Will there ever be a White President of the USA again?

2012 General Election
Nonwhites: 30% of voters — 5-to-1 for Obama
Whites: 70% of voters — Over 3-to-2 for Romney

The Republican Party is in trouble. Nonwhite racial bloc-voting and increasing Nonwhite vote-share are increasingly-insurmountable. Everyone’s talking about it: From the explicitly anti-White Left (as here), to the more-mainstream Left (as here), the apolitical center (as here), and well across into the domains of the aracial Right (as here), and the racialist Right (as here).

Given these conditions, “Will there ever be a White president of the USA again?” is a relevant question to ask.

The Last White President
The Republicans will nominate Nonwhites to head future presidential tickets. This is already being discussed. Picking that boring-plain-old White running mate, Paul Ryan, was Romney’s big mistake, they’re whispering. Being a boring-plain-old White man himself was Romney’s other mistake.

Republicans in 2016 and thereafter will want to try to buy Nonwhite votes — which (as we’ve seen in ’08 and ’12) will bloc-vote against any White-Republican. Thus, no “non-Hispanic Whites” need apply. A Nonwhite Republican may even succeed in buying sufficient Nonwhite votes to win. Who knows? — But the point is that White men, running as Republicans, are very likely to be (from here on out) effectively barred from the position of President of the United States.

There may still be a White-Democrat elected (though, increasingly, only pretty-explicit White-ethnomasochists would be able to take the reins of Obama’s anti-White electoral coalition). Remember, though, that by this point, the Democratic party itself may well be majority-Nonwhite. The diverse Democrats will demand a diverse candidate, and racial-politics will dominate the Democratic primaries — which we already saw in 2008, and which, in turn, is why there is no President Hillary Clinton.

Thus, for the duration of the lifespan of the political-entity known as the ‘USA’ as it exists today, Whites may well be defacto barred from the White House on racial grounds.

A ‘Great White Hope’: An Explicit Appeal to Whites as Whites
The only possibility I can see for the above to be untrue is if Whites nationally start ethnic-bloc-voting more explicitly, as they have always done in the Deep South. This would mean a transformation of the Republican Party along the lines David Duke would have liked to have seen 20 years ago. I don’t see it as likely.

Dick Morris tries to make an alternative case for Republican rejuvenation:

Morris says:

[After discussing the overwhelming Nonwhite margin for Obama] “Barack Obama will dig himself into a political grave…A recession is coming…in 2013 and into 2014, and by the time the bye-elections come in 2014, we will have quite enough of a Democratic Senate, and quite enough or Mr. Obama. [The coming recession] will finally make clear to all of the Democrats, all of the single people, all of the young people, and all of the minorities who voted for Obama, that they made a mistake.

Morris is smart, and knows politics, but his appraisal here just doesn’t quite sound rational. Blacks and other Nonwhites aren’t just going to start voting for clean-shaven and articulate White-Protestants over Nonwhites like B.H. Obama because of any economic squeeze, no matter how sharply-pinching or long-in-duration that “squeeze” may be. (See the quotation from Lee Kwan Yew at the top of this post).

Youtube commenter “tullius43” points this out to Dick Morris:

I disagree [with the message in the above video]. I no longer think the Democratic base is interested in economic reality. Obama’s free handouts shield them from that reality and he will continue to do so until the country is all but destroyed.

(Interestingly, Romney himself made the news by echoing the above — Obama’s Nonwhite base was motivated by thinly-veiled racial redistributionism, says Romney).

Dick Morris actually must realize the emptiness of his own words above, for about the same time he was producing that clip, he was penning this:

The Campaign Made No Difference [By Dick Morris]

Demographic voting is the new norm in America. You vote based on who you are, not where you live or how well each campaign has articulated its case. 93% of blacks, 70% of Latinos, 60% of those under 30, and 62% of single people, voted for Obama. [Note: Romney won every age grouping of Whites, though –Hail]. And white married couples over 30 years of age voted for Romney. Not much else matters. A president who was elected and re-elected through identity politics has brought about a state of affairs where demographic voting determines the outcome. Our votes are predictable based on our race, ethnicity, age, and marital status well before anybody does any campaigning.

It is bad enough that America is now divided into red and blue states. It is divided into red and blue
people as well, based not on their opinions, but on their demographics.

Reaching Racially-Naive Whites
If people are voting based on demographics, why are something like one-in-three White-gentile heterosexuals still voting for Obama?

The answer is that, though a hard-core of Whites is explicitly-ethnomasochistic (and these people are irretrievably lost), mostly it comes down to the tens of millions of racially-naive Whites.

How to reach racially-naive Whites in (e.g.) the Midwest? Pat Buchanan says to be more economically-nationalist: the image (which still resounds with some, and which happens to be mostly true) of Republicans as pro-multinational-corporations and anti-working-man…hurts.

Ultimately, though, an electoral alternative to the current system seems unlikely. I get the feeling that a lot of White-Americans today are actually ready (and, in some cases, eager) for a….post-USA North America.

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20 Responses to Will there ever be a White President of the USA again?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree it looks difficult for White America to restore its position. They are losing both on the political and the demographic front. Both defeats seem in a way self-inflicted: politically, Whites still control most of the apparatus and economically they are still in the best position to breed and care for larger families. Buchanan is symptomatic of the White decline: although he is a fervent patriot, he himself is childless. I believe the latter is what they should start doing: every White family one child up and the country is back theirs in 20, 30 years – without political and ideological fights. Simply by outbreeding the liberals and atheists who have the fewest children. See the Amish, they are now doubling every 20, 30 years, they are constantly migrating, expanding, looking for new land, very much like the frontier population of old. Or the Jewish ultra-orthodox who are now considered a demographic threat from secular Jews, so sharp are their numbers rising. So, what can you do? Join a pro-life organization in your white community, work at improving conditions for families, work at improving the social status of parents with many kids, pay mothers, pay homemakers respect for their incredible work, start to have earlier and more children yourself. Begin to think of you not only as an individual, but also a member of something bigger, a family, your community. If this is done, the White population soon starts to be expansive again and many things will simply fall in place.

    • anonymous says:

      I agree that this is the best solution however

      “Whites still control most of the apparatus and economically they are still in the best position to breed and care for larger families.”

      This is false on both counts. First, jews (and their servants, whites who are hostile to whiteness) control the apparatus. Second, whites are not in the best position to breed because we have to actually pay to support our own kids, instead of getting paid to have them by the state like the blacks and browns.

    • Hail says:

      See the Amish, they are now doubling every 20, 30 years, they are constantly migrating, expanding, looking for new land, very much like the frontier population of old

      Interestingly, in 40 years’ time, both Mormons and Amish may be ~10% of America’s White population, if trends continue… See here: Mormon and Amish Fertility in the 21st Century, and America’s Destiny

  2. Staffan says:

    Hispanics are better at moving up the social ladder. As more of them will have to pay for entitlement rather than be the recipients of it, they may vote for someone who talks less about “generosity” than Obama. It’s not all about race.

    • Hail says:

      Consider East-Asians: They are the wealthiest racial-group in the USA (highest average income), but voted for Obama at a higher rate than even Hispanics did.

    • Hail says:

      Further, looking at Hispanics alone — why did Bush win so many more of them than McCain or Romney could? Bush was running against two very-similar-seeming (‘WASP’-seeming) opponents (Gore, Kerry). Now we had a plausible Republican against a very weak candidate in Obama, yet Nonwhite support for the Republican completely evaporated. These kinds of facts lead me to believe it is, basically, all about race.

      Something similar is observable among Jews. They are the wealthiest religious group in the USA, but are also by far the most Democratic-voting White subgroup. This would make no sense to a person unaware that Jews have…seen themselves as an ethnic-minority in European societies. With that knowledge, though, Jewish voting-patterns are quite easy to understand.

      • Staffan says:

        Asians and Jews are largely academics. They can handle high taxes in a way a small business owner can’t. And let’s not forget that Obama is a very eloquent and charismatic guy. His popularity here in Europe is enormous even in very white nations.

        You should also take into account the incompetence and unfavorable personality of Mitt Romney – his flip flopping, his 47 percent statement, his vice candidates weird lies and so on. Romney comes off as a bit of a psychopath. And he scared off women. No doubt Hispanic women are hoping for a better situation in America than where they came from.

        And I predict Asians will also be much more in favor of GOP in the next election if their candidate is just average. In spite of being academic they too have a fair amount of small business owners who may have be disappointed in Obama but now thought of him at the lesser of two evils.

        • Hail says:

          Romney comes off as a bit of a psychopath…flip flopping, his 47 percent statement…

          I think there may be some White-Christians who dislike Romney for purely the kinds of reasons you note. But this kind of thing ultimately comes up a bit short:

          The fact is, Romney got as much of the White vote as Ronald Reagan, whose elections in 1980 and 1984 are considered — in American politics — the closest thing in living-memory to decisive, “strong and clear victories” in presidential elections. Romney lost because the electorate is now 30% Nonwhite and bloc-voted against him.

  3. EiOw says:

    The US might only have a few white presidents left. The changing demographics of a growing non-European American population and a shrinking European-American population will give Jews the opportunity to run candidates like they haven’t before. Look at cities with majority non-European populations like New York City, Philadelphia or Chicago. Jews have won mayoral races in those cities in spite of large, active and vocal black populations who wanted black people to win. Jews likely will be the only Caucasian group that will break up the black, brown and yellow hegemony. I think a few more white candidates will win because of the primary system where largely white states create the momentum for candidates. There are no black or Latino candidates right now that would satisfy primary voters. Obama was a very rare black man in many ways. However, political pressure will grow to move states that have higher black and Latino populations up in the primary system. In 2008, Nevada was moved up on the calendar and this year Florida was too.

    White people are being forced to either have more children to keep up with non-whites or be pushed aside. The big factor for white people is jobs. The number of jobs is declining in the US. White people recognize jobs are declining and mechanization is growing. The problem is non-white groups are producing a lot more children than they can support. They are relying on white people to support them in various ways including jobs.

    • Staffan says:

      Or white people will relocate to places like Australia and the whole welfare state that Obama is building up will implode.

      • Luke says:

        Hi, Staffan. I certainly agree with the desirability of 1) the U.S. welfare/regulatory state imploding, the sooner and more completely the better. However, Australia is a poor choice for a white refugee. Not only is it becoming overrun with nonwhites, it’s FAR too close to China. Mark my words, in under 30 years, China will have conquered Australia, or at least Finlandized it/turned it into a Chinese protectorate.

        • Staffan says:

          It’s hard to tell what happens in 30 years. At some point I think many Whites will wake up and many of those who can’t wake up will be dead, so the political climate can change fast. But I do believe there will be a regrouping of those Whites who don’t want to become minority and tax base for the rest.

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  7. Rowlf says:

    “Will there ever be a White President of the USA again?”

    Yes, there will. Hillary Clinton.

  8. Anna Koltz says:

    You should not care if it is a man or a woman and if he/she is a mormon a protestant a jew or a catholic or an orthodox !!!! And there will be another white . I find it easy . Or change how are you presidential elections but it is more difficult !

    • Luke says:

      Anna, to Christians, women are barred from politics. Much that has gone wrong over the past century is ultimately attributable to women’s influence in politics. They just vote too socialistically and too superficially, too inclined to vote for welfare/regulations, and too little inclined towards supporting liberty. The ancient Greeks noted that once the franchise (right to vote) approached being universal, a state typically only had about 3 generations before collapse and/or being conquered. At the very least unmarried women, especially unmarried women with children, should not have the vote, in any country that wants to endure.

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