged on so long, so unnecessarily, do destructively, with an absolutely lockstep media quickly on board giving war-crisis-like coverage, soon the entire regime on board and with experts silenced, sidelined, even banned/purged (enforced by Big Tech) and otherwise browbeaten into silence via mass self-censorship.

      You’re right that the Corona Coup d’Etat side of the equation is amped up by the out-of-nowhere “protests” and riots/etc. which have no serious, coherent grievance or demands. (Though “Abolish the police departments of major cities” has emerged by June 4/5, but this is so childish a demand I have trouble believing it goes anywhere; then again, if the media begins a drumbeat…). I see a continuation of both a state cult and an ongoing coup attempt dynamics in both, making even a look behind the curtain reveal both again (Cult + Coup).

  12. peterike says:

    Somewhat off topic. This is a great article about the political donors behind Cuomo and the corruption involved, and how it related to his Covid responses.

  13. awildgoose says:

    If this young woman’s story is true, which I believe it is, it provides some terrifying implications regarding the origins and management of the WuFlu hysteria:

  14. Hail says:

    Great article by Peter Hitchens on the Corona Coup d’Etat:

    As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than Regime Change.

    Aligns with much of what we of the anti-Panic side have been saying on the political effects of (and/or causes of) the Corona-Panic.

    Published with the June 14 edition of the newspaper, it was probably written in the June 10-12 period as I see it doesn’t mention the right-wing nationalist protests of Sat. June 13 (the ones condemned by “regime media” and politicians, following days of the same people cheering-on the statue-attackers and/or apologizing/covering for them).

    • Thank you for pointing out that Hitchens article, Mr. Hail. I’d not read much from the guy before, but this was an excellent article. We live in interesting times. I’ve got no problem with that.

  15. Bob says:

    I think you’ve mentioned before that a severe decline in birth rates is one of the costs of this covid panic that’s overlooked by most people. The US was already at historical lows in fertility rates in recent years, so this looks to exacerbate things even more. Here’s an interesting recent article on “The coming COVID baby bust”:

    • Hail says:

      Bob, Thanks.

      There will be several times more births that never occur (and would have without the Panic) than deaths positive for this one flu virus. How many more depends on other factors, central of which is how severe a lockdown a place ordered.

      Also, given the average age of a flu-positive death (ca. age 80), the CoronaPanic birth deficit alone already swamps the Virus effect, by 25x or 50x measured on lost net-life-years (those never-born babies each lose their entire lifespans).

      There are plenty of other ways the Panic-driven Corona-Reaction will hurt health outcomes and general life outcomes, but that one is ne of the more quantifiable (if subtle). Unemployment and despair-induced prime-age suicides is unfortunately another, which alone could approach the net-lost-life-years of the corona-positive deaths.

      We warned them…

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  17. Hail says:

    More on “people are seeing it more and more clearly as a cult”:

    The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness” (June 6), by James Lindsay.

  18. Hail says:

    Part XIV has a section expanding on the themes of this post (Part XIII, “The Corona Riots”) as I saw it about June 12 at time of writing. The entire post is very long and quantifies the excess all-cause mortality during the “Coronavirus Crisis” period in the countries of Europe, with the result again showing comparisons with bad flu spikes are the right ones and the Panic was wrong and destructive, in ways not able to be predicted (see riots/Maoist psychotic break with reality and statue attackers…)

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