Newt Gingrich’s Ancestors: Apple Falls Close to Tree Again

A man with a disgraceful history of loose sexual morals and lack of discipline, it turns out, is descended from people with loose sexual morals and lacks of discipline.

Newt Gingrich (Birth name Newton Leroy McPherson). Born Harrisburg PA, June 1943. (Pastor Manning asserts, tongue-in-cheek, that Newt had a part-Black father, as his birth middle-name is ‘Leroy’. It’s true that the name ‘Leroy’ has been a Black name for generations now. Baby Newt, though, was named after his mother’s [white] father, born 1890. See below.)

Newt Gingrich’s Parents (Source).
(1) Newton Searles McPherson. Born PA, Feb 1923 (born to ‘non-martial liaison’)
(2) Kathleen Daugherty. Born PA, Nov 1925. [Age 16 at son’s conception in Sept ’42].

Newt Gingrich’s Grandparents
(1) Robert Nelson Kerstetter. Born PA, Aug 1888. [Married to another woman at conception of son in ’22].
(2) Louise S. McPherson. Born PA, Aug 1905. [Age 16 at conception of son in May ’22]. Later married a man named Kepner: Illegitimate son did not take his name.
(3) Jacob Leroy Daugherty. Born PA, ca.1890.
(4) Ethel M. Hendricks. Born PA, ca.1896.

For what it’s worth, all of Newt’s great-grandparents appear to have been born in Pennsylvania between the late 1840s and 1870s. There are many holes in the genealogy beyond that, making an ancestral summary similar to Mitt Romney‘s impossible.

To summarize:
(1) Newt’s mother, Kathleen Daugherty, was pregnant with him at age 16. His 19-year-old biological father, Newton Searles McPherson, was nowhere to be found after Newt was born. There was apparently a very-short-lived marriage and a quick divorce. The unwed-teen mother, with baby Newt in tow, married a man named Gingrich a few years later.

(2) Newt’s father, Newton Searles McPherson, was himself conceived in a “non-marital liaison” between a 33-year-old man and a 16-year old girl. The pair did not marry, and it is likely the 33-year-old man was already married. (I cannot confirm this, but odds are strong, given marriage-rates at the time). This would even be scandalous today, of course, but was truly a bottom-of-the-barrel occurrence in the 1920s, when Newton Searles McPherson (Newt’s father) was born. Among Whites, the share of births to unmarried mothers was under 2% in the 1930s, according to statistics compiled by Vincent Clark.

Both of Newt’s parents were of weak moral character. Indeed, they were in the bottom 2%(!) if one were to quantify morality using the illegitimacy rate. (See also a previous post discussing the USA’s White Illegitimacy rate, 1940-2010.)

‘The Newt Method For Success in Romance’
We have all heard the pattern, common among Urban-Blacks and Newt himself: (1) Find a woman, begin an sexual affair with her (sometimes politely called “taking a mistress”), (2) Leave your present woman-partner for the ‘mistress’ (including if you are married. Including also, in Newt’s case, if the wife is terminally-cancer-ridden). (3) Repeat. (4) Repeat. If Newt were of a younger generation, or not in politics, he would probably not even bother with the marriages. He appears to be a high-IQ version of the ‘cad’ archetype.

A photo of Newt, his first wife (Jackie), and daughters in 1976:Gingrich and Jackie

The woman was Newt’s teacher in high school, seven years his senior. This means she was 40 already in this picture and Newt was 33. After several affairs, he would drop this woman a few years later for a younger one.

Newt on why he wanted a divorce from Jackie:

Newt Gingrich:
She [Jackie] is not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.” (Source: Katharine Q. Seelye. “Gingrich’s Life: The Complications and Ideals.” 11/24/1994)



Falling Apples and Trees
A detailed analysis of Mitt Romney’s ancestry reveals that he is descended from basically moral people (discounting the cases of polygamy during the early Mormon period). No illegitimacy. No “non-marital liaisons” between teen girls and middle-aged men. No, instead we find generations of hard working men and women. Trials and tribulations overcome. Romney’s ancestors’ stories are quite remarkable.

Compare to Newt Gingrich: He has a reputation for undisciplined recklessness in politics: “It was an idea a minute” during his time leading the Republicans, but “it was an idea a minute, no discipline, no ability to be able to pull things together.” (Source). This is reminiscent of the general lack of moral discipline he has displayed in life, which itself is lifted from the pages of his ancestors’ lives.

Alas, we see again that if one is looking for a rotten apple, one ought look near a rotten apple-tree.

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35 Responses to Newt Gingrich’s Ancestors: Apple Falls Close to Tree Again

  1. Eye Vee says:

    Here’s a recent article on Newt’s childhood. His mother apparently was bipolar:

    Newt’s was a rootless boyhood as his stepfather’s military career moved the family around the U.S. and abroad. His mother became more and more emotionally fragile. How did she survive? I asked Kit Gingrich.

    “I almost didn’t,” she blurted out. “I had manic-depressive illness.”

    “Oh, sure. My life was moving from one post to another and another doctor and more medicine,” she told me. “You name it,” she said, referring to all the medications she was given for bipolar disorder, “and I was on it.” When a new doctor took her off all medication, she said, “I almost fell apart.” Bob Gingrich was furious and demanded that she be medicated again. But in that brief window of clarity, she told me, she saw him with new eyes. “Bob is a tyrant,” she declared. “No question about it.”

    • Hail says:

      The article sheds light on his parents’ “marriage”, too:

      Implied is that it was a case of a ‘pregnant bride’, ‘shotgun-wedding’… which fits well with the overall trajectory here.

      When [Newt Gingrich’s mother] found herself pregnant at 16, she had to leave high school. “My mother made me go through with the wedding,” Kit told me. She wore gray and invited no one. Big Newt [i.e., Newton Searles McPherson], she said, scared her to death. He was physically enormous: “6 foot 3, and he could use a nine-pound sledgehammer with one hand,” according to Newt. Days after giving birth, Kit filed for divorce. Big Newt joined the Navy and Kit moved back in with her mother.

    • Hail says:

      On Gingrich’s ancestral identification, or perhaps more about his egomania:

      Newt grew to the age of 15 believing that Bob Gingrich was his real father. When he found out that his real father was named Newt McPherson, a fine Scottish name, a great fantasy grew in his mind. “Robert the Bruce,” Gingrich rhapsodized, “is the guy who would not, could not, avoid fighting … He carried the burden of –being Scotland–.” To be called ‘Newt the McPherson’ would be hugely significant. It would mean that Newt was head of the tribe, the supreme leader.

      On his father’s moral character:

      Big Newt [i.e., Newt Gingrich’s father] had called Kit [i.e., Newt Gingrich’s mother] when little Newt was 3 years old. “His new wife was pregnant,” said Kit. “He said that if I would drop the past four months of child-support payments, Bob Gingrich could adopt Newtie. Isn’t it awful, a man willing to sell off his own son?”

  2. Eye Vee says:

    Some more interesting passages from that article:

    Dr. Frederick Goodwin, director of the Center on Neuroscience, Behavior, and Society at the George Washington University Medical Center and a national authority on bipolar disorder, said that “Gingrich’s quickness, his ability to pick things up quickly, is consistent with studies of first-degree relatives of manic-depressives.”

    While stating that he was not making a diagnosis, he noted that in leaders, hypomanic behavior is “often intolerant and impulsive.” Studies characterize the thinking of a person in a hypomanic state as “flighty. He jumps by bypaths from one subject to another, and cannot adhere to anything.”

    Gingrich repeatedly stunned his House colleagues in the Republican leadership when he was involved in lengthy negotiations over a major policy proposal and agreed to every detail, only to go public and pull the rug out from under them. Where some see this as evidence of his “flightiness,” others see a man willing to say whatever comes into his head as long as it will capture the next news cycle.

  3. Eye Vee says:

    He is highly emotional, Gingrich told me. He has never been without a wife since making a jailbreak marriage at 19, escaping his disturbed mother to marry his high-school geometry teacher, Jackie, a maternal figure seven years his senior.

    Having “skipped adolescence,” as he put it, Gingrich made up for it years later as a married candidate in the 1970s. Former staff members told me they never knew when they’d find him cavorting with other women. During his 1976 campaign, he began an affair with the wife of another professor at West Georgia College, Anne Manning, a pretty young Englishwoman. “We had oral sex,” Manning told me. “He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.’” Two decades before the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, Gingrich had already adopted the same tactic of implausible deniability. Gingrich declined to comment on Manning’s comments for the 1995 Vanity Fair piece.

    In 1981, six months after divorcing Jackie, Gingrich made another jailbreak marriage, wedding Marianne Ginther, a politically naive girl of 28 from a speck of an Ohio town with whom he could play Henry Higgins.

    • Alex says:

      Another reason that he “prefers that modus operandi” might be because he is quite corpulent and other methods might be too physical demanding and strenuous.

      It could also be due to psychology, specifically his egomania and desire for domination. A male receiving oral sex has often been associated with domination.

  4. Justin says:

    What does S.C. see in this fellow? I just don’t get it.

    • Hail says:

      I would speculate something along these lines:

      I have my suspicions that a fair share of South Carolina voters rejected Romney solely because he is seen as a New-England Yankee, a “Massachussetts Moderate” as ‘Southerner’ Newt Gingrich called him again and again before the SC crowds.

      Nevermind that Romney — ancestrally — has no recent roots in New-England or anywhere in the eastern USA.

  5. George says:

    He is quite ———.

    Going around, trying to get his —– sucked by married women.

  6. Jehu says:

    Newt has extremely disturbing similarities to Bill Clinton—practically to the point where it would be correct to describe him as a somewhat lesser version of him who happens to be in the Republican party.

    • Hail says:

      I agree, but with one key difference:

      Gingrich’s Favorability [January 2012]
      Favorable: 17%
      Unfavorable: 49%

      Bill Clinton‘s Favorability [April 2008]
      Favorable: 50%
      Unfavorable : 36%

      (Both are NYT polls).

      • Jehu says:

        Gingrich is lesser, I agree.
        My read of Clinton is that he’s about 3 sigma in intelligence. I read Gingrich as a bit less than this—probably 2 and a half or so. Both are incredibly adept at deception and seduction. I suspect that both are non-neurotypical and running emulation as it were, but Clinton’s emulation is of a considerably more likeable and charismatic neurotypical. Neither seem to be subject to the emotional manipulation that neurotypicals are vulnerable to (you can’t shame either one of them, for instance), but both are skillful in manipulating them. Both of them are exclusively after the interests of Number One—appetites in bespoke suits, as Jesse Jackson would put it. Sadly, this represents an improvement over guys like Obama. A whore like Clinton or Gingrich can at least be managed, if you have good enough ‘hand’.

      • Hail says:

        Jehu expands on his thoughts about Gingrich vs Clinton and Gingrich vs Romney generally, here.

    • Drake says:

      Clinton also seemed to prefer receptive oral sex, and seemed to prefer that “modus operandi” partly for similar reasons as Newt i.e. being able to make lawyerly denials about sexual relations. Remember how Clinton was infamous for his lawyerly denials and dishonesty.

  7. Alex says:

    A hardline Zionist Jewish billionaire named Sheldon Adelson, one of the richest men in the country and the world, is Newt’s major financial backer:

    His money likely has been instrumental in Newt’s resurgence.

    Like Jehu says, Newt does seem to have disturbing similarities to Bill Clinton.

    Both are Southern. Both are from broken homes and dysfunctional families. Both are morally weak, and have loose sexual morals and control. Both have big appetites for food that they have trouble controlling. Both are very ego-centric, ambitious, power mad and hungry, and unprincipled. And especially due to these character traits, both seem easily manipulated and influenced by powerful men and interests in exchange for power, fame, and carnal pleasure.

  8. Hail says:

    On the Clinton-Gingrich similarities:

    Le Cygne Gris writes:
    Voters will gravitate to highest status male. Right now, the highest-status male is Newt Gingrich“. I read ‘status’ in this case to mean charisma. Much ink has been spilled on how Clinton beat Bush and Dole because of charisma, too.

    I’d like to think most people are smarter than simply slavishly following the person they think is “highest status”.

    Counter-Example: Ron Paul has consistently won his House races, and I don’t think anyone would ever call him “the highest status male”. Ron Paul is an insurgent, a radical (a polite radical), a man of ideas and principles. There is a still a place for ideas in politics.

    Counter-Example #2: Santorum. However he won his races in Pennsylvania, it wasn’t charisma/status, as he is not strong in that department.

  9. spandrell says:

    Damn, that’s harsh.

    Whence his brains though? The guy is undoubtedly smart. Even more than Clinton is.

    Anyway his infidelity is no way as important as his selling out to Fannie Mae is. That’s the bad moral character.

    • Hail says:

      He is intelligent. He went to Emory University and Tulane University, both of which seem pretty exclusive. And, as Newt is white, there is no ‘affirmative action taint’ as there is with Obama. (i.e., no one is sure if Obama would have gotten into Harvard Law School if white).

      ‘Whence’ is a question to which I have no answer, though.

  10. Drake says:

    Newt and Clinton share many of the 7 deadly sins.

    Lust, Gluttony, and Greed are obvious ones. Pride and Envy seem likely.

    Sloth is not as clear. Both appear to work hard for their political goals and power, but both also appear physically lazy and have had trouble with weight control and physical health. Clinton’s more recent weight loss and appearance are due to major surgery. He had a quadruple bypass heart operation and turned to veganism after it.

    Wrath, I’m not sure about. I don’t know if they’re known for excessive rage.

  11. PJ says:

    I bet he sweats and grunts like a big fat hog when he gets that bright pink pecker sucked.

  12. Lurker says:


    At the risk of spamming can I remind all British citizens to sign this e-petition: No to 70 million.

    At 100,000 signatures the government is supposed to allow a debate on the matter in parliament, its well past that now but the bigger the numbers the louder the message. I realise its a very mild anti-immigration measure, not nearly enough and of course ‘they’ don’t want to do anything, but thats the beauty of the petition, its so mild that no one could object to signing it.

  13. marlene stobbart says:

    Most interesting to read Newt’s ancestry and, the Irish mother with bi-polar. That is an affliction of the Irish. The Scotish father brings strong temperaments into play. Newts young home life? Had already ascertained why he would marry a teacher older them himself. The need of comfort and solid base. That his 3rd wife is solidly there for him gives him a foundation and comfort he never had before. The rest of his adult history? It is what he is today that counts and bless him for attempting the impossible. He truly is a grassroots man.

  14. Well, being thankful for small mercies, at least he can’t be said to be an Anglo-Saxon Yankee, or WASP.
    But neither is he Southern, contrary to what’s been said here. He does not speak like someone from the South; that was evident to me the first time I heard him speak. Just living in Georgia or whatever Southern state does not make one Southron. I don’t think there is much that is typical of the South about him.
    Hail, are you going to do Ron Paul’s ancestry? I understand he is mostly German.

    • Hail says:

      What explains why Gingrich — not being a Southerner — has been polling so well in the South? He even won SC…!

      On Ron Paul and Santorum: I have been meaning to do “ancestral reports” on them a while, VA. I will try to get them up soon.

    • Hail says:

      I finally got around to doing an ancestral investigation into Ron Paul:

      Ron Paul’s Ancestry. He is certainly German by ancestry. I even subtitled the post “Ron Paul: The German Candidate”, meant to be a pun on his ancestry and his tight fiscal policy.

  15. Lola Getz says:

    Very interesting. I’d like to point out, though, that while Newt’s first wife *did* have cancer, it wasn’t terminal. Jackie Batley Gingrich had a long battle with the disease, but she’s still alive in 2012. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that in case anyone doubts the rest of your post just because you got that one detail wrong.

    • Hail says:

      Thanks for the correction. At the time though, I suppose, it was unclear whether she would survive (as it always is with cancer patients), so her survival is not much a mark in Newt’s favor.

      Newt on why he wanted a divorce from Jackie:

      Newt Gingrich:
      She [Jackie] is not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a President. And besides, she has cancer.” Source: Katharine Q. Seelye. “Gingrich's Life: The Complications and Ideals.” 11/24/1994


    • Hail says:

      A photo of Newt, his first wife, and daughters in 1976:

      The woman was Newt’s teacher in high school, seven years his senior. This means she was 40 already in this picture and Newt was 33. A few years later, Newt would drop the pictured woman for a younger one.

  16. thewhitechrist says:

    All of this is highly interesting, as long as you believe that Newt has a ghost of a chance. The same with Mitt. Since the Iowa primary, I’ve watched the entire Jewsmedia working overtime to minimize, demonize, and ostracize Rep. Dr. Ron Paul. That should tell ‘y’all’ something about who controls/run/owns this country.

    The question is not whether Newt is a Clinton clone, or even that Mitt’s a Moron (ooops, Mormon) but who controls the Fed. Name the ethnos, solve the problem. It’s that easy. Which is why Ron Paul scares the crap out of the Chosenites as well as all their minions…. including the Obamanation. (as minion- he’s too egotistic a psychopath to even see Paul as a challenge to his Obamaness…. for the time being.)

    -Fr. John+

    • Hail says:

      You’re right on that one, John. Ron Paul clearly operates on a different wavelength than the rest, a kind of throwback to an America most residents of the USA today do not know.

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  18. Rob says:

    The name “Leroy” has not always been a black man’s name. The name is actually French. It is literally mean “the king”, coming from “le roi”. You’ll find that French name mentioned in many old Anglo-French rolls or documents from the Middle Ages when addressing to a French or English king. One can also be named “LeRoy” if placed before a given first/middle name and a surname (for example: LeRoy John Smith, literally “the King John Smith”).

    You just learned something! 🙂

    • Hail says:

      (1) In their typical ostentatious style, Lousiana Blacks in post-emancipation Louisiana — having a familiarity with the French language — began naming their sons ‘Leroy’ at a high rate, knowing full well that it meant ‘The King’.

      (2) By the time of the Great Black Migration beginning in the 1910s, Blacks from Louisiana percolated up north, mixing with other Blacks.

      (3) The non-Louisiana Blacks saw that ‘Leroy’ was common among many of their Black brethren. Out of racial pride, they began naming their own sons such at high rates.

      (4) By the mid-20th century, ‘Leroy’ is seen as a Black name, and no White parents would dare name a White child ‘Leroy’ anymore.

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