[World Cup 2018] Europe’s National Teams by Racial Ancestry

Inspired by comments made on the Steve Sailer blog on the World Cup in June 2018

The World Cup, Europe’s National Teams, & the Race Question

Europe was given 14 slots in the 32-team FIFA World Cup in (mid-June to mid-July) 2018. The 23-man rosters (squads) were announced in early June 2018.

As many have noticed, some of Europe’s national teams are more “national” than others.

I’ve taken a quite detailed looked at the ethnocultural origins for all the players on all fourteen of Europe’s national teams (322 players). From material available online. Ethno-cultural analysis for players is, in some cases, just one line and in others up to hundreds of words for exceptionally exotic cases. Each country’s racial-political situation is briefly commented upon in each post’s Analysis section and how it relate to that country’s team’s racial makeup. (France is the stand-out, with its majority-Black team; full-Whites are one-quarter of the team.)

This post will be a grand summary of each team’s racial ancestry, taken one at a time. See individual links for more information on any team or player. See the bottom for some brief comments on the relevance of this effort.

In Brief

Racial ancestry of each World Cup team

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims
Denmark: 90% White, 10% Black
England: 63% White, 37% Black, No Muslims
France: 33% White, 52% Black, 33% Muslim
Germany: 83% White, <7% Black, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial presence with 20% Black
Russia: 84% White, 16% from Soviet periphery (Central Asia, Caucuses)
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy[?]
Spain: 92% White, <6% Black, No Muslims
Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian
Sweden: 91% White, <5% Black, No Muslims

In Summary

Racial ancestry for each of Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams (see links for details)


Racial stock of Belgium’s 2018 World Cup team:
70% European ancestry [16.0/23.0],
—– of which, fourteen players (61%) are fully White-European
—– of which, thirteen (57%) are fully White-Christian
22% Subsaharan African ancestry [5.0/23.0]
9% North African ancestry [2.0/23.0]
belgium national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Croatia’s 2018 World Cup team:
100% European ancestry [23.0/23.0],
—– of which, the majority element is Dinarid/Alpinid with substantial Mediterranean and Nordid/Cro-Magnid components
0% Subsaharan African and all other racial ancestries [0/23.0]
croatia national football full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Denmark’s 2018 World Cup team:
90% European ancestry [20.75/23.0], of which almost all is of Danish origin
—– of which nineteen players (83%) are fully White-European;
10% Black Subsaharan-African ancestry [2.25/23.0], mainly (1.5) East African;
No Muslims, though two of the mixed-race players do have African-Muslim fathers
denmark national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of England’s 2018 World Cup team:
63% European ancestry [14.5/23.0],
—– of which eleven players (48%) are fully White-European
37% Black-Subsaharan African ancestry [8.5/23.0],
—– five full-Black players (three of which are Forwards),
—– seven players of partial-Black, mixed-race ancestry
0% Muslim and Other ancestry [0/23.0]; of the players with West African ancestry, none have clear evidence of Muslim heritage, and no players identify as Muslims
england national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of France’s 2018 World Cup team:
33% White-European ancestry [7.6/23.0]
—– of which six players (26%) are fully White-European;
52% Subsaharan African ancestry [11.9/23.0], origins across Francophone Africa
11% North African ancestry [2.5/23.0], all from Algeria and Morocco
4% Southeast Asian ancestry [1.0/23.0], from the Philippines

Seven Muslims (30%) (7.5, 33%, if counting Mbappe, a half-Muslim of unclear affiliation, as 0.5); Muslim players outnumber fully-White-Christian players (six players) on France 2018.

France national team’s White ancestry
23% French ancestry for the entire team
9% Other ‘Latin’ countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy)
1%+ Germany [Griezmann]

Note: Taking the six full-White players only, French ancestry is 62.5% of these six. The French-ancestral component among the full-White players comprises only 16% of the French ‘national’ team (62.5%*[6/23]).

france national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Germany’s 2018 World Cup team:
82.5% European ancestry [19.0/23.0],
—– of which 18 players (78%) are fully White-European; generally this ancestry is all either from Germany or from compatible, close neighbors (unlike, notably, the Swiss team which has many recent-Albanian-origin players)
6.5% Subsaharan African ancestry [1.5/23.0]
11% Muslim ancestry [2.5/23.0], of which two Turks with strong cultural ties to Turkey and one half-Tunisian
germany national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Iceland’s 2018 World Cup team:
100% European ancestry [23.0/23.0 players]
—– 98% Icelandic ancestry [22.5/23.0]
—– 2% Danish ancestry [0.5/23.0]
—– by racial-anthropology: est. 55% Nordid, 40% Cro-Magnid stock
iceland national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Poland’s 2018 World Cup team:
100% European ancestry [23.0/23.0],
—– of which 95%+ Polish ancestry; minor known non-Polish ancestry includes German and Southern European
—– Players disproportionately from western Poland
poland national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Portugal’s 2018 World Cup team:
77% European ancestry [17.7/23.0],
—– of which thirteen players (56.5%) are fully White-European;
20% Subsaharan African ancestry [4.7/23.0],
3% Miscellaneous ancestry including Amerindian and Gypsy [0.6/23.0]
portgual national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Russia’s 2018 World Cup team:
84% European ancestry [19.5/23.0],
—– of which seventeen players (74%) are fully White-European;
11% Middle Eastern ancestry [2.5/23.0], Ossetian and Azeri;
5% Central Asian ancestry [1.2/23.0], various incl. Chuvash, Tatar
russia national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Serbia’s 2018 World Cup team:
94% European ancestry [21.5/23.0], Dinaric/Pontid-Mediterranean predominant
4% Gypsy ancestry [1.0/23.0]
2% Miscellaneous (possible minor component in several players) [0.5?/23.0]
One Muslim player (Adem Ljajic); all others appear to be Christians, all or almost all of whom Orthodox.
serbia national team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Spain’s 2018 World Cup team:
— 92% European ancestry [21.15/23.0]
—– of which, nineteen players [83%] are fully White-European
— 5.5% Subsaharan African ancestry [1.25/23.0]
— 2% East Asian ancestry [0.5/23.0]
— 0.5% North African ancestry [0.1/23.0]
spain national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Switzerland’s 2018 World Cup team:
70% European ancestry [16.0/23.0],
—– of which fifteen players (65%) are fully White-European,
——– of which five [22%] are of Balkan-Muslim ancestry [5.0/23.0],
——– of which ten [44%] are full-White-Christians [10.0/23.0].
28% Subsaharan African ancestry [6.5/23.0]
2% Amerindian ancestry [0.5/23.0]
switzerland national football team full 23 2018 google


Racial stock of Sweden’s 2018 World Cup team:
91% European ancestry [21.0/23.0],
—– of which twenty players (87%) are fully White-European;
4.5% Middle Eastern ancestry [1.0/23.0];
4.5% Subsaharan African ancestry [1.0/23.0]
sweden national football team full 23 2018 google


Brief Comments:

There are some surprises here. The absence of Muslims may be one. I comment on this at more length in the post on Sweden’s almost-all-White, Muslim-less team. Sweden, sadly, has serious race-political problems and could plausibly have an Islamic majority the middle of this century (hopefully not). Yet watching this marquee quasi-patriotic event, there’s no sign of Muslims, and almost no sign of non-Europeans at all, on the national team…

At the beginning of this project, I speculated that the less-White teams would inevitably lose support, over time, among White Europeans, perhaps softening their interest in this particular competition in general, or perhaps shifting their support (maybe quietly) to one or more “Whiter” teams. I have no way of finding evidence for that one way or another, but I would like to repeat the proposal of such as an idea.

The biggest single lesson of this study is something that ought to be obvious but somehow is not to many. It is simply this: Immigration has consequences.

Quite a few Western people genuinely do not seem to — understand? believe? — that immigration does, in fact, have consequences; average people, decent people, rather, genuinely seem to believe something like this: “[Our Nation] will always exist as it always has, no matter the number of refugees/immigrants we take in. They are not a threat!” This is puzzling thinking, but seems predominant. As cold-water on the face wakes a man mentally sluggish with sleep, so might a glance at the France or England World Cup rosters…. Immigration has consequences.

(See the individual country posts for more commentary on the racial-political situations specific to those countries and how the World Cup ties in.)

A tweet to end on:

England: 48% of team roster is full-White, dropping to 40% for field players (non-goalkeepers) (8 Whites of 20 on roster).

What would the man waiting to be evacuated back to England from Dunkirk have thought in 1940?

invaded by foreigners

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23 Responses to [World Cup 2018] Europe’s National Teams by Racial Ancestry

  1. L says:

    Interesting post, could you put Country population demographic figures for each nation alongside their team ethic compositions in the section “Racial ancestry of each World Cup team” for comparison?

    • Hail says:

      Great idea, although European countries often go to efforts to conceal racial population data and so it would be quite an additional research project to find good racial estimates across the board. (France is an extreme case in which any question on race is banned by law); Wiki’s “Blacks in France” page says mainland[?] France is today 5-8% Black today.

      Ideally, age-cohort-based racial data is best (for the cohorts born mid-1980s to mid-1990s, which covers 95% of World Cup 2018 players)

  2. nabok kills says:

    in the final thoughts I agree, interest for teams with less defined ethnicity, is way down from other times, i find France’s case, just disgraceful.

  3. Nathan says:

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and genuinely love a lot of the work you’re doing. However, I cannot make sense of this post or why any of this matters. I’m especially bothered that you calculate the percentage of European blood each person has. Who cares? I agree that too much immigration is a problem, but only from the perspective that immigrants don’t get a chance to assimilate / are discouraged from assimilating / are hostile and never intended to assimilate and so the host culture is dangerously disrupted. I can also go along with the idea that Western culture is superior to other cultures. But are you saying it’s wrong to root for a black athlete? What are you saying?

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  14. Hail says:

    Now that the next World Cup (Qatar 2022) is here, I see there is renewed interest in this topic.

    I may revisit the racial composition of the teams representing European and European-derived countries soon, though others have also done work in this direction already.

    I believe my profiles of the teams in 2018 were the most comprehensive and rigorous such analysis that appeared, by which I mean systematic, analyzing each individual player on the 23-man rosters.

    • Henry gondorff says:

      Hi can you do this one again for 2022 and do all teams eg Argentina

    • John smith says:

      I looked at the demographics of the teams this year and they are much different to 2018 for example England team is now 65% white 17/26 are white , however some teams such as Germany have a extremely diverse squad 9/26 players for Germany are non German I’ve never seen so many black players in the Germany squad before , compare that to 2014 where Germany had 3 non German players özil, boating and khedira I would appreciate if you could do another one for the qatar World Cup as it was very informative and a lot of people were very interested in this

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