[World Cup 2018] Denmark Team: 90% White/Scandinavian


denmark 2018 team (Note: This is not the final squad picture, but is a then-current national team as of late 2017; the finalized World Cup squad in early June, 2018 contains several more non-White players, on whom see below)

Denmark’s FIFA World Ranking in 2018: 12th

Denmark national football (soccer) team at World Cup 2018

Racial stock of the Denmark-2018 squad:
90% European ancestry [20.75/23.0], of which almost all is of Danish origin
—– of which nineteen players (83%) are fully White;
10% Black Subsaharan-African ancestry [2.25/23.0], mainly (1.5) East African;
— No Muslims, though two of the mixed-race players (Yussuf Yurary Poulsen and Mathias Jørgensen) do have African-Muslim fathers

For an in-depth, player-by-player racial-ancestry analysis, see below. For the racial-political implications of these findings, see the end of the post.

Race and Europe’s ‘National’ Teams, World Cup 2018

Introduction to Series of World Cup Posts

This year’s World Cup (June-July 2018), as a politicized sporting event, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the racial situation in Europe as it stands, as it has evolved over the past twenty years (using World Cup teams as fixed comparison points). The trajectory of changes in the racial stock of teams may point to wider racial prospects for the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.

Rarely discussed in its own terms, but on millions (perhaps billions) of minds, is the fact that Western Europe’s World Cup squads of recent years have not been very European but are largely multi-racial teams, sometimes White-minority teams, and thus symbolically in line with Europe’s shakily reigning “Multicultacracy” ideology.

The goal of these posts is to quantify this year’s Western European national teams’ racial-ancestral(-cultural) origins in some depth. Which European teams are the ‘least’ and which are the ‘most’ European?

Are there political implications to the racial balance of World Cup national teams? I would propose that there are, as follows:

Some countries, notably France, have received criticism for being top-heavy with non-European ‘mercenary’ players, men of recognized individual talent but with oftentimes less-than-solid ties to, and often being resentful of, the country they are representing. Will such racial ‘mercenary’ teams overperform in 2018, as they would presumably be expected to if team play is a summation of individual talents, or underperform, perhaps due to a relative lack of national-patriotic feeling?

Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams analyzed so far:

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims (with racial-anthropology analysis)
— Denmark: 90% White, Scandinavian (This Post)
England: 63% White, No Muslims
France: 33% White, African Majority
Germany: 83% White, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic (featuring racial-anthropology analysis)
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial element
Russia: 84% White with the remainder from the Caucuses and Central Asian/Turkic
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy[?]
Spain: 92% White
Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian
Sweden: 91% White, No Muslims

Player-by-Player Racial-Ancestral-Cultural Origins

(Method of classification: The twenty-three men on the DENMARK World Cup 2018 squad are individually evaluated by race, national-ancestral origin, birthplace, and place raised until adolescence, where such data is available. Players of half-White mixed race receive a 0.5 ‘European;’ two half-White players are thus together counted as 1.0 Whites.)

(Any corrections or additional information is welcome in the comments.)

Denmark 2018

Player years of birth range from 1983 to 1997.

denmark national football team full 23 2018 google

GOALKEEPERS [Whites at 3.0/3.0]
Kasper Schmeichel (White; Danish origin; born Copenhagen)
Jonas Lössl (White; reportedly his father’s father was German; other ancestors Danish; born in southern Jutland)
Frederik Rønnow (White; born in east Jutland)

DEFENDERS [White ancestry at 6.5/7.0] [Black ancestry at 0.5/7.0]
Jannik Vestergaard (White; Danish father and German mother; born in Greater Copenhagen)
Simon Kjær (White; born in east Jutland)
Jonas Knudsen (White; born in southern Jutland)
Andreas Christensen (White; born in Copenhagen vicinity)
Mathias Jørgensen (half-Black and half-White; Gambian-Muslim father and Danish mother; like Yussuf Poulsen [see below], uses his mother’s maiden surname instead of his African father’s, which is Jattah-Njie)
Henrik Dalsgaard (White; origins in northern Jutland)
Jens Stryger Larsen (White; born in isle of Lolland in Baltic)

MIDFIELDERS [Whites at 6.0/6.0]
Michael Krohn-Dehli (White; Danish origins and very Nordic in appearance despite the second half of his surname — ‘Dehli’ is is actually a low-frequency Danish surname with 117 people bearing this name in 2018 according to Statistics Denmark; see also, e.g., Norwegian Olympian Bjørn Dæhlie)
William Kvist (White; born in east Jutland near Aarhus)
Lasse Schöne (White; born in Greater Copenhagen; married to a Dutch woman [pictured here with Lasse] with whom he has two children and resident of Netherlands, where he has spent his entire professional career since the early 2000s as a teenager)
Thomas Delaney (White; born in Greater Copenhagen; one-quarter White-American ancestry: “Delaney was born in Denmark and spent his entire upbringing there. His father was also born in Denmark but has American citizenship due to his father [Thomas Delaney’s paternal grandfather] being born in the United States” [Wiki] — Irish media claim the Delaney ancestor was of Irish-American ancestry; Thomas Delaney of Denmark does look Irish and if it is true that his personal ancestry [genotype] is only 25% Irish-Catholic, his phenotype is surely a lot more)
Christian Eriksen (White; born in isle of Funen in the Danish Baltic; pictured here with Danish girlfriend with whom he is expecting a baby, due 2018)
Lukas Lerager (White; born in greater Copenhagen)

FORWARDS [White ancestry at 5.25/7.0] [Black ancestry at 1.75/7.0]
Nicolai Mick Jørgensen (White; born in Greater Copenhagen; pictured here with girlfriend)
Martin Braithwaite (White-Danish mother and Guyanese father of at least partial Subsaharan ancestry; phenotype approaches the ‘high-yellow‘ Afro-American type [see picture], suggesting less-than-50% Subsaharan ancestry, but I do not find a photo readily available online of his father; Martin’s official website describes his origin as: “Born to Heidi, a Danish mother from a well-known local business family and father Keith, a tough, strong Afro-Caribbean by way of Brooklyn, New York, Martin started playing in his backyard in Esbjerg…” (Classified here as 0.25 Black & 0.75 White, based on phenotype)
Andreas Cornelius (White; born in Copenhagen)
Viktor Fischer (White; maternal grandfather a Danish football star in mid-20th century and was born in Aarhus, east Jutland; surname suggests partial German ancestry; Viktor Fischer looks like another posterboy used in NS propaganda to represent the Nordic racial type)
Yussuf Poulsen (half-White and half-Black [East African], born in 1994 to a Danish mother and Mulsim-Tanzanian father who worked on a container ship which ran between Africa and Denmark; raised in Denmark but has visited Tanzania on many occasions [see here, e.g.]; like Mathias Jørgensen [see above], Yussuf uses his mother’s maiden surname instead of his African father’s [Yurary], but he does choose to insert the Yurary as a middle initial on his Twitter, and due to confusion with other players named Poulsen, to avoid adding initials he chooses to use ‘Yurary’ on his World Cup jersey)
Pione Sisto (Black; born in Uganda in 1995 to South Sudanese parents; emigrated to Denmark with parents in 1995; appears to be of the very-dark Nilotic racial type of eastern Africa and not Bantu origin, but unlike the typical Nilotid is not very tall [173cm]; Uganda is only 10-15% Muslim, meaning Pione Sisto is unlikely )
Kasper Dolberg (White; Denmark-2018’s youngest player, born late 1997 in east Jutland)

Comparison with past DENMARK squads


Denmark did not qualify for the World Cup in 2014.


denmark 2010
Denmark-2010 players were born between 1975 and 1992.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: 93% White with one Black (Patrick Mtiliga, Tanzanian origin) and one half-Black (Simon Poulsen, half-Nigerian) player.

Denmark Record in 2010 World Cup
3: Games (finished at 24th place)
3: Goals For
6: Goals Against
-1.0: Goal Differential per Game Played


Denmark did not qualify in 2006.


Denmark-2002 players were born between 1963 and 1980.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: At or near 100% White. As best I can tell, the 2002-Denmark team had few to no traces of Nonwhite ancestry, presumably reflecting the fact that pre-1980 Denmark was 100% White. No non-Scandinavian surnames in the team list. I do not find a full-23 team picture.

Denmark Record in 2002 World Cup
4: Games (finished at 10th place)
5: Goals For
5: Goals Against
+0: Goal Differential per Game Played



Denmark’s recent World Cup national teams by total ancestral stock:

2002: 100% White
2006: DNQ
2010: 93% White
2014: DNQ
2018: 90% White

This year (2018)’s final team roster includes nineteen players (83%) of unmixed-White racial origin, all of whom are apparently of predominantly or exclusively Scandinavian or North Germanic ancestry. This contrasts with the internationalized Switzerland team, which despite having a predominantly White team, has a distinct lack of actual local-origin, Swiss-ancestry players; the Swiss ‘national’ team has many recently (post-1990) arrived Albanian-Muslims on its squad. Despite substantial numbers of such people also in Denmark, the Danish national team does not use such players and appears to prefer locals. Despite this lack of racial-mercenaryism, Team Denmark sits ranked Number-12 in the world (FIFA ranking, June 2018; tied with England), impressive for such a small country.

Another notable feature of the Nonwhite presence on the Denmark-2018 team is that of the three part-Black mixed players, none use distinctly African surnames despite paternal Black ancestry, and two deliberately use their mother’s maiden names. They are: Mathias Jørgensen (Gambian father), Martin Braithwaite (part-Black Caribbean father), and Yussuf Poulsen (Tanzanian father). A surname analysis alone would hide the racial origins of these three men; in Yussuf Poulsen’s case, the first name would be a clue; in Braithwaite’s case, the non-Danish origin of the name may also be a clue. Anyway, the “hiding” of African paternal origins must say something about the racial-political situation in the Denmark of the 1990s when these players were born and being raised.

Steve Sailer likes to praise Denmark for its relative immigration restrictionism, and this small case involving surname-based concealment of players’ Black ancestral origins would seem to reflect that. There is less avoision of the issue as in Sweden.

Overall, the racial situation in Denmark is not ideal with an overall-share of Muslims and others of non-Western descent now at ten percent. If there is racial-political relevance to the makeup of World Cup squads, though, Denmark’s future is relatively positive, given its relatively solid 90%-White-by-overall-ancestry figure (83% unmixed-White), which makes it a relatively towering champion of Western European Man compared to the majority-Black Team France, for example; recalling Lincoln’s “of the people, by the people, for the people,” France fits only the third criteria, and even that somewhat shakily, while Denmark’s fits all: Its team is “of” its own people, although with some fraying at the margins.

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