Other Sites of Interest

Updated: October 20, 2015.

Those of us who start to see the magnitude of the racial and civilizational crisis affecting the Western world often yearn for information, and Western revivalist movements have become stronger in recent years. (Variously known as AltRight, New Right, Radical Right, Radical Traditionalist, Racialist, Nationalist, HBD, — “Our enemies are communists; capitalists as well. Both are forms of evil and are ringing our death knell.”)

Ten Most Valuable Websites

  1. Steve Sailer — America’s best journalist.
  2. The Unz Review — In 2014 and 2015, Unz Review has became among the best sites for political and social commentary. This is not a right-wing site, but hosts some of the best Dissident Right authors.
  3. Counter Currents — Magazine from the great minds of the North American New Right. CC was once described by Jonathan Bowden as “a right-wing university”.
  4. Radix Journal — Richard Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute.
  5. The Right Stuff’ — Highly energetic and influential site over the past two years.
  6. Amerika.org — Brett Stevens’ consistently sharp political commentary.
  7. Race/Hist — Racial-anthropological and ethnopolitical information.
  8. Alternative Right
  9. American Freedom Party
  10. I consider serious reading on the controversy which you can read about at CODOH.com to be highly important for “political detoxification”.
  • John Derbyshire (See also his page at Unz.com)
  • West Hunter — The blog of Dr. Harpening and Dr. Cochran, two of the world’s leading anthropologists, muse and riff on ideas. In brief.
  • James Edwards — America’s foremost populist conservative radio host
  • VDARE — The long-running immigration restrictionist website. White racialist leanings.
  • Peter Frost — Anthropologist Peter Frost’s articles
  • RamZPaul — Satirical videos on race and feminism
  • Ex-Army
  • Those Who Can See — Political-racial anthropology and commentary from an American resident of France.
  • Heartiste
  • Occidental Dissent
  • Armed With Knowledge
  • Vanishing American — Americana and “Historic American Nation” identitarian discussion and politics. (Reactive as of late 2014)
  • Jayman — A tri-racial Jamaican’s analyses of racial issues.
  • Bloody Shovel — British HBD blog.
  • Occidental Observer — Dr. Kevin MacDonald
  • HBD Chick — A fun site. Can be described as a site devoted to ironic humor laced with Steve-Sailer politics. She has also done some elucidating research
  • Unsilenced Science
  • Gates of Vienna — Somewhat tiresome “anti-Islamic” site, more cranky than anything, still useful to peruse once in a while. Has seen better days. Archived essays by Fjordman and El-Ingles are of interest.
  • .
  • Websites
  • SNPA — The “Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology”. A reference tool and easy introduction to racial anthropology for the layman and useful for even advanced students. Its extensive glossary and hosted literature are very useful.
  • Patriot.DK — Denmark’s first patriotic homepage
  • Money: The 12th and Final Religion — Economics and world-politics. The writer is an eccentrically brilliant and if you can make sense of it, you’ll see that he taps into something profound.
  • CODOH — Exploring the realities behind “The Big H”. The timid need not click here.
  • Racial Compact — Essays by Richard McCulloch. Contains valuable introductory information on racial anthropology.
  • Erectus Walks Amongst Us — Scholarly-caliber, non-PC-constrained work demolishing the Out-of-Africa theory; far ahead of its time. (Published 2008). Mainstream science is already slowly adopting its theses. Text is fully online and readable (not jargony); I recommend buying the book and reading it in earnest.
  • Inconvenient History
  • Metapedia — Like Wikipedia, but…
  • .
  • Discussion Forums
  • Skadi Web Forum — Giant archive of discussions on anthropology, race, politics, the past and future of European-Mankind. One of the primary still-going sites responsible for the revival of racial-anthropology since circa year 2000. (Inactive as of 2014)
  • The Apricity — A discussion forum where racialists congregate. Similar to Skadi but on the less-serious side. This forum has gone through major changes in ideology since its launch, and is now a free-for-all.
  • The Phora
  • .
  • Inactive Blogs and Websites
  • Lawrence Auster (RIP) — One of America’s foremost nationalist dissident commentators (Author deceased)
  • Foseti(Inactive as of early 2014) A U.S. federal government employee’s right-wing dissident perspectives.
  • Chariots of Reaction (Inactive as of late 2014) — Philosophical and practical musings from a very smart Pacific Northwesterner, Jehu. In his heyday, Jehu was often “on fire”, with great posts several times a week. I regret to say this blog is inactive.
  • The Cold Equations (Inactive as of late 2014) — This is one of my favorites. Non-PC insights on sociopolitical issues.
  • The Truth Shall Set You Free (Inactive as of late 2014) — The author of this site, Justin, focuses broadly on what some at MajorityRights popularized as “The National Question”. There is also some religious commentary mixed in.
  • Majority Rights This site has gone through many permutations over its decade-plus in existence; it is not what it once was, and activity has decreased.
  • Inductivist (Inactive as of late 2014) — “Drive-by” statistical investigations of sociopolitical issues.
  • Mangan — Consistently thoughtful posts from the kind of American traditionalist conservative who today seems like a radical. (Removed as of Fall 2015)

2 Responses to Other Sites of Interest

  1. How many people know that “tricky” Nixon had a plan for 1. Energy three by 83; 2. guaranteed annual income program including national health care: 3.converting the S&Ls into banks to exterminate the monopoly of the federal reserve? Read the book: THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. PS The BIZWOG is the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

  2. OOPS! Nixon had a plan for energy FREE not three by 83. Plan stopped cold by telephone call to White House from Texas Rail Road Commision. Yes! Forget OPEC. Texas RR Commision still sets the price of petroleum. Believe it or not. Thanks Rduane willing

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