Against the Corona Panic, Part XIII: The “Corona-Riots.” The angry looting, rioting, arson, were caused by the Corona-Response and by the pro-Panic side’s complete victory and lack of serious/successful pushback by the anti-Panic side; is the US no longer a serious country?


“Black people built this country — They have the right to tear it down” (pro-Riot slogan, Washington DC, May 31)

With riots, looting, and arson widespread in late May and early June, suddenly we see almost no media at all cover Corona anymore. The seamless transition of coverage is curious, if they really believed it was such a major pandemic with “100,000 dead.” What’s going on?

The best way to understand it: The Corona-Response caused the riots in the US. The riots are a direct extension of Corona.

The media, and most regular people who get their information from the media and follow its lead, all go along with the charade that the riots are about what the claimed trigger is, which any close analysis or basic critical thinking will show to be untrue.

Most of the media, academic, corporations, celebrities, and in a word the entire US regime, has spent a long time pushing the ideas here, behind the latest quasi-hoax (the claimed trigger). They always meant it to be controllable, a political-cultural wrecking ball with them at the helm, for the people they rile up to serve as their pets, as it were. What happens when the ‘wrecking ball’ goes rogue, or the ‘pet’ goes rabid?

Still, true-believers in large sections of America are easy to find.

A white female protester holds up a sign, “Being Black should NOT mean less likely to survive | #BlackLivesMatter,” Washington DC, May 31

The role of the hostile media and elite-class in inciting the riots

The media, for its part, with the lifting of the Corona-Lockdowns it agitated so hard for and with Corona looking like the failed god it always was (though it will still have partisans and believers for time to come), as if on cue began pushing the latest moral panic/malicious-hoax hard, and said not a word against protestors for breaking social distancing rules, as it had condemned the anti-Lockdown Michigan and other anti-Panic protesters before as “terrorists.” A close examination of facts of the claimed trigger is something no one in the media seemed to want, nor even cared about (which sounds to me again like Corona).

These are largely race riots and the riots are very obviously a follow-on effect of the wrong, destructive, and often-maliciously-made lockdown policies. The riots cannot be understood at all outside a Corona Lockdown context.

A concise summary of the pro-CoronaPanic stranglehold on the media and its effects, all predictable (from @JeremyDBoreing)

The pro-Panic side is guilty here, a national-scale Yelling ‘Fire!’ in a Crowded Theater situation. Which means the writing at this website and elsewhere, fighting a rearguard action against the pro-Panic side’s arguments (imposed from above by a coup d’etat junta after a while, with mass support via religion) were worth it.

I have several more Corona posts planned (on who formed into the pro- and anti-Panic coalitions in March and why). While they may seem irrelevant now, I believe in the medium- and long-run they are more valuable than ever.


Why does the media not even bring up Corona as a causal factor in the riots/looting, much less argue (point out) that the Corona-Response (lockdown) is the direct cause of the riots? This is curious given how obvious the connection is.

For one thing, it shows just how weak the anti-Panic side was in the media and elite class, which we already knew.

The seemingly universal endorsement of the most extreme interpretation of the claimed trigger (a single ambiguous case becomes a wave of “genocide” and open murders of Blacks for sport by evil white police, a total detachment from anything like reality, comparable to the Corona-doomsday-fantasists’ hallucinations). The immediate ceding of narrative control to the radicals, black-racialists, and anarchist fantasists. These are puzzling.

“Killer Cops will not go free” poster hung up by the pro-Riot side, Washington DC, May 30 (Subtitle, “Do not live in ignorance Use your privilege for good,” targets white-liberals in terms they are familiar with, Pavlov-style)

What we got: After the artificial virus crisis was imposed from above by a massive propaganda effort, a similar artificial crisis of Blacks murdered by police for no reason is created, when none of the data supports this at all (whites are more likely to die in interactions with police per capita per interaction).

Everyone fell in line, just like they did on Corona, obedient and unquestioning.


No Coherent Grievances or Demands, Facts-Last and Emotion-First Impossible to Understand without Corona Lockdowns

That the riots align exactly with the beginning of reopening schedules immediately suggests the connection. As does the bizarre lack of any kind of articulated, specific grievance or demands. Lots of race solidarity/racial-nationalism, Yes; lots of virtue-signalling, Yes (which camp one falls into dependent on race), all pent up for three months.

The (flimsy) pretext, a single ambiguous case in Minnesota. The only thing close to a clear demand being that the mob wants “facts-last, emotion-first” lynchmob-style execution of the arresting police officer involved in the fight. This was the only clear demand I have seen articulated. One ambiguous death with an unknown person thousands of miles away triggers mass riots everywhere, seemingly out of nowhere? It makes no sense without Corona as trigger, though the structural causes in US culture, politics, and demographics are also obvious to those willing to see them.

These insane, unnecessary, unprecedented, pigheaded, groupthink-based, magical-thinking-based, endless mass-shutdowns and lockdowns kept people out of work and school for months, yet at the same time the steady and enormouse stream of Corona-propaganda riled them up. With nothing to do, often with lost jobs, an indefinite freeze on school, and no apparent immediate hopes of getting new one jobs or going back to school (shorter time horizons in school age), we of the anti-Panic side warned in general terms of unforeseen consequences. Here we are. There will be many more (unforeseen consequences that is).

A police line blocks an intersection, Washington DC, May 31; the crowd is largely white leftists and has signs that say “White Silence is Violence” and similar

The timing and the nature of these race riots points to the base cause. The base cause is the total victory of the pro-Panic side in March, the pro-Panic coup d’etat, and the pro-Panic junta(s)’ refusal to yield an inch, even when it was clear the panickers were wrong as became crystal-clear in April. The pro-Panic side bizarrely dragged it out through May, against all logic, almost as if intended specifically to harm the population, as in “a victor’s peace.” I believe it is better understood in general terms as a religious cult but the malicious, political “victor’s peace” angle is not to be ignored.

The pro-Panic side was playing with fire, metaphorically, and they should have known it. Now others have ‘played’ literally with fire after the lockdown lifted and they’d spent over two months with nothing to do, often without jobs of any kind, and no school. The economic damage is realbut the moral/prestige damage is greater.

The USA, ruled by pro-Panic mob that locked down society for no reason, put tens of million out of work for no reason, and which bizarrely engages in top-down encouragement of opportunistic looting/arsonist mobs, does not seem to be a serious country.

Pro-Riot graffiti, Lafayette Square, Washington DC near White House (May 31)


Why did they media do it this time?

Why did they push the latest mini moral panic hoax, seemingly creating it out of thin air?

Their ideological commitments. Their role as chief purveyors of shrill nonsense. They cannot help stumbling from one mini moral panic to the next.

Besides that, they are too addicted to the instant-news-cycle, and dramatic footage, and dramatic stories largely inflated/created by themselves, to yelling at each other over the same (presumably). All these things meant they would push the hoax and yet again it would get out of control, and given their Corona-Panic-pushing ongoing for over three months and the destruction they caused thereby, it was all inevitable.

A black protester is interviewed sympathetically by an Arabic TV channel just before the mob of which he was a part smashed into the AFL-CIO building, downtown Washington DC, May 31


In light of the media’s entire loss of interest in the so-called pandemic, does Corona still matter? The answer is Yes, because the riots are part of Corona. No understanding the riots without understanding Corona.

There is also obvious value in knowing the truth, and in evaluating the role of the media and the sociological phenomenon of moral panic and how it begins, and how destructive it can get.

The media’s role, yet again, in fomenting an artificial crisis, and the “facts-last, emotion-first, embrace the moral-panic” nature of it reminds me of the Corona Response in general, which also makes Corona as a specific phenomenon worth studying. The amount of magical thinking on display is high both with Corona and with its follow-on riots.

The religion-like nature of Corona (which I previously argued was the breakthrough of a literal religious cult) triggered the fanatics to move on to wilder, more aggressive religious-cults, or revived some of the 2010s, with BLM as a race-based religion for some and replete with magical thinking and facts-last, facts-don’t-matter-anyway, emotion-first, agitation-based religion. I have been on the ground observing some of these protests and riots/looting, and there is much more to say but I will have to do that another time or in another format (I have some tweets on the matter).

Protesters threaten to kill Trump, May 31, downtown Washington DC

What is the lesson of ‘Corona’ (by which I mean the victory of the pro-Panic side and its total-stranglehold on almost all governments in the West) and the follow-on “Corona-Riots”?

It seems increasingly to be that the US regime, the media-run state, has lost moral credibility. The US does not seem to be a serious country. There are serious structural problems that allowed fertile soil for the Corona-Paranoia and Corona Cult to break through.


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Against the Corona Panic Part XII: Is Corona a religious cult? An anthropological study. (Or, Corona as virus-centered apocalypse cult; its ascent to state religion; the mass-conversion event to the cult; a study of the cult.)

For earlier entries “Against the Corona Panic,” see:
Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve


Corona is a cult, and we can demonstrate it.

If you prefer a softer term than Corona Cult, go with Corona Religion.

It worked like this (quoting from below in this post):

The converts were reacting to news of the Apocalypse, as foretold by the Holy Media, and were seeing signs of the prophecies coming true before their eyes (actually, on their screens).

This is the most compelling explanation for why the Corona Crisis has gone on as long as it has.

Corona doomsday prophets - The End is Near

Corona-as-religious-Cult is an important enough insight within Corona-Panic Studies that a detailed investigation is needed. I am not aware of any other full treatment of this subject of Corona as a cult, under an anthropological approach to the matter, and therefore I have written one myself (this post).

Corona-as-Religion is a simple but powerful observation: Continue reading

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Against the Corona Panic, Part XI: Stay-Open Sweden set to lose 0.02% of total population to Coronavirus, in line with usual peak flu years; 2020 may equal 2018 in total mortality; why did we destroy the economy over this?

For earlier entries “Against the Corona Panic,” see:
Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve



The end of the Panic Pandemic should be at hand by now. It would (long) be, if the matter were entirely evidence-driven. The apocalyptic virus it was so aggressively marketed to be has turned into a minor flu virus.

The evidence pointing against the Panic had been there all along, but ignored and suppressed. Strangely, the pro-Panic side doesn’t want to hear the good news, which raises questions of its own.

Not only did the pro-Panic side ignore the evidence and actively suppress the early evidence, they busily set up a religion around the Panic, entrenching it and giving it eternal privileges from criticism or skeptical inquiry, and immunity from logical consistency (flattening the curve turned into an extremist policy of total elimination of the virus, a fool’s errand). As  core doctrines of the Corona religion were steadily refuted, they dug in. How this happened, reconstructing what went wrong with the Coronavirus Mass Delusion event of 2020, is the most interesting question of the hour.

For the time being I want to return to SWEDEN, where, with the epidemic in clear decline, we can by now see the outlines of the full-scope of the epidemic’s “hit.” Given that the country stayed open and took only moderate measures, this should be of great interest.

I think it may be helpful to present the final mortality impact of coronavirus in Sweden in terms of total-mortality against past peak-mortality years and pandemics, for perspective. No longer do we need models by pro-Panic, sloppy, pseudo-academic hitmen suffering from CoronaParanoia delusions (or with darker motivations, beyond the scope of this post). We have reality. We have hard data from observed-reality from Sweden’s “Stay Open” scenario, which the anti-Panic side argued for all along.

The surprising fact is the coronavirus epidemic of 2020 in Sweden, once all deaths are counted, is going to be demonstrably lower than previous epidemics. It’s true that people are dying, and these deaths may cause the highest mortality in Sweden since…2018.

Continue reading
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Against the Corona Panic, Part X: The problem of “deaths with vs. “deaths from”: Only one-third of corona-positive deaths as genuine “deaths from” in Sweden


For earlier entries “Against the Corona Panic,” see:
Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve


One of the central problems with the media’s Corona reporting, with its beloved “rolling death counts” is the “Deaths With” vs. “Deaths From” Problem. How many of the reported deaths are truly “deaths from the virus” and how many are “deaths with the virus” of people who were dying anyway or clearly died of some other cause?

This is well-known to (many of) us on the anti-Panic side, but I think we have made little progress in raising awareness of it. So it goes, when the other side controls the media and is running a martial law regime with heavy use of saturation-level propaganda and suppression of dissent.

Getting straight answers on this has been difficult, especially since the extreme escalations of March (the unnecessary shutdowns, the disastrous Lockdowns). Following the coup d’etat, the Fauci junta in the US and similar Corona juntas in other countries do not seem to want to elucidate this matter. We are somewhat on our own, aided by quite a few honest experts and specialists, though, as often as not the experts too are subject to suppression (as in the case of the late-April deletion of the Dr. Erickson COVID briefing video by Youtube for unspecified “violating community policies” after their anti-Panic briefing got five million views in five days; Dr. Wittkowski’s video was also suppressed).

There are people doing great work on this, including experts and specialists who lack any kind of bullhorn and are used to scribbling away in obscurity (one of these experts, Knut Wittkowski, was profiled and his anti-Panic writings/expertise were featured here as Part V). Among the best and most comprehensive sources is Swiss Propaganda Research, which two days ago has come out with another comprehensive update; see some relevant excerpts below, in this post.


Sweden: Has a proxy for Deaths With vs. Deaths From been hiding in plain sight?

We know “deaths with vs. deaths from” is a problem, but its magnitude is always at least uncertain. I dealt with this in Part IV on New York City. The whole thing gets confusing enough that the media, and the pro-Panic side generally, can just ignore it and up the intensity of Corona-prolefeed in circulation on the news and social media. Confusion, muddied-waters, and fear are the pro-Panic side’s bread-and-butter.

I’ve been closely following the numbers out of Sweden (See Part VII) for a few weeks and I think I can now say this:

The number in Sweden may be around two-thirds as “deaths with,” one-third as “deaths from.” If this is true, the pro-Panic projections by Ferguson and others are comfortably off by more than 100x.

Continue reading
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Against the Corona Panic, Part IX: “Corona-Paranoia” and the case of pro-Panic US Congresswoman Haley Stevens, a character study

Haley Stevens urging Corona-Panic


For earlier entries “Against the Corona Panic,” see:
Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven,
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve


We are now approaching two months since the CoronaPanic succeeded in breaking through, assembling a coalition around itself, seizing the initiative and routing the anti-Panic forces (such as they were at the time), seizing control of the government, seizing control of the culture, and establishing a form of martial law and state religion around itself. Over a flu virus that may be slightly worse than 2017-18 flu strains.

A lot remains to be sorted out regarding the Corona Big Mistake, by which I mean the shutdown and disastrous ‘lockdown’ decisions (which, evidence now suggests, were unnecessary and probably a net-negative, even in short-run public-health terms).

Several questions I am interested in are:

  • Who found themselves in the pro-Panic coalition during the critical period? What sorts of people?
  • Why did they join?
  • Who was on the anti-Panic side?
  • How did the pro-Panic side win so decisively in mid-March?
  • Could the anti-Panic side have held out in some scenario, and maintained a Stay-Open, Sweden-style response (which was the correct response, given Sweden’s full vindication and the virus proving to be even more minor than the optimists argued)?

‘Corona’ may be remembered as a mega-scale mass-delusion event, destructive and incomprehensible.

Therefore the topic of the origins of the pro-Panic coalition certainly deserves a full treatment. I have my ideas and will publish them later.


Meet Haley Stevens, Corona True-Believer

As for “who found themselves on the pro-Panic side,” I want the offer the following:

Haley Stevens. A woman who deserves a footnote in a history of the Corona-Panic.

Haley Stevens is a first-term US Congresswoman from Michigan. While delivering a pro-Panic speech on the floor of the US House March 27 (the height of the Panic), her time ran out, at which point she demanded more time and immediately launched into histrionics, yelling and gesticulating about how terrible the virus is. The presiding officer tried to bring her under control but she ignored him, to jeers from other members of Congress.

Haley Stevens - CoronaParanoia - March 27 speech 2

Her speech took on apocalyptic, religious-cult-like overtones (a topic, the “Corona-Cult,” I wish to return to in another post).

(I became aware of the Haley Stevens case via a post at Peak Stupidity, April 9.)

The Haley Stevens Corona-histrionics incident is the kind that is usually forgotten quickly but is worth attention and further reflection. Consider the rest of this post a character study, with the goal/hope being to find some insight into the pro-Panic side and where they were coming from.

Continue reading

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