(Against the Corona Panic, Part IX:) Character studies in “Corona-Paranoia” in America, the cases of Pro-Panic Congresswoman Haley Stevens and virus-dictator Gretchen Whitmer

Haley Stevens urging Corona-Panic


For earlier entries “Against the Corona Panic,” see:
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Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve


We are now approaching two months since the CoronaPanic succeeded in breaking through, assembling a coalition around itself, seizing the initiative and routing the anti-Panic forces (such as they were at the time), seizing control of the government, seizing control of the culture, and establishing a form of martial law and state religion around itself. Over a flu virus that may be slightly worse than 2017-18 flu strains.

A lot remains to be sorted out regarding the Corona Big Mistake, by which I mean the shutdown and disastrous ‘lockdown’ decisions (which, evidence now suggests, were unnecessary and probably a net-negative, even in short-run public-health terms).

Several questions I am interested in are:

  • Who found themselves in the pro-Panic coalition during the critical period? What sorts of people?
  • Why did they join?
  • Who was on the anti-Panic side?
  • How did the pro-Panic side win so decisively in mid-March?
  • Could the anti-Panic side have held out in some scenario, and maintained a Stay-Open, Sweden-style response (which was the correct response, given Sweden’s full vindication and the virus proving to be even more minor than the optimists argued)?

‘Corona’ may be remembered as a mega-scale mass-delusion event, destructive and incomprehensible.

Therefore the topic of the origins of the pro-Panic coalition certainly deserves a full treatment. I have my ideas and will publish them later.


Meet Haley Stevens, Corona True-Believer

As for “who found themselves on the pro-Panic side,” I want the offer the following:

Haley Stevens. A woman who deserves a footnote in a history of the Corona-Panic.

Haley Stevens is a first-term US Congresswoman from Michigan. While delivering a pro-Panic speech on the floor of the US House March 27 (the height of the Panic), her time ran out, at which point she demanded more time and immediately launched into histrionics, yelling and gesticulating about how terrible the virus is. The presiding officer tried to bring her under control but she ignored him, to jeers from other members of Congress.

Haley Stevens - CoronaParanoia - March 27 speech 2

Her speech took on apocalyptic, religious-cult-like overtones (a topic, the “Corona-Cult,” I wish to return to in another post).

(I became aware of the Haley Stevens case via a post at Peak Stupidity, April 9.)

The Haley Stevens Corona-histrionics incident is the kind that is usually forgotten quickly but is worth attention and further reflection. Consider the rest of this post a character study, with the goal/hope being to find some insight into the pro-Panic side and where they were coming from.

Maybe the conclusions will be obvious, but a close look at an example can often be more useful more than a general statement, however true.

(An addendum section also includes a brief comparison with, and other remarks on, fellow Michigander Gretchen Whitmer, who is now among the most notorious of the pro-Panic governors; Stevens supports her brutal, indefinite lockdown policy.)

This post is a complement to Part V, the profile of Knut Wittkowski, an epidemiologist who is definitely on the anti-Panic side (along with many other top experts). Part IX, this post, is a profile of someone definitely on the pro-Panic side.

(While Part V labels anti-Panic Wittkowski a “hero of the hour,” I wouldn’t consider pro-Panic Stevens a “villain” [Ferguson, he is a definite CoronaPanic villain; a few of the media ringleaders too]. Stevens is more a victim of the Panic created by others which was allowed to spiral out of control; the purpose of this post is not to blame her, but to say she is a quintessential “agitated pro-Panic activist” type.)


The Speech

Here is Haley Stevens speaking on the US House floor, March 27, urging all who may hear to Embrace the Panic, before she starts going into hysterics:

Stevens’ performance here reveals a common mental state on the pro-Panic side during the height of the crisis, induced by the media drumbeat of the previous few weeks (continuing even as of this writing [May 5], with some new scare-story every day), and the escalation-spiral of overreactions. The mental state is highly agitated. Corona-Paranoia is what some would call this condition.

Here is a transcript I’ve made of the incident, the speech and the uproar as Stevens refused to give up the podium and tried to shout her way through:


STEVENS: I rise before you today in this chamber during this critical time in the United States of America, where our country faces a battle with a pandemic, the biggest battle we have faced as a nation together in generations. Amidst uncertainty, we work to keep Americans alive by stopping the spread of COVID-19. In these times, heroes will be made and not selected.

Haley Stevens - CoronaParanoia - March 27 speech 3

We are in a global pandemic. Many Americans may perish unexpectedly and suddenly in unfair circumstances. These are not pleasant words to hear.

Treatments and cures are needed. They will take time. Economic security must be guaranteed.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has spread throughout our land. Listen to the scientists and the doctors who have spent a lifetime in this space. Listen to Dr. Fauci. This is not a moment to provide the false comforts of times past.

We are so proud of Americans who are sacrificing so much right now. Our students, gone from their beloved classrooms and classmates we [?] for our manufacturers who have no – [speech time expires] – I request thirty more seconds, because I rise before you –

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentleman from Maryland is recognized.


STEVENS: (ignores Presiding Officer and Congressman) – Not for personal attention! Not for personal attention but to encourage you –

CONGRESSMAN FROM MARYLAND: I’m going to give you more time.

STEVENS: – for every American who is scared right now! (Speaking quickly, begins shouting) To the families! –

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlelady will suspend. The gentleman from Maryland is recognized.

(Commotion in chamber; Jeers)

(STEVENS continues speaking in loud voice, words unclear in the commotion; “All of you will…” is audible)

PRESIDING OFFICER: the gentlelady is out of order.

NEXT CONGRESSMAN: I yield the gentlelady thirty additional seconds.

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlewoman is recognized for an additional thirty seconds.

STEVENS: – cause of their servitude. Sharing in the profession with those who have not come before you! Similar times of trying medical need, wars and flus pass! You will see darkness! You will be pushed! And (voice cracks) our society needs you! To stand together at this time. Our country loves you, to our doctors and our nurses. I wear these these latex gloves –

Haley Stevens - CoronaParanoia - March 27 speech 2

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlelady’s time has expired.

STEVENS: – every American! Do not be afraid! –

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentleman from Maryland is reserved. The gentleman from Texas is recognized.

Haley Stevens - CoronaParanoia - March 27 speech 1

STEVENS (continues indistinct shouting)

(Sounds of commotion, jeers in chamber)

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentleman from Texas is now recognized.

STEVENS (continues indistinct shouting)

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlelady from Michigan is out of order.

(Jeers continue)

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlelady from Michigan is out of order.

STEVENS (continues indistinct shouting)

PRESIDING OFFICER: The gentlelady from Michigan is no longer recognized. The gentlelady from Michigan is no longer recognized.

STEVENS: (Trails off and exits podium




A portrait of the psychological state of the pro-Panic side during the critical period?

What does one make of this display?

I suspect she may have ad-libbed a lot by the time she started yelling, given the decline in coherence. I just cannot believe she wrote the words: “You will see darkness! You will be pushed!” This is apocalypse talk.

I believe this does show something about the psychological state of the pro-Panic coalition in March. In other words, ‘we’ were making decisions based on the kind of thinking on display there, and not based on evidence or science. (Ironically, Stevens has an important role on the House Committee on Science.)

It’s also clear that there is just no way to rationally talk to someone in this kind of agitated mental state. Not about facts, not about context, not about alternative views or scenarios, not about the implications of the latest studies or the latest way the data misaligns with the narrative (such as those covered in posts here in the past month).

Once the Panic got rolling, having been pushed for by the media over a period of weeks (of “drumbeating” about Corona and for Panic), there may not have been a good way to contain it. Some of those who became infected with the Panic mind-virus became “super-spreaders” of the Panic, and Haley Stevens herself may count as one of the super-spreaders. If not, she is a close copy of the people who were Panic Super-spreaders.


How would Haley Stevens have reacted to a proposal to follow the Swedish model?

As a thought-experiment:

What if someone had engaged Haley Stevens in March, before the disaster of shutdowns, in a discussion on the merits of a Swedish-style response. What would have happened?

I am sure such an attempted engagement would fail. Stevens was too agitated. I am sure she would reject such talk outright, citing the need to prioritize “saving lives” over “the economy.”

Anything of almost any dissenting sort would be tantamount to treason in a time of national crisis (as declared by the media), or, maybe better stated, as heresy. The religious metaphor works because if you read or listen to Stevens’ own words, she herself uses apocalyptic, religious-esque imagery (“You will see darkness!”).

Stevens also uses wartime-like imagery (“Our society needs you!” “Stand together at this time”). She mentions the word ‘war’ itself, but by the time she did, she was incoherent. If you are on a war footing, you’re already lost and probably cannot return to the appropriate, limited response. The Stay-Open approach, protecting the vulnerable, would have done. No war-like extreme measures. No need for an apocalypse cult to fill the void in out religious lives as Lockdown-fanatic governors closed all churches.

The anti-Panic side would have said that such panicked responses as these involving war mobilization and religious apocalypse-like metaphors, for a new flu strain, was unnecessary and playing with fire in the extreme. The escalation-spiral of overreaction was a natural result of an emboldened pro-Panic element psychologically similar to Stevens that day.

It would be interesting if we could date when Stevens caved into the Panic, but I expect it was early:

What we are looking at here is a fully metastasized form of the Panic, and for people who follow the media as closely, as I am sure Haley Stevens does, March 27 was already a very late date in the Panic cycle. The time to intervene to prevent cases like this would have been weeks earlier.


Update, May 7: The day before the pro-Panic diatribe by Haley Stevens before the US House, in a sign that this kind of panic had spread, a prominent blogger wrote (morning of March 26):

How Long to Shut Down? Let’s Procrastinate on Making That Decision

When should we shut down? As soon as possible.
When should we decide when to open up again? As late as possible.

“As late as possible?” This was not rational thinking.


Young and pro-Panic

Some assume the dividing line may be something like “young vs. old,” given that the old are at some small risk while the young-and-healthy are at no risk. There are very many counter-examples of this reasonable assumption, and Stevens is one.

When this video was posted elsewhere in early April, one commenter (Mr. Anon) assumed, after seeing the grainy video, that Stevens had “Corona-Induced Dementia.” Miss Stevens is actually much younger than assumed, which in and of itself is a useful data-point: The threat of this flu-virus strain to someone in good health of Stevens’ age (turning 37 in June 2020) is zero, statistically speaking. She is not scared for her own life. Or maybe she was, it’s hard to say, but if she was it was a highly irrational reaction if she gets in cars without being terrified.

There are so many examples of this, of “young” people on the pro-Panic side and “old” people on the anti-Panic side, that it quickly becomes clear that such a simplistic dividing line will not do. So what will do?


Looking for clues in biography, personality: Who is Haley Stevens?

Why did Stevens cave in so totally, in March, to the CoronaPanic, and indulge in unhealthy Corona-Paranoia? Few were immune from the effects of the Panic Pandemic, but few also went as far as she did. To switch to the religion (semi-)metaphor, Stevens became a full-on convert, evangelist, and zealot for the new religion.

Here is life-trajectory profile:

Haley Stevens - Congress - 2018

early 1970s: Haley’s parents-to-be meet while students at Oakland University in Michigan. Mother [b.1951?] graduates in 1973 and begins climbing corporate ladder;
– Haley is born June 1983 in Oakland County, Michigan (Detroit metro area) and raised there; mother was for a time the “CEO of a successful marketing agency” (1990 to 2007); father ran a landscape business and later was a high school teacher. Haley was their only child;
– In the 1980s and into the 1990s raised mainly in Rochester Hills, Michigan; in her youth, this small city of 60,000 was 95% White, 1% Black (see pdf of Michigan town results on 1990 census; note: As of 2020, the city is at 76,000 pop., 76% White, 12%+ Asian, 5% Hispanic, 5% Black); Stevens has said she “was raised in and have the honor of representing a district with a strong Jewish community;”
1994: Haley wins “a district-wide speech competition as a fifth grader. ‘I was always a performer and somebody who wasn’t shy being in front of large groups of people,’ says Stevens, who spoke of wanting to be an actress when she grew up. A love of history later sparked her political curiosity;”
June 2001: Graduates from Seaholm High School nearby in Birmingham, Michigan, “where she served as student body treasurer, started the diversity club and peer mediation group, and delivered the graduation speech;” she had been accepted to American University in Washington DC, and by August 2001 she will have relocated to DC; in her first few weeks there, 9/11 happens;
Late 2001? to June 2002: Gets her start in politics, volunteering for “Mark Shriver’s unsuccessful 2002 congressional bid” for a US House seat from Maryland; he lost the primary challenge to the incumbent Democrat by three points;
2003: Elected American University Student Government President, but cannot have served long, because she spent some or all of the 2003-04 academic year at Oxford; (perhaps the student government presidency was a rotating-door position or there were co-presidents);
2005: Graduates with BA in Political Science and Philosophy, American University;
2007: Graduates with MA in Social Policy and Philosophy, American University;
– ca. summer 2007: Joins Hillary Clinton For President campaign as paid staffer, “conducting research on economic and Native American policy and compiling the daily briefing;” and after Hillary drops out, moves on to the Obama campaign;
2009 to 2017: Holds various positions on the margins of government: “Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry;” “Director of a manufacturing innovation and economic growth program in Louisville, Kentucky, as part of a two-year fellowship with the City of Louisville sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies;” “Director of workforce development and manufacturing engagement at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute [Chicago], a Department of Defense-funded initiative;”
Late 2016: Enraged by the election of Trump, and probably bored with the types of positions she was floating around in (summarized above), she decides to return to Michigan and run for Congress; she announces her campaign formally in April 2017;
Aug. 2018: Wins Democratic primary which is split five ways. Wins 27-22-21-19-11;
Nov. 2018: Benefits from the anti-Trump wave, in which anti-Trump turnout famously surged; wins the general election (52-45) in Michigan’s 11th District. This district had elected Republicans in 38 of the previous 39 general elections back to Nov. 1938;
– As of 2020, unmarried (according to her Congressional profile), presumably no children.
Role in Congress: Committee on Science, Chair of the Research & Technology Subcommittee.

(Much of the above is from an alumni profile at American University; other material is from HaleyStevensForCongress.com.)


Observations from Haley Stevens biographical material:

  • Haley Stevens is a bright overachiever, evidenced from a young age by her victory in “a district-wide speech competition” at age 11, her role as student-body treasurer at high school and a study-body president at college;
  • Family: Her mother was a CEO of a marketing agency, presumably meaning she was socioeconomically fairly well off;
  • Personality: Stevens describes herself in her youth this way: “I was always a performer and somebody who wasn’t shy being in front of large groups of people;” an outward, social orientation
  • She has an interest in politics that spans her entire adult life back to age 18 and worked for both the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign in her 20s;
  • Education: By her 24th birthday, she held two degrees: BA (Political Science and Philosophy) and MA (Social Policy and Philosophy);
  • Choice of college: Being from Michigan, the move to Washington, D.C., for college at American University was not the most obvious; her choice to do so presumably reflects political interest and ambition when she was 17 and thinking about and applying to colleges in mid-late year 2000 (this would have been during the Bush-Gore election and post-election recount fiasco);
  • Choice of majors: Her undergraduate major being Political Science lends support to the reason to move to Washington as wanting to get close to politics/power; her graduate degree in Social Policy is probably more of the same;
  • She has spent her career either in politics or in organizations/roles that are in the overlap zone between private and public; arguably she has never left the outer tier of politics (see her activities between 2009 and 2017).

Lessons for ‘Corona’ and how she might fit into the core pro-Panic group: Unclear and subjective though it may be, there a lot to work with.

I do not want to insult Stevens. I do want to understand what may have led her (and others) down the path towards disaster, towards calling for the devastating shutdowns and extreme ‘Lockdown’ policies, towards suspending all skepticism.

Here is what I think may be the most useful lesson: The overall portrait of Stevens is as a woman to whom the System has been very good. Every indication is that she believes the System, and therefore believes the media. I am sure of it. There is nothing in her biography to indicate she has ever been, in adult life, the kind of person who would be skeptical of the media’s claims about any subject. She has always been close to power and has probably learned to trust it. The media, which has a clear role in the power apparatus, cannot be wrong (for someone like this).

Another, lesser observation: She has chosen to orient herself more towards social sciences policy than towards numbers.

That’s all I can think of on this character study on “Corona-Paranoia” and the case of this peak-CoronaPanic-era speech and its deliverer, Haley Stevens.

I hope to return to the origins of the pro-Panic vs. anti-Panic split in another post soon.


Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s pro-Panic Governor

Haley Stevens is a product of Michigan. During the Corona-Panic, a great deal of attention has been paid to that state due to the actions of its pro-Panic governor.

While this post is mainly about Haley Stevens, a first-term Congresswoman, a word on the governor is in order:

Many now know the name Gretchen Whitmer, a pro-Panic hardliner who has overseen one of the most brutal and destructive ‘Lockdowns’ of any state and has repeatedly pushed the limits of constitutional authority, receiving no peep of protest that I can tell from Haley Stevens.

Gretchen Whitmer - Power Hungry1

The Whitmer story is covered extensively elsewhere and I don’t know that I can add any value, but I will make some comments anyway. Peak Stupidity, which is firmly on the anti-Panic side, had a post on Whitmer (sidenote: the Corona-Response must count as a ‘peak’ of stupidity in public policy). The post asked in part: “I wonder what her childhood was like?”

(Brief bio for Whitmer: born 1971 in Michigan and lifelong resident there; politically connected parents; BA, Communications, Michigan State, 1993; law degree, Michigan State, 1998; married in 2000; two daughters born ca. 2002 and 2003; divorced 2008; remarried 2011 [did not change name for either marriage]; lifelong politician since election to the Michigan State Legislature in 2000; elected governor in Nov. 2018.)

Whitmer has earned a place in the history books for her hard-line Lockdown, for repeatedly condemning her own citizens, and, in early May, for her unilateral decision to overrule her state legislature’s legal, binding vote to re-open the state (following six weeks of what evidence now suggests was a completely unnecessary shutdown; see, e.g., Part VIII), effectively dissolving the legislature for practical purposes until such time as she allows it to return and be more than a rubber-stamp.

I know of no parallel in US history to this kind of anti-democratic, rule-by-diktat regime she has introduced in peacetime. Even in wartime, outright rule-by-diktat would be a lot to bear, highly unusual in the US tradition. I don’t believe this happened during the 1918-19 pandemic influenza, which by a fair measure is some hundreds of times worse than the present minor coronavirus pandemic (See Part III, Section 6).

It should be said that Whitmer, like Stevens, is a true-believer, morally committed to the pro-Panic position, and these kinds of extremely damaging policies come from that.

Some on the anti-Panic side have made headlines by protesting. Their signs have read things like: “Stop the Tyranny; Open Michigan,” “Recall Whitmer,” and “Remove the Whitmer Regime.” One can only presume an inevitable radicalization of the protesters following Whitmer’s announcement of her indefinite, rule-by-diktat policy.


Whitmer’s brutal ‘Lockdown’ policy was bad enough (given that it prevents herd immunity), but she disgraced herself even more by promptly, publicly, and aggressively condemning her own citizens as “terrorists” for daring to protest her Corona-diktats.

“Don’t the protester-terrorists know the crushing ‘Lockdown’ policy I am arbitrarily extending to summer is for their own good? The peasants are always so much trouble. I mean…What’s that, you say they have ‘no income’? Let them eat cake!” snarls Whitmer.

This is such a bad look that she has presumably ruined her chances of getting the vice presidential pick this summer. She was once on the list of possibilities. I cannot imagine it now.

She later went on a PR blitz and decided to also call the protesters “racists.” It is said Blacks in Detroit are dying disproportionately.

A distant observer might conclude that Whitmer hates the people she governs, or at least a large portion of them. I think what she really hates are Corona-Heretics. In that, there is clear common ground between Gretchen Whitmer and Haley Stevens. Whitmer holds the whip hand over her own people to get them to show more respect for the new god, Corona.

(It will come as no surprise that Congresswoman Haley Stevens also chimed in, slamming the Re-Open Michigan protesters. Her twitter followers called them “terrorists,” following the governor’s lead. Elsewhere we see Stevens urging the lockdown to continue “Until it is safe,” and promising constituents she will keep cash (bailouts) flowing to them.)


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65 Responses to (Against the Corona Panic, Part IX:) Character studies in “Corona-Paranoia” in America, the cases of Pro-Panic Congresswoman Haley Stevens and virus-dictator Gretchen Whitmer

  1. peterike says:

    Well the short version is that this is the millionth time we’ve seen evidence of why women should never be allowed into positions of power. It might be enlightening to view Stevens’ social media accounts. I won’t bother, but my guess is that she is an industrial-grade virtue signaler. Plus she really likes when other women and gay men say “you look fabulous!” about her photos.

    Meanwhile, in some local (for me) news, an eight year old goes to the hospital, “believed to be” caused by Corona virus. I’m just really, really happy that his family,with all six of their children, have decided to make their home in America.


    • Peter, for that post I wrote, almost every picture of that Kung Flutalitarian had her in a dark-blue/almost purple dress. Look at me! Listen to me! I’m not finished yet, Mr. Speaker. Will the bat-s__t crazy gentlelady from Michigan sit the f__k down, please?!

      • Oops, while writing a quick post on my site, I just realized that the blue-dress lady is the Governor of Michigan, not this Congressloon. What is it with the Governor – Monica Lewinski syndrome?

    • Hail says:

      From the link:

      Jayden Hardowar…is now recovering and is expected to survive, first came down with a fever and diarrhea in late April — then, within five days, he was intubated on a ventilator in the ICU at Cohen Children’s Hospital…

      There are about 4m eight-year-olds in the US. I wonder how many have medical emergencies that require an ICU visit in any year?

      My immediate reaction: This falls under Believe Data, Not Anecdote. Anecdotes might be extreme “outliers,” or they might be from plain old “liars,” or from people repeating things they heard with distortions that change the whole thing.

      As usual with Corona-propaganda, or Corona-prolefeed like this story seems to be, when you examine it closely it usually falls apart. Reading more of the story, I see that The boy wasn’t even corona-positive. He was tested and had antibodies, as do millions of others, as might you or I right now. All it this indicates is that the boy was a past-positive (and asymptomatic), having had contact with the virus weeks earlier. It takes at least two weeks to develop antibodies to a high enough level to detect in the test.

      Whatever Jayden Hardowar’s reason for entry into the ICU, it seems extremely unlikely it was at all related to his contact with this flu-virus weeks earlier.

      The story is cheap propaganda, and a scam. Par for the corona course. But also exactly the kind of thing the Haley Stevens of the world would (and do) point to in agitated tones to Keep the Panic Alive.

      Anti-Panic person: “The virus isn’t dangerous to children.”
      Haley Stevens: “Didn’t you hear about the tragic case of Jayden Hardowar?!”

      • JR Ewing says:

        Until I gave up and just deactivated my Facebook account, I used to try and argue logic with panickers in our neighborhood group.

        I’d do stuff like point out the inefficacy of cloth masks or the unlikelihood of catching it standing in line at the grocery store and the most common response I got was:

        “Oh yeah? Have you heard the story about the guy who disagreed with the panic and then HE CAUGHT IT AND DIED!”

        Like, they actually thought they were making a logical argument in favor of panicking and some of them, especially those with bronzer skin tones and lots of letters in their last name, really seemed to think that they were doing me a favor by pointing out the arbitrary nature of the Corona God.

        • Hail says:

          they actually thought they were making a logical argument in favor of panicking

          If the argument is deconstructed, as you hint, it’s actually a religious argument.

          He was a Corona-Heretic, and our new god smote him, smote him good. How dare you doubt!

  2. peterike says:

    You may have seen this, but interesting story on nursing home using the Trump Cure getting almost 100% success.


  3. Mr. Hail, thanks, first of all for the shout-out there. If you’ve got a chance please sub in, this link, to get a cleaner page on my site: https://www.peakstupidity.com/index.php?post=1414


    Now, I will enjoy the rest of your post here, I’m sure. The best part about reading here, and sometimes on unz, is the realization that there are people all over who realize this PanicFest was indeed something for the history books (not as long-lasting as the Red China Cultural Revolution, but damn near as stupid at this point). I’ve got plenty of friends where I live and colleagues at the job who agree with me totally. We were having a nice time this morning on another day off for me, at the coffee shop, checking out the hotties in shorts – WAY TOO PRETTY FOR MASKS, and boy, do they know it.

    There was a front-page picture in the newspaper railing on a group of college students who were all hanging out outside one bar, and some people are just adamant in their belief that this is SO WRONG. How can 20 coeds (maybe a few guys, but I didn’t notice) in Daisy Duke shorts outside on a sunny day be wrong? Everything is opening up here anyway. One official of a touristy area will open the whole area up, I believe in defiance of the Governor. I really like that kind of thing.

    Keep on keeping on, Mr. Hail, Allen, Federalist, and that Swiss doc whose last name I can never remember, if he happens to be reading. We’ll all be vindicated in due time. That’s not what bothers me, being vindicated or not. I am sick of others in my family being hysterical. It is very hard on us, and this crap better end pretty damn soon.

    I’ve written it before, but this (a picture of 1980s America) is your nation. This (a picture of a closed-up LOCKED-DOWN city) is your nation on men-o-pause. (Hey, these post ideas are coming to me faster than I can write!)

    PS; You can’t cuss here, and maybe not even write terms of biology. Someone at WP is a real snowflake – 4th attempt here. Here goes nothin’.

    • Hail says:

      Re: The anti-Panic side’s vindication. I have long been certain that the anti-Panic side’s general position is correct (i.e., that there never was a virus apocalypse, that it was all based in Panic and the response became highly irrational). Every piece of actual data/evidence we get all point in this direction. The pro-Panic side is left with, what, cherry-picked anecdotes, clickbait, media control (and what I call call “corona-prolefeed” local news stories), and “holding the whip hand” via control of government(s).

      It’s less clear whether “they” will concede they were wrong, or the shocking level of damage the Panic did. Over a flu virus which for Stay-Open Sweden looks unlikely to push 2020 full-year deaths any higher than 2018.

      Maybe there is a difference between “being right” and “being vindicated.” You can be right and proven right, but never “vindicated,” if a conspiracy of silence insists you were wrong and doesn’t budge. Maybe there is a better word for this phenomenon I can’t think of now.

      Re: Why comments sometimes do not show up. There is a list of words that get a comment automatically sent to a “To Moderate” folder. They aren’t lost, but they require manually saving. Maybe I should see if I can trim down the list of those trigger words. (Lots of links will also trigger comment moderation.)

      Re: Link. Replaced with the best version.

      • Thanks, Hail, for the link change. I agree here too. We may see the total deaths in America end up at the same rate as plenty of other years, bad-flu years or even no-bad-flu years. That doesn’t mean any media people will discuss this one bit around New Years ’21.

        On anyone actually concede he was wrong, from the eminently fair Steve Sailer, one may get vindication such as “lots of the commenters here were right”, but an apology is another step (one that I don’t think is necessary anyway from him, as we don’t have to read his posts. What’s to apologize for, wasting our time?). People such as Ron Unz who call anti-panic people all manner of insults do have something to apologize for. So do people in daily life who make life miserable, all coming out of their lack of perspective and fixation on the Infotainment. Some of them will apologize, but hopefully lots more will at least learn something.

  4. Bill P says:

    Wow, that was a hell of a display. Straight from the Book of Ronalations.

    Thanks for this series. I feel utterly at the mercy of the coronapanic forces right now. Haven’t seen my older kids for two months because their stepfather decided it’s “too dangerous” and right now there’s not a thing I can do about it because he’s been given ample (if bogus) moral justification by these people and the courts are closed. Technically it’s still illegal to violate a custody agreement, but what does rule of law matter when you’re “saving lives?”

    I have to ask, if this virus isn’t anyone’s fault, as people are saying, then why are so many of us being punished so severely for it?

    • Hail says:

      Bill, sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like a typical example of the harmful effects of the Corona Overreaction, especially given that children are not at risk. Studies out of Europe say that children are at even less risk from this flu strain than the average flu strain (over-80s are more at risk). Closing schools and “locking-down” children makes no sense.

      I feel utterly at the mercy of the coronapanic forces

      If it makes you feel any better, there are a lot of us on the anti-Panic side. I think we may outnumber the pro-Panic side by some measures. There are many more than it would seem if one judged only on the pro-Panic media coverage alone. The hard thing, especially at first, has been finding each other.

      • Bill P says:

        It does make me feel a little better. Not seeing my kids has been rough. I haven’t gone so long without seeing them since they were born, and it does take a toll.

        But I just saw something encouraging. I have some evidence from my local grocery store, where perhaps half the employees got the virus without anyone going to the hospital, that people are starting to realize that the Apocalypse is not actually imminent. At the bottom of the receipts, it is now stated that:

        WINCO WILL NOT be accepting returns on products over-purchased related to the Coronavirus pandemic

        Too funny. Imagine all the people with pantries and closets stuffed full of canned beans, flour and toilet paper who just realized they aren’t going to need it, and now they can’t maneuver around their hoard of useless goods.

        • Bill, there’s a commenter on unz all the time (iSteve – you are on there too, right?) named Buzz Mohawk. Usually a calm and smart guy, and in agreement with most of Steve Sailer’s writings, he was extremely pissed at not being able to take his wife back to Romania or Hungary, one, to see her Mom (then Dad) who was dying. Now, the temporary travel bans are some things that DO make sense, but lots of people are getting really put out. I am sorry about your not being able to be with your kids.

          Now, listen, on that last part, if you’ve already stocked up on canned beans, I advise your keeping that pallet of toilet paper … just to be sure.

          That sign is hilarious though! One time I was in really bad financial shape and returned a circuit breaker from the box outside that’d been in there perhaps 20 years(?) to Lowes for the $2.49 or so. If that’s the worst I’ve done … well, but it isn’t …

          • Hail says:

            Hey, $2.49 is enough to buy you a basic Corona-Mask.

            Or one-third to one-half a mask depending on Panic-markup.

            (Actually as I haven’t bought a mask I don’t know the going rate. I’ve seen them but never made a mental note. I did see an Italian restaurant a few weeks ago with a big sign: “We sell toiler paper! One roll, $2.” Or was it $3?)

          • I’ve seen just a very simple mask for sale for $3.99 at an airport. Sure, airport prices are high, but the airlines are now requiring masks (I’m not wearing one either). That’d put someone who doesn’t know that the gate agent will likely supply him one in the situation of thinking he’d better grab that one or not get on the flight.

            Man, I liked Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” a lot better than your scene.

  5. eD says:

    Whitmire and Stevens, as is clear from their bios, are both what would be known in some countries as “apparatchiks”. The only interesting thing about either is that Stevens seems to have more familiarity with manufacturing than is standard for her type.

    There are Republican equivalents, but one thing I have noticed is how much the Donks and blue bloggers have pulled out the stops in being pro-lockdown, while the GOP has equivocated. The dynamic will set up a GOP landslide in November, if there is an election. Maybe the Donk leadership knows something we don’t. The next electoral test will be in a special election in an exurban LA congressional district next week, since there is a partisan divide on this emerging I am now interested in the results.

    • Hail says:

      It’s a great point to say they are apparatchiks.

      In the case of this virus panic and the “response”-escalation-spiral, as novel division lines emerged cross-cutting the old, it’s still probably safe to say that very few of the “apparatchik” type had the moral courage to join the anti-Panic side. I mean during the critical period, mid-March, by which it time the anti-Panic camp rapidly became the realm of the dissident (Google was actively suppressing Corona-skeptic material by this time; if you found such material, you either had a direct link or found it via DuckDuckGo or another). In many ways it still remains the realm of the dissident today, despite the overwhelming victory on the facts of the anti-Panic side’s contentions.

      Relatedly, for what it’s worth, I’ve noticed as many or more people broadly of the Left as of the Right on the anti-Panic side.

      Dr. Wodarg, an early anti-Panic figure in the Corona cycle in March, was for many years an official of Germany’s SPD and the EU, and therefore of the Left. But if of the Left, anti-Panic people tend to either be of the Dissident Left or tend to be experts in the field of epidemiology, public health, something related. In Wodarg’s case, it is more the latter (expertise). He is a medical doctor and was a public health official in his home region in northern Germany; in his EU capacity he also spoke out against the Swine Flu panic of 2009 and the now-forgotten vaccine scandal around it.

    • Hail says:

      [Wodarg] is a medical doctor and was a public health official in his home region in northern Germany; in his EU capacity he also spoke out against the Swine Flu panic of 2009 and the now-forgotten vaccine scandal around it.

      Of interest: Wittkowski thinks the Wuhan Coronavirus has a quite similar profile to the 2009 Swine Flu, which he studied at the time. The numbers, he says, are aligning on many parameters in many places. The Swine Flu of 2009 which was a well-publicized pandemic flu strain which passed through the population in 2009-10, but completely failed to trigger a destructive Panic as occurred this time.

      How do we explain the enormous gap in reactions? Wittkowski suggests the level of development of the Internet and social media by 2020 may be what did it.

      Speaking of apparatchiks, Wittkowski is someone who is almost the opposite type.

      • JR Ewing says:

        In 2009-2010 Twitter and Facebook were just starting to ramp up. I’ve had the same thought myself that that’s the difference this time.

        • JR Ewing says:

          Also, Obama was president and the media was less likely to try and exploit a crisis like that. The good guys were in charge, they didn’t want to rock the boat.

          It’s was the exact opposite in 2020, if not worse because they had already tried unsuccessfully to bring down Trump at least two times beforehand and this is the third real “surge” after Mueller and Impeachment.

          • Very good points, JR.

          • Hail says:

            Good point, though there was also an international aspect to this Panic that lent it surface-level credibility. “Look at Italy.” before that, “Look at those pics of hazmat suits in the deep Chinese interior; I mean, haven’t you seen any virus-apocalypse movies? It’s all as foretold!”

            These kinds of things were heard before the Panic heated up in the US.

            If this were a US-only moral panic, it wouldn’t have gone this far, this crazy.

      • Marshall Lentini says:

        Wittkowski suggests the level of development of the Internet and social media by 2020 may be what did it.

        Didn’t I assert that a month ago – right here on your blog? 😉

  6. Federalist says:

    I like your idea of trying to figure out how this whole CoronaPanic thing came about. That’s really the big thing that hasn’t been figured out yet. As for the shutdown/lockdown and the virus itself, we pretty much have the answers. The Pro-Panic forces don’t even debate people like Knut Wittkowski. It’s not about who’s right from the standpoint of logic and reason anymore. So, while the anti-Panic side is vindicated in reality, our society still largely will not accept reality as it conflicts with faith.

    A couple of ideas. It’s not what got the whole thing started, but at this point, not wanting to admit one’s errors (or even being psychologically capable of admitting error) is probably part of the problem. After ranting like a lunatic, could this congresswoman now say, “Never mind. I see now that it was no big deal”? Obviously, most people weren’t nearly as unhinged as that woman. But political figures would find it difficult if not impossible to now say that the economic catastrophe they caused was a big mistake. And I think that a lot of it is not even a conscious cover-up of bad decisions. Subconsciously, many of them stop their minds from going there.

    This applies to regular people as well. These people weren’t responsible for decisions that caused unemployment for millions. But if you were warning everybody in person and on social media about how bad it was going to be or maybe you started wearing a mask to the grocery store, do you want to even think about coming to grips with having been a dumbass?

    It’s probably even easier to not have to ask yourself these hard questions when society reinforces blocking self-reflection. If most people were scoffing at the silliness of the CoronaPanic, it would be tough to continue to keep on believing that you were right all along despite the evidence.

    • Hail says:

      while the anti-Panic side is vindicated in reality, our society still largely will not accept reality as it conflicts with faith.

      Well said. I expressed a version of this in a comment above.

    • Hail says:

      political figures would find it difficult if not impossible to now say that the economic catastrophe they caused was a big mistake

      I agree. You wrote a good comment at Peak Stupidity to the same effect a few days ago (comment dated “May 4th 2020 9:48 MST”).

      I’d like to think that all, or many, or at least some of these governors and others actually care about their people’s well-being. Actions weighing more than words, they could have quietly worked to re-open and so on, without needing to say, “Boy, were we ever wrong! Sorry, guys.” We see not very many signs of this. Sluggish at best, fuel for the fire of those who say some governors want the crisis to drag on for (insert reason).

      The latest news item I saw today is that Maryland finally cancelled the remainder of school classes for the rest of the academic year, set to end in mid-June. Everything we know now says that closing schools is a mistake, but they still extended the closure.

      There is a major group-think problem here. This is really a function of the Panic itself. The Panic creates its own inertia.

      The critical period in the study of the Panic may be something like Feb. 20 to March 20. If by dawn on March 21, say, the Rubicon had been crossed, and all else has followed since then, we need to figure out what went wrong in the pre-Rubicon period of the several weeks leading up to March 20 (or whichever date one prefers).

      • peterike says:

        “we need to figure out what went wrong in the pre-Rubicon period of the several weeks leading up to March 20 (or whichever date one prefers).”

        Clearly a huge part of this is a relentlessly hostile media out to get Trump. They spun their stories any way that was most negative. “The travel ban is racist and terrible!” Followed by, “Trump didn’t ban enough travel!” It simply doesn’t matter to them that they contradict themselves at every turn, play up every “horror” story however tangential or outright fake, and it doesn’t matter to their Resist! audience who are desperate for their daily dose of rheeeeee!!! It’s instructive to occasionally look at the responses to Trump’s tweets and the genuinely demented rage they inspire from countless thousands of people. (Don’t stare at it too long, however, or you will turn to stone.)

        The singular example of all this is how the media said, with a straight face, that “Trump just recommended that people inject themselves with bleach!!” and how MILLIONS of people accepted that lie at face value, and still do.

        It’s impossible to overstate the pernicious nature of our news media.

        • Hail says:

          [The media] spun their stories any way that was most negative. “The travel ban is racist and terrible!” Followed by, “Trump didn’t ban enough travel!” It simply doesn’t matter to them that they contradict themselves at every turn

          Well said.

          About late March, after realizing that we had entered an unnecessary, destructive, media-directed Panic, it suddenly occurred to me one day that this entirely validated the phrase/concept “The media is the enemy of the people.”

          People generous of heart will lean more towards saying “the media didn’t mean to do it, it just got out of control” One way or another, though, they are responsible, and did more damage to the US than any enemy army has in a very long time.

      • Federalist says:

        “The Panic creates its own inertia.”

        Yes. Inertia. This was the point I was trying to make in a comment at Peak Stupidity. The inertia applies to the lockdown/shutdown measures taken, the goals of the response, and the quasi-religious aspects of the panic.

        It seems that the lockdown/shutdown measures quickly accelerated in severity until basically every restriction that they could think of was put into place. Now that they’ve mostly run out of new ideas, it is all about extending the measures further and further into the future. But why? It’s not just that mistakes were made because the anti-corona measures did more harm than good. The strange thing is that there was very little effort to actually try to figure out what were the right measures to take. It’s sort of like prayer for a religious person. It’s a good thing to do in and of itself. There is no cost benefit analysis. One doesn’t try to determine how much prayer is beneficial and how much is a waste of resources. In this way, fighting coronavirus became a moral issue. I really don’t understand why this happened.

        We were supposed to be flattening the curve so that the medical system was not overwhelmed. O.K. So now that hospitals are far below capacity, can we go back to normal? The curve was flattened, right? This sounds hopelessly naive now. But why? If we’re not just flattening the curve anymore, what the hell is the goal? According to the Corona-Panic people, what would have to happen to go back to pre-corona times? Here again, the initial plan, although possibly misguided, was apparently reasonable. For some reason, inertia quickly overwhelmed any reasonable limits.

        • Hail says:


          “To get out of a hole, Dig faster/harder.”

          fighting coronavirus became a moral issue. I really don’t understand why this happened.

          A confluence of things came together on which millions of words can (should, will) be written, but it took on an irrational life of its own and is best seen that way.

          With all the talk of exponential curves during March, the real exponential curve ongoing was the Corona-Response escalation-spiral. What factors led up to it are useful to know but can get us only so far. I do think Corona as a religious apocalypse cult is literally true and not metaphorical.

  7. Elias says:

    Whtimer called them terrorists because they had guns

    • They had every right to have guns. Is the security guard at the downtown bank branch a terrorist? I appreciate the actions in Lansing by these very few American patriots. Maybe, if the State government goes overboard in tyranny again, they can give her something to really panic about.

    • Hail says:

      No guns here:

      There are people calling her a tyrant and to “Remove the Whitmer regime,” which I guess she would call verbal terrorism.

      The “guns” thing in an open-carry state is a strawman.

    • Hail says:

      An essay by an anti-Panic pacifist on the guns at the Michigan rally, of interest:

      Asking Questions of The Other: Considering Michigan’s Protests in Lockdown Time by Christine E. Black, OffGuardian (May 18).

      I do not believe I would be afraid to approach this man to ask my questions because his message (and even his weapon) are in the open. The barrel of the gun is pointed downwards, however. I do not believe I would be afraid of getting shot. Though I have no interest in owning a gun and know almost nothing about them, and may not agree with the laws that allow some people to have them, in rural areas where I have worked, I have known many men who own guns and who do know a lot about them. […]

      More than 20 thousand people gathered in Richmond in January to support Second Amendment rights. I read that there were no injuries, no arrests, and that participants even picked up their own trash. I thought that was admirable.

      As for Confederate flags in Michigan (not sure about the Swastika or why it would be singled out for a picture on the news), a flag is just that – a flag. Some people may be wrong about it, but who am I to interpret its meaning to someone else? A flag does not shoot someone. A person does. I may think it’s inappropriate to carry a Confederate flag to a protest, but it is not against the law.

  8. Elias says:

    Haley Stevens was stressed and made a mistake. How about what has she done on Corona, since then?

  9. Allen says:


    Have you seen this? Tell me what you think about the trend lines.


    • Federalist says:

      What is this? They have projections of deaths per thousand people for the year 2100?

    • Hail says:

      Allen, I’ll make some comments on that, though the point may be obvious, it always stands to be made overtly:

      The death rate per capita goes up when the population’s average age is higher (or, more specifically, when a larger share of population is over 75, say). This is one of the puzzle pieces relevant to the case of northern Italy in March.

      For the US, that website guesses 8.88 deaths per 1,000 residents for 2020, which would be about 3 million deaths of all causes for Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of this year. The chances of the Wuhan-Coronavirus epidemic pushing that figure noticeably up, in a way such that someone at a distant time or place glancing at a table of deaths for a long period would immediately notice, appears to now be “zero.” Though I am sure most people still vaguely think it is a major threat of exactly that kind, owing to the pro-Panic side’s control of the media.

      European countries are generally over 10-deaths per 1000-residents every year now. Especially if you count only natives and not immigrants, I think the numbers are going to be over 10 per 1000 in almost all cases for core Europe, i.e. over 1.0%, sometimes even 1.1%. This is a product of decades now of low fertility, a universally recognized problem for the rich countries and some not-so-rich ones.

      But relevant to Corona ;Translating those per capita rates into actual numbers, you can and do get Scary Big Numbers (scary-looking, big, contextless), a core tactic of the pro-Panic side back since March or even earlier.

      1% of the population in a large country is a larger number, needless to say, and if an epidemic virus is passing through the population and the pro-Panic side s able to count all those bodies for its virus-worship-based religious rituals, well needless to say that’s good fodder for the CoronaPanic-evangelists.

  10. Allen says:


    Wanted to hear your response before citing what stood out to me. Pretty simple observation here- starting in 2009 percentile of overall dates began to go up after years of decline. From 2014-2018 rates were going up somewhere around 1.22-1.29%. Last year they went down to 1.12%, this year the same at present it sits at 1.12%. If that holds this would seem to completely negate the entirety of the Covid black plague story no matter the social distancing. And this even if we accept the rest of the bogus narrative. Keeping in mind that we are currently in the high points of mortality rates so those years which were in the 1.22-1.29 range were likely at a higher rate at this time of the year.

    • Allen says:

      Edit: Meant “overall deaths”

    • Hail says:

      Good point, Allen, worth elaborating on:


      On total deaths in the 2010s in the US.

      The low-period for deaths per capita in the US was 2008 to 2013 (rate: 8.12 to 8.16 range). Looking at deaths since then (2013 to 2019):

      US Deaths per 1000 residents (from Allen’s link)
      2013: 8.159
      2014: 8.264
      2015: 8.369
      2016: 8.475
      2017: 8.580
      2018: 8.685
      2019: 8.782
      2020: (proj.) 8.880
      (projected to break the 10.00 barrier in the late 2030s, fwiw; probably already there for native-born)

      US Census estimates for total resident population as of July 1 of each year (Census Table NST-EST2019-01)
      2013: 315,993,715
      2014: 318,301,008
      2015: 320,635,163
      2016: 322,941,311
      2017: 324,985,539
      2018: 326,687,501
      2019: 328,239,523
      2020: 329,877,505

      Multiplying the two we get the interesting result:

      TOTAL DEATHS in the US
      – 2013 total deaths: 2,578,000
      – 2014 total deaths: 2,630,500
      – 2015 total deaths: 2,683,500
      – 2016 total deaths: 2,737,000
      – 2017 total deaths: 2,788,500
      – 2018 total deaths: 2,837,000
      – 2019 total deaths: 2,882,500
      – 2020 total deaths (proj.): 2,929,500

      Notice the substantial increase each year, absent any named, attention-getting, Panic-creating flu-virus event through the 2010s (some bad flu-strains existed but no one noticed/cared). 2019 had +146,000 more total deaths than 2016, for example, and even +304,500 (!) over 2013.

      2020 was projected to have even more, +351,000 deaths over 2013, an estimate made before anyone knew about the Wuhan Coronavirus.

      The basic mechanisms for these big-looking increases is no mystery, and nothing to panic about (of course):

      Aging population plus higher base population. Plus, some on the margins is due to the well-documented rise in so-called deaths of despair in Middle America, which includes drug-deaths; this part of the increase we SHOULD worry about, as certainly it is much more harmful than the current flu-virus pandemic, by any half-way objective measure. But about the rise of deaths of despair we hardly hear at all. No emergency measures, no martial law, hardly even any attention. Why?

      Needless to say, the observed increase in deaths since 2013 far more than covers (exceeds) the total of number of deaths attributable to the 2020 coronavirus. The CoronaPanic-pushers of 2020 either don’t know or don’t care about this. It qualifies as “Context,” which is a heresy to Corona True Believers.

      How about 2009, the year of the Swine Flu pandemic flu strain? It was also predicted by some alarmists to cause a huge spike in deaths in 2009-10, but in the end didn’t affect final-year mortality in any meaningfully noticeable way at all.

      2019 (no pandemic) had +388,000 total US deaths over 2009 (pandemic).

      2020 was projected to have +435,000 over 2009 (a projection made before the 2020 pandemic).

      These natural increases swamp anything realistic for the Wuhan Coronavirus flu-strain, once the wacko Ferguson projections (released like a poison cloud onto the world, March 16) were discredited and abandoned (but only after the evil-deed of Lockdowns was accomplished).

      This is a long way of saying that if the pro-Panic side wants a higher “body count,” they have “ways of finding it.”

      Thanks for pointing this out, Allen.

  11. peterike says:

    The self-inflicted disaster is picking up speed. Suicides are up in Queens. What a surprise.


    Also, I’ve noticed that after holding on for a while, a lot of Queens local businesses are now shutting for good. So far I’ve seen a small theater, a children’s play center, four or five restaurants and a local foodie magazine. All gone. One of the restaurants, an Irish pub, had been in business for 60 years. And yet there isn’t any sign of the lockdown being lifted.

    As the saying goes, you go broke slowly and then all at once. That’s how it’s going to be for small businesses and I expect we will see a cascade of permanent closures coming.


    • Hail says:

      Thanks for this story

      I see they report 0.9 suicides per week in Queens in Jan. to April 2019. But in the first six weeks of the shutdown/lockdown in 2020, there were 16 suicides (2.7 per week).

      Suicide rate up 3x year-on-year.

  12. Hail says:

    Update from Michigan. The Whitmer junta is holding fast against a legal challenge by the terrorist supporters in the Michigan state house:

    GOP-led Legislature sues Michigan Gov. Whitmer over emergency powers

    [L]egislators filed suit against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Wednesday alleging her attempt to unilaterally extend emergency declarations amid the COVID-19 crisis is illegal, “absurd,” unconstitutional and “nonsensical.”

    GOP leaders are asking the Michigan Court of Claims for an immediate ruling declaring that Whitmer’s emergency orders, including her stay-at-home and business closure mandates, are “invalid and unenforceable” because the Legislature did not extend her emergency authority. […]

    Whitmer’s office called the lawsuit “another partisan game that won’t distract the governor” and said her “No. 1 priority is saving lives,” […]

    “She’s making decisions based on science and data, not political or legal pressure,” said [Whitmer’s] spokesperson Tiffany Brown

    (Science. And Data. Right…)

    Attorney General Dana Nessel […] told local police to continue enforcing the orders.

    On the pro-Panic side in Michigan, then, it’s Governor “Diktat” Whitmer, CoronaParanoia-sufferer US Congresswoman Haley Stevens, and Attorney General Dana Nessel who has her finger on the button making sure the police enforce martial law.

    Who is Nessel?

    Also elected in Nov. 2018 along with the other two mentioned, news reports have Nessel as “Michigan’s first Jewish LGBT attorney general.” Nesser is b.1969; law school graduate; worked in Wayne County prosecutor’s office, 1994-2005; private law practice, 2005-2018; elected attorney general, Nov. 2018.

    Her first initiative according to her wiki page was to create a Hate Crimes Unit. This followed her creation of a civic group in 2016 “that works to prosecute hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.”

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