Against the Corona-Panic, Part XVII: Tom Woods slams “Fact-Free COVID Dystopia” in fiery 45-minute speech

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I want to highlight an excellent talk by Tom Woods on Covid-ism and the Lockdown psychology. It is the kind of impassioned call to snap out of delusion, which, if more in public life had had the courage to make in March/April, we’d never have gotten into this.

Here is the Youtube upload of his talk (also audio link; mp3-download available):

This is worth listening to. It may also work on neutrals and softliners the pro-Panic side (but not the hardliners). I wouldn’t sell it to them in these terms, but the talk is Corona-Cult Detox, or probably better stated, deprogramming.

(See also Youtube backup version, audio only.)

Woods makes forceful and passionate points about costs that are overlooked/ignored, including about Covid-ism vs. the purpose of human life. Presented effectively and efficiently. This talk by Woods is probably more effective than anything I’ve written, especially for those who prefer the spoken word over the written. He streamlines a lot into this talk.

Tom Woods (at podium) slams the Corona-Panic and Lockdown-ism (Oct. 9, 2020)
Tom Woods denounces Lockdown-ism

Woods is a solidly anti-Panic, evangelically anti-Panic.

There is a lot I can say about the contents of the talk but much of it would be re-hashing ground I’ve already written on. One thing I can add is something political: Here we find one of the USA’s most prominent political-economic libertarians to be also in the “evangelically anti-Panic” wing of Corona discourse.

We can add that as another data-point in the running list of “Who’s who among the pro and anti Corona-Panic coalitions.”

(That libertarians would be against Lockdowns is not the shock of the century but is worth identifying and pointing to firm examples of anyway. Ron Paul, of whom Woods is ardent admirer, is also a good example. Ron Paul was against the lockdowns from the start.)


Sacrificing the Young to help the Old

Woods hits on the theme a lot but at one point says it particularly eloquently:

The natural order is that parents make sacrifices for their children. Not the other way around.

If vulnerable people want to isolate themselves, and I can understand why they would, then they should do that. But, as I am going through middle age, it would never occur to me to make those demands of young people. Never. Because I would think that was selfish. Selfish of me.

When I was young, I got to experience all these things, all these irreplaceably beautiful moments of youth, but you can’t have them, to keep me safe. No, I’ll stay safe, by following precautions…But you go out and enjoy the one life you get. That’s what a good and decent person says. That’s what an unselfish person says!

Here is something I think he missed on this general theme, and it’s a big one:

One of the unseen costs of the entire Panic regime and the lockdowns is a fall in the birth rate. The Corona-Panic economic crash brings with it the social-financial instability and psychological stress which especially hits those of childbearing age, those just starting to form adult (or pre-adult) identities, those in search out their place in the world, those in transition, all of which includes very many if those in the marriage market (or, more directly stated, the “pair bonding with the implied goal of reproduction” market).

The extended life-arc disruption and economic hit to young adults spells a inevitable-looking net loss of live births. Couples will delay — “we can’t have a baby during the Coronavirus Crisis!”; pair bonds will fray and break; new pair bonds will not happen at the normal rate. The coming fall in births spells a net loss of human lives, who otherwise would have been born absent the Panic.

Going on all previous experience, these “lost births” will almost certainly outnumber genuine extra flu deaths in 2020-21. For every 100 flu deaths saved [in theory] among over-75s by the pro-Panic side’s mandated lockdowns, how many babies are we sacrificing, never to be born? 150? 200? 300? We’ll soon see.

(Prediction: There will be no panicked, saturation coverage in the media of the live-birth deficit all across the wide lockdown belt of countries, starting about mid-December 2020.)


Experts Disempowered in name of (ironically) “Listen to the Science” mantra

There are many world-leading experts against the Panic but you’d hardly know it if you are a mainstream news consumer.

As one point, Woods says mentions this:

Martin Kulldorff at Harvard Medical School says the experts…the infectious disease epidemiologists, are afraid to speak out. Nice society you’ve given us, hysterics. Where the actual experts, qualified in this field, are afraid to speak out. A society of fear. Nice going.

Martin Kulldorff is, by the way, another expert from the European-Germanic sphere (PhD in Sweden; presumably he is Swedish by birth/ancestry/upbringing), as are a disproportionate share of publicly anti-Panic experts.

Another world-leading epidemiologist, the German Knut Wittkowski, made all the key points against the Panic and against Lockdowns, forcefully and unsubtly, early on, and his fate is instructive. Wittkowski slammed the idea of a flu-virus lockdown as insane, as needlessly damaging, and as counter-productive even towards the monomaniacal suppression-of-one-virus goal. Wittkowski’s anti-Lockown paper on March 30 and local media appearances (one-liners), also in late March, got him attention and led to two sensational anti-Lockdown interviews in April, which got millions of views.

By early May, Wittkowski was permanently banned from Youtube and his video appearances were systematically deleted. Naysayer experts are persona non grata; in Big Tech world; we’ve got a Panic regime to enforce!

His crime was to be the featured guest in an episode of an obscure documentary series about the Coronavirus Crisis. The series was produced by major documentary film outfit called Journeyman, a big Youtube cash-cow, but his episodes were both banned. That was April.

(Wittkowski, of German origin, was the protege of the coiner of the term “R0” [a term the pro-Panic side began using incessantly early on but that has now dropped away]. )

Other figures like Ioannidis of Stanford held fast the banner of sanity amid the worst of the storm. The anti-Panic regime in Sweden somehow also held out against the storm. Many more were on the Swedish path as of March 15, but very few were left by March 30. The original wave of Corona Coups d’Etat dates primarily to this two-week window, and Wittkowski came on the scene immediately afterward and was crushed.

If Woods’ talk gets lots of views — after two days the main Youtube upload is already past 50,000 views — will the Big Tech censors of late-2020 ban it, like they banned Wittkowski in late April/May for “violating CDC guidelines”? Time will tell.

There is all too much good material worth comment in the 45-minute talk, so that’s all I’ll say here. I may go back and listen again and add particularly good lines as comments.

If they do come to ban it for “contradicting CDC guidelines,” like they did with the un-personing of Dr. Wittkowski, the talk is available hosted Woods’ own his website, independently hosted:


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15 Responses to Against the Corona-Panic, Part XVII: Tom Woods slams “Fact-Free COVID Dystopia” in fiery 45-minute speech

  1. In case Mr. Woods does get cancelled by the Goolag’s youtube department, here is the video on Bitchute.

    I do realize that it won’t get a million views, but people had better start making an effort to use the competition to defeat Big Data censorship. I notice that VDare links to Bitchute as an alternate for their “VDare TV” videos.

    I have not checked out embedding videos on my site from Bitchute, Mr. Hail, but I’ll have to look into that.

    I haven’t gotten back to you on your answers to my questions in the last post. I’m trying to take a day off of this stuff once in a while, but this Kung Flu stupidity doesn’t make it easy. Thanks for this video – I’m looking forward to watching it in a day or two.

    • Hail says:

      That is actually a different talk he gave in summer (July). This new talk is from October 9, uploaded to Youtube October 14. Now at 75,000 views and past 600 comments in the main upload, but there are lots of ways people listen besides that one Youtube link.

      While the two talks are similar in theme, Woods says he thinks the October talk is much better. He markets the October talk as “The 45 Minutes Your Undecided COVID Friends Need to Hear.”

      Name of the old (July) talk: The Fact-free Lockdown Hysteria (835k views on main Youtube upload)
      Name of the new (October) talk: The Fact-free Covid Dystopia (75k views on main Youtube upload as of today)

  2. OK, well, now we’re getting somewhere.

    In case this guy does get cancelled by Goolag’s youtube department, I’ll leave a bitchute link here:

    (copy and paste, I guess, if wordpress commenting is gonna be b___chy.)

    We’ve all got to make the effort to use the competition to the Big Data censors, I note that VDare uses and links to bitchute for their “VDare TV” videos. I know Mr. Wood won’t get the views he does on youtube, but hopefully we can count on his talk being there for us on bitchute. I look forward to watching the whole thing within a couple of days. Thanks, Mr. Hail.

  3. OK, well, now we’re getting somewhere.

    In case this guy does get cancelled by Goolag’s youtube department, I’ll leave a bitchute link here:

    – Link was here, but I can’t get this comment to post! (No bad words, yet!)

    Let me put in the link this way, just in case that’s the problem:

    We’ve all got to make the effort to use the competition to the Big Data censors, I note that VDare uses and links to bitchute for their “VDare TV” videos. I know Mr. Wood won’t get the views he does on youtube, but hopefully we can count on his talk being there for us on bitchute. I look forward to watching the whole thing within a couple of days. Thanks, Mr. Hail.

  4. OK, sorry, I’m sure Mr. Hail can put this link in, but I’m gonna do it in pieces:

    [up-slash] video
    [up-slash] lUSFPODwnc10 [up-slash]


    • Hail says:

      All the links to Bitchute were automatically “spam folder-ed.” The immediate reaction is it might be because of the word Bitchute’s first five letters, which is just silly. I looked into the settings and that word should not trigger moderation, and in any case it would go to a “moderation” folder and not the “spam” folder. Robert’s comments (below), which had a Bitchute link, were also flagged as spam.

      It appears WordPress algorithm thinks any link to Bitchute is likely spam.

      • Mr. Hail,

        Thank you for figuring this out. I even blanked out part of my own writing based on my feelings toward WordPress, as you may have noticed, but then STILL no noticed that the beginning of bit-you-know-what, starts that way. Funny, but you think you can’t even put a link to them in. Somehow I think it’s more than just chalking them up to spam. WordPress, the blog-hosting business (separate from, the open source software organization) seems to be independent from what I’ve read. Could they have an agenda to keep BC down?

        Anyway, I also appreciate the correction wrt the video. Sorry about that, folks who went to my link. You can tell I haven’t watched both of them, but really even Mr. Hail’s one yet. I am still looking forward to it, tonight probably.

        Also, Mr. Hail, feel free to wipe out any of the post of mine that are dupes or just useless at this point. It seems that there are more than I even wrote (3, I think) trying to figure this out.

        • Hail says:

          From what I can tell, either WordPress favors spam-flagging all Bitchute links or favors spam-flagging that specific link. It’s hard to tell these days. My guess is the former just because the Bitchute rehost of Woods’ July anti-Covid talk doesn’t have the kind of view-count that would trigger this kind of targeted censorship.

          (Youtube interevened to delist and otherwise suppress world-leading epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski’s anti-Covid talk in early April only when it hit 1,500,000 views on the main upload alone, iirc; it was untouched in the days before that and spreading rapidly; the full ban/deletion came later, clearly a decision from above.)

          I’ve observed enough of the algorithm that guesses on spam to know it is not as simple as “If –> spam,” but a series of things, like a points-based system, with certain phrases and links definitely seeming to be flagged, usually links to scam websites where fools and their money are soon parted.

  5. Robert says:

    Mr. Stupidity, I have accidentally embedded HTML links in the past. Let me see what happens if I don’t include the https:// part (‘helpfully’ added by my browser, if I do cut and paste)

  6. Gregg Anderson says:

    The University of Michigan has just issued a shelter in place order. The madness just gets worse and worse.

    • Hail says:

      What’s surprising is where this “Virus Cult” has found its most fertile ground for general converts and fanatics. A point you often raise is the most educated seem more susceptible.

      The average IQ around the University of Michigan, both students and administration and even the various community hangers-on in ANn Arbor, is quite high, make no mistake. But these smart people, many of them, are engaged in a witchcraft panic over a flu virus which poses zero threat to really anyone there. The virus passing through the student population would immunize them with no risk and thus help end the prolonged flu wave. The pro-Panic, pro-Lockdown position on university campuses is not only irrational, it is counter-productive even towards the general goal of Defeating The Virus.

      This is the Internet age, and the Wuhan-Corona Virus Panic spread through the hyper-connectivity of the Internet, but smart people have become much more provincial in their thinking here. Few (at least among those willing to speak out) are willing to talk about Sweden. Any reasonable analysis of Sweden renders the pro-Panic position untenable. I argued this tentatively in April and firmly by May. By August it was so obvious that any dummy could see it. )Their flu wave was over completely; it was a severe one but well within the historical range since the 1980s.) No one wants to talk about Sweden.

      I don’t fully understand it, but there is clearly a psychological block people have on admitting they were wrong on this, and the general process is fairly called Religion-like. With each passing week/month, the core pro-Panic position became weaker but the pro-Panic adherents seem to have dug in further. The relationship between the two trends is totally irrational and frustrating.

      If people speculating on the future back in 1995 were thinking about 2020 and someone proposed the ‘outbreak’ of a Virus Cult as a result of a severe flu wave, and they asked each other who the core backers of the cult would be (this all being the realm of semi-dystopian science fiction to them), no one would have guessed the cards would have fallen the way they have.

    • Hail says:

      27:35 to 28:20 in Tom Woods’ Covid Dystopia talk includes this:

      “The 'Listen to the Science people' warned us about opening schools. The results have been fine. Even The Atlantic just ran an article…saying the crazy warnings over the summer seem to have been overblown. Well, there’s an understatement. At the universities, so far, we’ve had 70,000 so-called cases, 3 hospitalizations, and 0 deaths.

  7. Hail says:

    The main upload of the October 9 Tom Woods talk, “The Fact-Free Covid Dystopia,” is now at 90,000 views; I assume Youtube is using its background tricks to keep views down.

    Thousands more views/listens via minor uploads. I presume tens of thousands more via Tom Woods’ popular podcast, distributed primarily elsewhere. This means the number who have heard the talk is in the hundreds of thousands, one week after its release.

  8. Hail says:

    I posted this as a comment to in reference to this talk and his mention of the religion-like nature of the pro-Panic side:


    Thank you. Fantastic.

    A thought on Covid-as-Religion, on which you touch:

    Early on I began to sense it was an Internet-age (and Internet-caused; that, as they say, is another story) Witchcraft Panic. There were all the signs of it. I still think this is a good way to see much of what Covid is.

    At some point, though, it felt like there was a breakthrough of (into) something larger. Like a novel religious cult had broken through and ascended rapidly to be an old-tyme State Cult, this one centered around a Virus as its religious imperative, shored up, promoted, and enforced by the state.

    This has been a fascinating thing to witness — if putting ourselves in the shoes of a Martian observer (and discouraging and terrifying to witness in out own Earthling shoes). The big-picture arguments against Covid Hysteria and against Lockdowns are overwhelming, and seldom made as strongly in one place as in this 45-minute talk, but the power of the thing seems unbowed, even now nine months since the initial Wuhan Lockdown drama served as what looks like the spark of a new religion/state cult.

    I apologize for this long comment, but the point is this: There are a lot of mysteries of human group-psychology, religion and the religious instinct, and how they all interplay with politics and power, and much else. How exactly do new religions ‘form’? Where do they “come from”? How and why they are they sometimes able to break through? We have just witnessed such a thing, on mega-scale. There are lessons for all kinds of fields of inquiry here.


    This of course draws on the theme I tried to explore at some length in the most-viewed one of these posts “Against the Corona-Panic”:

    Is Corona a religious cult? An anthropological study. (Or, Corona as virus-centered apocalypse cult; its ascent to state religion; the mass-conversion event to the cult; a study of the cult.)

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