On the suppression of “Hail To You” by Big Tech

I have several posts coming. But first a word on: Big Tech suppression.

It is something I have commented on before, in passing, but have never dealt with directly. I now find occasion or inspiration to do so after the latest egregious example: a full-on suppression against the “Ancestry of Ron DeSantis” post, burying it in the digital sands.

This website is under major censorship via de-listing, shadow-banning, and other tactics which prevent most visitors from reaching here.

Google results are the king of website traffic, and simply tactically blocking some results or sending one down from spot-3 to spot-30 can crush traffic. The well-known concept of “shadow-banning” as practiced on Twitter is an example of what Google (and others) have done to Hail To You. The total level of manipulation is comprehensive.

[1600 words]

While new posts occasionally produce small spikes of visits after publication, there is also a certain steady “baseline” traffic, representing people finding previous posts back to 2011 via keyword searches, image searches, or links.

Since 2017, I have seen evidence of targeted Big Tech suppression via abrupt and sustained drops in the baseline visits on either specific posts or the website entirely. I can identify cases of this suppression in 2017, 2020, and 2021, and now in September 2022, the latter being a targeted hit on my DeSantis ancestry post.

I shall tell all these stories here. I don’t know “their” side and can only reconstruct what likely happened based on my access to (anonymized) visitor data by month, week, and day.


Suppression of the Ron DeSantis article at Hail To You, 2022

The most recent case of Big Tech suppression is with a post titled “The ancestry of Ron DeSantis: son of Florida, grandson of industrial Ohio, great-grandson of Italy” (Hail To You, Sept. 2021) (10,000 words). It was generating much interest, getting excellent traffic, and had even attracted media interest as of mid-2022. Major interest continued week after week, month after month — until late August 2022. As of September 2022, the “Ancestry of Ron DeSantis” post is now getting little attention, and little new traffic.

Here is what happened:

On August 26, 2022, visits to the Ron DeSantis post suddenly fell below the long-term baseline. Overnight, the rate dropped to half the previous baseline rate of visits (-50%). This lower level sustained for about about a week.

Then, in early September 2022, immediately after President Biden’s strange, disturbing, and ill-advised “Republicans are a threat to democracy!” blood-red-background speech, visits to the DeSantis post crashed yet again. After September 1, there was overnight drop of another nearly -30% from the long-run (pre-Aug. 26th, 2022) baseline. That signals a suppression, unless within a two-week window interest in DeSantis would have cratered, once immediately after the “Republicans are semi-fascist” speech. And it matches the pattern I have seen before (on which more below, 2017 and 2020 cases).

In the two weeks so far elapsed of September 2022, visits to the DeSantis research essay are at 20% the previous long-run “baseline” rate (-80% of the rate holding for most of 2022). Four-fifths of the traffic has mysteriously vanished, dried up, gone. Has four-fifths of interest in DeSantis evaporated since August 25th?

The full transition (-80%) happened within about ten days’ time. Comparing the first two weeks of September to the peak period in summer 2022, the loss is as high as 90%.

Similar suppressions exist against other specific posts (some of which are not findable on Google, none of which are findable on Bing and DuckDuckGo as of the early 2020s), and against the site as a whole, but given the high and sustained traffic the DeSantis post was getting, it is stark and noticeable in a way more-gracefully-done suppressions against other posts are not.

Furthermore, over time posts like that which generate sustained interest tend to accumulate more interest, not less, as long as the topic or person remains in the public eye. Therefore the spring-summer 2022 “baseline” if we peg it to 100, might be expected to go up to 150 or more by fall 2022, obviously not down to 20 (as has happened), which means the actual degree of suppression may be closer to 90% and not 80%.

These kinds of suppressions are rather devastating for a small-time operation like Hail To You. But, unfortunately, this is not the first suppression, and Hail To You has existed within a digital cordon sanitaire to varying degrees since 2017. I proceed by reviewing the suppressions of 2017, 2020, and 2021, for which I have data evidence in traffic totals. The worst of them show the same kind of magnitude as the recent suppression of the Ron DeSantis post.


Big Tech suppressions of Hail To You in 2017 and 2020

This website has been around for eleven years (2011-). In the early years, there was never an apparent problem with what we would now call Big Tech censorship or suppression. The first case I have evidence for was in 2017 . I have been aware of the actual or potential for Big Tech censorship since then, but do not know of a solution or recourse. There have been several further apparent cases of this hidden hand of black-listing, the big ones I can identify being in 2017 and 2020, the first I presume tied to the anti-Trump-ism and a general purge after Charlottesville, and the second the part of the wave of crackdowns on and censorship against Covid-deniers.

The first of these, in 2017, came likely because left-wing researchers in the 2011-2013 period had listed Hail To You as one of the important blogs of the day within an ecosystem of similar blogs causing concern on the Left:

By the end of the 2010s, many of the blogs in that network (constructed by a researcher ca.2013) became defunct or inactive, and in the interval much attention had shifted to the perilous and ever-shifting sands of social media, especially Twitter and Youtube, both heavily censored, resulting in a wide scattering of people to niche “platforms” with catchily short names but often somewhat “walled off,” a strategic retreat from the more-open intellectual plain of the 2000s an early 2010s.

In any case, first noticed a curious and abrupt drop in traffic in about late 2017 or early 2018. On review at the time, I found evidence that this website was put on a black-list in mid-2017, the first time I have definite evidence of this happening.

July 2017 first suppression

Traffic dropped 40% from the previous stable total, to reach a monthly low previously not seen since 2015 and not seen in a sustained way since the early days of Hail To You in early 2012!

The July 2017 drop (-40%) realigned total traffic to a permanently lower baseline total. They did not resort to the full-on censorship of deleting the website (that would be a WordPress action, not Google), but they did have tools to blunt the impact of visits.

Inevitably this must have to do with the anti-Trump attitudes of the time. This is this website’s part in the Big Tech censorship narrative of the late 2010s, something that if presented to a man of twenty years earlier would have been rather in the realm of science-fiction.

I note that this first abrupt drop-off happened before the Charlottesville “Alt-Right” protest (mid-August 2017).

September 2017 suppression digs in and becomes permanent

Traffic again abruptly dropped, losing another 20% or more below the previously stable total “baseline” traffic, a few weeks after “Charlottesville.” That is, the new baseline was as low as 35% of the previously baseline for traffic (i.e., -65% below previous long-run baseline). Over six-in-ten :baseline”-visitors were never making it here.

This looks to me like a death-blow to the long-term influence of Hail To You, but was of course concurrent with the general move to social media and away from blogs. People did still visit websites plenty, via Google text searches, Google image searches, and links. But after September 2017, entire posts would no longer show up at all in search indexes, nor would many images.

After September 2017, when new posts came up or when some major link came to Hail To You, weekly or monthly visitor traffic could recover to the previous baseline levels but would never sustain thereafter.

By 2018, this apparent Big Tech suppression was apparent enough that I decided further efforts were not a good use of time or energy, and I began posting as a regular commenter (in effect, as a group-blogger) at Steve Sailer blog, of which I had been a relatively regular for years, and a reader back to the 2000s.

2020 and 2021 “Corona-Panic”-related suppressions

In the months before April 2020, traffic coming into Hail To You stood at about 30-35% of the “2012 to July 2017” baseline (i.e., -65% to -70%), which was the “new normal” as just described, and as a small-time operation there was not much I could do about it.

The Corona-Panic of spring 2020 inspired a new wave of posts which brought great attention, some weeks in spring and summer 2020 among the highest-ever for total traffic. But after initial interest faded, baseline traffic did not realign towards some higher level. Despite enormous interest, based on previous experience with Hail To You suppression and general Corona-Panic-era suppression of Covid-deniers, skeptics, dissidents, and Anti-Panic voices, I expect that even the high totals reached in 2020 (as with “Is ‘Corona’ a religious cult? An anthropological study” [May 2020]) were considerably lower than their natural rate would have been.

In September 2020, traffic coming into Hail To You dropped to half the level it had been in the April to August 2020 period, and except for brief bounces after new posts, baseline traffic returned to a low level. Another downward-adjustment by the Big Tech traffic gods came in August 2021, that month dropping Hail To You to its lowest traffic ever seen, interestingly, since the first months of this website’s existence in 2011! In terms of comparison to the pre-August-2017 baseline rate (previously mentioned as the benchmark), the August 2021 traffic was -85%, nearly seven-in-eight visitors never making it.

This second suppression, August 2021, especially aligned with a ramp-up of the Corona-Panic of the time, and tied in with the more-or-less open and organized campaign to crush vaccine-deniers (though Hail To You never made a particular point of vilifying the vaccines; the vaccines were clearly a bad idea for the vast majority who took them, often under duress outright, and always influenced heavily by the Panic).

The 2020-21 suppressions continued the informational cordon-sanitaire actions by Big Tech and while the suppression of September 2021 faded in time, traffic still remains artificially low.

This September 2022 case of an abrupt, 80%-suppression of the Ron DeSantis post is one more for the list.

What to do?


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24 Responses to On the suppression of “Hail To You” by Big Tech

  1. Adam Smith says:

    Greetings, Mr. Hail,

    I would have liked and retweeted your tweet about this but twitter locked my account for a week. Apparently one is not allowed to tweet “Blacks have lower IQ, lower impulse control, are more violent and have been taught to hate white people. Never relax around blacks.” without being punished.

    I am, however, a bit surprised that they didn’t cancel this tweet…

    I hope you have a great afternoon!

    • Hail says:

      Part of the usual Twitter censorship regime is to reduce visibility on certain keywords, which is why you see some people write in code using * asterisk marks to knock-off letters. That is a bid to dodge the censor-algorithms. Ninety-nine percent of people who this happens to don’t know it, as there is no formal notification.

    • Hail says:

      I should add: I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. To varying degrees, I think it has applied for years.

      As best I can determine, my tweets and replies are seen at a rate of 1/4th (at best) to 1/20th the rate those not on a political “green list” get.

      I don’t use Twitter enough to make anything but guesses as to when or why it ebbs and flows, but sometimes it goes way down, other times up, but never to parity.

    • Hail says:

      Update: commenter Adam Smith has been life-banned from Twitter.

  2. Dieter Kief says:

    1) Big Tech is not only in it for the money***.
    2) They make giga-tons of money too.
    3) This is win-win for them.

    – What about the alternatives? –
    Like not only using twitter much – if using it at all?
    The Clarence Thomas tweet is quite something, Mr. Smith.

    ***see Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks to to an utterly
    soft-headed and soft-spoken Joe Rogan.*****

    *****is this what magic mushrooms do to your head –
    : – to let you see the rosy morning in the sky, however
    dark the thunder- and storm-ridden cloudy sky might
    actually be?
    More prosaic: Joe Rogan should have attacked the
    Mark Sugarmountain-man full frontal for subverting the
    2020 elections, by cooperating with the FBI and thus
    shadow-banning the Hunter Biden laptop story.

    Mr. Zuckerberg did also spend millions which
    helped to commit voter-fraud in this very elections:
    Another reason to grill him.

    Somebody should ask Joe Rogan this one question:
    How come Mr. Rogan you talk to Mark Zuckerberg
    but don’t talk to Catherine Engelbrecht from the
    grassroots initiative True the Vote?!

  3. Mr. Hail,

    I guess you don’t want to show actual absolute number graphs, but do you think you could put in some that are indexed, Mr. Hail? It’d be very interesting. You are right that your blog is very hard to find.

    When I am on another device, meaning, I can’t get the browser to “complete” your URL and I don’t necessarily have a link available, then I try “Hail to You blog” and all sorts of things that ought to get you DIRECTLY and AT THE TOP, but nope. I even tried – just now – “Hail to You WordPress”. Nada! That was on duckduckgo.

    Yet, with my blog (hope nobody from the search engines is reading – I should say no-bot-ey is reading, haha) I type in “Peak Stupidity”, and it’s at the top of all of them.* What I do is do this search on 5 S.E.s and from different locations.** However, I think they just haven’t got to me – see * note, which is possibly something that works in my favor OR it’s because I don’t tweet.***

    I’ll continue in another comment.

    * That’s not always with the blurb I’d like to see, and in fact, if the searcher wanted to read based on that blurb, good freaking luck! (No doubt I need a search feature, but also the way the posts are stored do not lend themselves to being linked to directly by the S.E.s.) If anything, WordPress should be somehow helping you, as far as this part goes.

    ** I have no idea is the varied locations matter or if searching from varied devices does. You’d think the smart ones that wanted to eliminate ringers would have some programming for this.

    *** There is a twitterer(?) with the handle “Peak Stupidity” who is not me. This confused Peter Brimelow of VDare when he thanked me for giving VDare writers – including himself – credit for calling out the modern Commies.

  4. Here’s a question for you, Mr. Hail, and for the readers/commenters too:

    Do you think there were humans directly involved in down-listing your site?

    I realize that software is pretty amazing these days. A program that a search site uses can look for “black” and “IQ” in the same sentence, such as in Mr. Smith’s tweet above, and make a mark in the “Verboten text” column column of the “White Supremacist” table. However, as far as the big picture of what your blog is about, can that be really understood by software?

    Do they even care if you get a fair chance? I suppose they err on the “safe” side, which has nothing to do with free speech.

    Well, Mr. Hail, this conversation should be interesting. I have more questions, but I have to get busy today – will right later. (This is at the same time that about 6 blogposts built up in my head this morning.)


    O/T somewhat, but about Mike Lindell and his phone getting confiscated by the FBI: First, back your stuff up, and not on THEIR cloud. That’s not your only problem – how to keep the anti-Potomac Regime stuff out of their hands while still getting the use people expect, or really, rely on for their whole lives now, out of these pieces of iEspionage. I imagine Mike Lindell was pretty naive and clueless about all this, as much as he distrusts the Regime on the election business.

    PS: I will get back to you, Dieter and Alarmist on my site, as well as Mr. Smith here – Based Tweet, dude!

    • Hail says:

      “Do you think there were humans directly involved in down-listing your site?”


      At least in that they created and maintain a political black-list.

      This is not the realm of speculation: there was some big study about the 2020 election which showed the systematic way they de-list sites and stories to “combat misinformation” as determined by their panel of anointed experts, but the system long predates the 2020 election or the Corona-Panic (some of the early Anti-Panic voices I only found in late March, I remember, only by avoiding Google).

  5. Hail says:

    “Hail To You” is NOT listed at all under DuckDuckGo, Bing, or Yahoo.

    Better results under the Chinese “Baidu,” the South Korean “Naver,” and the new Indian search-engine “Qmamu.” Both Baidu and Naver are known to curate (censor, selectively highlight) results, but have not censored Hail To You, though I don’t think WordPress sites are accessible in China. The latter, Qmamu, founded in 2021 by an Indian entrepreneur, gives the most natural-looking results.

    Good results under Yandex.

    Highly mixed results under Google, which I think is the main lever-puller. In late August, I think pulled a lever to sink the DeSantis post into obscurity (as I outline in the post), and not the first time they did such things, but the starkest recent example I have.)

    I expect all the above vary by geography and other factors.

    On the big social media platforms, I have seen evidence of and heard reports that links to Hail To You get “zapped,” often auto-deleted (Youtube) or buried and deboosted (Twitter).

    • Adam Smith says:

      Good afternoon, Mr. Hail,

      Interestingly, I can easily find your blog on google. It’s like they aren’t censoring you at all, unlike yahoo, bing and the duck. When I type “hail to you” (without quotes) into google you are the second link after some song titled “Hail to You”. When I type hailtoyou your wordpress home page is the first link and your about page is second. I tried “The Covid-activist Daniel Uhlfelder loses to the BLM-Soros candidate Aramis Ayala” (without quotes) and “On the suppression of “Hail To You” by Big Tech” (with your quotes but not mine) and google, yandex and baidu all point me to your blog posts and your twitter while yahoo, duckduckgo and bing all block you. Some more results…

      hailtoyou wordpress = your twitter in second and my twitter in seventh
      hailtoyou.wordpress.com = your twitter in third and my twitter in seventh
      Otherwise completely censored.

      hail to you = nothing about you in the first few pages (I didn’t look further)
      hailtoyou = your wordpress in first and your twitter in second
      hail to you wordpress = you take the first three links and your twitter places sixth

      hail to you & hailtoyou = nothing
      hailtoyou wordpress = your twitter in second and my twitter in seventh
      hailtoyou.wordpress.com = your twitter in third and my twitter in eighth
      Otherwise completely censored.

      I can’t find you at all on bing, even when I search for hailtoyou.wordpress.com directly. Pretty impressive.

      I’d take it as a compliment (of sorts) that the internet gatekeeps have taken such interest in you, though I’d imagine it is disappointing knowing that you could reach a larger audience without their interference. I have no idea why they think your writing is so dangerous and in need of such heavy handed censorship, but you must be on target. (Keep up the good work.)

      I hope you have a great evening, Mr. Hail!

      • Thanks, Adam. I must have been using duckduckgo before too (some months back, more than once, when I tried to get to the site in earnest), but maybe google gave Mr. Hail a reprieve as of late.

        Currently, the google link, as you wrote, is right after that song, and it links to the home page when searching with Hail to You (no quotes, but separated. What’s cool is that the blurb says:

        The well-known concept of “shadow-banning” as practiced on Twitter is an example of what Google (and others) have done to Hail To You.

        Heh! I am the Google and I cannot tell a lie… wait …

        This is one of those paradoxes that you can use to turn a ro bot into a simpering smoking hole in the ground. Let’s hope so …

      • Dieter Kief says:

        Hail-to-you wordpress – searched with bing brought me a warning: For Grown ups Only. You had to click Yes Even Though in German and it then linked to your blog, Mr. Hail.
        One idea of mine is, that a Hail=fascism detector could be at work automatically.

        Google shwoed your blog at no one when searched with Hail to you blog or Hail to you wordpress

        Duck Duck Go – no results on the first page for one of the two versions.

      • Dieter Kief says:

        Thx Adam!

        Hail-to-you wordpress – searched with bing brought me a German warning: For Grown Ups Only. You had to click Yes Even Though in German and it then linked to your blog, Mr. Hail.
        One idea of mine is, that a Hail=fascism detector could be at work automatically.

        Google worked fine with Hail to you blog and with Hail to you wordpress.
        Duck Duck Go – no links to your blog for both versions on the first page.

  6. Hail says:

    Thanks for the input, Mr. Kief and Mr. Smith.

    Simply finding a site on a search-engine is a low bar. And completely “disappearing” a site and eliminating it entirely from search-engine results is one thing (Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo), but there are a lot of more subtle ways of doing it than can have similar effects. For example, in my observation, Google often would not “cache” the page for days or sometimes even weeks. Yandex is the only one that would promptly cache.

    Another thing Google does is delist the site or deboost it for certain keywords. Another tactic I observe is eliminating results in Image-searches.

    Former cases of when something on Hail To You got high-ranking results later have been downgraded to below puff-pieces or even bot-sites. (The rise of ‘bot-sites’ is a general problem. Many searches are almost nothing but ‘bot-sites’ now.)

  7. Hail says:

    Another example:

    I used to get traffic when people searched for Heidi Beirich after I wrote a profile-investigation on her in 2019. That all faded one day. Hardly any baseline traffic exists anymore.

    Poking around with various google search query-terms, nothing related to Heidi Beirich shows as a high result.

    Looking back at the traffic data, I see there was formerly a steady rate of visits between Nov. 2019 publication and Sept. 2020. Then it crashed, to an immediate 95% reduction below the long-steady, modest rate of visits before the “crash.” The images, formerly among the top results, were eliminated or deboosted from Google Images.

    As a reference of any use to the world, the Heidi Beirich post has not been much above nil since fall 2020. I hadn’t thought about this post in a while. I have a feeling that many other posts might be revealed to show the same.

  8. Adam Smith says:

    Greetings, Mr. Hail,

    Google not caching a page for a few days or even weeks might just be due to there being so many web pages to cache each day. I don’t know what google’s capabilities are when it comes to browsing and caching the internet, but surely there is some sort of limit to how many pages they can process in a given time. Completely memoryholing your blog (Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo) or delisting, deboosting, or eliminating image search results is something more sinister. It’s most unfortunate that a casual websearch will likely not return any of your work. I can’t imagine anyone finding your blog without looking you up directly, and even that is difficult with some search engines.

    I wonder if there is any way to resolve this. Do these search engines have some official policy by which they decide who to blacklist? Is there any sort of appeals process or way to challenge a blacklisting? Is this something they just keep secret?


    I wish I knew how to fix this.

    I hope you have a great weekend, Mr. Hail.

    • Hail says:

      The lack of caching indicates a site may be on a black-list of a search engine, with that search engine forced to ‘crawl’ the page at a much slower rate than would otherwise be.

      In practice, slow caching also means the latest content simply doesn’t appear at all on the search engine in anything like a timely manner and so weakens its impact when such things usually have the most attention.

      For example, search around for versions of searches like “Steve Sailer Ukraine war” on Google, and you simply won’t see any results pointing to “Why does Steve Sailer support the war in Ukraine?” That is the latest Hail To You post, published three days ago as of this writing, and has not been indexed at all. On other websites, including the iSteve blog, indexing and inclusion in searches usually occurs within hours.

      The telltale is that some do have the latest content, but the ones suspects of suppression don’t have the latest content. A Qmamu search for “Steve Sailer Ukraine war” has the latest Hail To You post on the top page of its results. How does one explain its total absence on Google? Either Google has majorly inferior abilities than Qmamu (founded in 2021), or some version of the “black list” is in effect at Google (but not Qmamu).

  9. Hail says:

    Another interesting find:


    total results, Google: 772
    total results, Yandex: 2,000

    total Google image results: about 80
    total Yandex image results: many more, wider variety

  10. Hail says:

    My “Ancestry of Richard Nixon” post got a certain steady rate of visits, month after month and year after year, for most of this website’s existence.

    There are several noticeable big hits to visits to that one, abrupt movements that are suspicious and red-flags for when Big Tech censorship mechanisms were applied. The big one was the general deboosting in mid-2017 as Big Tech heroically embraced the cause of anti-fascism. This immediately broke the years-long basically stable rate of visits to the Nixon post. A weaker hit followed in October 2019. The death-blow in about the Dec. 2020 to Feb. 2021 period, by which time Hail To You was also identified as one of the Covid-denial sites spreading misinfo about the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus.

    As of 2021 and 2022, this post is rarely visited at all anymore.

    The peak year was actually 2016. The 2016-rate continued into mid-2017.

    Visits to the Nixon post (mid-2012 to mid-2017 average = 100)
    – 100: before July 2017 (steady)
    – 65: July 2017 (abrupt drop)
    – 55: by late 2017
    – 65: 2018 full-year (avg.) (slight recovery)
    – 55: Jan 2019 to Sept 2019
    – 30: Oct 2019 (another big abrupt drop)
    – 40: Nov 2019 to Nov. 2020 (slight recovery)
    – 20: Dec 2020 (the “death blow “applied; visits continue to fall thereafter)
    – 12: 2021 & 2022 full-year visit-rates
    – 6: the most-recent month (Aug 2022)

    That’s a 95%-reduction between mid-2017 (when the major pressure began) today.

    If visits from July 2017 to today had been at the pre-suppression rate, there would have been a net of (as high as) 9,000 or 10,000 extra visitors who would have visited but didn’t — just through one single post.

    I could do similar analyses for other posts. They generally look the same. The abrupt fall-offs point to Big Tech suppression-events.

    The most notable is mid-2017. But the world of 2017 to 2022 has these things going on often, in little waves, and of course always unaccountable and done basically in secret.

    As I review some of these things, the visibility and reach of this website is so low as to make it perhaps unwise to keep writing as not worth my time, but for some reason I keep at it anyway.

    It was once said that the Internet removed the gatekeeper, but it actually what happened was a group seized control of gatekeeping and appropriated the power for itself. The reasonably neutral Internet died at some point in the period in question, perhaps in 2017 specifically, but with no pushback they kept doing it. Then came the Corona-Panic and the forces of the Panic empowered them even more.

  11. Hail says:

    Apropos of the latest discussion post on Hail To You, “Why does Steve Sailer support the Ukraine War?“:

    From June to September 2022, visits to this website from both Russia and Ukraine are down to 1/8th the level they were at in 2021.

    Comparions: visits from Canada are actually up in the same period. Some of this I presume is due to commentary on the Freedom Convoy movement, Canada’s most successful populist political movement in living memory. Visits from Sweden are down four-fifths, which is almost as severe a drop than Russia and Ukraine’s, and in line with the deboosting and delisting I’ve noted. Visits from the USA for June to September were considerably up, but that was all driven by the interest in the Ron DeSantis post, until it was apparently manually delisted and deboosted in about late August 2022. The migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard again increased interest and to a limited extent broke through the deboost.

    The across-the-board cut in traffic due I think primarily to info-monopolist Google’s black-listing and similar from other Big Tech like twitter and youtube (the latter of which often auto-deletes links to this website and delists or deboosts the survivors).

    Yandex gives results similar to what Google gave in much of the 2010s, a relatively steady traffic stream if it had good market share of the dominance of Google. In Ukraine, Google searches are said to exceed Yandex searches by nearly 10:1; In Russia, Google defeats Yandex 6:1.

  12. Al Corrupt says:

    I recently was shadow banned on FB when I posted a picture of the previous years mass murderers ( and a caption about who it isn’t who you expected given MSM reporting… hint.., it wasn’t white males). Although it appeared to me as if the post was still there, I had a couple people indicate that FB said I had changed privacy settings or removed the post (I didn’t). Hopefully the recent 5th circuit will stop this crap. I would certainly love to sue FB if there are any hungry lawyers out there.

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