[World Cup 2018] England Team: 63% White and No Muslims


england pregame 2018 world cup team pic

England’s FIFA World Ranking in 2018: 12th

England national football (soccer) team at World Cup 2018

Racial stock of the England-2018 team:
63% European ancestry [14.5/23.0],
—– of which eleven players (48%) are fully White-European
37% Black-Subsaharan African ancestry [8.5/23.0],
—– five full-Blacks (three of which are Forwards),
—– seven of partial-Black, mixed-race ancestry
0% Muslim and Other ancestry [0/23.0]; of the players with West African ancestry, none have clear evidence of Muslim heritage, and no players identify as Muslims

For an in-depth, player-by-player racial-ancestry analysis, see below. For commentary on the political implications and racial-politics of the declining share of full-White players on England’s national team, see the Analysis section.

Race and Europe’s ‘National’ Teams, World Cup 2018

Introduction to Series of World Cup Posts

This year’s World Cup (June-July 2018), as a politicized sporting event, gives us the opportunity to reflect on the racial situation in Europe as it stands, as it has evolved over the past twenty years (using World Cup teams as fixed comparison points). The trajectory of changes in the racial stock of teams may point to wider racial prospects for the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.

Rarely discussed in its own terms, but on millions (perhaps billions) of minds, is the fact that Western Europe’s World Cup squads of recent years have not been very European but are largely multi-racial teams, sometimes White-minority teams, and thus symbolically in line with Europe’s shakily reigning “Multicultacracy” ideology.

The goal of these posts is to quantify this year’s Western European national teams’ racial-ancestral(-cultural) origins in some depth. Which European teams are the ‘least’ and which are the ‘most’ European?

Are there political implications to the racial balance of World Cup national teams? I would propose that there are, as follows:

Some countries, notably France, have received criticism for being top-heavy with non-European ‘mercenary’ players, men of recognized individual talent but with oftentimes less-than-solid ties to, and often being resentful of, the country they are representing. Will such racial ‘mercenary’ teams overperform in 2018, as they would presumably be expected to if team play is a summation of individual talents, or underperform, perhaps due to a relative lack of national-patriotic feeling?

Europe’s World Cup 2018 teams analyzed so far:

Belgium: 70% White, 22% Black, 17% Muslim
Croatia: 100% White, no Muslims (with racial-anthropology analysis)
Denmark: 90% White/Scandinavian
— England: 63% White, 37% Black, No Muslims (This Post)
France: 33% White, African Majority
Germany: 83% White, 11% Muslim
Iceland: 100% White, 98% Icelandic (featuring racial-anthropology analysis)
Poland: 100% White, disproportionately from western Poland
Portugal: 77% White, heavy African-colonial element
Russia: 84% White with the remainder from the Caucuses and Central Asian/Turkic
Serbia: 94% White, 4% Muslim, 4% Gypsy[?]
Spain: 92% White
Switzerland: 70% White, but only 44% White-Christian
Sweden: 91% White, No Muslims

Player-by-Player Racial-Ancestral-Cultural Origins

(Method of classification: The twenty-three men on the DENMARK World Cup 2018 squad are individually evaluated by race, national-ancestral origin, birthplace, and place raised until adolescence, where such data is available. Players of half-White mixed race receive a 0.5 ‘European;’ two half-White players are thus together counted as 1.0 Whites.)

(Any corrections or additional information is welcome in the comments.)


Player years of birth range from 1985 to 1998.

england national football team full 23 2018 google

[Whites at 3.0/3.0]
england goalkeepers world cup 2018

Jordan Pickford (White, born in Northeast England, Catholic school)
Jack Butland (White, born in Bristol, SW England)
Nick Pope (White, born in Cambridgeshire, SE England)

[White ancestry at 6.0/10.0] [Black ancestry at 4.0/10.0]
england defenders world cup 2018

Kyle Walker (light-skinned Black; Jamaican ancestry, probably near half White by ancestry) [=0.5 White, 0.5 Black]
Danny Rose (Black; both parents Jamaican [source]; born in Yorkshire)
John Stones (White; born in Yorkshire, northern England)
Harry Maguire (White; born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, northern England)
Kieran Trippier (mostly White and part Black; born in Greater Manchester; phenotype reveals Subsaharan-African ancestry, likely around 25% (quadroon in historical terminology; sometimes called “high yellow“); his father appears to be at or around 50% Black, and his full-brother Kelvin is listed on Wiki as being an “English person of Nigerian descent;” if the Nigerian connection is correct, I would guess his father, whose skin-tone resembles Barack Obama Jr.’s, to be half-Nigerian at most; Kieran’s mother presumably is White) (=0.75 White, 0.25 Black)
Gary Cahill (White; born in Derbyshire, East Midlands)
Phil Jones (White; born in Lancashire, NE England)
Fabian Delph (Black with some White admixture; born in Bradford, Yorkshire; mother is Donna Delph, a criminal who defrauded large sums of money from the British state; Donna Delph’s picture reveals her to be perhaps half-Black; she appears to have raised Fabian as a single mother; the father is likely full-Black, making Fabian around 75% Black and 25% White, making for a phenotype typical for an Afro-American) (=0.25 White and 0.75 Black)
Ashley Young (Black; born Hertfordshire, East England; parents Jamaican origin)
Trent Alexander-Arnold (half-Black, half-White; born in Liverpool; England’s youngest player this year, born in late 1998 [see here for a picture of him as a ‘mascot’ in a 2009 club game]; his mother, Dianne Alexander, is apparently White and from a prestigious footballing family and no information is available on his father, presumably surnamed Arnold; due to Trent’s obvious Subsaharan ancestry, it can be presumed that his father was full- or near-full-Black)

[White ancestry at 3.5/5.0] [Black ancestry at 1.5/5.0]
england midfielders world cup 2018

Eric Dier (White; born in Gloucestershire, SW England)
Jesse Lingard (apparently half-Black, half-White [White mother]; born in Cheshire, NW England; Lingard is an English name (see, e.g., John Lingard, an early 19th century English Catholic historian); I find no information on Jesse’s father, whose surname may or may not be Lingard; Jesse Lingard appears to identify with his Black ancestry); no information online indicates any Muslim affiliation for Lingard; whatever his Black ancestry, even if it is of African-Muslim origin [for which there is no evidence on way or another]. the apparently-absent father did not impress a religion upon his mixed-race son; as with so many of the mixed-race children of Black fathers profiled in these pages, the Obama story comes to mind)
Jordan Henderson (White; born in Sunderland, NE England)
Dele Alli (half-Black, half-White; born “to a Yoruba Nigerian father Kehinde and English mother Denise. […] Alli was initially brought up by his mother, who suffered from alcohol problems. […] Kehinde moved to the United States a week after Alli’s birth, though was periodically involved in Alli’s adolescent years. […] At the age of nine, Alli moved to Nigeria with his father, where he spent some years in an International School” [Wiki]; see here for picture of Dele as a child with his father; Dele’s feelings about his Black ancestry are no doubt, as with all mixed-race persons, complicated, but some insight can be drawn from his 2016 decision to drop his legal surname ‘Alli’ from his jersey and replace it with his first name, ‘Dele’ [see here]; ‘Alli’ comes from his Black father of Yoruba origin — see here for an early-2018 Nigerian press article about Delle Ali entitled “The Yoruba football star who has cut ties with his father Kehinde” — and the Yorbuas are a major ethnic group of southwestern and north-central Nigeria constituting over one-fifth the Nigerian population; some sources have Yorubas at 60-40 Christian-Muslim, though they do not overlap with the northern Nigerian Muslims of recent fame for their extreme Islamism; the surname ‘Alli’ would indeed seem to suggest an Islamic origin, but in Deli Alli’s case, there is no evidence of any Islamic affiliation and some evidence online of nominal Christianity)
Ruben Loftus-Cheek (half-Black [Guyanese father], half-White [White-British mother]; born in London)

[White ancestry at 2.0/5.0] [Black ancestry at 3.0/5.0]
england forwards world cup 2018

Harry Kane (White; English and Irish ancestry; born in Greater London)
Raheem Sterling (Black; of Jamaican birth; “Sterling was born in the Maverley district of Kingston, Jamaica, and spent his early years there […] His absent father was murdered in Jamaica when Sterling was two years old. […] At the age of five [circa 2000], he emigrated to London with his mother.” [Wiki])
Jamie Vardy (White, born in Sheffield, Yorkshire)
Danny Wellbeck (Black, parents from Ghana; born in Manchester; parents of Christian origin, according to Wellbeck himself, who said in a 2012 Daily Mail interview: “We are a religious family. My Mum still goes to church every Sunday”)
Marcus Rashford (Black Caribbean ancestry; born in Manchester; England’s second-youngest player born in late 1997)


ANALYSIS: White-Minority England Teams

The majority of England’s players in 2018 have at least partial Subsaharan-African ancestry, though the team’s overall racial stock remains majority White-European (calculated in this post to be 63%) due to so many players being mixed Black-White.

Britain, a ~100%-White nation until the past generation or two, in 2018 fields a ‘national’ team has only eleven of twenty-three players full-Whites, including only eight of twenty (40%) full-Whites among field players (non-goalkeepers).

Can White English people really and truly get behind such a team that doesn’t ‘represent’ them in racial terms? Might a White-minority team suffer from similar problems White-minority France World Cup teams have?

This is surely a question worth asking, and one with high political salience given that the 2016 Brexit movement’s implicit White racialism, in reaction to the Merkel Migrant Crisis. (The Merkel Migrant Crisis ended in early 2016 just months before the Brexit vote.)

As for the England national team, how recent is this evident de-Europeanization?

Comparison with past ENGLAND squads


England-2014 players were born between 1978 and 1995.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Without an in-depth analysis, the full-squad official photo shows about six players with visible Nonwhite ancestry, all or almost all Black; if so, seventeen players were of fully White-European origin, or 74% of the squad.

England Record in 2014 World Cup
3: Games (finished at 26th place, just behind Ghana and Russia and just ahead of South Korea and Iran)
2: Goals For
4: Goals Against
-0.7: Goal Differential per Game Played


england 2010 squad
England-2010 players were born between 1970 and 1987.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Nine players appear to have Nonwhite ancestry, all or almost all Black; if so, fourteen players were of fully White-European origin, or 61% of the squad.

England Record in 2010 World Cup
4: Games (finished at 13th place, just behind the United States and just ahead of Mexico)
3: Goals For
5: Goals Against
-0.5: Goal Differential per Game Played


england 2006
England-2006 players were born between 1970 and 1989.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: Eight players appear to have Nonwhite ancestry, all or almost all Black; if so, fifteen players were of fully White-European origin, or 65% of the squad.

England Record in 2006 World Cup
5: Games (finished at 7th place, just behind Argentina and just ahead of Ukraine)
6: Goals For
2: Goals Against
+0.8: Goal Differential per Game Played


England-2002 players were born between 1963 and 1981.

Racial-Ancestral Stock: I find no full-team photo of the 2002 squad; their names are available here; I count eight Nonwhites, making for fifteen fully White players (65%).

England Record in 2002 World Cup
5: Games (finished at 6th place, just behind Spain and just ahead of Senegal)
6: Goals For
3: Goals Against
+0.6: Goal Differential per Game Played

England in 2018 has fielded what must be the highest share of mixed-race players of any European team in history. The share of full-White players has proceeded as follows since 2002:

2002: 65% of players full-White
2006: 65% of players full-White
2010: 61% of players full-White
2014: 74% of players full-White
2018: 48% of players full-White (but overall ancestral stock at 63% White when including the [partial] White ancestry of the many mixed-race players on England)

The Shadow of the Blair Ideologues of ’97, Cast Twenty Years into the Future, and the Drive to Undermine White-Britain

Tony Blair took over as Prime Minister of the UK the day after winning the general election of May 1, 1997. Several of the Nonwhite players’ individual stories are in some way associated with post-1997 change in defacto race policy in the UK under Blair, i.e., with policies they knew well would significantly undermine the White then-supermajority. The scale of the Blair-era Labour Party’s major shift in policy is evident in this graph:

net migration into UK

Many of England-2018’s nonwhite players reflect the Tony Blair-era shift that came twenty-one years before the present World Cup. One player — Raheem Sterling, born in Jamaica in 1994, immigrated to UK circa 2000 — was only able to arrive in England due to Blair’s open-door immigration policy. Two players, part-Black Alexander-Arnold and Caribbean-Black Rashford, were born after the Blair shift; the story of another, Dele Alli (see above), though born a year before the Blair victory, feels representative of post-Blair Britain as well in that he was born to Black migrant father and a White mother who mainly raises him after the African migrant father disappears (a story in common to many of the players with Black fathers). Then there is the story of Fabian Delph’s Black mother (see above), found guilty of $60,000 in welfare fraud in 2007, which she committed while Fabian was between eight and fifteen years old — Fabian’s father, meanwhile, appears again to have been absent.

(Note that Nonwhite players on the England national team are nothing new, as full-White players have only made up about two-thirds of the team since at least 2002.)

England’s Only World Cup Winning Team


1966 England Squad

Look as hard as you want, you will see no trace of non-European ancestry on this, England’s best-ever-performing World Cup team. Some of the people around Tony Blair in 1997 came in with an agenda: “That kind of Britain, the one you see in the 1966 team group photo, must go. White, racist Britain: Never again.”

Exaggeration, some will say. Sadly, not quite:

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser

Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed.

Telegraph, 23 Oct 2009

The huge increases in migrants over the last decade [since the late 1990s] were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate [White British voters]

— — —

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  6. Blake says:

    I remember reading somewhere (perhaps the book Soccernomics) that in 1970 most British people had never seen a black person in person.

    • Hail says:

      Today, they have, but I except relatively few actually interact with them.

      More importantly, while few would dare say it, people like to idealize their nations as unchanging; the England of 1970 still exists today for most people, even if just as an ethno-ideal; if the England national team soon tips majority-Black, as France’s has, it cannot possibly inspire the kind of implicit ethnopatriotism generally associated with World Cup teams across the world. Or can it?

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  16. baked georgia says:

    very telling that all brown (i.e. not 100% africans) in the “english” football team have a white mother, never a white father. there seems to be the case in the other national teams as well


    You are an awful person. Black English players are as English as the others. I’m guessing I wouldn’t see you complain about African Americans representing the US national teams.

  18. Richard says:

    Very racist undertones to this article

  19. Richard says:

    Backwards racist pathetic rat you are.

  20. Fu says:

    And i also think its racist that 100% of all African countries have ZERO white players.

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