The Great Boomer Twitter Tournament (Boomer Cup) of 2019 — Results and Analysis

(The recording of a “Twitter banality”)

With thousands of votes cast, the first Great Boomer Twitter Tournament (or “Boomer Cup”) was held in October 2019.

See the match-by-match Results and Final Rankings below.

Thirty-two contestants were nominated (see full list of contestants sorted by age, below) and were paired off in single-elimination tournament style until one remained. The final winner was Steve Sailer, who actively campaigned for himself in the final rounds.

The Boomer Cup inspired a mix of reactions from contestants, ranging from actively campaigning for themselves, to claiming not to actually be Boomers, and/or also disavowing the tournament.

Voting was, in fact, marked by some degree of confusion:

Boomer Cup - what is this question supposed to mean.png

One commenter characterized the tournament in this way:

I think the guy who made the tournament intends for people to vote based on whatever they think fits the “Boomer” archetype, good bad or neutral. It’s lighthearted (and not about who is the best man or the most correct, simply who displays the strongest “Boomer” qualities.)

To which a response was:

Many may be doing this, but many more may be simply voting for who they like more (and probably a third group is voting for who they dislike more). So it’s chaotic voting.

Steve Sailer embraced the chaotic voting strategy. Sailer wrote:

“Chaotic voting” — I like the sound of that!
The more chaotic the better my chances.

— — —

The tournament was run by a Twitter figure named @Moldbugman (apparently a fan of Mencius Moldbug and not the famous blogger himself).

Boomer Cup Moldbugman

One observer, Dtbb, described the Boomer Cup with the following two words:

Twitter banality.

Granted that many of the contestants were otherwise-obscure bloggers or “Twitter personalities,” and granted that the medium here favors echo-chamber-friendly contestants. And granted the surface-level frivolity. All the same, the results of the Great Boomers Twitter Tournament of 2019 may be worth recording.

Through the noise and the frivolity, we might find some useful information. What exactly that useful information might be, I’m not entirely sure. (Edit: A comment below by Billy Chav is worth highlighting in this regard.)

This post also represents a de-Twitterization of this Twitter-oriented ‘tournament,’ an off-platform record of events that happened on that platform. (I have often worried, given how remarkably unstable Twitter is as platform for all political accounts, about the degree of political dialogue going on, as of the late 2010s, on Twitter. The chances are high that @Moldbugman ends up banned at some point, with all the Boomer Cup ‘data,’ such as it is, lost. Tweets are also not archived well and are hard to track down later. Even when they are still accessible, seeing this all at once is difficult. Many analogize Twitter with verbal conversation — once spoken, soon gone; unrecorded. Twitter as ephemeral.)

You can find the results of the Twitter Boomer Cup on this page, organized as follows:

The chronological list shows that even by the most generous year-of-birth range, only half the contestants were actually Baby Boomers in the chronological sense. About six of the thirty for whom we have years of birth were even born in the 1980s [!]. The median contestants were Ellie Kesselman (born ca. 1962) and Ramzpaul (born June 7, 1963).

— — —

Great Boomer Twitter Tournament (Boomer Cup) 2019, Full Results


(Round of 32)

1. Nick Land (born Jan. 1962) – 345 votes [Winner]
2. Rod Dreher (born Feb. 1967) – 261 votes

3. Bill Mitchell (born 1960/1) – 356 votes [Winner]
4. Nick B Steves (born late 1960s) – 100 votes

5. Katie Hopkins (born Feb. 1975) – 227 votes [Winner]
6. Peter Hitchens (born Oct. 1951) – 201 votes

7. MorlockP [Travis Corcoran] (born 1971) – 167 votes
8. Scott Adams (born June 1957) – 410 votes [Winner]

9. David A French (born Jan. 1969) – 219 votes [Winner]
10. Bill Marchant (born mid 1950s) – 202 votes

11. Shulgins Daemon (born ca.1979) – 37 votes
12. E. Michael Jones (born May 1948) – 160 votes [Winner]

13. John Derbyshire (born June 1945) – 107 votes
14. Comfortably Smug [a.k.a. S. Tripathi] (born ca.1983) – 115 votes [Winner]

15. Charles Murray (born Jan. 1943) – 200 votes [Winner]
16. The Nightjar (born ca.1982) – 33 votes

17. Rian Stone (born ca.1981) – 49 votes
18. Steve Sailer (born Dec. 1958) – 108 votes [Winner]

19. RAMZPAUL (born June 7, 1963) – 91 votes
20. Nassim Taleb (born Jan.[?] 1960) – 131 votes [Winner]

21. Paul Skallas (born 1980s) – 109 votes [Winner]
22. James Thompson (born ca.1946) – 47 votes

23. Christoph Nahr (born ca. late 1960s or 1970) – 51 votes
24. PD Mangan (born mid 1955) – 94 votes [Winner]

25. Giovanni Tiso (born ca.1973) – 69 votes [Winner]
26. Delicious Tacos (born ca. 1980) – 43 votes

27. Adam Kotsko (born July 1980) – 35 votes
28. Christina Hoff Sommers (born Sept. 1950) – 96 votes [Winner]

29. Jordan Peterson (born June 1962) – 189 votes [Winner]
30. Stefan Molyneux (born Sept. 1966) – 161 votes

31. Ellie Kesselman (born ca.1962) – 46 votes
32. Noah Smith (born ca.1981) – 117 votes [Winner]

— — —

Boomer Cup ROUND TWO

(Round of 16)

1. Nick Land (born Jan. 1962) – 295 votes [Winner]
2. Bill Mitchell (born 1960/1) – 188 votes

3. Katie Hopkins (born Feb. 1975) – 92 votes
4. Scott Adams (born June 1957) – 195 votes [Winner]

5. David A. French (born Jan. 1969) – 162 votes [Winner]
6. E. Michael Jones (born May 1948) – 112 votes

7. Comfortably Smug [a.k.a. S. Tripathi] (born ca.1983) – 167 votes
8. Charles Murray (born Jan. 1943) – 205 votes [Winner]

9. Nassim Taleb (born Jan.[?] 1960) – 198 votes
10. Steve Sailer (born Dec. 1958) – 385 votes [Winner]

11. Paul Skallas (born 1980s) – 122 votes
12. PD Mangan (born mid 1955) – 137 votes [Winner]

13. Giovanni Tiso (born ca.1973) – 82 votes
14. Christina Hoff Sommers (born Sept. 1950) – 152 votes [Winner]

15. Jordan Peterson (born June 1962) – 221 votes [Winner]
16. Noah Smith (born ca.1981) – 109 votes

— — —


(Round of 8)

1. Nick Land (born Jan. 1962) – 109 votes
2. Scott Adams (born June 1957) – 181 votes [Winner]

3. David French (born Jan. 1969) – 119 votes [Winner]
4. Charles Murray (born Jan. 1943) – 118 votes

5. Steve Sailer (born Dec. 1958) – 301 votes [Winner]
6. PD Mangan (born mid 1955) – 80 votes

7. Christina Hoff Summers (born Sept. 1950) – 101 votes
8. Jordan Peterson (born June 1962) – 173 votes [Winner]

— — —


1. Scott Adams – 281 votes [Winner]
2. David A French – 260 votes

3. Steve Sailer – 520 votes [Winner]
4. Jordan Peterson – 500 votes

— — —


For First Place
1. Scott Adams – 616 votes
2. Steve Sailer – 623 votes [Winner]

For Third Place
3. David A. French – 295 votes [Winner]
4. Jordan Peterson – 261 votes

— — —

Winner of the Boomer Cup: Steve Sailer

— — —

boomer cup 2019

— — —

Note: Vote totals extrapolated from the results as presented by Twitter (which shows Total Votes and % vote for each choice, rounded to whole number). Actual vote totals may vary by no more than +/- 3 for each contestant (in the high-vote-total final between Steve Sailer and Scott Adams).

— — —

Closest matches of the Twitter Boomer Cup:

– Neoconservative journalist David French narrowly defeated Canadian right-wing blogger Bill Marchant in the first round, by as few as 13 votes or as many as 21 votes.

– Twitter figure Comfortably Smug narrowly beat journalist John Derbyshire in the first round, by as few as 6 and as many as 12 votes (see note on vote-counting above).

– Neoconservative journalist David French very, very narrowly defeated scholar Charles Murray in the Round of 8, by as few as 1 vote or as many as 3 votes.

– Journalist Steve Sailer very narrowly beat cartoonist Scott Adams in the Final, by as few as 1 vote or as many as 13 votes.

— — —

Boomer Cup — Top 10 Finishers
As ranked by final place in tournament and vote totals

1. Steve Sailer [Final Winner]
2. Scott Adams
3. David French
4. Jordan Peterson
5. Charles Murray
6. Nick Land
7. Christina Hoff Summers
8. Dennis Mangan
9. Nassim Taleb
10. Bill Mitchell
11. Comfortably Smug [a.k.a. S. Tripathi]
12. Paul Skallas
13. Noah Smith
14. E. Michael Jones
15. Katie Hopkins
16. Giovanni Tiso

– Median birth year for the 16 top finishers: 1961?-1962 (Bill Mitchell, Jordan Peterson)

– Median birth year for the top 10 finishers: 1957-1958 (Scott Adams, Steve Sailer)

— — —

Twitter Boomer Cup contestants, by year and month of birth

Born in the 1940s (4 contestants)
– Charles Murray (born Jan. 1943)
– John Derbyshire (born June 1945)
– James Thompson (born ca.1946) [“I was an undergraduate in 1964-1968”]
– E. Michael Jones (born May 1948)

Born in the 1950s (6 contestants)
– Christina Hoff Summers (born Sept. 1950)
– Peter Hitchens (born Oct. 1951)
– Bill Marchant (born mid[?] 1950s [see here])
– PD (Dennis) Mangan (born mid 1955)
– Scott Adams (born June 1957)
– Steve Sailer (born Dec. 1958)

Born in the 1960s (11 contestants)
– Nassim Taleb (born Jan.[?] 1960)
– Bill Mitchell (born 1960 or 1961) [per media reports]
– Nick Land (born Jan. 1962)
– Jordan Peterson (born June 1962)
– Ellie Kesselman (born ca.1962) [Swarthmore College, ’84]
– Ramzpaul (born June 7, 1963)
– Stefan Molyneux (born Sept. 1966)
– Rod Dreher (born Feb. 1967)
– Nick B Steves (born ca. 1966 to 1968 [see here]: “Earliest president I remember was Ford. I’m actually older than David French, but look WAY younger [and purdy sure can outlift him]”)
– David French (born Jan. 1969)
– Christoph Nahr (born ca. 1969 or 1970 [see here — in university from 1988 to 1994])

Born in the 1970s (4 contestants)
– MorlockP [Travis Corcoran] (born 1971)
– Giovanni Tiso (born ca.1973) [“1991 was my first year out of high school”]
– Katie Hopkins (born Feb. 1975)
– Shulgins Daemon (born late 1978 or 1979) [see here]

Born in the 1980s (7 contestants)
– Adam Kotsko (born July 1980)
– Delicious Tacos (born ca.1980) [“a directionless millennial/gen X cusp male”]
– Rian Stone (born ca.1981 [“I believe I’m a first year millennial”])
– Noah Smith (born ca.1981) [BS, Stanford, Jan. 2003]
– The Nightjar (born late 1981 or 1982) [see here]
– Comfortably Smug [S. Tripathi] (born ca.1983) [per media]
– Paul Skallas (born [early-mid?] 1980s)

Unknown (2)
– Shilgins Daemon
– The Nightjar
[update: Both have now given their ages via Tweet and are now included]

Modal birth decade, all contestants: 1960s (11 of the 32 contestants are b.1960s).

Contestants at the oldest 20th percentile, Midpoint, and youngest 20th percentile:

Oldest 20th percentile: Peter Hitchens (born Oct. 1951), Bill Marchant (born mid 1950s);
Midpoint: Ramzpaul (born June 1963) and Stefan Molyneux (born Sept. 1966);
Youngest 20th percentile: Adam Kotsko and Delicious Tacos (both born 1980);

— — —

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7 Responses to The Great Boomer Twitter Tournament (Boomer Cup) of 2019 — Results and Analysis

  1. Hail says:

    Some comments from people at Steve Sailer’s blog at the Unz Review:


    On the final between Scott Adams and Steve Sailer, Cagey Beast wrote:

    Scott Adams deserves to win this. Believe me Steve, I mean this as a compliment.


    On the Sailer vs. Peterson semifinal, Cagey Beast wrote:

    Both Peterson and Sailer are atypical of Boomers. Richard Branson springs to mind as the world’s biggest Boomer. It should be a final between him and Bill Maher.

    I responded:

    Jordan Peterson is arguably not even a Baby Boomer at all, going strictly by year of birth.

    Jordan B. Peterson was born in June 1962 (the transition period between Baby Boomers and Generation X) in Alberta, where he spent the first 22 years of his life.

    To which Laurence Whelk responded:

    Boomer is a state of mind. I was born the same year as Jordan Peterson but he seems like my grandpa or Jimmy Stewart. Plus 1962 in Canada is not 1962 in California. Hell, 1962 in Missouri is not the same year as 1962 in California.


  2. Hail says:

    On the ‘Boomer’-as-insult trend:


    Lot wrote:

    Boomer can be a nice trolling insult to particular vain people, but generalized attacks on tens of millions of people based on birth year is a low-IQ tell.

    dfordoom wrote:

    Using generational designators is the mark of people who talk, and think, in slogans and memes. Deep thinking frightens them.

    Kronos wrote:

    I recall that Ludwig von Mises wrote in “Human Action” that communists used the same tactic except saying “oh that’s so bourgeoisie.” It’s crude yes, but so emotionally satisfying!

  3. Hail says:

    More on the final four personalities in the tournament:

    John Gruskos:

    Jungian babler, neocon caricature, The Man Whose Flattery Ruined Trump . . . and the greatest political thinker of our time.

    Those short descriptions refer to Jordan Peterson, David French, Scott Adams, and Steve Sailer, respectively.

    Kronos on David French, 3rd place finisher:

    French is the conservative archcuck in terms of a intellectual leader. Essentially, he’s the head priest of Conservatism Inc. (Thankfully, not a very good one at that.)

    J.Ross on Jordan Peterson, 4th place finisher:

    a leftist drug addict and UN special program associate who got caught up in an establishment attempt to co-opt “the alt-right,” the only reason he was ever worth knowing about was him standing up to Canadian totalitarianism, and his idea of intellectual integrity is to apologize and leave the stage. How is this a competition?

    Screwtape on David French:

    [David French is] the Duke of the boomercons. [Steve Sailer is] more of a Gonzaga. Or maybe Davidson of late. Good run tho.

    Can’t really see how [Steve Sailer] made it to the semi’s actually. Soo many Boomers better at being boomers out there.

  4. Hail says:

    Billy Chav on the evolving definition of ‘Boomer’ as a political term:

    [T]he perception of boomers appears to be expanding so it’s more about a type than a generational cohort.

    I predict that as they age some Millennials will start to find themselves labeled/accused of being boomers.

    A good insight by Billy Chav, which is corroborated by the list of Boomer Cup contestants sorted by age.

    Six appear to be born in the 1980s. Curiously, only three appear to have been born in the entire 1970s: MorlockP, Giovanni Tiso, and Katie Hopkins (and the latter presents herself, in her media-commentary persona, as someone ten or more years older).

  5. nickbsteves says:

    Hail: Thanks for planting a permanent marker in the internet sands for this.

    • Ellie K says:

      Greetings, good and true friend Nick B Steves! I echo your sentiments. Thank YOU, Hail, for recording the tournament.

      I was matched against Noah Smith, whom I have loathed for years. I assisted both Jokeocracy and NNTaleb in their Twitter sabre crossings with Noah. My enthusiasm was partly motivated by a prior exchange: When arguing about something economical (probably my strong belief in the harmful effects of immigration), Noah said I look like a male inflatable sex doll, in order to end the conversation.

      I am not a boomer. I don’t begrudge those who inferred that I might be, based on my graduation date from Swarthmore. I matriculated when I was 15 years old. I don’t often share that, so I wasn’t inclined to correct the record.

      I wish I had found your blog during the heyday of NRx. I was a late arrival to NRx, and then, everything changed. I am your newest Twitter follower, although much of the joy has left that place too.

      • Hail says:

        Ellie, Thanks for dropping by and the kind words!

        I’ve always wondered what it is like to be one of those highly talented few who ends up in college before the standard age. Have you ever written about it? From what you imply there, it would seem not.

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