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Former Corona-Panicker economist-blogger Tyler Cowen calls for “Covid laissez-faire” policy

[1500 words] The influential economist, professor, prolific blogger, and commentator Tyler Cowen now says this: “[U]nder current circumstances I favor complete ‘Covid laissez-faire’…” (“The new Covid equilibrium,” Marginal Revolution blog, May 18, 2022). This is of interest in part because … Continue reading

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[Whites’ Views on Obama] By Income

Whites are mostly negative about Obama, as consistently only around 30% approve of him (despite the Nobel Peace Prize). This 30% figure is far from the whole story. Wide differences in outlook on Obama within the White population are worth … Continue reading

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Summing Up the USA in One Sentence

  “America is not doing very well, but its corporations are doing just fine.”   Can you think of a better one-sentence summary for the entirety of U.S. sociopolitical history over the past x number of decades? I cannot. (From … Continue reading

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