On ‘Immigrationism’ ideology, its future, and elite-dissent: Economists Tyler Cowen and John Cochrane on the impact of foreigners upon the U.S. elite

Hail To You

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They say the future for Western Man is “oblivion.” The Regime does have us on the track to oblivion. Our elite rides in the first-class train-car, at the head of the train-to-oblivion. They spend their time congratulating each other on how good they are, how good everything is. Consensus prevails. But sometimes, whispered conversations of dissent are heard, even in the first-class car of this train-to-oblivion. These men have the influence and power to redirect the train, or stop it. We should be interested in what they say, even in whispered-conversations. The future is not yet written. How and when we take control of the train is the great question of our time.

The U.S. elite’s received-wisdom on “immigration” is central to the USA’s problems. It is a key plank in our road to oblivion. Elite dissent on immigration is, therefore, a matter of interest.

I want to…

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